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C. Centigrade; Catholic; Consul; Court; Congress; Church; Chancellor; Conservative.

C., CAP., _caput_=Chapter.

C. Centime.

C., CT., CENT., _centum_=A hundred.

C.A. Chartered Accountant; Chief Accountant; Commercial Agent; Confederate Army.

CA. Calcium.

CA. Cases; Centare; _circa_=About.

CA., CAL. California.

CAM., CAMB. Cambridge.

CAN. Canon; Canto.

CANT. Canterbury; Canticles.

CANTAB., _Cantabrigiensis_=Of Cambridge.

CANTUAR., _Cantuaria_=Canterbury; _Cantuariensis_=Of Canterbury.

CAP., _caput_=Capital; Chapter;--_Capitulum_=Head; _Capiat_=Let him (or her) take.

CAP., CAPT. Captain.

CAPS. Capitals.

CAR. Carat.

CAR., _Carolus_=Charles.

CARD. Cardinal.

CARP. Carpentry.

CASH. Cashier.

CAT. Catechism; Catalogue.

CATH. Catherine; Catholic.

CAV. Cavalry.

C.B. Companion of the [Most Honourable Order of the] Bath; Confined to barracks.

C.B.S. Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament.

C.C. Caius College; Circuit Court; County Council; County Clerk; Cricket Club; Catholic Clergyman.

CC. Chapters.

C.C.C. Corpus Christi College; Christ's College, Cambridge.

C.C.C.S. Colonial and Continental Church Society.

C.D. ACTS. The Contagious Diseases Acts.

C.D.S.O. Companion of the Distinguished Service Order.

C.D.V. Carte-de-visite.

C.E. Civil Engineer; Canada East.

CEL. Celsius (scale of--i.e. Centigrade).

CEL. Celebrated.

CELT. Celtic.

CEN. Central; Century.

CENT., _centum_=A hundred.

CENTIG. Centigrade.

CERT., CERTIF. Certificate; Certify.

CESTR., _Cestrensis_=Of Chester.

CET. PAR., _ceteris paribus_=Other things being equal.

CF., _confer_=Compare; Calf.

C. F. & I. Cost, freight, and insurance.

CG. Centigram.

C.G. Captain-general; Captain of the Guard; Coast-guard; Commissary-general; Consul-general.

C.G.H. Cape of Good Hope.

C.G.S. Centimetre, Gramme, Second--the units of length, mass, and time.

C.H. Custom-house; Court-house.

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