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BKG. Banking.

BKT. Basket.

B.L. Bachelor of Laws.

BL. Barrel; Bale.

B.L. Bill of lading.

BLDG. Building.

B.M. Bachelor of Medicine; _Beatae Memoriae_=Of blessed memory; British Museum.

B.MUS. Bachelor of Music.

BN. Baron.

BN. Battalion.

B.O. Branch Office; Buyer's Option.

B.O.A. British Optical Association.

B.O.A.F.G. British Order of Ancient Free Gardeners.

BOH. Bohemia, Bohemian.

BOL. Bolivia.

BOMB.C.S. Bombay Civil Service.

BOMB.S.C. Bombay Staff Corps.

BOR. Borough.

BOT. Botany, Botanical.

BOUL. Boulevard.

BP. Bishop.

B.P. Bill of parcels; Bills payable; Birthplace (also BPL.); _Bonum publicum_=The public good.

B.P. British Pharmacopoea.

B.Q., _Bene quiescat_--May he (or she) rest well.

BQUE. Barque.

BR. or BRO. Brother.

BR. Brig.

BR. AM. British America.

BRAZ. Brazil; Brazilian.

B.REC. Bills receivable.

BRET. Breton.

BREV. Brevet, Brevetted.

BRIG. Brigade, Brigadier;--BRIG.-GEN., Brigadier-general.

BRIT. Britain; Britannia; British; Briton.

BRO. Brother;--BROS., Brothers.

B.S. Bill of sale.

B.S.C. Bengal Staff Corps.

B.SC. See SC.B.

B.S.L. Botanical Society of London.

BT. Baronet.

BU., BUS. Bushel, Bushels.

BUCKS. Buckinghamshire.

BULG. Bulgaria; Bulgarian.

BURL. Burlesque.

BUSH. Bushel.

B.V., _Beata Virgo_=Blessed Virgin; also _Bene vale_=Farewell.

B.V.M. The Blessed Virgin Mary.

B.W.T.A. British Women's Temperance Association.

B. & S. Brandy and soda-water.

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