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ATS. At suit of.

ATT., ATTY. Attorney.

ATT.-GEN. Attorney-general.

AT. WT. Atomic weight.

AU (L. _aurum_), gold.

A.U.C., _anno urbis conditae_, or _ab urbe condita_=In the year from the building of the city--Rome (753 B.C.).

AUG. August.

AUG. Augmentative.

AUTH. VER. Authorised Version.

A.V. Authorised Version; Artillery Volunteers; _Annos vixit_=Lived [so many] years.

AV. Avenue; Average.

AVE. Avenue.

AVOIR., AVDP. Avoirdupois.

AX. Axiom.

B. born.

B., BK. Book.

B., BRIT. British.

B.A., _Baccalaureus Artium_=Bachelor of Arts; British America; British Association.

BACH. Bachelor.

B. & F.B.S. British and Foreign Bible Society.

BAL. Balance.

BAP., BAPT. Baptist.

BAP., BAPT. Baptised.

BAR. Barometer; Barrel.

BAR. Barrister.

BART., BT. Baronet.

BAT., BATT. Battalion; Battery.

B.B.C. Baseball Club.

BBL. Barrel.

B.C. Before Christ; Board of Control; British Columbia.

B.C.L. Bachelor of Civil Law.

B.D. Bachelor of Divinity.

BD. Bound.

BDS. Boards.

B.E. Bill of exchange.

BEDS. Bedfordshire.

BEF. Before.

BELG. Belgian, Belgic.

BEN., BENJ. Benjamin.

BERKS. Berkshire.

B. eS L., _Bachelier es Lettres_ (Fr.)=Bachelor of Letters.

BET. Between.

BIB. Bible.

BIBL. Bibliotheca.

BIBLIOG. Bibliographer, Bibliography.

BIOG. Biographer, Biography.

BIOL. Biology, Biological.

BIS. Bissextile.

BK. Book; Bank; Bark.

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