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AM., AMER. America or American.

A.M.A. American Missionary Association.

AMT. Amount.

AN., _anno_=In the year; anonymous; answer; _ante_=before.

ANAL. Analysis; Analogy.

ANAT. Anatomy or Anatomical.

ANC. Ancient, Anciently.

AND. Andrew.

ANG., _Anglice_=In English.

ANG.-SAX. Anglo-Saxon.

ANON. Anonymous.

ANS. Answer.

ANT., ANTIQ. Antiquities.

A.O.F. Ancient Order of Foresters.

AOR. Aorist.

AP., APL., APR. April.

A.P.D. Army Pay Department.

APO. Apogee.

APOC. Apocalypse; Apocrypha, Apocryphal.

APP. Appendix; Apprentice.

A.P.R.C., _Anno post Romam conditam_=In the year after the building of Rome (753 B.C.).

AQ., _aqua_=Water.

A.R., _anno regni_=In the year of the reign.

AR., ARAB. Arabic.

AR., ARR. Arrive or Arrives, Arrival.

A.R.A. Associate of the Royal Academy.

ARBOR. Arboriculture.

ARCH. Archibald.

ARCH. Archaic.

ARCHaeOL. Archaeology.

ARCH., ARCHIT. Architecture.

ARCHD. Archdeacon; Archibald.

ARG., _argentum_=Silver.

A.R.H.A. Associate of the Royal Hibernian Academy.

ARITH. Arithmetic or Arithmetical.

ARK. Arkansas.

ARM. Armenian; Armoric.

A.R.R., _anno regni regis_ or _reginae_= In the year of the king's or queen's reign.

A.R.S.A. Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy; Associate of the Royal Society of Arts.

A.R.S.L. Associate of the Royal Society of Literature.

A.R.S.M. Associate of the Royal School of Mines.

A.R.S.S., _Antiquariorum Regiae Societatis Socius_=Fellow of the Royal Society of Antiquaries.

ART. Article; Artillery.

A.S. Anglo-Saxon; _Anno salutis_=In the year of salvation; Assistant Secretary.

ASAPH. Of St Asaph.

A.S.E. Amalgamated Society of Engineers.

ASS., ASSOC. Association.

ASST. Assistant.

ASTR., ASTRON. Astronomer; Astronomy.

ASTROL. Astrology.

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