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ABS., ABSOL. Absolutely.

ABS., ABSTR. Abstract.

ABS RE., _absente reo_, the defendant being absent.

A.C., _ante Christum_=Before Christ.

ACC. Accusative.

ACC., ACCT. Account (also A/C); Accountant.

A.C.P. Associate of the College of Preceptors.

A.D., _anno Domini_=In the year of our Lord.

A.D. After date; _ante diem_, before the day.

AD. Advertisement.

A.D.C. Aide-de-camp.

AD FIN., _ad finem_=At or to the end.

AD H.L., _ad hunc locum_=At this place.

AD INF., _ad infinitum_=To infinity.

AD INIT., _ad initium_=At or to the beginning.

AD INT., _ad interim_=In the meantime.

ADJ. Adjective.

ADJT. Adjutant;--ADJT.-GEN., Adjutant-general.

AD LIB., _ad libitum_=At pleasure.

AD LOC., _ad locum_=At the place.

ADM. Admiral.

ADOLPH. Adolphus.

ADV. Advent; Advocate.

ADV. Adverb; _adversus_=Against.

AD VAL., _ad valorem_=According to value.

ADVT. Advertisement.

ae., aeT., _aetatis_=Aged (so many years).

A.F.A. Associate of the Faculty of Actuaries.

A.F.B.S. American and Foreign Bible Society.

AFF. Affectionate; Affirmative.

A.G. Adjutant-general.

AG., _argentum_=Silver.

AGR., AGRIC. Agriculture.

AGT. Agent.

A.H., _anno Hegirae_=In the year of Hegira--i.e. from the flight of Mohammed (622 A.D., 13th Sept.).

A.H.L., _ad hunc locum_=At this place.

A.H.V., _ad hunc vocem_=At this word.

A.H.S., _Anno humanae salutis_=In the year of human salvation.

A.I.A. Associate of the Institute of Actuaries.

A.I.C.E. Associate of the Institute of Civil Engineers.

A.K.C. Associate of King's College, London.

AL., ALA. Alabama.

ALBAN. Of St Albans.

ALD. Alderman.

ALEX. Alexander.

ALF. Alfred.

ALG. Algebra.

ALGY. Algernon.

ALT. Alternate; Altitude; Alto.

A.M., _Artium Magister_=Master of Arts; _Ante meridiem_=Before noon; _Anno mundi_=In the year of the world; _Annus mirabilis_=The wonderful year (1666); _Ave Maria_=Hail Mary.

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