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EN-, EM- (Fr.--L.), in, into, as _en_list; to make, as _en_large, _en_act, _en_dure; before _b_ and _p_, EM-, as _em_bark, _em_bolden. [Fr. _en_--L.

_in_. See In- (L.), in, into.]

ENTER- (Fr.), between, among, as _enter_tain. [Fr. _entre_--L. _inter-_.]

EPI-, EP-, EPH- (Gr.), on, as _epi_taph; during, as _ep_och, _eph_emeral.

[Gr. _epi_; Sans. _api_, L. _ob-_.]

ES- (Fr. or Sp.--L.), out, as _es_cape, _es_planade. [O. Fr. or Sp.

_es_--L. _ex-_.]

ESO- (Gr.), in, into, as _eso_teric. [From Gr. _eis_, into, whose form was prob. orig. _ens_, a strengthened form of EN- (Gr.).]

EU- (Gr.), well, as _eu_phony, _eu_logy; as EV- in _ev_angelist. [Gr. _eu_, _eus_, good, for an assumed _es-us_, real.]

EX- or E- (L.), from, out of, as _ex_pel, _e_ject, _ef_flux; by assimilation, appearing as A-, E-, EF-, ES-, EX-, ISS-, S-, as _a_mend, _e_normous, _ef_fect, _es_cape, _ex_tend, _iss_ue, _s_ample. It is French influence which has disguised it in such words as _affray_, _amend_, _escape_, _escheat_, _essay_, &c.--EX- has a privative sense in _ex-_emperor, _ex-_mayor. [L. _ex-_, _e-_; O. Fr. _es-_, Fr. _e-_, _ex_.]

EX-, out of, as in _ex_odus.--EXO-, outside, as _exo_tic. [Gr. _ex_, out of, _ex[=o]_, outside.]

EXTRA- (L.), on the outside, beyond, as _extra_mural, _extra_ordinary, _extra-_work; as STRA- in _stra_nge. [Contr. of _exter[=a]_ (_parte_ being understood), abl. fem. of _exterus_, beyond, a comp. form, from _Ex-_ (L.).]

FOR- (A.S.), in place of, as _for_asmuch. [A.S. prep. _for_.]

FOR- (A.S.), through, thorough, away, so as to be non-existent, or to be destroyed, as _for_swear, _for_bid, _fore_go (better _for_go). [A.S.

_for-_; Ger. _ver-_, Goth. _fra-_, conn. with _far_ and _from_.]

FOR- (Fr.--L.), as in _fore_close, _for_feit. [Fr.--L. _foris_, lit. 'out of doors,' used in the sense of 'outside,' 'beyond,' 'amiss.']

FORE- (A.S.), before, as _fore_tell, _fore_bode; _fore_dated, _fore_said, _fore_told; _fore_castle, _fore_father, _fore_sight. [A.S. _fore-_; Ger.


FORTH- (A.S.), forth, only in _forth_with.

FRO- (A.S.), from, as _fro_ward. [A.S. _fro_--Scand., Ice. _fra_.]

GAIN- (A.S.), against, as _gain_say. [A.S. _gegn_. See _Against_ in Dict.]

HEMI- (Gr.), half, as _hemi_sphere--shortened to ME- in _me_grim. [Gr.; cog. with L. _semi-_, Sans. _s[=a]mi-_.]

HETERO- (Gr.), other, as _hetero_doxy. [Gr. _heteros_, other.]

HOLO- (Gr.), entire, as _holo_graph. [Gr. _holos_, entire.]

HOMO- (Gr.), same--lengthened to HOMOEO-, as _homoeo_pathy. [Gr. _homos_, same.]

HYPER- (Gr.), over, above, beyond, as _hyper_borean, _hyper_critical. [Cog.

with _super-_ and _over-_.]

HYPO-, HYPH-, HYP-, (Gr.), under, as _hypo_tenuse, _hyph_en, _hyp_allage.

[Cog. with L. _sub-_, Goth. _uf_, Sans. _upa_.]

I-, in _i_gnoble. See In- (1), negative.

I-, Y-, as in _I-_wis, _y_clept, hand-_y-_work. This prefix appears as A- in _a_ware, as C- in _c_lutch, and as E- in _e_nough. [A.S. _ge-_, sign of the past participle passive.]

IL-, as in _il_lude. See In- (2).

IL-, as in _il_legal. See In- (1).

IN-, IM- (L.), not, as _in_convenience, _in_cautious, _in_firm. Before _p_ the _n_ changes to _m_, as _im_pudent; before _l_, _m_, and _r_ it is assimilated to those consonants, as _il_legal, _im_mature, _ir_regular.

This prefix thus appears as EN-, I-, IL-, IM-, IN-, IR-, as _en_emy, _ig_noble, _il_legal, _im_mortal, _in_firm, _ir_regular. [L.; cog. with Gr.

_an-_, Eng. _un-_.]

IN- (L.), in, into, as _in_fuse, _il_lumine, _im_pel, _ir_rigate. It becomes _il-_ before _l_; _im-_ before _b_, _m_, and _p_; _ir_- before _r_.

This prefix thus appears as AM-, AN-, EM-, EN-, IL-, IM-, IN-, IR-, as _am_bush, _an_oint, _em_brace, _en_close, _il_lude, _im_mure, _in_clude, _ir_ritate.

IN- (A.S.), in, on, as _in_come, _in_ward, _in_land, _in_sight; to make, as _im_bitter, lit. to put _into_ a state of bitterness; as _im-_ in _im_bed, _im_park, &c.

INTER- (L.), in the midst of, between, as _inter_val, _intel_lect, _inter_marry. [A compar. form; cog. with Eng. _under_, and Sans. _antar_, within.]

INTRA- (L.), in the inside of, within, as _intra_mural. [Contr. of _intera_, ablative feminine of _interus_, inward--_Inter-_.]

INTRO- (L.), into, within, as _intro_duce. [Contr. of _intero_, ablative masculine of _interus_--_Inter-_.]

IR-, as in _ir_ritate. See In- (2).

IR-, as in _ir_regular. See In- (1).

ISS-, as in _iss_ue. See Ex- (1).

JUXTA- (L.), near, as _juxta_position. [Superl. form, from root of L.

_jung[)e]re_, to join.]

L-, as in _l_one; an abbreviation of _all_.

L-, as in _l_ouver. See Al-.

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