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L-, as in _l_ute. See Al-.

MALE-, MALI-, MAL-, MAU- (L.), badly, ill, as _male_factor, _mal_content, _male_diction, _male_volent; through French, _mau_gre=notwithstanding. [L.

_male_, badly.]

META-, METH-, MET- (Gr.), among, with; after, as _meth_od. (lit. 'way after'); often implies change, as _meta_morphose, _met_eor, _met_onomy.

[Gr. _meta_; cog. with A.S. _mid_, Goth. _mith_, Ger. _mit_.]

MID- (A.S.), with, as _mid_wife. [A.S. _mid-_, together with.]

MIS- (A.S.), wrong, ill, as _mis_behave, _mis_deed, _mis_lead. [A.S.

_mis-_; Ice. _mis-_, Goth. _missa-_, Ger. _miss-_. Cf. _Mis-_in Dict.]

MIS- (Fr.--L.), as in _mis_chief, _mis_alliance, _mis_chance. [Fr. _mis-_, for O. Fr. _mes-_, from L. _minus_, less.]

MONO-, MON- (Gr.), single, as _mono_graph, _mono_logue, _mon_k, and _min_ster. [Gr. _monos_, alone.]

MULTI-, MULT-, many, as in _multi_ply, _mult_eity. [L. _multus_, much, many.]

N-, as in _n_ewt, _n_ickname, due to the _n_ of the article in _an ewt_, _an ekename_. In _n_uncle the origin is _mine_ uncle; in 'for the _nonce_,'

M. E. for the nones, miswritten _for then ones_, for the once.

N- (A.S.), no, not, as _n_ever; or L. NE-, as in _n_ull. [A.S. _ne_; cog.

with Goth. _ni_, L. _ne_, Sans. _na_.]

NE- (Gr.), not, as _ne_penthe; NE-, NEG- (L.), not, as _ne_farious, _ne_uter, _neg_ative, _neg_lect. [L. _ne_, _nec_, a contr. of _neque_, from _ne_, not, _que_, and.]

NON- (L.), not, as _non_sense, _non_age. It appears as _um-_ in _um_pire=_num_pire. [From _ne unum_, not one.]

OB- (L., by assimilation, O-, OB-, OC-, OF-, OP-, also OS-), in front of, against, in the way of, as _ob_struct, _o_mit, _oc_cur, _of_fer, _op_pose, _os_tentation. [Cog. with Gr. _epi_, Sans. _api_.]

OC-, as in _oc_cur. See Ob-.

OF-, as in _of_fer. See Ob-.

OFF- (A.S.), off, from, away, as _of_fal, _off_shoot, _off_set. [A form of OF. There is the same relation between _of_ and _off_ as between _be_ and _by_; A.S. _of_ has been differentiated into the stressless or weak form _of_, and the stressed or strong form _off_. Cf. A-, Ab-.]

ON- (A.S.), on, as _on_set, _on_looker. [See _On_ in Dict.]

OP-, as in _op_press. See Ob-.

OR- (A.S.), out, in _or_deal. [A.S. _or-_; cog. with Dut. _oor-_, Ger.

_ur-_, Goth, _us-_, away, out of.]

OS-, as in _os_tensible. See Ob-.

OUT- (A.S.), out, beyond, as _out_law, _out_bid, _out_side, _out_cast.

[A.S. _ut_.]

OVER- (A.S.), over, above, as _over_arch, _over_seer. [A.S. _ofer_.]

PA-, as in _pa_lsy. See Para-.

PALIN-, PALIM- (Gr.), again, as _palin_genesis, _palim_psest. [Gr. _palin_, again.]

PAN-, PANTO- (Gr.), all, as _pan_acea, _pan_theism, _panto_mime.

PARA-, PAR- (Gr.), beside, as _para_ble; beyond, wrong, as _para_lyse. It appears as PA- in _pa_lsy, PAR- in _par_ody. [Gr. _para_.]

PEL-, as in _pel_lucid. See Per-.

PENE- (L.), almost, as _pen_insula.

PER- (L.), through, as _per_mit; thoroughly, as _per_fect; also appearing as PAR-, PEL-, PIL-, as in _par_son, _par_don, _pel_lucid, _pil_grim. In _per_jure, _per_ish, it has a destructive force, equivalent to Eng. FOR- in _for_swear (_for-_, A.S.). [Akin to Gr. _para-_, beside, Eng. _for-_, Ger.


PERI- (Gr.), round, as _peri_meter, _peri_phrasis. [Gr. _peri_; Sans.

_pari_, also allied to Gr. _para_.]

POL-, POR- (L.), as _pol_lute, _por_tend. [From Old L. _port-_, towards; cf. Ger. _pros_, Eng. _forth_.]

POLY- (Gr.), many, as _poly_gamy.

POR-, as in _por_trait. See Pro- (2).

POST- (L.), after, backwards, behind, as _post_date, _post_script, _post_pone.

POUR-, PUR- (Fr.--L.), as _pour_tray, _pur_vey. [Fr.--L. _pro-_.]

PRE-, PRae- (L.), before, as _pre_dict, _pre_fer, _pre_arrange, _prae_tor; also in _pri_son and _pro_vost. [L. _prae_, akin to L. _pro_.]

PRETER- (L.), beyond, as _preter_it, _preter_natural, _preter_mit. [L.

_praeter_--_prae_, with comp. suffix -_ter_.]

PRO- (Gr.), before, as prologue, programme, prophet. [Gr. pro; cog. with L.

pro-, Sans. pra, Eng. for (prep.).]

PRO- (L.), forth, forward, before, instead, as _pro_ject; instead of, from the idea of being before, as _pro_noun, _pro_consul. Appearing also as POR-, POUR-, PR-, PROF-, PUR-, and as PROD- in _prod_igal.--Of Fr. origin, _pro_ceed, _pur_chase, _pur_pose, _pur_sue, _pur_vey. [Cog. with _pro-_ (Gr.), which see.]

PROS- (Gr.), towards, as _pros_elyte, _pros_ody.

PROTO-, PROT- (Gr.), first, as _proto_type, _prot_oxide. [Gr. _pr[=o]tos_, first.]

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