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UNRECONSTRUCTED, un-r[=e]-kon-struk'ted, _adj._ not reconstructed: (_U.S._) not yet admitted as a state of the Union.

UNRECORDED, un-r[=e]-kord'ed, _adj._ not recorded, not kept in remembrance.

UNRECOUNTED, un-r[=e]-kownt'ed, _adj._ not recounted or related.

UNRECOVERABLE, un-r[=e]-kuv'[.e]r-a-bl, _adj._ that cannot be recovered: sick beyond hope of recovery.--_adv._ UNRECOV'ERABLY.--_adj._ UNRECOV'ERED.

UNRECRUITABLE, un-r[=e]-kr[=oo]t'a-bl, _adj._ not able to be recruited.

UNRECUMBENT, un-r[=e]-kum'bent, _adj._ not recumbent or reclining.

UNRECURING, un-r[=e]-k[=u]r'ing, _adj._ (_Shak._) incurable.

UNRECURRING, un-r[=e]-kur'ing, _adj._ not recurring.

UNRED, un-red', _adj._ (_Spens._) untold.

UNREDEEMED, un-r[=e]-d[=e]md', _adj._ not redeemed or ransomed: not fulfilled: unmitigated: not recalled into the treasury by payment of the value in money: not taken out of pawn.--_adj._ UNREDEEM'ABLE, that cannot be redeemed.

UNREDRESSED, UNREDREST, un-r[=e]-drest', _adj._ without redress: (_Spens._) unrescued.

UNREEL, un-r[=e]l', _v.t._ to unwind from a reel.

UNREEVE, un-r[=e]v', _v.t._ (_naut._) to withdraw a rope from any block, thimble, dead-eye, &c. through which it had formerly passed.

UNREFINED, un-r[=e]-f[=i]nd', _adj._ not refined, unpolished.

UNREFORMABLE, un-r[=e]-for'ma-bl, _adj._ not reformable.--_ns._ UNREFORM[=A]'TION; UNREFOR'MEDNESS.

UNREGARDED, un-r[=e]-gar'ded, _adj._ not regarded.

UNREGENERATE, un-r[=e]-jen'e-r[=a]t, _adj._ not renewed in heart through regeneration, unreconciled to God.--_ns._ UNREGEN'ERACY, UNREGENER[=A]'TION.

UNREGISTERED, un-rej'is-t[.e]rd, _adj._ not registered.

UNREGRETFUL, un-r[=e]-gret'f[=oo]l, _adj._ without having any regrets.--_n._ UNREGRET'FULNESS.

UNREIN, un-r[=a]n', _v.t._ to loosen the rein of.--_adj._ UNREINED', unchecked.

UNREJOICING, un-r[=e]-joi'sing, _adj._ not rejoicing.

UNRELATED, un-r[=e]-l[=a]'ted, _adj._ not related.--_adj._ UNREL'ATIVE, not relative.

UNRELAXED, un-r[=e]-lakst', _adj._ not relaxed, strained.

UNRELENTING, un-r[=e]-len'ting, _adj._ not relenting: inflexible: cruel.--_adv._ UNRELEN'TINGLY.--_n._ UNRELEN'TINGNESS.

UNRELIABLE, un-r[=e]-l[=i]'a-bl, _adj._ that cannot be relied upon, untrustworthy.--_ns._ UNRELIABIL'ITY, UNREL[=I]'ABLENESS.

UNRELIEVABLE, un-r[=e]-l[=e]'va-bl, _adj._ that cannot be relieved.--_adj._ UNRELIEVED', not relieved.--_adv._ UNRELIE'VEDLY.

UNREMEDIABLE, un-r[=e]-m[=e]'di-a-bl, _adj._ irremediable.

UNREMEMBERED, un-r[=e]-mem'b[.e]rd, _adj._ not remembered.--_adj._ UNREMEM'BERING, not remembering.--_n._ UNREMEM'BRANCE.

UNREMITTING, un-r[=e]-mit'ting, _adj._ not remitting or relaxing: continued: incessant.--_adj._ UNREMIT'TED, not remitted or forgiven: without remission.--_advs._ UNREMIT'TEDLY; UNREMIT'TINGLY.--_n._ UNREMIT'TINGNESS.

UNREMORSEFUL, un-r[=e]-mors'f[=oo]l, _adj._ feeling no remorse.--_adv._ UNREMORSE'FULLY.--_adj._ UNREMORSE'LESS, having no remorse or pity.--_adv._ UNREMORSE'LESSLY.

UNREMOVED, un-r[=e]-m[=oo]vd', _adj._ not removed, unshaken.--_adj._ UNREMOV'ABLE.--_n._ UNREMOV'ABLENESS.--_adv._ UNREMOV'ABLY.

UNRENEWED, un-r[=e]-n[=u]d', _adj._ not renewed, not regenerated.

UNRENT, un-rent', _adj._ not rent.

UNREPAID, un-r[=e]-p[=a]d', _adj._ not repaid.

UNREPAIR, un-r[=e]-p[=a]r', _n._ an unsound state.--_adj._ UNREPAIR'ABLE, irreparable.

UNREPEALED, un-r[=e]-p[=e]ld', _adj._ not repealed.--_adj._ UNREPEAL'ABLE, incapable of being repealed.

UNREPENTANT, un-r[=e]-pen'tant, _adj._ not repentant or penitent.--_n._ UNREPEN'TANCE, impenitence.--_adjs._ UNREPEN'TED, not repented of; UNREPEN'TING, not repenting.--_adv._ UNREPEN'TINGLY.

UNREPINING, un-r[=e]-p[=i]'ning, _adj._ not repining.--_adv._ UNREP[=I]'NINGLY.

UNREPLENISHED, un-r[=e]-plen'isht, _adj._ not replenished.

UNREPOSING, un-r[=e]-p[=o]'zing, _adj._ not reposing or resting.

UNREPRESENTED, un-rep-r[=e]-zen'ted, _adj._ not represented.

UNREPRIEVABLE, un-r[=e]-pr[=e]'va-bl, _adj._ that cannot be reprieved.--_adj._ UNREPRIEVED', not reprieved.

UNREPROACHABLE, un-r[=e]-pr[=o]'cha-bl, _adj._ irreproachable.--_n._ UNREPROA'CHABLENESS.--_adv._ UNREPROA'CHABLY.

UNREPROVED, un-r[=e]-pr[=oo]vd', _adj._ not reproved: (_Milt._) not liable to reproof, blameless.--_adj._ UNREPROV'ABLE, incapable of being reproved.--_adv._ UNREPROV'EDLY.--_n._ UNREPROV'EDNESS.

UNREPULSABLE, un-r[=e]-pul'sa-bl, _adj._ that cannot be repulsed.

UNREPUTABLE, un-rep'[=u]-ta-bl, _adj._ not reputable.

UNREQUESTED, un-r[=e]-kwes'ted, _adj._ not requested.

UNREQUISITE, un-rek'wi-zit, _adj._ not requisite.

UNREQUITED, un-r[=e]-kw[=i]'ted, _adj._ not requited.--_adj._ UNREQU[=I]'TABLE, not requitable.--_adv._ UNREQU[=I]'TEDLY.

UNRESERVED, un-r[=e]-z[.e]rvd', _adj._ not reserved or restrained: withholding nothing.--_n._ UNRESERVE', absence of reserve.--_adv._ UNRESER'VEDLY, without reservation: frankly.--_n._ UNRESER'VEDNESS.

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