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UNRESISTED, un-r[=e]-zis'ted, _adj._ not resisted.--_n._ UNRESIS'TANCE.--_adv._ UNRESIS'TEDLY.--_adjs._ UNRESIS'TIBLE, irresistible; UNRESIS'TING, not making resistance.--_adv._ UNRESIS'TINGLY.

UNRESOLVED, un-r[=e]-zolvd', _adj._ not resolved: not separated into its constituent parts.--_adj._ UNRESOL'VABLE, incapable of being resolved.--_v.i._ UNRESOLVE', to change a resolution.--_n._ UNRESOL'VEDNESS, state of being unresolved or undetermined.--_adj._ UNRESOL'VING.

UNRESPECTABLE, un-r[=e]-spek'ta-bl, _adj._ not respectable.

UNRESPECTIVE, un-r[=e]-spek'tiv, _adj._ (_Shak._) devoid of respect and consideration, regardless, unthinking: not attended with regard, used at random.

UNRESPITED, un-res'pi-ted, _adj._ not delayed: not having received a respite from sentence.

UNRESPONSIBLE, un-r[=e]-spon'si-bl, _adj._ irresponsible.--_n._ UNRESPON'SIBLENESS.--_adj._ UNRESPON'SIVE, not responsive.--_n._ UNRESPON'SIVENESS.

UNREST, un-rest', _n._ want of rest: disquiet of mind or body.--_adj._ UNREST'FUL.--_n._ UNREST'FULNESS.--_adj._ UNREST'ING, not resting.--_adv._ UNREST'INGLY.--_n._ UNREST'INGNESS.

UNRESTORED, un-r[=e]-st[=o]rd', _adj._ not restored, esp. to a former or better state: of a work of art, remaining in its original condition.

UNRESTRAINED, un-r[=e]-str[=a]nd', _adj._ not restrained, licentious.--_adv._ UNRESTRAIN'EDLY.--_ns._ UNRESTRAIN'EDNESS; UNRESTRAINT'.

UNRESTRICTED, un-r[=e]-strik'ted, _adj._ not restricted.--_adv._ UNRESTRIC'TEDLY.

UNRETARDED, un-r[=e]-tar'ded, _adj._ not retarded.

UNRETENTIVE, un-r[=e]-ten'tiv, _adj._ not retentive.

UNRETURNABLE, un-r[=e]-tur'na-bl, _adj._ incapable of being returned.--_adj._ UNRETUR'NING, not returning.

UNREVEALED, un-r[=e]-v[=e]ld', _adj._ not revealed.--_n._ UNREVEAL'EDNESS.

UNREVENGED, un-r[=e]-venjd', _adj._ not revenged.--_adj._ UNREVENGE'FUL.

UNREVEREND, un-rev'[.e]r-end, _adj._ not reverend: (_Shak._) irreverent, disrespectful.--_n._ UNREV'ERENCE, want of reverence.--_adj._ UNREV'ERENT, not reverent.--_adv._ UNREV'ERENTLY.

UNREVERSED, un-r[=e]-verst', _adj._ not reversed.

UNREVERTED, un-r[=e]-ver'ted, _adj._ not reverted.

UNREVOKED, un-r[=e]-v[=o]kt', _adj._ not revoked.

UNREWARDED, un-r[=e]-wawr'ded, _adj._ not rewarded.--_adv._ UNREWAR'DEDLY.--_adj._ UNREWAR'DING.

UNRHYTHMICAL, un-rith'mi-kal, _adj._ not rhythmical.

UNRIDDLE, un-rid'l, _v.t._ to read the riddle of: to solve.--_adj._ UNRIDD'LEABLE.--_n._ UNRIDD'LER.

UNRIFLED, un-r[=i]'fld, _adj._ not rifled.

UNRIG, un-rig', _v.t._ to strip of rigging.--_adj._ UNRIGGED', without rigging.

UNRIGHTEOUS, un-r[=i]'tyus, _adj._ not righteous: wicked: unjust.--_n._ UNRIGHT', injustice.--_adv._ UNRIGH'TEOUSLY.--_n._ UNRIGH'TEOUSNESS.--_adj._ UNRIGHT'FUL.--_adv._ UNRIGHT'FULLY.--_n._ UNRIGHT'FULNESS.

UNRING, un-ring', _v.t._ to take a ring from.--_adj._ UNRINGED', having no ring.

UNRIP, un-rip', _v.t._ to rip up or open.

UNRIPE, un-r[=i]p', _adj._ not ripe.--_adj._ UNR[=I]'PENED.--_n._ UNRIPE'NESS.

UNRIVALLED, un-r[=i]'vald, _adj._ without a rival or competitor.--_adj._ UNR[=I]'VALABLE, that cannot be rivalled.

UNRIVET, un-riv'et, _v.t._ to loosen the rivets of.

UNROBE, un-r[=o]b', _v.t._ to strip of a robe, to undress.--_v.i._ to take off a robe, esp. a robe of state.

UNROLL, un-r[=o]l', _v.t._ to roll down: to open out.--_v.i._ to become uncoiled or opened out.--_n._ UNROLL'MENT.

UNROMANISED, un-r[=o]'man-[=i]zd, _adj._ not subjected to Roman laws or customs: freed from subjection to the Roman see.

UNROMANTIC, un-r[=o]-man'tik, _adj._ not romantic.--_adv._ UNROMAN'TICALLY.

UNROOF, un-r[=oo]f, _v.t._ to strip the roof off.--_adj._ UNROOFED'.

UNROOST, un-r[=oo]st' _v.t._ to drive out of a roost.

UNROOT, un-r[=oo]t', _v.t._ to tear up by the roots.

UNROPE, un-r[=o]p', _v.t._ to loosen from ropes, to unharness.

UNROUGH, un-ruf', _adj._ not rough.

UNROYAL, un-roi'al, _adj._ not royal.--_n._ UNROY'ALIST, one not of royal blood.--_adv._ UNROY'ALLY.

UNRUDE, un-r[=oo]d', _adj._ not rude.

UNRUFFLED, un-ruf'ld, _adj._ not ruffled: calm.--_v.i._ UNRUFF'LE, to settle into calmness.

UNRUINED, un-r[=oo]'ind, _adj._ not ruined.--_adjs._ UNRU'INABLE, not to be ruined; UNRU'IN[=A]TE (_obs._), not in ruins.

UNRULED, un-r[=oo]ld', _adj._ not ruled.--_ns._ UNRUL'IMENT (_Spens._), UNRUL'INESS, state of being unruly.--_adj._ UNRUL'Y, regardless of restraint or law.

UNRUMPLE, un-rum'pl, _v.t._ to free from rumples.

UNSADDLE, un-sad'l, _v.t._ to take the saddle off: to throw from the saddle.

UNSAFE, un-s[=a]f, _adj._ not safe.--_adv._ UNSAFE'LY.--_ns._ UNSAFE'NESS, UNSAFE'TY.

UNSAID, un-sed', _adj._ not said.

UNSAINT, un-s[=a]nt', _v.t._ to divest of saintliness.--_adj._ UNSAINT'LY.

UNSALABLE, un-s[=a]'la-bl, _adj._ that cannot be sold, not in demand--also UNSALE'ABLE.--_ns._ UNSALABIL'ITY, UNS[=A]'LABLENESS.

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