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UNPROPORTIONABLE, un-pr[=o]-p[=o]r'shun-a-bl, _adj._ disproportionable.--_n._ UNPROPOR'TIONABLENESS.--_adjs._ UNPROPOR'TIONATE, not proportionate; UNPROPOR'TIONED, not proportioned.

UNPROPOSED, un-pr[=o]-p[=o]zd', _adj._ not proposed.

UNPROPPED, un-propt', _adj._ not propped or supported.

UNPROPRIETY, un-pr[=o]-pr[=i]'e-ti, _n._ impropriety.

UNPROSELYTE, un-pros'[=e]-l[=i]t, _v.t._ to prevent from being made a proselyte.

UNPROSPEROUS, un-pros'p[.e]r-us, _adj._ not prosperous or fortunate.--_adv._ UNPROS'PEROUSLY.--_n._ UNPROS'PEROUSNESS.

UNPROPECTED, un-pr[=o]-tek'ted, _adj._ not protected.--_n._ UNPROTEC'TEDNESS.

UNPROTESTANTISE, un-prot'es-tan-t[=i]z, _v.t._ to pervert from PROTESTANTISM, to strip of Protestant features.

UNPROVED, un-pr[=oo]vd', _adj._ not proved.--_adjs._ UNPROV'ABLE, UNPROVE'ABLE, incapable of being proved.--_n._ UNPROVED'NESS.

UNPROVIDED, un-pr[=o]-v[=i]'ded, _adj._ not furnished or provided for, unprepared.--_v.t._ UNPROVIDE', to unfurnish, to deprive of what is necessary.--_adv._ UNPROV[=I]'DEDLY.--_adj._ UNPROV'IDENT, improvident.

UNPROVOKED, un-pr[=o]-v[=o]kt', _adj._ not having received provocation, uncalled for.--_adv._ UNPROV[=O]'KEDLY.

UNPRUDENT, un-pr[=oo]'dent, _adj._ imprudent--also UNPRUDEN'TIAL.--_n._ UNPRU'DENCE, imprudence.

UNPRUNED, un-pr[=oo]nd', _adj._ not pruned.

UNPUBLISHED, un-pub'lisht, _adj._ not made public, esp. still in MS. or privately printed form: secret.--_adj._ UNPUB'LIC, not public.

UNPUCKER, un-puk'[.e]r, _v.t._ to smooth out the puckers or creases of, to relax.

UNPUNCTUAL, un-pungk't[=u]-al, _adj._ not punctual.--_n._ UNPUNCTUAL'ITY.--_adv._ UNPUNC'TUALLY.

UNPUNISHABLE, un-pun'ish-a-bl, _adj._ that cannot be punished.--_adv._ UNPUN'ISHABLY.--_adj._ UNPUN'ISHED, not punished.

UNPURE, un-p[=u]r', _adj._ impure.--_adv._ UNPURE'LY.--_n._ UNPURE'NESS.

UNPURGED, un-purjd', _adj._ not purged.

UNPURPOSED, un-pur'post, _adj._ not purposed or intended.

UNQUALIFIED, un-kwol'i-f[=i]d, _adj._ not possessing the proper qualifications for anything, incompetent: given without restrictions, absolute.--_adv._ UNQUAL'IFIEDLY.--_n._ UNQUAL'IFIEDNESS.--_v.t._ UNQUAL'IFY, to disqualify.

UNQUEEN, un-kw[=e]n', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to divest of the dignity of queen.

UNQUENCHABLE, un-kwen'sha-bl, _adj._ that cannot be quenched or extinguished.--_n._ UNQUEN'CHABLENESS.--_adv._ UNQUEN'CHABLY.

UNQUESTIONABLE, un-kwes'tyun-a-bl, _adj._ not questionable or to be questioned: (_Shak._) not questioning or inquisitive.--_ns._ UNQUESTIONABIL'ITY, UNQUES'TIONABLENESS, the quality of being unquestionable: that which cannot be questioned.--_adv._ UNQUEST'IONABLY, without question or doubt.--_adj._ UNQUES'TIONED, not called in question, undoubted, not examined, indisputable.--_n._ UNQUES'TIONINGNESS.

UNQUIET, un-kw[=i]'et, _adj._ not at rest, disturbed: causing restlessness.--_v.t._ to disquiet.--_n._ UNQUIES'CENCE, inquietude.--_adv._ UNQU[=I]'ETLY.--_ns._ UNQU[=I]'ETNESS, state of disturbance, restlessness; UNQU[=I]'ETUDE, inquietude.

UNQUIT, un-kwit', _adj._ not discharged.

UNQUIZZABLE, un-kwiz'a-bl, _adj._ incapable of being quizzed or ridiculed.

UNRACKED, un-rakt', _adj._ not drawn off from the lees, as wine.

UNRAISED, un-r[=a]zd', _adj._ not raised.

UNRAKED, un-r[=a]kt', _adj._ not gone over with the rake: not cleared out.

UNRANSACKED, un-ran'sakt, _adj._ not ransacked.

UNRAPTURED, un-rap't[=u]rd, _adj._ not enraptured.

UNRAVEL, un-rav'el, _v.t._ to take out of a ravelled state: to unfold or explain: to separate.--_v.i._ to be disentangled.--adj UNRAV'ELABLE.--_ns._ UNRAV'ELLER; UNRAV'ELMENT.

UNRAZORED, un-r[=a]'zord, _adj._ unshaved.

UNREACHED, un-r[=e]cht', _adj._ not reached.

UNREAD, un-red', _adj._ not informed by reading, ignorant: not perused.--_adj._ UNREADABLE (un-r[=e]'da-bl), indecipherable, too dull to be read.--_n._ UNREA'DABLENESS.

UNREADY, un-red'i, _adj._ not ready or prepared: slow: awkward: (_Shak._) not dressed.--_adv._ UNREAD'ILY.--_n._ UNREAD'INESS.

UNREAL, un-r[=e]'al, _adj._ not real: having appearance only, illusive.--_v.t._ UNR[=E]'AL[=I]SE, to divest of reality.--_ns._ UNR[=E]'ALISM, UNREAL'ITY, want of reality or existence.--_adv._ UNR[=E]'ALLY.

UNREASONABLE, un-r[=e]'zn-a-bl, _adj._ not agreeable to reason: exceeding the bounds of reason, immoderate: not influenced by reason.--_ns._ UNREA'SON, lack of reason; UNREA'SONABLENESS, the state or quality of being unreasonable: exorbitance.--_adv._ UNREA'SONABLY, in an unreasonable manner: excessively.--_adjs._ UNREA'SONED, not argued out; UNREA'SONING, not reasoning.--_adv._ UNREA'SONINGLY.--ABBOT OF UNREASON (see MISRULE).

UNREAVE, un-r[=e]v' _v.t._ (_Spens._) to unwind.

UNREBATED, un-r[=e]-b[=a]'ted, _adj._ unbated.

UNREBUKABLE, un-r[=e]-b[=u]'ka-bl, _adj._ not deserving rebuke.

UNRECALLING, un-r[=e]-kawl'ing, _adj._ not to be recalled.--_adj._ UNRECALL'ABLE, that cannot be recalled.

UNRECEIVED, un-r[=e]-s[=e]vd', _adj._ not received.

UNRECKONED, un-rek'nd, _adj._ not reckoned.--_adj._ UNRECK'ONABLE, that cannot be reckoned, immeasurable.

UNRECLAIMED, un-r[=e]-kl[=a]md', _adj._ not reclaimed.--_adj._ UNRECLAIM'ABLE, irreclaimable.--_adv._ UNRECLAIM'ABLY.

UNRECOGNISED, un-rek'og-n[=i]zd, _adj._ not recognised.--_adj._ UNREC'OGNISABLE.--_adv._ UNREC'OGNISABLY.

UNRECOMMENDED, un-rek-o-men'ded, _adj._ not recommended.

UNRECOMPENSED, un-rek'om-penst, _adj._ not recompensed.

UNRECONCILED, un-rek'on-s[=i]ld, _adj._ not reconciled, restored to friendship, or made consistent.--_adj._ UNREC'ONCILABLE, irreconcilable.--_n._ UNRECONCIL'ABLENESS.--_adv._ UNREC'ONCILABLY.

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