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UNPOSSESSED, un-po-zest', _adj._ not possessed, not in possession (with of).--_adj._ UNPOSSESS'ING (_Shak._), having no possessions.

UNPOSSIBILITY, un-pos-i-bil'i-ti, _n._ impossibility.--_adj._ UNPOSS'IBLE, impossible.

UNPOSTED, un-p[=o]s'ted, _adj._ not having a fixed post: not posted up for public information: (_coll._) not posted or informed about anything.

UNPOWERFUL, un-pow'[.e]r-f[=oo]l, _adj._ not powerful.

UNPRACTICAL, un-prak'ti-kal, _adj._ not practical, disinclined to give attention to things immediately useful or profitable: not workable in detail.--_n._ UNPRACTICAL'ITY.--_adv._ UNPRAC'TICALLY.

UNPRACTISED, un-prak'tist, _adj._ having no practice or experience: not carried out in practice, not usually done: not yet familiar through practice.--_n._ UNPRAC'TISEDNESS.

UNPRAISE, un-pr[=a]z', _v.t._ to deprive of praise.

UNPRAY, un-pr[=a]', _v.t._ to revoke a prayer.

UNPREACH, un-pr[=e]ch', _v.t._ to recant something already preached.

UNPRECEDENTED, un-pres'[=e]-den-ted, _adj._ having no precedent: novel.--_adv._ UNPREC'EDENTEDLY.

UNPREDICT, un-pr[=e]-dikt', _v.i._ (_Milt._) to recall what has been predicted or foretold.

UNPREGNANT, un-preg'nant, _adj._ (_Shak._) stupid, unapt for business: indifferent to (with _of_).

UNPREJUDICATE, un-pr[=e]-j[=oo]'di-k[=a]t, _adj._ unprejudiced.--_n._ UNPREJUD'ICATENESS.

UNPREJUDICED, un-prej'[=oo]-dist, _adj._ not prejudiced: impartial.--_n._ UNPREJ'UDICE, absence of prejudice.--_adv._ UNPREJ'UDICEDLY.--_n._ UNPREJ'UDICEDNESS.

UNPRELATE, un-prel'[=a]t, _v.t._ to deprive of the dignity of prelate.--_adj._ UNPRELAT'ICAL.

UNPREMEDITATED, un-pr[=e]-med'i-t[=a]-ted, _adj._ not planned beforehand, not previously thought of.--_adj._ UNPREMED'ITABLE, not to be foreseen, unforeseen.--_adv._ UNPREMED'ITATEDLY.--_ns._ UNPREMED'ITATEDNESS; UNPREMEDIT[=A]'TION.

UNPREPARED, un-pr[=e]-p[=a]rd', _adj._ without preparation, done without such.--_n._ UNPREPAR[=A]'TION, unpreparedness.--_adv._ UNPREP[=A]R'EDLY.--_n._ UNPREP[=A]R'EDNESS.

UNPREPOSSESSING, un-pr[=e]-po-zes'ing, _adj._ not predisposing in one's favour, unpleasing.--_adj._ UNPREPOSSESSED', not prepossessed or prejudiced.

UNPRESCRIBED, un-pr[=e]-skr[=i]bd', _adj._ not prescribed or laid down beforehand.

UNPRESENTABLE, un-pr[=e]-zen'ta-bl, _adj._ not presentable, not fit to be seen.

UNPRESSED, un-prest', _adj._ not pressed.

UNPRESUMING, un-pr[=e]-z[=u]'ming, _adj._ not presuming, unpretentious.

UNPRESUMPTUOUS, un-pr[=e]-zump't[=u]-us, _adj._ not presumptuous, modest.

UNPRETENDING, un-pr[=e]-ten'ding, _adj._ not pretending or making pretence: modest.--_adv._ UNPRETEN'DINGLY.--_adj._ UNPRETEN'TIOUS, not pretentious.--_n._ UNPRETEN'TIOUSNESS.

UNPRETTY, un-prit'i, _adj._ not pretty.--_n._ UNPRETT'INESS.

UNPREVAILING, un-pr[=e]-v[=a]'ling, _adj._ having no force, unavailing.

UNPREVENTED, un-pr[=e]-ven'ted, _adj._ not hindered or prevented: (_obs._) not preceded by anything.--_adj._ UNPREVEN'TABLE, impossible to be prevented.--_n._ UNPREVEN'TABLENESS.

UNPRICED, un-pr[=i]st', _adj._ having no fixed price: beyond price, priceless.

UNPRIEST, un-pr[=e]st', _v.t._ to strip of the rank of priest.--_adj._ UNPRIEST'LY, unbecoming a priest.

UNPRINCE, un-prins', _v.t._ to deprive of princely dignity.--_adj._ UNPRINCE'LY, unbecoming a prince.

UNPRINCIPLED, un-prin'si-pld, _adj._ without settled principles: not restrained by conscience: profligate.--_v.t._ UNPRIN'CIPLE, to destroy the moral principles of.--_n._ UNPRIN'CIPLEDNESS.

UNPRISON, un-priz'n, _v.t._ to release from prison.

UNPRIVILEGED, un-priv'i-lejd, _adj._ not privileged.

UNPRIZABLE, un-pr[=i]'za-bl, _adj._ (_Shak._) incapable of being valued, either as so far above or below price.

UNPROCLAIMED, un-pr[=o]-kl[=a]md', _adj._ not proclaimed.

UNPRODUCTIVE, un-pr[=o]-duk'tiv, _adj._ not productive, profitable, or efficient, not effecting some particular result (with _of_).--_adv._ UNPRODUC'TIVELY.--_ns._ UNPRODUC'TIVENESS; UNPRODUCTIV'ITY.

UNPROFANED, un-pr[=o]-f[=a]nd', _adj._ not profaned or desecrated.

UNPROFESSIONAL, un-pr[=o]-fesh'un-al, _adj._ having no profession: beyond the limits of one's profession: contrary to the rules or the usual etiquette of a particular profession.--_adv._ UNPROFES'SIONALLY.

UNPROFITABLE, un-prof'i-ta-bl, _adj._ not profitable: bringing no profit: serving no purpose.--_n._ UNPROF'ITABLENESS.--_adv._ UNPROF'ITABLY.--_adjs._ UNPROF'ITED, profitless; UNPROF'ITING, unprofitable.

UNPROGRESSIVE, un-pr[=o]-gres'iv, _adj._ not progressive.--_n._ UNPROGRESS'IVENESS.

UNPROHIBITED, un-pr[=o]-hib'i-ted, _adj._ not prohibited.

UNPROJECTED, un-pr[=o]-jek'ted, _adj._ not projected or planned.

UNPROLIFIC, un-pr[=o]-lif'ik, _adj._ not prolific.

UNPROMISING, un-prom'i-sing, _adj._ not promising or affording a good prospect of success, &c.--_v.t._ UNPROM'ISE, to revoke a promise.--_adj._ UNPROM'ISED, not promised.

UNPROMPTED, un-promp'ted, _adj._ not prompted.

UNPRONOUNCEABLE, un-pr[=o]-nown'sa-bl, _adj._ difficult to pronounce: not fit to be mentioned.--_adj._ UNPRONOUNCED', not pronounced.

UNPROP, un-prop', _v.t._ to remove a prop or support from.

UNPROPER, un-prop'[.e]r, _adj._ improper: (_Shak._) common to all.--_adv._ UNPROP'ERLY.

UNPROPHETIC, -AL, un-pr[=o]-fet'ik, -al, _adj._ not prophetic.

UNPROPITIOUS, un-pr[=o]-pish'us, _adj._ not propitious, inauspicious.--_adj._ UNPROPI'TIABLE, incapable of being propitiated.--_adv._ UNPROPI'TIOUSLY.--_n._ UNPROPI'TIOUSNESS.

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