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UNPERCH, un-perch', _v.t._ to drive from a perch.

UNPERFECT, un-p[.e]r'fekt, _adj._ imperfect.

UNPERFORMED, un-per-formd', _adj._ not performed or fulfilled: not represented on the stage.

UNPERISHING, un-per'ish-ing, _adj._ not perishing.--_adj._ UNPER'ISHABLE.--_adv._ UNPER'ISHABLY.

UNPERJURED, un-per'j[=oo]rd, _adj._ not perjured.

UNPERPLEXED, un-per-plekst', _adj._ not perplexed.--_v.t._ UNPERPLEX', to separate.

UNPERSECUTED, un-per's[=e]-k[=u]-ted, _adj._ not persecuted.

UNPERSONABLE, un-per'sun-a-bl, _adj._ not personable.--_adj._ UNPER'SONAL, not personal.--_n._ UNPERSONAL'ITY.

UNPERSUADABLE, un-per-sw[=a]'da-bl, _adj._ not to be persuaded.--_ns._ UNPERSU[=A]'DABLENESS, UNPERSU[=A]'SIBLENESS; UNPERSU[=A]'SION.--_adj._ UNPERSU[=A]'SIVE, not persuasive.

UNPERTURBED, un-per-turbd', _adj._ not perturbed.--_n._ UNPERTUR'BEDNESS.

UNPERVERT, un-per-v[.e]rt', _v.t._ to reconvert.--_adj._ UNPERVERT'ED, not perverted.

UNPETRIFIED, un-pet'ri-f[=i]d, _adj._ not petrified.

UNPHILOSOPHICAL, un-fil-[=o]-sof'i-kal, _adj._ not philosophical--also UNPHILOSOPH'IC.--_adv._ UNPHILOSOPH'ICALLY.--_n._ UNPHILOSOPH'ICALNESS.--_v.t._ UNPHILOS'OPHISE, to divest of the character of philosopher.

UNPICK, un-pik', _v.t._ to take out by picking: to unfasten, undo.--_adjs._ UNPICK'ABLE, that cannot be picked; UNPICKED', not picked.

UNPIERCED, un-p[=e]rst', _adj._ not pierced.--_adj._ UNPIERCE'ABLE, not to be pierced.

UNPILLARED, un-pil'ard, _adj._ stripped of pillars.

UNPILLOWED, un-pil'[=o]d, _adj._ without a pillow or support for the head.

UNPILOTED, un-p[=i]'lot-ed, _adj._ without pilot or guide.

UNPIN, un-pin', _v.t._ to loose what is pinned.

UNPINION, un-pin'yun, _v.t._ to set free from restraint.

UNPINKED, un-pingkt', _adj._ not pinked, not pierced with eyelet-holes.

UNPITEOUS, un-pit'e-us, _adj._ merciless, cruel.--_adv._ UNPIT'EOUSLY.--_n._ UNPIT'EOUSNESS.--_adjs._ UNPIT'IED, not pitied; UNPIT'IFUL, having no pity.--_adv._ UNPIT'IFULLY.--_n._ UNPIT'IFULNESS.--_adj._ UNPIT'YING, showing no pity.--_adv._ UNPIT'YINGLY.

UNPLACED, un-pl[=a]st', _adj._ not arranged in proper places, confused.--_v.t._ UNPLACE', to displace.

UNPLAGUED, un-pl[=a]gd', _p.adj._ not plagued or afflicted.

UNPLAINED, un-pl[=a]nd', _adj._ not lamented.

UNPLAIT, un-pl[=a]t', _v.t._ to loosen, undo.

UNPLANTED, un-plan'ted, _adj._ not planted or cultivated.--_v.t._ UNPLANT', to strip of plants.

UNPLASTIC, un-plas'tik, _adj._ not plastic, not suitable for sculpture.

UNPLAUSIBLE, un-plaw'zi-bl, _adj._ not plausible.--_adv._ UNPLAU'SIBLY, not plausibly.--_adj._ UNPLAU'SIVE, not approving.

UNPLEADED, un-pl[=e]'ded, _adj._ not pleaded.--_adj._ UNPLEA'DABLE, incapable of being pleaded.

UNPLEASANT, un-plez'ant, _adj._ not pleasant: disagreeable.--_adj._ UNPLEASABLE (-pl[=e]'), not to be pleased.--_n._ UNPLEAS'ANCE.--_adv._ UNPLEAS'ANTLY, in an unpleasant manner: disagreeably.--_ns._ UNPLEAS'ANTNESS, state or quality of being unpleasant: disagreeableness; UNPLEAS'ANTRY, want of pleasantness: any unpleasant occurrence, any particular discomfort.--_adjs._ UNPLEASED (-pl[=e]zd'), displeased; UNPLEASING (-pl[=e]'), displeasing, disgusting.--_adv._ UNPLEASINGLY (-pl[=e]').--_n._ UNPLEASINGNESS (-pl[=e]').--_adj._ UNPLEAS'URABLE, not giving pleasure.--_adv._ UNPLEAS'URABLY.

UNPLIANT, un-pl[=i]'ant, _adj._ not pliant, stiff, stubborn.--_adj._ UNPL[=I]'ABLE, not pliable.--_advs._ UNPL[=I]'ABLY; UNPL[=I]'ANTLY.

UNPLUCKED, un-plukt', _adj._ not plucked.

UNPLUGGED, un-plugd', _adj._ free from plugs: not short-circuited by a plug.--_v.t._ UNPLUG', to remove a plug from.

UNPLUMB, un-plum', _v.t._ to remove the lead from.--_adj._ not plumb or vertical.--_adj._ UNPLUMBED', not measured by a plumb-line: unfathomed.

UNPLUME, un-pl[=oo]m', _v.t._ to strip of feathers.

UNPOETICAL, un-p[=o]-et'i-kal, _adj._ not poetical, prosaic--also UNPOET'IC.--_adv._ UNPOET'ICALLY.--_n._ UNPOET'ICALNESS.

UNPOINTED, un-poin'ted, _adj._ not pointed, blunt: having no vowel points, as in Hebrew: with the joints uncemented, of a wall.

UNPOISED, un-poizd', _adj._ not poised.

UNPOISON, un-poi'zn, _v.t._ to expel the poison from.

UNPOLICIED, un-pol'i-sid, _adj._ without organised civil polity: impolitic.--_adj._ UNPOL'ITIC, impolitic.

UNPOLISH, un-pol'ish, _v.t._ to take the polish from, to make rough.--_adj._ UNPOL'ISHED.

UNPOLITE, un-p[=o]-l[=i]t', _adj._ not polite, rude.--_adv._ UNPOLITE'LY.--_n._ UNPOLITE'NESS.

UNPOLLED, un-p[=o]ld', _adj._ not polled.

UNPOLLUTED, un-po-l[=u]'ted, _adj._ not polluted.

UNPOPE, un-p[=o]p', _v.t._ to divest of papal authority.

UNPOPULAR, un-pop'[=u]-lar, _adj._ not popular: disliked by the people.--_n._ UNPOPULAR'ITY, the state of being unpopular.--_adv._ UNPOP'ULARLY, in an unpopular manner: not popularly.

UNPORTIONED, un-p[=o]r'shund, _adj._ not provided with a portion.

UNPORTUOUS, un-por't[=u]-us, _adj._ without harbours.

UNPOSITIVE, un-poz'i-tiv, _adj._ not assertive.

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