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TRIBLET, trib'let, _n._ a tapering mandrel on which rings, nuts, &c. are forged.

TRIBOMETER, tr[=i]-bom'e-t[.e]r, _n._ a sled-like apparatus for measuring sliding friction.

TRIBONYX, trib'[=o]-niks, _n._ a genus of Australian gallinules. [Gr.

_tribein_, to rub, _onyx_, a claw.]

TRIBRACH., tr[=i]'brak, _n._ (_poet._) a foot of three short syllables.--_adj._ TRIBRACH'IC. [L.,--Gr. _tribrachys_,--_tri-_, root of _treis_, three, _brachys_, short.]

TRIBULATION, trib-[=u]-l[=a]'shun, _n._ severe affliction: distress.

[L.,--_tribul[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to afflict--_tribulum_, a sledge for rubbing out corn--_ter[)e]re_, to rub.]

TRIBUNAL, tr[=i]-b[=u]'nal, _n._ the bench on which a judge and his associates sit to administer justice: court of justice: the confessional.


TRIBUNE, trib'[=u]n, _n._ a magistrate elected by the Roman plebeians to defend their rights: a champion of popular rights: the raised platform from which speeches were delivered, any platform or pulpit.--_ns._ TRIB'UN[=A]TE, TRIB'UNESHIP.--_adjs._ TRIBUNI'TIAL, TRIBUNI'CIAN, TRIBUNI'TIAN. [L. _tribunus_--_tribus_, a tribe.]

TRIBUTE, trib'[=u]t, _n._ a fixed amount paid at certain intervals by one nation to another for peace or protection: a personal contribution: acknowledgment, or homage paid.--_adv._ TRIB'[=U]TARILY.--_n._ TRIB'UTARINESS.--_adj._ TRIB'[=U]TARY, paying tribute: subject: yielding supplies of anything, subsidiary: paid in tribute.--_n._ one who pays tribute: a stream which contributes water to another.--_ns._ TRIB'UTE-MON'EY, money paid as tribute; TRIB'[=U]TER, a miner paid by a proportion of the ore raised. [L. _tributum_--_tribu[)e]re_, to assign--_tribus_, a tribe.]

TRICAPSULAR, tr[=i]-kap's[=u]-lar, _adj._ (_bot._) three-capsuled: having three capsules to each flower.

TRICARPOUS, tr[=i]-kar'pus, _adj._ (_bot._) having three carpels.

TRICAUDATE, tr[=i]-kaw'd[=a]t, _adj._ having three tail-like processes, as a butterfly's wing.

TRICE, tr[=i]s, _v.t._ (_naut._) to haul or lift up by means of a rope:--_pr.p._ tr[=i]c'ing; _pa.p._ tri[=i]ced. [Ger. _trissen_.]

TRICE, tr[=i]s, _n._ a very short time: an instant. [Perh. from _thrice_, while one can count three; or from Sp. _tris_, noise of breaking glass; cf.

Scot. 'in a crack.']

TRICENNIAL, tr[=i]-sen'i-al, _adj._ pertaining to thirty years: occurring every thirty years. [L. _tricennium_, thirty years--_triginta_, thirty, _annus_, a year.]

TRICENTENARY, tr[=i]-sen'te-n[=a]-ri, _n._ a space of three hundred years.

[L. _trecenti_, three hundred--_tres_, three, _centum_, a hundred.]

TRICEPHALOUS, tr[=i]-sef'a-lus, _adj._ three-headed [Gr., _treis_, three, _kephal[=e]_, a head.]

TRICEPS, tr[=i]'seps, _adj._ three-headed.--Also TRICIP'ITAL. [L., _tres_, three, _caput_, head.]

TRICERION, tr[=i]-s[=e]'ri-on, _n._ in Greek ecclesiastical use, a candlestick with three lights. [Late Gr.,--Gr. _treis_, three, _k[=e]ros_, wax.]

TRICHANGIA, tr[=i]-kan'ji-a, the capillary blood vessels. [Gr.

_thriks_--_trichos_, hair, _angeion_, a vessel.]

TRICHAS, tr[=i]'kas, _n._ a genus of American warblers. [Gr., a thrush.]

TRICHATROPHIA, trik-a-tr[=o]'fi-a, _n._ a brittle condition of the hair.--_ns._ TRICH'IA, a folding inward of the eyelashes; TRICH[=I]'ASIS, a kidney disease: a morbid swelling of the breasts: trichia. [Gr. _thrix_, _trichos_, hair, _atrophia_, atrophy.]

TRICHINA, tri-k[=i]'na, _n._ a parasitic worm, which in its mature state infests the intestinal canal, and in its larval state the muscular tissue of man and certain animals, esp. the hog:--_pl._ TRICH[=I]'Nae:--_ns._ TRICHIN[=I]'ASIS (more usually TRICHIN[=O]'SIS), the disease caused by the presence of trichinae in the body; TRICNINIS[=A]'TION.--_adjs._ TRICH'IN[=O]SED, TRICHINOT'IC, TRICH'INOUS. [Gr. _trichinos_, small like a hair--_thrix_, _trichos_, hair.]

TRICHITE, tr[=i]'k[=i]t, _n._ a spicule of some sponges.--_adj._ TRICHIT'IC.

TRICHIURUS, trik-i-[=u]'rus, _n._ the genus of hair-tails.

TRICHODA, tr[=i]-k[=o]'da, _n._ a genus of ciliate infusorians.

TRICHOGENOUS, tr[=i]-koj'e-nus, _adj._ helping the hair to grow.--_ns._ TRICHOCL[=A]'SIA, TRICHOCL[=A]'SIS, a brittle condition of the hair; TRICH'OGEN, a preparation for causing the hair to grow; TRICHOGYNE (trik'[=o]-j[=i]n), the slender portion of the procarp in red algae, a receptive organ of reproduction; TRICHOL'OGY, the knowledge of the hair; TRICH[=O]'MA, a morbid condition of the hair, introversion of the eyelid.--_adjs._ TRICHOM'ATOSE; TRICHOPATH'IC, relating to disease of the hair.--_ns._ TRICHOP'ATHY, the treatment of diseases of the hair; TRICH'OPH[=O]RE (_bot._), the cell or cells in certain algae supporting the trichogyne: a sac-like body from which the chitinous parapodial appendages of an annelid are developed.--_adjs._ TRICHOPHOR'IC, TRICHOPH'OROUS.--_ns._ TRICHOPH'YTON, a fungus growth round the hair-bulbs causing baldness, ringworm, &c.; TRICHOPHYT[=O]'SIS, disease of the skin due to the presence of the foregoing; TRICHOREX'IS, brittleness of the hair; TRICHORRH[=E]'A, a falling of the hair; TRICH[=O]'SIS, any disease of the hair.

TRICHOME, tr[=i]'k[=o]m, _n._ an outgrowth from the epidermis of a plant.

TRICHOPTERA, tr[=i]-kop'te-ra, the caddis-flies.--_adjs._ TRICHOP'TERAN, TRICHOP'TEROUS.

TRICHORD, tr[=i]'kord, _adj._ having three strings.

TRICHOTOMOUS, tr[=i]-kot'[=o]-mus, _adj._ divided into three parts, or into threes--also TRICHOTOM'IC.--_adv._ TRICHOT'OMOUSLY.--_n._ TRICHOT'OMY, division into three parts. [Gr. _tricha_, threefold, _treis_, three; _tom[=e]_, a cutting--_temnein_, to cut.]

TRICHROMATIC, tr[=i]-kr[=o]-mat'ik, _adj._ characterised by three colours, having the three fundamental colour-sensations of red, green, and purple, of the normal eye, as opposed to the colour-blind eye, which has but two.--Also TRICHR[=O]'MIC. [Gr. _treis_, three, _chr[=o]ma_, colour.]

TRICHRONOUS, tr[=i]'kr[=o]-nus, _adj._ in ancient prosody, consisting of three times or _morae_, trisemic. [Gr. _treis_, three, _chronos_, time.]

TRICK, trik, _v.t._ to dress, to decorate.--_n._ TRICK'ING, the act of one who tricks: (_Shak._) dress, ornament. [Celt.; W. treciaw, to adorn.]

TRICK, trik, _n._ any fraud or stratagem to deceive, an illusion: a clever contrivance to puzzle, amuse, or annoy: a particular habit or manner, skill, adroitness, manner: a parcel of cards falling to a winner at one turn: any toy or gimcrack: a turn as at the helm: (_slang_) a watch.--_v.t._ to deceive, to cheat.--_ns._ TRICK'ER; TRICK'ERY, act or practice of playing tricks: artifice: stratagem: imposition.--_adv._ TRICK'ILY.--_n._ TRICK'INESS.--_adj._ TRICK'ISH, addicted to tricks: artful in making bargains.--_adv._ TRICK'ISHLY, in a trickish manner: artfully: knavishly.--_n._ TRICK'ISHNESS, the state of being trickish or deceitful.--_adv._ TRICK'LY, cleverly, deftly.--_n._ TRICK'SCENE, a scene in which changes are made before the audience.--_adjs._ TRICK'SEY, TRICK'SY, trickish, exhibiting artfulness: pretty, dainty, neat.--_n._ TRICK'SINESS, state of being tricksey.--_adj._ TRICK'SOME.--_ns._ TRICK'STER, one who practises tricks, a cheat; TRICK'-WIG, a kind of wig worn by actors, the hair of which can be made to stand on end by a device.--_adj._ TRICK'Y. [O. Fr. _tricher_, to beguile--L. _tric[=a]ri_, to trifle.]

TRICKLE, trik'l, _v.i._ to flow gently or in a small stream.--_n._ a trickling rill.--_n._ TRICK'LET, a little rill.--_adj._ TRICK'LY, trickling. [M. E. _triklen_, prob. for _striklen_, freq. of _striken_, to go.]

TRICK-TRACK, trik'-trak, _n._ a form of backgammon in which pegs as well as pieces are used.--Also TRIC'-TRAC, TICK'-TACK. [Fr. _tric trac_]

TRICLINIC, tr[=i]-klin'ik, _adj._ (_min._) having three axes obliquely inclined to each other. [Gr. _treis_, three, _klinein_, to bend.]

TRICLINIUM, tr[=i]-klin'i-um, _n._ a couch running round three sides of a table for reclining on at meals: a dining-room with couches on three sides.

[L.,--Gr. _triklinos_--_treis_, three, _klin[=e]_, a couch.]

TRICOLOUR, TRICOLOR, tr[=i]'kul-or, _n._ the national flag of France, of three colours, red, white, and blue, in vertical stripes.--_adj._ TR[=I]'COLOURED, having three colours. [Fr. _tricolore_--L. _tres_, three, _color_, colour.]

TRICONSONANTAL, tr[=i]-kon's[=o]-nan-tal, _adj._ composed of three consonants.--Also TRICONSONAN'TIC.

TRICORN, tr[=i]'korn, _adj._ having three horns.--_n._ a hat with three points or corners. [L. _tricornis_, three-horned--_tres_, three, _cornu_, a horn.]

TRICORNERED, tr[=i]-kor'n[.e]rd, _adj._ three-cornered.

TRICORNIGEROUS, tr[=i]-kor-nij'e-rus, _adj._ bearing three horns. [L.

_tres_, three, _cornu_, a horn, _ger[)e]re_, to bear.]

TRICORNUTE, -D, tr[=i]-kor'n[=u]t, -ed, _adj._ having three horn-like processes.

TRICORPORATE, tr[=i]-kor'p[=o]-r[=a]t, _adj._ having three bodies and only one head common to the three.

TRICOSTATE, tr[=i]-kos't[=a]t, _adj._ three-ribbed.

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