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TRICOT, tr[=e]'k[=o], _n._ a hand-knitted woollen fabric, or machine fabric imitating it: a soft, slightly-ribbed cloth for women's garments. [Fr.

_tricot_, knitting, _tricoter_, to knit, from Teut.; Ger. _stricken_.]

TRICROTIC, tr[=i]-krot'ik, _adj._ having three beats.--_n._ TR[=I]'CROTISM.--_adj._ TR[=I]'CROTOUS. [Gr. _treis_, three, _krotos_, a beat.]


TRICUSPID, tr[=i]-kus'pid, _adj._ having three cusps or points: (_anat._) denoting certain of the teeth, and the valve of the right ventricle of the heart.--_adj._ TRICUS'PIDATE (_bot._), three-pointed or ending in three points. [L. _tricuspis_, _tricuspidis_--_tri_, _tris_, thrice, _cuspis_, a point.]

TRICYCLE, tr[=i]'si-kl, _n._ a velocipede with three wheels.--_v.i._ to ride on such.--_n._ TR[=I]'CYCLIST. [Gr. _tri-_, root of _treis_, three, _kyklos_, circle, wheel.]

TRIDACNA, tr[=i]-dak'na, _n._ a genus of bivalves, the giant clam, without the shell weighing 20 lb., with the shell so much even as 500 lb. [Gr.

_treis_, three, _daknein_, to bite.]

TRIDACTYLOUS, tr[=i]-dak'til-us, _adj._ having three toes or fingers.

TRIDE, tr[=i]d, _adj._ swift, fleet. [Fr.]

TRIDENT, tr[=i]'dent, _n._ the three-pronged spear or sceptre of Neptune, god of the ocean: any three-toothed instrument.--_adjs._ TR[=I]'DENT, TRIDENT'[=A]TE, TR[=I]'DENTED, having three teeth or prongs. [Fr.,--L.

_tres_, three, _dens_, _dentis_, tooth.]

TRIDENTINE, tr[=i]-den'tin, _adj._ pertaining to the Council of _Trent_ (1545-63), or to its decrees.--_n._ a Roman Catholic. [L. _Tridentum_, Trent.]

TRIDIGITATE, tr[=i]-dij'i-t[=a]t, _adj._ with three fingers or toes.

TRIDIMENSIONAL, tr[=i]-di-men'shun-al, _adj._ having three dimensions--length, breadth, thickness.

TRIDUUM, trid'[=u]-um, _n._ a space of three days: a three days' service of prayer preparatory to a saint's day, &c.--_adj._ TRID'[=U]AN, lasting three days. [L.]

TRIDYMITE, trid'i-m[=i]t, _n._ a brittle mineral composed of silica, which occurs in various acid igneous rocks in the form of thin transparent six-sided plates, several of which are usually grouped together.


TRIENNIAL, tr[=i]-en'yal, _adj._ continuing three years: happening every third year.--_adv._ TRIENN'IALLY. [L. _triennis_--_tres_, three, _annus_, a year.]

TRIER, tr[=i]'[.e]r, _n._ one who tries by experiment: one who tries, as a judge: one of Cromwell's commissioners for examining into the qualifications of ministers: (_Shak._) one who brings to the test, a test.

TRIERARCH, tr[=i]'[.e]r-ark, _n._ the commander of an ancient Greek trireme--also a person obliged to furnish ships to the state.--_adj._ TR[=I]'ERARCHAL.--_n._ TR[=I]'ERARCHY, the office of trierarch: the system of requisitioning vessels from wealthy citizens. [Gr. _tri[=e]r[=e]s_, a trireme, _archein_, to rule.]

TRIETERIC, -AL, tr[=i]-e-t[.e]r'ik, -al, _adj._ triennial. [Gr., _treis_, three, _etos_, a year.]

TRIFACIAL, tr[=i]-f[=a]'shal, adj, threefold and pertaining to the face, esp. of the fifth cranial nerve.--_n._ the trigeminal nerve. [L. _tres_, three, _facies_, face.]

TRIFARIOUS, tr[=i]-f[=a]'ri-us, _adj._ arranged in three rows: facing three ways.

TRIFID, tr[=i]'fid, _adj._ three-cleft.

TRIFLE, tr[=i]'fl, _v.i._ to act or talk lightly: to indulge in light or silly amusements: to waste or spend idly or unprofitably (_with_).--_n._ anything of little value: a light confection of whipped cream or white of egg, with fruit, wine, &c.--_n._ TR[=I]'FLER.--_adj._ TR[=I]'FLING, of small value or importance: trivial.--_adv._ TR[=I]'FLINGLY.--_n._ TR[=I]'FLINGNESS. [O. Fr. _trufle_, dim. of _truffe_, a gibe, also a truffle.]

TRIFLOROUS, tr[=i]-fl[=o]'rus, _adj._ three-flowered.--Also TRIFL[=O]'RAL.

TRIFOLIATE, -D, tr[=i]-f[=o]'li-[=a]t, -ed, _adj._ three-leaved.--_ns._ TRIF[=O]'LIUM, a genus of small plants of the bean family--the clovers with trifoliate leaves and purple, red, white, or yellow flowers; TR[=I]'FOLY (_Browning_), trefoil. [L. _tres_, three, _folium_, leaf.]

TRIFORIUM, tr[=i]-f[=o]'ri-um, _n._ the arcade over the arches of a church between nave and side aisles:--_pl._ TRIF[=O]'RIA. [L. _tri_, _tris_, thrice, _foris_, a door.]

TRIFORM, tr[=i]'form, _adj._ having a triple form--also TR[=I]'FORMED.--_n._ TRIFORM'ITY.--_adj._ TRIFORM'OUS. [L.

_triformis_--_tres_, three, _forma_, form.]

TRIFURCATE, -D, tr[=i]-fur'k[=a]t, -ed, _adj._ having three forks or branches.--_v.i._ TRIFUR'CATE, to divide into three parts.--_n._ TRIFURC[=A]'TION. [L. _trifurcus_--_tri_, _tris_, thrice, _furca_, a fork.]

TRIG, trig, _adj._ trim, neat: tight, sound.--_n._ a dandy.--_adv._ TRIG'LY.--_n._ TRIG'NESS. [Prob. Scand., Ice. _tryggr_, fine.]

TRIG, trig, _n._ a skid for a wheel, &c.: the mark for players at skittles, &c.--_v.t._ to stop, to obstruct, to skid.

TRIGAMOUS, trig'am-us, _adj._ (_bot._) having three sorts of flowers, male, female, and hermaphrodite, in the same flower-head.--_ns._ TRIG'AMIST, one who marries three wives; TRIG'AMY, the state of having three husbands or wives at the same time. [Gr. _tri_, _tris_, three, _gamos_, marriage.]

TRIGEMINAL, tr[=i]-jem'i-nal, _adj._ triple, threefold.--_adj._ TRIGEM'INOUS, born three at a birth.--_n._ TRIGEMI'NUS, the trifacial nerve.

TRIGGER, trig'[.e]r, _n._ a catch which when pulled looses the hammer of a gun in firing: a catch to hold a wheel when driving on steep ground. [Dut.

_trekker_--_trekken_, to pull.]

TRIGLA, trig'la, _n._ the typical genus of _Triglidae_, the gurnards.--_adj._ TRIG'LOID.

TRIGLOT, tr[=i]'glot, _adj._ containing three languages. [Gr. _treis_, three, _gl[=o]ssa_, _gl[=o]tta_, tongue.]


TRIGLYPH, tr[=i]'glif, _n._ a three-grooved tablet at equal distances along the frieze in Doric architecture.--_adjs._ TRIGLYPH'IC, -AL, consisting of, or pertaining to, triglyphs: containing three sets of characters or sculptures. [L. _triglyphus_--Gr. _triglyphos_--_treis_, three, _glyphein_, to carve.]

TRIGON, tr[=i]'gon, _n._ a three-cornered figure, a triangle--also TRIG[=O]'NON: (_astrol._) the junction of three signs, the zodiac being divided into four trigons--the first or _watery_ trigon, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces; the _earthly_, Taurus, Virgo, Capricornus; the _airy_, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius; the _fiery_, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.--_adjs._ TRIG'ONAL, triangular in cross-section: three-angled, esp. in botany; TRIGON'IC, pertaining to a trigon; TRIG'ONOUS, three-angled. [Gr.

_trig[=o]non_--_tri_, _tris_, thrice, _g[=o]nia_, an angle.]

TRIGONEUTIC, tr[=i]-g[=o]-n[=u]'tik, _adj._ producing three broods in a year, of insects.--_n._ TRIGONEU'TISM. [Gr. _treis_, three, _goneuein_, to beget.]

TRIGONOCEROUS, trig-[=o]-nos'e-rus, _adj._ having horns with three angles.

TRIGONOMETRY, trig-[=o]-nom'e-tri, _n._ the branch of mathematics which treats of the relations between the sides and angles of triangles.--_n._ TRIGONOM'ETER, an instrument for solving plane right-angled figures by inspection.--_adjs._ TRIGONOMET'RIC, -AL, pertaining to trigonometry: done by the rules of trigonometry.--_adv._ TRIGONOMET'RICALLY.--TRIGONOMETRICAL SURVEY, the survey of a country by triangulation and trigonometrical calculation upon a single base. [Gr. _trig[=o]non_, a triangle, _metron_, a measure.]

TRIGRAM, tr[=i]'gram, _n._ same as TRIGRAPH.--_adjs._ TRIGRAMMAT'IC, TRIGRAM'MIC. [Gr. _tri_, _tris_, thrice, _gramma_, a letter.]

TRIGRAPH, tr[=i]'graf, _n._ a combination of three letters sounded as one, a triphthong. [Gr. _tri_, _tris_, thrice, and _graph[=e]_, a writing--_graphein_, to write.]

TRIGYNIA, tr[=i]-jin'i-a, _n._ an order of plants having three pistils or styles.--_n._ TR[=I]'GYN, a plant with three styles.--_adjs._ TR[=I]GYN'IAN, TRIG'YNOUS. [Gr. _tri_, _tris_, thrice, _gyn[=e]_, a woman.]

TRIHEDRAL, tr[=i]-h[=e]'dral, _adj._ having three equal sides.--_n._ TRIH[=E]'DRON, a figure having three equal bases or sides. [Gr. _treis_, three, _hedra_, a seat.]

TRIJUGATE, tr[=i]'j[=oo]-g[=a]t, _adj._ (_bot._) having three pairs of leaflets or pinnae.--Also TR[=I]'JUGOUS.

TRILABE, tr[=i]'l[=a]b, _n._ a three-pronged surgical instrument for removing calculi from the bladder. [Gr. _treis_, three, _lab[=e]_, a hold.]

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