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_trapezion_ dim. of _trapeza_, a table; from _tetra_, four, _pous_, _podos_, a foot.]

TRAPPIST, trap'ist, _n._ a member of a monastic body, a branch of the Cistercians, noted for the extreme austerity of the rule--so named from the abbey of La _Trappe_ in the French department of Orne.--_n._ TRAP'PISTINE, a nun of this order of La Trappe.

TRASH, trash, _n._ a clog fastened to a dog or other animal to restrain his movements.--_v.t._ to encumber, check.

TRASH, trash, _v.t._ to crop: to strip off superfluous leaves.--_n._ refuse, matter unfit for food, rubbish good for nothing, a worthless person.--_n._ TRASH'ERY, trash, rubbish.--_adv._ TRASH'ILY.--_ns._ TRASH'INESS, the state or quality of being trashy; TRASH'TRIE (_Scot._), trash.--_adj._ TRASH'Y, like trash; worthless. [Prob. Scand., Ice. _tros_, fallen twigs.]

TRASH, trash, _v.t._ to wear out, to harass.

TRASS, tras, _n._ a volcanic earth used as a hydraulic cement. [Dut.


TRATTORIA, trat-t[=o]-r[=e]'a, _n._ a cook-shop. [It.]

TRAUMA, traw'ma, _n._ an abnormal condition of the body caused by external injury.--_adj._ TRAUMAT'IC, produced by wounds.--_adv._ TRAUMAT'ICALLY.--_n._ TRAUM'ATISM, trauma. [Gr., a wound.]

TRAVAIL, trav'[=a]l, _n._ excessive labour: toil: labour in childbirth.--_v.i._ to labour: to suffer the pains of childbirth.--_p.adj._ TRAV'EILED (_Spens._), toiled. [O. Fr. _travail_--Low L. _travaculum_, a shackle--L. _trabs_, a beam.]

TRAVAIL, tra-v[=a]'ye, _n._ an appliance used among some North American Indians as a means of transporting sick persons, goods, &c.--a kind of litter attached by two poles on each side to a pack-saddle, the other ends trailing on the ground:--_pl._ TRAVAUX (tra-v[=o]'). [Fr.]

TRAVE, tr[=a]v, _n._ a beam: a wooden frame to confine unruly horses while being shod. [O. Fr. _traf_, _tref_--L. _trabs_, _trabis_, a beam.]

TRAVEL, trav'el, _v.i._ to walk: to journey: to pass: to move.--_v.t._ to pass: to journey over:--_pr.p._ trav'elling; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ trav'elled.--_n._ act of passing from place to place: journey: labour: (_pl._) an account of a journey.--_p.adj._ TRAV'ELLED, having made journeys: knowing.--_ns._ TRAV'ELLER, one who travels: a wayfarer: one who travels for a mercantile house: a ring that slides along a rope or spar; TRAV'ELLER'S-JOY, the virgin's-bower, _Clematis Vitalba_; TRAV'ELLER'S-TALE, a story that cannot be accepted, a tall story, an astounding lie, a whopper; TRAV'ELLER'S-TREE, a remarkable Madagascar tree, its stem resembling a plantain, but sending out leaves only on two opposite sides, like a great expanded fan.--_adj._ TRAV'ELLING.--_ns._ TRAV'ELLING-BAG, a bag for carrying necessaries on a journey, toilet articles, &c.; TRAV'ELLING-CARR'IAGE, a heavy carriage, fitted up for travelling in before railways; TRAV'ELLING-COU'VERT, a set of table utensils, arranged to pack up easily for travelling; TRAV'ELLING-CRANE, a crane fixed on a carriage which may be moved on rails; TRAV'ELLING-DRESS, a plain and easy dress to wear when travelling.--_p.adjs._ TRAV'EL-SOILED, -STAINED, showing the marks of travel; TRAV'EL-TAINT'ED (_Shak._), fatigued with travel, harassed. [A form of _travail_.]

TRAVERSE, trav'[.e]rs, _adj._ turned or lying across: denoting a method of cross-sailing.--_n._ anything laid or built across: something that crosses or obstructs: a turn: (_law_) a plea containing a denial of some fact alleged by an opponent: a work for protection from the fire of an enemy: a gallery from one side of a large building to another.--_v.t._ to cross: to pass over: to survey: to plane across the grain of the wood: (_law_) to deny an opponent's allegation.--_v.i._ (_fencing_) to use the motions of opposition or counteraction: to direct a gun to the right or left of its position.--_adv._ athwart, crosswise--(_obs._) TRAV'ERS.--_adj._ TRAV'ERSABLE, that may be traversed or denied.--_ns._ TRAV'ERSER; TRAV'ERSE-T[=A]'BLE, a table or platform for shifting carriages to other rails; TRAV'ERSING-PLAT'FORM, a platform to support a gun and carriage which can easily be turned round. [L. _trans_, across, _vert[)e]re_, _versum_, to turn.]

TRAVERTIN, -E, trav'er-tin, _n._ the Italian name for limestone formed by springs holding lime in solution. [It. _travertino_--L. _tiburtinus_ (_lapis_), stone of Tibur.]

TRAVESTY, trav'es-ti, _adj._ having on the vesture or appearance of another: disguised so as to be ridiculous.--_n._ a kind of burlesque in which the original characters are preserved, the situations parodied.--_v.t._ to turn into burlesque. [Fr. _travestir_, to disguise--L.

_trans_, over, _vest[=i]re_, to clothe.]

TRAWL, trawl, _v.i._ to fish by dragging a trawl along the bottom.--_v.t._ to drag, to take with a trawl.--_n._ a wide-mouthed bag-net for trawling: a long line buoyed upon water, with baited hooks at intervals.--_ns._ TRAW'LER, one who, or that which, trawls: a vessel engaged in trawling--a method adopted in deep-sea fishing; TRAW'LING. [O. Fr. _trauler_, also _troller_, to go hither and thither.]

TRAY, tr[=a], _n._ a shallow trough-like vessel: a salver. [M. E.

_treye_--A.S. _treg_.]

TRAY, TREY, tr[=a], _n._ the third branch of a deer's antler.

TRAYLED, tr[=a]ld, _p.adj._ (_Spens._) interwoven, adorned.

TRAY-TRIP, tr[=a]'-trip, _n._ (_Shak._) a game at dice.

TREACHERY, trech'[.e]r-i, _n._ faithlessness.--_ns._ TREACH'ER, TREACH'ETOUR, TREACH'OUR (_obs._), a traitor.--_adj._ TREACH'EROUS, full of treachery: faithless.--_adv._ TREACH'EROUSLY.--_n._ TREACH'EROUSNESS. [O.

Fr. _tricherie_--_tricher_--Teut., Mid. High Ger. _trechen_, to draw.

_Trick_ is a doublet.]

TREACLE, tr[=e]'kl, _n._ the dark, viscous uncrystallisable syrup obtained in refining sugar, also the drainings of crude sugar, properly distinguished from treacle as molasses.--_ns._ TREA'CLE-SLEEP, a sweet and refreshing sleep; TREA'CLINESS, viscosity.--_adj._ TREA'CLY, composed of, or like, treacle. [Orig. 'an antidote against the bite of poisonous animals,' O. Fr. _triacle_--L. _theriacum_--Gr. _th[=e]riaka_ (_pharmaka_), antidotes against the bites of wild beasts--_th[=e]rion_, a wild beast.]

TREAD, tred, _v.i._ to set the foot down: to walk or go: to copulate, as fowls.--_v.t._ to walk on: to press with the foot: to trample in contempt: to subdue:--_pa.t._ trod; _pa.p._ trod or trod'den.--_n._ pressure with the foot: a step, way of stepping.--_ns._ TREAD'ER; TREAD'ING; TREAD'LE, TRED'DLE, the part of any machine which the foot moves.--_vs.i._ to work a treadle.--_ns._ TREAD'LER; TREAD'LING; TREAD'-MILL, a mill in which a rotary motion is produced by the weight of a person or persons treading or stepping from one to another of the steps of a cylindrical wheel, used chiefly as an instrument of prison discipline; TREAD'-WHEEL, a form of tread-mill with steps on its exterior surface, by treading on which the wheel is turned.--TREAD DOWN, to trample to destruction; TREAD IN ONE'S FOOTSTEPS, or STEPS, to follow one's example; TREAD ON, or UPON, to trample with contempt: to come close after; TREAD ON ONE'S TOES, to give offence to one; TREAD ON, or UPON, THE HEELS OF, to follow close after; TREAD OUT, to press out with the feet: to extinguish; TREAD UNDERFOOT, to treat with scorn: to destroy. [A.S. _tredan_; Ice. _trodha_, Ger. _treten_.]

TREAGUE, tr[=e]g, _n._ (_Spens._) a truce. [It. _tregua_--Low L.

_treuga_--Goth. _triggwa_.]

TREASON, tr[=e]'zn, _n._ betraying of the government or an attempt to overthrow it: treachery; disloyalty.--_adj._ TREA'SONABLE, pertaining to, consisting of, or involving treason.--_n._ TREA'SONABLENESS.--_adv._ TREA'SONABLY.--_adj._ TREA'SONOUS.--TREASON FELONY, the crime of desiring to depose the sovereign, intimidate parliament, stir up a foreign invasion, &c.--declared by statute in 1848.--CONSTRUCTIVE TREASON, anything which may be interpreted as equivalent to actual treason by leading naturally to it; HIGH TREASON, offences against the state; MISPRISION OF TREASON, knowledge of the principal crime and concealment thereof; PETTY TREASON, the murder of a husband by a wife, a master by a servant, &c. [O. Fr. _trason_ (Fr.

_trahison_)--_trahir_--L. _trad[)e]re_, to betray.]

TREASURE, trezh'[=u]r, _n._ wealth stored up: riches: a great quantity collected: great abundance: anything much valued: (_obs._) a treasure-house.--_v.t._ to board up: to collect for future use: to value greatly: to enrich.--_ns._ TREAS'URE-CHEST, a box for keeping articles of value; TREAS'URE-CIT'Y, a city for stores, magazines, &c.; TREAS'URE-HOUSE, a house for holding treasures; TREAS'URER, one who has the care of a treasure or treasury: one who has charge of collected funds; TREAS'URERSHIP; TREAS'URY, a place where treasure is deposited: a department of a government which has charge of the finances: one of a class of subterranean structures, now believed to be merely sepulchral; TREAS'URY-BENCH, the first row of seats on the Speaker's right hand in the House of Commons, occupied by the members of the government. [Fr.

_tresor_--L. _thesaurus_--Gr. _th[=e]sauros_.]

TREASURE-TROVE, trezh'[=u]r-tr[=o]v, _n._ treasure or money found in the earth, the owner unknown. [_Treasure_ and _trove_, pa.p. of O. Fr.

_trover_, to find.]

TREAT, tr[=e]t, _v.t._ to handle in a particular manner: to discourse on: to entertain, as with food or drink, &c.: to manage in the application of remedies: to use.--_v.i._ to handle a subject in writing or speaking: to negotiate: to give an entertainment.--_n._ an entertainment, esp. if of anything unusual: one's turn to provide such.--_adj._ TREAT'ABLE, moderate.--_ns._ TREAT'ER; TREAT'ING; TREAT'ISE, a written composition in which a subject is treated: a formal essay; TREAT'MENT, the act or manner of treating: management: behaviour to any one: way of applying remedies; TREAT'Y, the act of treating, negotiation: a formal agreement between states: (_Shak._, same as ENTREATY). [O. Fr. _traiter_--L. _tract[=a]re_, to manage--_trah[)e]re_, _tractum_, to draw.]

TREBLE, treb'l, _adj._ triple: threefold: (_mus._) denoting the treble, that plays or sings the treble.--_n._ the highest of the four principal parts in the musical scale.--_v.t._ to make three times as much.--_v.i._ to become threefold:--_pa.p._ treb'led (-ld).--_adj._ TREB'LE-D[=A]'TED, living three times as long as man.--_n._ TREB'LENESS.--_p.adj._ TREB'LE-SIN'EWED (_Shak._), having threefold sinews, very strong.--_adv._ TREB'LY. [O. Fr.,--L. _triplus_.]

TREBUCHET, treb'[=u]-shet, _n._ a military engine like the ballista. [O.


TRECENTO, tr[=a]-chen't[=o], _n._ the 14th century in Italian art, &c.--_n._ TRECEN'TIST, an admirer of it. [It.]

TRECHOMETER, tre-kom'e-t[.e]r, _n._ an odometer. [Gr. _trechein_, to run, _metron_, measure.]


TREDDLE, tred'l, _n._ (_prov._) dung: (_slang_) a strumpet.

TREDILLE, tre-dil', _n._ a game at cards for three.--Also TREDRILLE'.

TREE, tr[=e], _n._ a plant having a single trunk, woody, branched, and of a large size: anything like a tree: wood, as in the compounds _axle-tree_, _saddle-tree_, &c.: a cudgel: (_B._) a cross.--_v.t._ to drive into a tree, to corner: to form on a tree.--_v.i._ to take refuge in a tree.--_ns._ TREE'-CAC'TUS, the giant cactus or saguaro; TREE'-CALF, a light-brown calf bookbinding, stained by acids into a conventional pattern, supposed to resemble the trunk of a tree and its branches; TREE'-DOVE, one of many arboricole Indian pigeons; TREE'-FERN, a fern with a tree-like, woody stem, and a head of fronds resembling the leaves of palms, found only in tropical countries; TREE'-FROG, a family of Amphibians, more closely related in structure to the toads than to frogs proper.--_adjs._ TREE'LESS, having no trees; TR[=EE]N, wooden, made of wood: (_Spens._) of trees.--_ns._ TREE'NAIL, TRE'NAIL, a long wooden pin or nail to fasten the planks of a ship to the timbers; TREE'-NYMPH, a hamadryad; TREE'-OF-LIB'ERTY, a tree dedicated to liberty, set up in some public place; TREE'-OF-LIFE, arbor vitae: a tree in the garden of Eden, described in Gen. ii. 9; TREE'SHIP, existence as a tree; TREE'-TOP, the top of a tree; TREE'-WOR'SHIP, dendrolatry. [A.S. _treo_, _treow_; Ice. _tre_, Gr. _drus_, Sans. _dru_.]

TREEN, tr[=e]n, _n._ a territorial division in the Isle of Man.


TREFOIL, tr[=e]'foil, _n._ a three-leaved plant, as the white and red clover: (_archit._) an ornament like trefoil.--_n._ TREF'LE, a trefoil.--_adj._ TREFLE (tref'l[=a]), ending in a three-lobed figure (_her._). [L. _trifolium_--_tres_, three, _folium_, a leaf.]

TREHALA, tr[=e]-ha'la, _n._ a kind of manna excreted by the insect _Larinus maculatus_, in the form of cocoons--also _Turkish manna_.--_n._ TR[=E]'HAL[=O]SE, a sugar extracted from trehala.

TREILLAGE, trel'[=a]j, _n._ a frame to train shrubs and fruit-trees upon.


TREK, trek, _v.i._ to drag a vehicle: to journey by ox-wagon.--_n._ the distance from one station to another.--_n._ TREK'KER, a traveller. [Dut.

_trekken_, to draw.]

TRELLIS, trel'is, _n._ a structure of cross-barred or lattice work, for supporting plants, &c.: a shed, &c., of trellis-work.--_adj._ TRELL'ISED, having a trellis, or formed as a trellis.--_n._ TRELL'IS-WORK, lattice-work. [O. Fr. _treillis_--L. _trichila_, a bower.]

TREMANDO, tr[=a]-man'd[=o], _adv._ (_mus._) in a trembling, wavering manner. [It.]

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