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TRANSILIENT, tran-sil'i-ent, _adj._ leaping across.--_n._ TRANSIL'IENCY.

[L. _trans[=i]lire_, to leap across.]

TRANSILLUMINATION, trans-il-l[=u]-mi-n[=a]'shun, _n._ a shining through.

TRANSISTHMIAN, trans-ist'mi-an, _adj._ extending across an isthmus.

TRANSIT, tran'sit, _n._ a passing over: conveyance: (_astron._) the passage of a heavenly body over the meridian of a place: the passage of a planet over the sun's disc: a transit circle, or instrument, for observing the transit of a heavenly body across the meridian.--_ns._ TRANS'IT-D[=U]'TY, a duty chargeable on goods passing through a country; TRANS'IT-IN'STRUMENT, an astronomical telescope mounted in the meridian and turning on a fixed east and west axis; TRANSI'TION, passage from one place or state to another: change: (_mus._) a change of key.--_adjs._ TRANSI'TIONAL, TRANSI'TIONARY, containing or denoting transition: of intermediate character between species or genera, transmutational: characteristic of one epoch or style in its transition to another.--_adv._ TRANSI'TIONALLY.--_adj._ TRANS'ITIVE, passing over: having the power of passing: (_gram._) denoting a verb which has a direct object.--_adv._ TRANS'ITIVELY.--_n._ TRANS'ITIVENESS.--_adv._ TRANS'ITORILY.--_n._ TRANS'ITORINESS.--_adj._ TRANS'ITORY, going or passing away: lasting for a short time: speedily vanishing.--_n._ TRANS'IT-TRADE, the trade of carrying foreign goods through a country.

TRANSLATE, trans-l[=a]t', _v.t._ to remove to another place: to render into another language: to explain: to transfer from one office to another: to transform.--_adj._ TRANSL[=A]'TABLE, capable of being translated or rendered into another language.--_n._ TRANSL[=A]'TION, the act of translating: removal to another place: the rendering into another language: a version: (_slang_) the process of working up new things from old materials: motion free from rotation: the automatic retransmission of a telegraphic message.--_adjs._ TRANSL[=A]'TIONAL, TRANS'L[=A]TORY.--_n._ TRANSL[=A]'TOR:--_fem._ TRANSL[=A]'TRESS. [Fr.,--L. _trans_, over, _ferre_, _latum_, to carry.]

TRANSLEITHAN, trans-l[=i]'than, _adj._ beyond the Leitha, the boundary river between the archduchy of Austria and Hungary.

TRANSLITERATE, trans-lit'e-r[=a]t, _v.t._ to express the words of one language in the alphabetic characters of another.--_ns._ TRANSLITER[=A]'TION; TRANSLIT'ER[=A]TOR.

TRANSLUCENT, trans-l[=u]'sent, _adj._ shining through: allowing light to pass, but not transparent: clear.--_ns._ TRANSL[=U]'CENCE, TRANSL[=U]'CENCY.--_adv._ TRANSL[=U]'CENTLY.--_adj._ TRANSL[=U]'CID, translucent. [L. _translucens_--_trans_, across, _luc[=e]re_, to shine--_lux_, _lucis_, light.]

TRANSLUNAR, trans-l[=u]'nar, _adj._ beyond the moon.--Also TRANS'L[=U]NARY.

TRANSMARINE, trans-ma-r[=e]n', _adj._ across or beyond the sea.

TRANSMEABLE, trans'm[=e]-a-bl, _adj._ capable of being traversed.--_v.t._ TRANS'M[=E]ATE.--_n._ TRANSME[=A]'TION.

TRANSMEW, trans-m[=u]', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to transmute, to transpose.

TRANSMIGRATE, trans'mi-gr[=a]t, _v.i._ to migrate or remove across, esp. to another country: to pass into another country or state.--_adj._ TRANS'MIGRANT.--_ns._ TRANSMIGR[=A]'TION, the act of removing to another country: the passing into another state: the passage of the soul after death into another body; TRANS'MIGR[=A]TOR.--_adj._ TRANSM[=I]'GR[=A]TORY, passing to another place, body, or state.

TRANSMIT, trans-mit', _v.t._ to send across to another person or place: to suffer to pass through:--_pr.p._ transmit'ting; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ transmit'ted.--_n._ TRANSMISSIBIL'ITY.--_adjs._ TRANSMIS'SIBLE, TRANSMIT'TIBLE, that may be transmitted from one to another, or through any body or substance.--_ns._ TRANSMIS'SION, TRANSMIT'TAL, act of transmitting: the sending from one place or person to another: passage through.--_adj._ TRANSMIS'SIVE, transmitted: derived from one to another.--_ns._ TRANSMIT'TANCE, transfer; TRANSMIT'TER. [L. _trans_, across, _mitt[)e]re_, _missum_, to send.]

TRANSMOGRIFY, trans-mog'ri-f[=i], _v.t._ (_coll._) to transform into something else, as by magic.--_n._ TRANSMOGRIFIC[=A]'TION.

TRANSMONTANE, trans-mon-t[=a]n', _adj._ across a mountain.

TRANSMORPHISM, trans-mor'fizm, _n._ the evolution of one thing from another. [L. _trans_, over, Gr. _morph[=e]_, form.]

TRANSMOVE, trans-m[=oo]v', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to transpose.

TRANSMUTE, trans-m[=u]t', _v.t._ to change to another form or substance.--_adj._ TRANSM[=U]'TABLE, that may be transmuted or changed into a different form, nature, or substance.--_ns._ TRANSM[=U]'TABLENESS, TRANSM[=U]TABIL'ITY.--_adv._ TRANSM[=U]'TABLY.--_adj._ TRANSM[=U]'TANT.--_ns._ TRANSM[=U]T[=A]'TION, a changing into a different form, nature, or substance; TRANSM[=U]T[=A]'TIONIST.--_adj._ TRANSM[=U]'TATIVE.--_n._ TRANSM[=U]'TER. [L. _trans_, over, _mut[=a]re_, to change.]

TRANSNORMAL, trans-nor'mal, _adj._ beyond what is normal.

TRANSOCEANIC, trans-[=o]-sh[=e]-an'ik, _adj._ crossing the ocean.

TRANSOM, tran'sum, _n._ a thwart beam or lintel, esp. the horizontal mullion or crossbar of a window: in ships, the beam across the sternpost to strengthen the afterpart.--_n._ TRANS'OM-WIN'DOW, a window divided into two parts by a transom. [L. _transtrum_, a cross-bank--_trans_, across.]

TRANSPADANE, trans-p[=a]'d[=a]n, _adj._ situated beyond the Po (L.

_Padanus_), with reference to Rome.

TRANSPARENCY, trans-p[=a]r'en-si, _n._ the quality of being transparent: clearness: that which is transparent: a picture on semi-transparent material seen by means of light shining through, a positive picture on glass, to be viewed by transmitted light: a humorous translation of the German title _Durchlaucht_--also TRANSP[=A]R'ENCE.--_adj._ TRANSP[=A]R'ENT, that may be distinctly seen through: clear.--_adv._ TRANSP[=A]R'ENTLY.--_n._ TRANSP[=A]R'ENTNESS. [L. _trans_, through, _par[=e]re_, to appear.]

TRANSPICUOUS, tran-spik'[=u]-us, _adj._ (_Milt._) that can be seen through, transparent. [L. _transpic[)e]re_, to see through--_trans_, through, _spec[)e]re_, to look.]

TRANSPIERCE, trans-p[=e]rs', _v.t._ to pierce through: to permeate.

TRANSPIRE, tran-sp[=i]r', _v.t._ to breathe or pass through the pores of the skin.--_v.i._ to exhale: to become public, to come to light: to occur (a bad use).--_adj._ TRANSP[=I]R'ABLE.--_n._ TRANSPIR[=A]'TION, act or process of transpiring; exhalation through the skin.--_adj._ TRANSP[=I]R'ATORY.--_n._ TRANS'PIRY, act of transpiring. [L. _trans_, through, _spir[=a]re_, to breathe.]

TRANSPLANT, trans-plant', _v.t._ to remove and plant in another place: to remove.--_adj._ TRANSPLAN'TABLE.--_ns._ TRANSPLANT[=A]'TION, act of transplanting, the removal of a living plant to another place, the removal of living tissue from one part of the body, or from one individual, to another; TRANSPLAN'TER, a machine for moving trees.

TRANSPONTINE, trans-pon'tin, _adj._ situated across a bridge, esp.

belonging to the part of London on the Surrey side of the Thames, hence melodramatic from the tastes of the theatres there.

TRANSPORT, trans-p[=o]rt', _v.t._ to carry across or from one place to another: to banish: to carry away by violence of passion or pleasure.--_ns._ TRANS'PORT, carriage from one place to another: a vessel for conveyance: the conveyance of troops and their necessaries by sea or land: ecstasy; TRANSPORTABIL'ITY.--_adj._ TRANSPOR'TABLE, that may be carried across.--_ns._ TRANSPOR'TAL, transportation; TRANSPOR'TANCE (_Shak._), conveyance, removal; TRANSPORT[=A]'TION, removal: banishment.--_p.adj._ TRANSPOR'TED, carried away with ecstatic emotion.--_adv._ TRANSPOR'TEDLY.--_ns._ TRANSPOR'TEDNESS; TRANSPOR'TER.--_p.adj._ TRANSPOR'TING, carrying away with emotion: passionate: ravishing.--_adv._ TRANSPOR'TINGLY.--_ns._ TRANS'PORT-RID'ER, a carrier; TRANS'PORT-SHIP, -VESS'EL, a ship used for transporting, esp. for conveying troops, stores, &c. [L. _trans_, across, _port[=a]re_, to carry.]

TRANSPOSE, trans-p[=o]z', _v.t._ to put each in the place of the other: to change, as the order of words, or the key in music.--_adj._ TRANSP[=O]'SABLE.--_ns._ TRANSP[=O]'SAL, a change of place or order; TRANSP[=O]'SER; TRANSPOSI'TION, act of putting one thing in place of another: state of being transposed; a change of the order of words: (_mus._) a change of key into a higher or lower scale.--_adjs._ TRANSPOSI'TIONAL; TRANSPOS'ITIVE.--_adv._ TRANSPOS'ITIVELY.--_n._ TRANSPOS'ITOR. [Fr.,--L. _transpon[)e]re_--_trans_, across, _pon[)e]re_, to place.]

TRANSPRINT, trans-print', _v.t._ to print out of place.

TRANS-SHAPE, trans-sh[=a]p', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to change into another shape, to transform.


TRANSUBSTANTIATE, tran-sub-stan'shi-[=a]t, _v.t._ to change to another substance.--_ns._ TRANSUBSTANTI[=A]'TION, a change into another substance: (_R.C._) the conversion, in the consecration of the elements of the Eucharist, of the whole substance of the bread and wine into Christ's body and blood, only the appearances of bread and wine remaining; TRANSUBSTANTI[=A]'TIONALIST, TRANSUBSTAN'TI[=A]TOR. [L. _trans_, across, _substantia_, a substance.]

TRANSUDE, tran-s[=u]d', _v.i._ to ooze or pass through the pores or interstices of a membrane or substance.--_pr.p._ trans[=u]d'ing; _pa.p._ trans[=u]d'ed.--_n._ TRANSUD[=A]'TION.--_adj._ TRANS[=U]'DATORY. [L.

_trans_, through, _sud[=a]re_, to sweat.]

TRANSUMPTIVE, tran-sump'tiv, _adj._ transferred from one to another.--_ns._ TRANSUMPT', a copy of a writing; TRANSUMP'TION, the act of taking from one place to another.

TRANSVERBERATE, trans-v[.e]r'be-r[=a]t, _v.t._ to beat or strike through.

TRANSVERSE, trans-v[.e]rs', _adj._ turned or lying across.--_adv._ crosswise.--_n._ TRANSVER'SAL, a line drawn across several others so as to cut them all.--_adv._ TRANSVER'SALLY.--_adj._ TRANS'VERSARY.--_adv._ TRANSVERSE'LY, in a transverse or cross direction.--_n._ TRANSVER'SION. [L.

_trans_, across, _vert[)e]re_, _versum_, to turn.]

TRANSYLVANIAN, tran-sil-v[=a]'ni-an, _adj._ belonging to _Transylvania_, in Austro-Hungary.

TRANT, trant, _v.i._ (_prov._) to go about.--_n._ TRAN'TER, a peddler.

TRAP, trap, _n._ an instrument for snaring animals: an ambush: a stratagem: a contrivance for hindering the passage of foul air from a waste-pipe, &c.: a trap-door: any rickety structure: a carriage, a vehicle: (_slang_) a policeman.--_v.t._ to catch in a trap:--_pr.p._ trap'ping; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ trapped.--_ns._ TRAP'-BALL, an old game played with a ball or bat and trap; TRAP'-DOOR, a door in a floor shutting like the catch of a trap; TRAP'-FALL, a trap-door which gives way beneath the feet; TRAP'PER, one who traps animals for their fur, &c.; TRAP'PINESS, the state of being trappy or unsafe; TRAP'PING; TRAP'-STAIR, a stair or kind of ladder surmounted by a trap-door.--_adj._ TRAP'PY, treacherous. [A.S. _traeppe_; cog. with Old High Ger. _trapa_, a snare (whence Fr. _trappe_, by which the Eng. word has been modified).]

TRAP, trap, _n._ a term loosely applied to many rocks of volcanic origin, so called because lying often in steps or terraces.--_adjs._ TRAP'P[=E]AN, TRAP'POUS, TRAP'PY.--_ns._ TRAP'-T[=U]'FA, -TUFF, a variety of tufa consisting of the detrital matter of trap-rock. [Sw. _trapp_--_trappa_, a stair.]

TRAP, trap, _v.t._ to drape or adorn with gay clothes: to ornament:--_pr.p._ trap'ping; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ trapped.--_n._ a horse-cloth: (_pl._) one's personal belongings, TRAP'PINGS, gay clothes: ornaments, esp. those put on horses. [Fr.

_drap_--Low L. _drappus_, cloth; cf. _Drab_, _Drape_.]

TRAPAN, tra-pan', _v.t._ to trap, to ensnare:--_pr.p._ trapan'ning; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ trapanned'.--_n._ a snare: a stratagem: a trapanner.--_n._ TRAPAN'NER. [From _trap_, instrument for snaring.]

TRAPE, tr[=a]p, _v.i._ to run about idly or like a slattern.--_n._ TRAPES, a slattern: a tramp.--_v.i._ TRAPES, TRAIPSE, to gad about idly.

TRAPEZIUM, tra-p[=e]'zi-um, _n._ a plane figure having four unequal sides, no two of which are parallel: one of the wrist-bones--also TRAP[=E]ZE':--_pl._ TRAP[=E]'ZIA, TRAP[=E]'ZIUMS.--_n._ TRAP[=E]ZE', a swing of one or more cross-bars used in gymnastic exercises.--_adjs._ TRAP[=E]'ZIAN, having opposed trapeziform faces; TRAP[=E]'ZIFORM, having the form of a trapeze.--_n._ TRAP'EZOID (also TRAP[=E]'ZOID), a plane four-sided figure like a trapezium, having two of its opposite sides parallel.--_adj._ TRAPEZOID'AL, having the form of a trapezoid. [Gr.

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