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TINT, tint, _n._ a slight tinge distinct from the principal colour: a series of parallel lines in engraving, producing a uniform shading.--_v.t._ to give a slight colouring to.--_ns._ TIN'TAGE, the colouring or shading of anything; TINT'-BLOCK, a surface prepared for printing a background; TINT'-DRAW'ING, drawing in a wash of uniform tint; TIN'TER, one who, or that which, tints: a special kind of slide used with the magic-lantern to give moonlight effects, &c.; TIN'TINESS, state of being tinty; TIN'TING, the method of producing a uniform shading.--_adj._ TINT'LESS, having no tint or colour.--_ns._ TINTOM'ETER, an appliance for determining tints; TINT'-TOOL, an implement for producing a tint by parallel lines.--_adj._ TIN'TY, inharmoniously tinted. [L. _tinctus_.]

TINTINNABULATION, tin-tin-ab-[=u]-l[=a]'shun, _n._ the tinkling sound of bells.--_adjs._ TINTINNAB'ULANT, TINTINNAB'ULAR, TINTINNAB'ULARY, TINTINNAB'ULOUS.--_n._ TINTINNAB'ULUM, a bell:--_pl._ TINTINNAB'ULA. [L.

_tintinnabulum_, a bell:--_tintinn[=a]re_, to jingle, reduplicated from _tinn[=i]re_, to jingle.]

TINY, t[=i]'ni, _adj._ (_comp._ T[=I]'NIER, _superl._ T[=I]'NIEST) thin: very small. [Prob. _teen_, and therefore 'fretful,' 'peevish.']

TIP, tip, _n._ the top or point of anything small: the end, as of a billiard-cue, &c.--_v.t._ to form a point to: to cover the tip or end of:--_pr.p._ tip'ping; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ tipped.--ON THE TIP OF THE TONGUE, on the very point of being spoken. [A variant of top; cf. Dut.

_tip_; Ger. _zipf-el_, point.]

TIP, tip, _v.t._ to strike lightly: to cause to slant: (_slang_) to communicate, give: (_slang_) to give private information to, about betting, &c.: (_coll._) to give a small gift of money to, as a gratuity.--_v.i._ to slant: to give tips.--_n._ a tap or light stroke: a place for tipping any refuse into, a dump: a tram for expeditiously transferring coal: private information about horse-racing, stock speculations, &c.: a gratuity.--_ns._ TIP'-CART, a cart emptied by being canted up; TIP'-CAT, a game in which a pointed piece of wood called a cat is made to rebound from the ground by being struck on the tip with a stick; TIP'-CHEESE, a boys' game in which a small stick is struck forward; TIP'PER, a means of tipping, esp. an arrangement for dumping coal: one who tips: one who gives gratuities: one who gives private hints about speculation, racing, &c.; TIP'PING, act of tilting: the habit of giving gratuities to servants; TIP'STER, one whose business is to give private hints about racing, the rise and fall of stocks, &c.--_adj._ TIP'-TILT'ED, having the tip tilted up.--TIP OFF LIQUOR, to turn up the vessel till quite empty; TIP ONE THE WINK, to wink as a caution, or in mutual understanding; TIP OVER, to overturn by tipping; TIP THE SCALE, to depress one end of the scales.--FOUL TIP, a foul hit in baseball; STRAIGHT TIP, a reliable hint about betting, &c. [Scand., Sw.

_tippa_, to tap; Ger. _tupfen_.]

TIPPER, tip'[.e]r, _n._ a kind of ale--from Thomas _Tipper_, who brewed it in Sussex.

TIPPET, tip'et, _n._ the cape of a coat: a cape of fur, &c.: the stuff cape worn in the English Church by a literate or non-graduate: a bird's ruffle: one of the patagia, or pieces at the side of the pronotum of a moth.--_ns._ TIPP'ET-GREBE, -GROUSE, a ruffed grebe or grouse. [A.S. _taeppet_--L.

_tapete_, cloth.]

TIPPLE, tip'l, _v.i._ to drink in small quantities: to drink strong liquors often or habitually.--_v.t._ to drink, as strong liquors, to excess.--_n._ liquor tippled.--_ns._ TIPP'LER, a constant toper; TIPP'LING-HOUSE.--_adj._ TIPP'Y, unsteady: smart, fine. [A freq. of _tip_, to tilt up a vessel in drinking; Norw. _tipla_; Ger. _zipfeln_.]

TIPSTAFF, tip'staf, _n._ a staff tipped with metal, or an officer who carries it: a constable.

TIPSY, tip'si, _adj._ partially intoxicated.--_v.t._ TIP'SIFY, to fuddle.--_adv._ TIP'SILY.--_ns._ TIP'SINESS; TIP'SY-CAKE, a cake made of pastry and almonds, with wine, served with custard-sauce; TIP'SY-KEY, a watch-key in which the head is released if an attempt is made to turn it backward. [_Tipple_.]

TIPTOE, tip't[=o], _n._ the end of the toe.--_adv._ on tiptoe, literally or figuratively, through excitement, expectation, &c.--_v.i._ to walk on tiptoe, to go lightly and slyly.

TIPTOP, tip'top, _n._ the extreme top: the height of excellence.--_adj._ first-rate.--_adv._ in a first-rate manner.

TIPULA, tip'[=u]-la, _n._ a genus of crane-flies.--_n._ TIPUL[=A]'RIA, a genus of fossil crane-flies: a genus of terrestrial orchids, including the American crane-fly orchis.--_adj._ TIPUL[=A]'RIAN. [L., a water-spider.]

TIRADE, ti-r[=a]d', _n._ a strain of censure or reproof; a long vehement reproof. [Fr.,--It. _tirata_--_tirare_, to pull.]

TIRAILLEUR, ti-ra-ly[.e]r', _n._ a skirmisher, sharpshooter.

TIRASSE, ti-ras', _n._ a pedal-coupler in organ-building.

TIRAZ, t[=e]'raz, _n._ an ancient Moorish silk fabric.

TIRE, t[=i]r, _n._ attire, apparel: furniture: a head-dress.--_v.t._ to dress, as the head.--_ns._ TIRE'-VAL'IANT (_Shak._), a kind of fanciful head-dress; TIRE'-WOM'AN, a lady's-maid; TIR'ING-HOUSE, -ROOM, the place where actors dress. [Short for _attire_.]

TIRE, t[=i]r, _n._ the hoop of iron that ties or binds the fellies of wheels.--_ns._ TIRE'-MEAS'URER, -PRESS, -ROLL'ER, -SET'TER, -SHRINK'ER, -SMITH. [From _tie_.]

TIRE, t[=i]r, _n._ (_Spens._, _Milt._) rank or row, esp. of guns, train.

[Same as _tier_.]

TIRE, t[=i]r, _v.i._ (_Shak._) to rend as a bird of prey: to feed: to dwell upon, gloat over:--_pr.p._ t[=i]r'ing; _pa.p._ t[=i]red. [O. Fr. _tirer_, to draw--Low L. _tir[=a]re_, to draw; prob. Teut., Goth. _tairan_, to tear.]

TIRE, t[=i]r, _v.t._ to harass, to vex: to exhaust the strength of: to weary.--_v.i._ to become weary: to be fatigued: to have the patience exhausted.--_adj._ TIRED, wearied: fatigued.--_n._ TIRED'NESS.--_adj._ TIRE'LESS, untiring.--_adv._ TIRE'LESSLY.--_n._ TIRE'LESSNESS.--_adj._ TIRE'SOME, that tires: fatiguing: tedious.--_adv._ TIRE'SOMELY.--_n._ TIRE'SOMENESS. [A.S. _teorian_, to be tired--_teran_, to tear.]

TIRL, tirl, _v.i._ (_Scot._) to quiver, vibrate: to make a twirling noise.--_v.t._ to twist: to strip, unroof.--_n._ a twirl, vibration: a substitute for a trundle or lantern wheel in a mill.--_n._ TIR'LIE-WHIR'LIE, a whirligig: an ornamental combination of irregular lines.--_adj._ irregular, twisting. [A variant of _twirl_.]


TIROCINIUM, t[=i]-r[=o]-sin'i-um, _n._ the first service of a soldier, any novitiate. [L.,--_tiro_, a raw soldier.]

TIRONIAN, t[=i]-r[=o]'ni-an, _adj._ pertaining to _Tiro_, Cicero's amanuensis.--TIRONIAN NOTES, the shorthand signs of the ancient Romans.

TIRR, tir, _v.t._ (_Scot._) to tear or strip off.

TIRRA-LIRRA, tir'ra-lir'ra, _n._ (_Shak._, _Tenn._) an imitation of a musical sound.

TIRRET, tir'et, _n._ (_her._) a manacle.

TIRRIT, tir'it, _n._ (_Shak._) Mrs Quickly's word for terror.

TIRRIVEE, tir'i-v[=e], _n._ (_Scot._) a tantrum or fit of passion.--Also TIRR'IVIE.

'TIS, tiz, a contraction of _it is_.

TISANE, t[=e]-zan', _n._ a medicinal decoction. See PTISAN.

TISIC, tiz'ik, _n._ (_Shak._) an obsolete spelling of _phthisic_.

TISIPHONE, ti-sif'[=o]-n[=e], _n._ one of the Furies. [Gr. _tinein_, to avenge, _phonos_, murder.]

TISRI, tiz'ri, _n._ the first month of the Jewish civil year, and the seventh of the ecclesiastical year, corresponding to part of September and October.

TISSUE, tish'[=u], _n._ cloth interwoven with gold or silver, or with figured colours: (_anat._) the substance of which organs are composed: a connected series.--_v.t._ to form, as tissue: to interweave: to variegate.--_n._ TIS'SUE-P[=A]'PER, a thin, soft, semi-transparent kind of paper. [Fr. _tissu_, woven, pa.p. of _tistre_--L. _tex[)e]re_, to weave.]

TIT, tit, _n._ a teat.

TIT, tit, _n._ one of various small birds, a pipit, tomtit, or titmouse.

[Ice. _tittr_, a little bird, Norw. _tita_.]

TIT, tit, _n._ in phrase TIT FOR TAT, properly _tip for tap_, blow for blow.

TITAN, t[=i]'tan, TITANIC, t[=i]-tan'ik, _adj._ relating to the _Titans_, giants of mythology, sons and daughters of Uranus (heaven) and Gaea (earth), enormous in size and strength: gigantic, huge generally.--_n._ T[=I]'TAN, any of the descendants of the Titans, as Prometheus: the sun personified: any one of commanding forces or ability:--_fem._ T[=I]'TANESS.--_adj._ TITANESQUE', like the Titans, Titanic in character.--_n._ TITANOM'ACHY, the battle of the Titans with the gods.

TITANIA, t[=i]-t[=a]'ni-a, _n._ the queen of Fairyland, wife of Oberon.

[L., applied to Diana.]

TITANIUM, t[=i]-t[=a]'ni-um, _n._ a comparatively rare metal, occurring as a gray heavy iron-like powder, burning with brilliant scintillations in the air, forming titanium dioxide and nitride.--_adjs._ TIT[=A]'NIAN, TITAN'IC, TITANIT'IC; TITANIF'EROUS, containing titanium.--_n._ T[=I]'TANITE, or _Sphene_, a soft greenish mineral often present in syenite.

TITBIT, tit'bit, _n._ a choice little bit.

TITELY, t[=i]t'li, _adv._ (_Shak._) quickly--sometimes TITHE'LY, and erroneously _Tightly_. [M. E. _tytly_--Scand., Ice. _tidhr_, frequent.]

TITHE, t[=i]th, _n._ a tenth part, hence any indefinitely small part: the tenth of the produce of land and stock allotted for the maintenance of the clergy and other church purposes: any rateable tax payable in kind or by commutation of its value in money.--_v.t._ to tax to a tenth.--_adjs._ T[=I]'THABLE, subject to the payment of tithes; TITHE'-FREE, exempt from paying tithes.--_n._ TITHE'-GATH'ERER, one who collects tithes.--_adj._ TITHE'-PAY'ING, subjected to pay tithes.--_ns._ TITHE'-PIG, one pig out of ten paid as a tithe; TITHE'-PROC'TOR, a levier or collector of tithes; T[=I]'THER, one who collects tithes; T[=I]'THING, an old Saxon district containing ten householders, each responsible for the behaviour of the rest; T[=I]'THING-MAN, the chief man of a tithing. [A.S. _teoa_, tenth--_teon_, or _tn_, ten; cog. with Ger. _zehnte_--_zehn_.]

TITHONIC, ti-thon'ik, _adj._ denoting such rays of light as produce chemical effects.--_n._ TITHONIC'ITY, actinism.--_adj._ TITHONOGRAPH'IC, fixed by the tithonic rays of light.--_n._ TITHONOM'ETER, an instrument for measuring the tithonicity of light-rays.

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