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TITIANESQUE, tish-an-esk', _adj._ in the manner of the Venetian painter _Titian_ (Tiziano Vecellio), 1477-1576, a combination of the richest surface with the most magnificent colour.

TITILLATE, tit'il-l[=a]t, _v.t._ to tickle.--_n._ TITILL[=A]'TION, act of titillating: state of being titillated: a pleasant feeling.--_adj._ TIT'ILLATIVE. [L. _titill[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_.]

TITIVATE, TITTIVATE, tit'i-v[=a]t, _v.i._ and _v.t._ (_slang_) to smarten up, by dress or otherwise. [Most prob. a factitious word, perh. based on _tidy_.]

TITLARK, tit'lark, _n._ a titling, a pipit. [_Tit_ and _lark_.]

TITLE, t[=i]'tl, _n._ an inscription set over or at the beginning of a thing by which it is known, a title-page: a name of distinction: that which gives a just right to possession: ownership: the writing that proves a right: (_B._) a sign: a fixed sphere of work required as a condition for ordination, a parish in Rome--of these fifty give titles to cardinal-priests: in bookbinding, the panel on the back on which the name of the book is printed.--_adj._ T[=I]'TLED, having a title.--_ns._ T[=I]'TLE-DEED, a deed or document that proves a title or just right to exclusive possession; T[=I]'TLE-LEAF, the leaf on which is the title of a book.--_adj._ T[=I]'TLELESS (_Shak._), wanting a title or name.--_ns._ T[=I]'TLE-PAGE, the page of a book containing its title and usually the author's name; T[=I]'TLE-RoLE, the part in a play which gives its name to it, as 'Macbeth;' T[=I]'TLE-SHEET, the first sheet of a book as printed, containing title, bastard-title, &c.; T[=I]'TLING, the act of impressing the title on the back of a book; T[=I]'TLONYM, a title taken as a pseudonym; BAS'TARD-T[=I]'TLE (see BASTARD). [O. Fr. _title_ (Fr.

_titre_)--L. _titulus_.]

TITLING, tit'ling, _n._ the hedge-sparrow.--_ns._ TIT'MAN, a puny man; TIT'MOUSE, a genus of little birds, which feed on insects, &c.:--_pl._ TITMICE (tit'm[=i]s). [Obs. Eng. _tit_, anything small; A.S. _mase_; Ger.

_meise_, a small bird.]

TITRATE, tit'r[=a]t, _v.t._ to subject to titration.--_n._ TITR[=A]'TION, volumetric analysis, the process of ascertaining the quantity of any given constituent present in a compound by observing it under the application of standard solutions.

TI-TREE, t[=e]'-tr[=e], _n._ a palm-lily, a tea-tree or manuka.

TIT-TAT-TO, tit'-tat-t[=oo] (or -t[=o]), _n._ a child's game, same as _Criss-cross_ (q.v.).

TITTER, tit'[.e]r, _v.i._ to giggle, snicker, or laugh with the tongue striking the teeth: to laugh restrainedly.--_n._ a restrained laugh.--_ns._ TITTER[=A]'TION, a fit of giggling; TITT'ERER, one who titters. [M. E.

_titeren_, to tattle. Prob. imit.]

TITTLE, tit'l, _n._ a small particle: an iota.--_n._ TITT'LEBAT, the stickleback. [O. Fr. _title_--_titulus_, a title.]

TITTLE, tit'l, _v.t._ (_Scot._) to chatter.--_n._ TITT'LE-TATT'LE, idle, empty talk.--_v.i._ to prate idly.--_ns._ TITT'LE-TATT'LER, a trifling tattler; TITT'LE-TATT'LING, the act of talking idly.

TITTUP, TITUP, tit'up, _v.i._ to skip about gaily.--_n._ a light springy step, a canter.--_adjs._ TITT'UPPY, TIT'UPPY, gay, lively: unsteady.

TITTY, tit'i, _n._ a teat, the breast.

TITTY, tit'i, _n._ (_Scot._) sister.

TITUBANT, tit'[=u]-bant, _adj._ staggering, stumbling.--_v.i._ TIT'[=U]BATE, to stagger, stumble.--_n._ TITUB[=A]'TION, reeling, stumbling; restlessness. [L. _titub[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to stagger.]

TITULAR, tit'[=u]-lar, _adj._ existing in name or title only: nominal: having the title without the duties of an office.--_n._ one who enjoys the bare title of an office, without the actual possession of that office: a person invested with a title in virtue of which he holds a benefice, whether he performs its duties or not.--_n._ TITULAR'ITY.--_adv._ TIT'ULARLY.--_adj._ TIT'ULARY, consisting in, or pertaining to, a title.--_n._ one having the title of an office whether he performs its duties or not.--TITULAR BISHOP, in R.C. usage, a bishop without a diocese, taking his title from a place where there is no longer a bishop's see, as in the countries once conquered by Crusaders in the East--before 1882 called 'bishop in partibus infidelium;' TITULAR CHURCH, one of the parish churches of Rome supplying a title to cardinal-priests; TITULAR OF A CHURCH, that from which a church takes its special name--distinguished from a patron, who must be a canonised person or an angel; TITULARS OF THE TITHES, laymen invested with church lands after the Reformation in Scotland.

TIVER, tiv'[.e]r, _n._ a kind of ochre for marking sheep.--_v.t._ to mark with such.

TIVY, tiv'i, _adv._ with speed.

TIZZY, tiz'i, _n._ (_slang_) a sixpence.

TMESIS, tm[=e]'sis, _n._ (_gram._) the separation of the parts of a compound word by one or more words inserted between them, as 'Saxo _cere-_comminuit-_brum_;' 'of whom _be_ thou _ware_ also' (2 Tim. iv. 15).

[L.,--Gr. _tm[=e]sis_--_temnein_, to cut.]

TO, t[=oo], _prep._ in the direction of: in order to: as far as; in accordance with, in the character of: regarding, concerning, in connection with: expressing the end or purpose of an action, as in many uses of the gerundial infinitive, the sign of the infinitive mood: (_B._) sometimes=for.--_adv._ to a place in view, forward: to its place, together.--TO AND FRO, backwards and forwards. [A.S. _to_; Ger. _zu_, Goth.


TOAD, t[=o]d, _n._ a genus of amphibians, typical of the family _Bufonidae_, represented in Britain by two species--the Common Toad and the Natterjack.--_ns._ TOAD'-EAT'ER, a fawning sycophant--originally a mountebank's assistant, whose duty was to swallow, or pretend to swallow, any kind of garbage; TOAD'-EAT'ING, sycophancy.--_adj._ sycophantic.--_ns._ TOAD'-FISH, the sapo of the United States Atlantic coast; TOAD'-FLAX, a genus of herbaceous plants, closely allied to the Snapdragon; TOAD'-IN-A-HOLE, a piece of beef baked in batter; TOAD'-SPIT, cuckoo-spit.--_adj._ TOAD'-SPOT'TED, thickly stained or spotted like a toad.--_ns._ TOAD'-STONE, a soft and earthy variety of trap-rock of a brownish-gray colour, looking like an argillaceous deposit; TOAD'STOOL, a poisonous kind of mushroom; TOAD'Y, a mean hanger-on and flatterer.--_v.t._ to fawn as a sycophant:--_pa.t._ and _pa.p._ toad'ied.--_adj._ TOAD'YISH.--_n._ TOAD'YISM, the practice of a toady. [A.S. _tadige_, _tadie_, a toad.]

TOAST, t[=o]st, _v.t._ to dry and scorch at the fire: to name when a health is drunk: to drink to the health of.--_v.i._ to drink toasts.--_n._ bread toasted: a slice of such dipped in liquor: the person or thing named whose health is to be drunk.--_ns._ TOAST'ER, one who, or that which, toasts; TOAST'ING-FORK, -[=I]'RON, a long-handled fork for toasting bread: a sword; TOAST'-MAS'TER, the master and announcer of toasts at public dinners; TOAST'-RACK, a stand, with partitions for slices of toast, for setting on the table. [O. Fr. _toster_--L. _tostus_, roasted, pa.p. of _torr[=e]re_.]

TOBACCO, to-bak'[=o], _n._ a plant of genus _Nicotiana_, order _Solanaceae_, esp. one of several species, the most generally cultivated being the stately Nicotiana _Tabacum_, a native of America--the dried leaves used for the sedative effects for smoking in pipes, &c., and also in the form of snuff.--_ns._ TOBACCAN[=A]'LIAN, a smoker; TOBACC'O-HEART, a functional disorder of the heart, due to excessive use of tobacco; TOBACC'ONIST, one who sells or manufactures tobacco; TOBACC'O-PIPE, a pipe used for smoking tobacco; TOBACC'O-POUCH, a small pouch for holding tobacco; TOBACC'O-STOP'PER, an instrument for pressing down the tobacco in a pipe.

[Through Sp. _tabaco_, from the Haytian.]

TOBIT, t[=o]'bit, _n._ an apocryphal Old Testament book, containing the story of _Tobit_.

TOBOGGAN, t[=o]-bog'gan, _n._ a kind of sled turned up at the front, much used in Canada for sliding down snow-covered slopes.--_v.i._ to slide down over snow on such.--Earlier also TOBOG'GIN, TABOG'GAN, TARBOG'GIN.--_ns._ TOBOG'GANER; TOBOG'GANING; TOBOG'GANIST. [A native word.]

TO-BRAKE, t[=oo]-br[=a]k', _v.t._ (Judges ix. 53) broke in pieces. [A.S.

_tobrecan_--pfx. _to-_, asunder, and _brecan_, to break.]

TOBY, t[=o]'bi, _n._ a beer-mug shaped like an old man with three-cornered hat.

TOCCATA, tok-ka'ta, _n._ (_mus._) a work primarily intended to display the performer's touch.--_ns._ TOCCATEL'LA, TOCCATINA (-t[=e]'na), a short toccata. [It.,--_toccare_, to touch.]

TOCHER, toh'[.e]r, _n._ (_Scot._) a woman's dowry.--_v.t._ to give a dowry to.--_adj._ TOCH'ERLESS, without a marriage portion. [Ir. _tochar_, Gael.


TOCO, t[=o]'k[=o], _n._ (_slang_) punishment.--Also T[=O]'KO. [Gr. _tokos_, interest.]

TOCOLOGY, t[=o]-kol'[=o]-ji, _n._ obstetrics.--Also TOKOL'OGY. [Gr.

_tokos_, birth, _logia_--_legein_, to speak.]

TOCSIN, tok'sin, _n._ an alarm-bell, or the ringing of it. [O. Fr.

_toquesin_ (Fr. _tocsin_)--_toquer_, to strike; O. Fr. _sing_ (Fr.

_signe_), a sign.]

TOD, tod, _n._ (_Scot._), a fox.--_n._ TODLOW'RIE, a fox, a crafty fellow.

TOD, tod, _n._ an ivy-bush--(_Spens._) TODDE: an old weight of about 28 lb.--_v.i._ to weigh a tod.

TO-DAY, too-d[=a]', _n._ this or the present day. [A.S. _to daege_.]

TODDLE, tod'l, _v.i._ to walk with short feeble steps, as a child.--_n._ a toddling gait: an aimless stroll.--_n._ TODD'LER, one who toddles.--_adj._ TODD'LING. [Prob. a by-form of _totter_.]

TODDY, tod'i, _n._ the fermented juice of various palms of the East Indies: a mixture of whisky, sugar, and hot water.--_ns._ TODD'Y-L[=A]'DLE, a small ladle like a punch-ladle for use in mixing or serving out toddy; TODD'Y-PALM, a palm yielding toddy, as the jaggery-palm; TODD'Y-STICK, a small stick used in mixing toddy. [Hind. _t[=a]ri_--_t[=a]r_, a palm-tree.]

TO-DO, t[=oo]-d[=oo]', _n._ bustle: stir: commotion.

TODY, t[=o]'di, _n._ a small West Indian insectivorous bird--the _green sparrow_, _green humming-bird_, &c.

TOE, t[=o], _n._ one of the five small members at the point of the foot: the corresponding member of a beast's foot: the front of an animal's hoof.--_v.t._ to touch or reach with the toes: to furnish with a toe, as a stocking.--_v.i._ to place the toes in any particular way.--_n._ TOE'-CAP, a cap of leather, &c., covering the toe of a shoe.--_adj._ TOED (t[=o]d), having toes.--_ns._ TOE'-NAIL; TOE'-PIECE. [A.S. _ta_ (pl. _tan_); Ice.

_ta_, Ger. _zehe_.]

TOFF, tof, _n._ (_slang_) a dandy, a swell. [Ety. dub.]

TOFFEE, TOFFY, tof'i, _n._ a hard-baked sweetmeat, made of sugar and butter.--Also TAFF'Y. [Ety. unknown.]

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