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PILOSE, p[=i]'l[=o]s, _adj._ hairy--also P[=I]'LOUS.--_n._ PILOS'ITY. [L.

_pilosus_--_pilus_, hair.]

PILOT, p[=i]'lut, _n._ the steersman of a ship: one who conducts ships in and out of a harbour, along a dangerous coast, &c.: a guide.--_v.t._ to conduct as a pilot: to direct through dangerous places.--_ns._ P[=I]'LOTAGE, the skill of a pilot: the act of piloting: the fee or wages of pilots; P[=I]'LOT-BOAT, a boat used by pilots for meeting or leaving ships; P[=I]'LOT-CLOTH, a coarse, stout kind of cloth for overcoats; P[=I]'LOT-EN'GINE, a locomotive engine sent on before a train to clear its way, as a pilot; P[=I]'LOT-FISH, a fish of the mackerel family, so called from its having been supposed to guide sharks to their prey; P[=I]'LOT-FLAG, the flag hoisted at the fore by a vessel needing a pilot; P[=I]'LOT-HOUSE, an enclosed place on deck to shelter the steering-gear and the pilot--also _Wheel-house_; P[=I]'LOT-JACK'ET, a pea-jacket worn by seamen; P[=I]'LOT-WHALE, the caaing-whale (q.v.). [Fr. _pilote_--Dut.

_piloot_, from _peilen_, to sound, _loot_ (Ger. _loth_, Eng. _lead_), a sounding-lead.]

PILULE, pil'[=u]l, _n._ a little pill--also PIL'ULA.--_adj._ PIL'ULAR, pertaining to pills.

PILUM, p[=i]'lum, _n._ the heavy javelin used by Roman foot-soldiers:--_pl._ P[=I]'LA. [L.]

PILUS, p[=i]'lus, _n._ one of the slender hairs on plants:--_pl._ P[=I]'LI.


PIMENTO, pi-men'to, _n._ allspice or Jamaica pepper: the tree producing it.--Also PIMEN'TA. [Port. _pimenta_--L. _pigmentum_, paint.]

PIMP, pimp, _n._ one who procures gratifications for the lust of others: a pander.--_v.i._ to pander.--_adjs._ PIMP'ING, petty: mean; PIMP'-LIKE. [Fr.

_pimper_, a nasalised form of _piper_, to pipe, hence to cheat.]

PIMPERNEL, pim'p[.e]r-nel, _n._ a plant of the primrose family, with reddish flowers--also _Poor man's weather-glass_, _Red chickweed_.--_n._ PIMPINEL'LA, a genus of umbelliferous plants--_anise_, _pimpernel_, _breakstone_. [Fr. _pimprenelle_ (It. _pimpinella_), either a corr. of a L.

form _bipennula_, double-winged, dim. of _bi-pennis_--_bis_, twice, _penna_, feather; or from a dim. of L. _pampinus_, a vine-leaf.]

PIMPLE, pim'pl, _n._ a pustule: a small swelling.--_adjs._ PIM'PLED, PIM'PLY, having pimples. [A.S. _pipel_, nasalised from L. _papula_, a pustule.]

PIN, pin, _n._ a piece of wood or of metal used for fastening things together: a peg or nail: a sharp-pointed piece of wire with a rounded head for fastening clothes: anything that holds parts together: a piece of wood set up on end to be knocked down by a bowl, as in skittles: a peg used in musical instruments for fastening the strings: anything of little value.--_v.t._ to fasten with a pin: to fasten: to enclose: to seize and hold fast:--_pr.p._ pin'ning; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ pinned.--_ns._ PIN'-BUTT'OCK (_Shak._), a sharp, pointed buttock; PIN'CASE, PIN'CUSHION, a case or cushion for holding pins; PIN'-FEATH'ER, a small or short feather.--_adj._ PIN'-FEATH'ERED.--_ns._ PIN'-HOLD, a place where a pin is fixed; PIN'-HOLE, a hole made by a pin: a very small opening; PIN'-MON'EY, money allowed to a wife by her husband for private expenses, originally to buy pins; PIN'NER, one who pins or fastens: a pin-maker: a pinafore: a head-dress with a lappet flying loose; PIN'-POINT, the point of a pin: a trifle; PIN'TAIL, a genus of ducks, one handsome species of which is a winter visitor to many parts of the British coast.--_adj._ PIN'TAILED, having a long, narrow tail.--_n._ PIN'-WHEEL, a contrate wheel in which the cogs are pins set into the disc: a form of firework constructed to revolve rapidly while burning.--_v.t._ PIN'WORK, to work flax-yarn on a wooden pin so as to make it more supple for ease in packing.--PIN-FIRE CARTRIDGE, a cartridge for breech-loading guns; PINS AND NEEDLES, a feeling as of pricking under the skin, formication.--IN MERRY PIN, in a merry humour; ON ONE'S PINS, on one's legs: in good condition. [M. E. _pinne_, like Ir. and Gael. _pinne_, and Ger. _pinn_, from L. _pinna_ or _penna_, a feather.]

PIN, pin, _n._ an induration of the membranes of the eye, cataract. [A.S.

_pinn_--Low L. _pannus_.]

PInA-CLOTH, p[=e]'nya-kloth, _n._ a beautiful fabric made of the fibres of the leaves of the pine-apple plant.

PINAFORE, pin'a-f[=o]r, _n._ a loose covering of cotton or linen over a child's dress. [_Pin_ + _afore_.]

PINASTER, pi-nas't[.e]r, _n._ the cluster-pine.

PINCE-NEZ, pangs'-n[=a], _n._ a pair of eye-glasses with a spring for catching the nose. [Fr.]


PINCH, pinsh, _v.t._ to grip hard: to squeeze between two hard or firm substances: to squeeze the flesh so as to give pain: to nip: to distress: to gripe.--_v.i._ to act with force: to bear or press hard: to live sparingly.--_n._ a close compression with the fingers: what can be taken up between the finger and thumb: an iron bar used as a lever for lifting weights, rolling wheels, &c.: a gripe: distress: oppression.--_n._ PINCH'COMMONS, a niggard, a miser.--_adj._ PINCHED, having the appearance of being tightly squeezed: hard pressed by want or cold: narrowed in size.--_ns._ PINCH'ER, one who, or that which, pinches; PINCH'ERS, PIN'CERS, an instrument for gripping anything firmly, esp. for drawing out nails, &c.; PINCH'FIST, PINCH'GUT PINCH'PENNY, a niggard.--_adv._ PINCH'INGLY, in a pinching manner.--AT A PINCH, in a case of necessity; KNOW WHERE THE SHOE PINCHES, to know where the cause of trouble or difficulty is. [O. Fr. _pincer_; prob. Teut., cf. Dut. _pitsen_, to pinch.]

PINCHBECK, pinsh'bek, _n._ a yellow alloy of five parts of copper to one of zinc. [From Chris. PINCHBECK, an 18th-century London watchmaker.]

PINDARI, PINDAREE, pin'dar-[=e], _n._ one of a band of freebooters who, after the overthrow of the Mogul empire in India, grew (1804-17) to be a formidable power in the Central Provinces. [Hind.]

PINDARIC, pin-dar'ik, _adj._ after the manner of _Pindar_, one of the first of Greek lyric poets.--_n._ an ode in imitation of one of Pindar's: an ode of irregular metre.--_n._ PIN'DARISM, imitation of Pindar.

PINDER, pin'd[.e]r, _n._ one who impounds stray cattle.--Also PIN'NER.

[A.S. _pyndan_, to shut up--_pund._ Cf. _Pen_, v., and _Pound_, to shut up.]

PINE, p[=i]n, _n._ a northern cone-bearing, evergreen, resinous tree, furnishing valuable timber.--_adj._ PIN'EAL.--_ns._ PIN'EAL-GLAND, a rounded body about the size of a pea, of a slightly yellowish colour, situated upon the anterior pair of corpora quadrigemina, and connected with the optic thalami by two strands of nerve fibres termed its peduncles; PINE'-APP'LE, a tropical plant, and its fruit, shaped like a pine-cone; PINE'-BARR'EN, a level sandy tract growing pines; PINE'-CH[=A]'FER, a beetle which eats pine-leaves.--_adjs._ PINE'-CLAD, PINE'-CROWNED, clad or crowned with pine-trees.--_ns._ PINE'-CONE, the cone or strobilus of a pine-tree; PINE'-FINCH, a small fringilline bird of North America; PINE'-HOUSE, a pinery; PINE'-NEED'LE, the circular leaf of the pine-tree; PINE'-OIL, an oil obtained from the resinous exudations of pine and fir trees; PIN'ERY, a place where pine-apples are raised: a pine forest; PIN[=E]'TUM, a plantation of pine-trees: a collection of pine-trees for ornamental purposes; PINE'-WOOD, a wood of pine-trees: pine timber; PINE'-WOOL, a fibrous substance prepared from the leaves of the pine, and used for flannels, hosiery, and blankets in hospitals.--_adjs._ P[=I]'NIC, pertaining to, or obtained from, the pine: noting an acid consisting of the portion of common resin soluble in cold alcohol; PINIC'OLINE, inhabiting pine-woods; P[=I]'NY, P[=I]'NEY, abounding in pine-trees.--PINE-TREE MONEY, silver money coined at Boston in the 17th century, and so called from the coins bearing the rude figure of a pine-tree on one side. [A.S. _pin_,--L.

_p[=i]nus_ (for _pic-nus_),--_pix_, _picis_, pitch.]

PINE, p[=i]n, _v.i._ to waste away under pain or mental distress: to languish with longing.--_v.t._ to grieve for: to bewail.--_n._ wasting pain: weary suffering.--DONE TO PINE, starved to death. [A.S. _pinian_, to torment--L. _poena_, punishment.]

PINFOLD, pin'f[=o]ld, _n._ a pound or enclosure for cattle.--_v.t._ to impound. [For _pind-fold_=_pound-fold_.]

PING, ping, _n._ the whistling sound of a bullet.--_v.i._ to produce such a sound.--_n._ PING'-PONG, a kind of indoor lawn-tennis, played with battledores or small rackets over a net on a table. [From the sounds made by the strokes on the ball.]

PINGLE, ping'gl, _v.i._ (_prov._) to eat with feeble appetite: to dawdle.--_adj._ PING'LING, dawdling, feeble.

PINGUID, ping'gwid, _adj._ fat.--_n._ PING'UITUDE. [L. _pinguis_, fat.]

PINGUIN, pin'gwin, _n._ Same as PENGUIN.

PINION, pin'yun, _n._ a wing: the joint of a wing most remote from the body of the bird: a small wheel with 'leaves' or teeth working into others.--_v.t._ to confine the wings of: to cut off the pinion: to confine by binding the arms. [O. Fr. _pignon_--L. _pinna_ (=_penna_), wing. Cf.

_Pen_, n.]

PINK, pingk, _n._ a boat with a narrow stern.--Also PINK'Y. [Dut.; Ger.


PINK, pingk, _v.t._ to stab or pierce, esp. with a sword or rapier: to decorate by cutting small holes or scallops.--_n._ a stab: an eyelet.--_adj._ PINKED, pierced or worked with small holes.--_n._ PINK'ING-[=I]'RON, a tool for pinking or scalloping. [Either through A.S.

_pyngan_, from L. _pung[)e]re_, to prick; or acc. to Skeat, a nasalised form of _pick_.]

PINK, pingk, _n._ a flower of any one of several plants of the genus _Dianthus_--carnation, &c.: a shade of light-red colour like that of the flower: a scarlet hunting-coat, also the person wearing such: the minnow, from the colour of its abdomen in summer: any type or example of excellence in its kind.--_adj._ of a pink colour.--_n._ PINK'INESS.--_adj._ PINK'ISH, somewhat pink.--_n._ PINK'-ROOT, the root of the Carolina or Indian pink, a common vermifuge.--PINK OF PERFECTION, the very highest state of perfection: an example of highest perfection.--DUTCH PINK, a yellow lake obtained from quercitron bark: (_slang_) blood. [Prob. a nasalised form of Celt. _pic_, a point--from the finely notched edges of the petals.]

PINK, pingk, _v.i._ to wink: to half-shut.--_n._ PINK'-EYE, a disease in horses in which the eye turns somewhat red.--_adj._ PINK'-EYED, having pink eyes like a rabbit: having small or half-shut eyes.--_adj._ PINK'Y, winking. [Dut. _pinken_, to wink.]

PINNA, pin'a, _n._ a single leaflet of a pinnate leaf: a wing, fin, or the like: the auricle of the ear:--_pl._ PINN'ae.--_adjs._ PINN'ATE, -D, shaped like a feather: furnished with wings or fins.--_adv._ PINN'ATELY.--_adjs._ PINNAT'IFID, cut as a leaf, half-way down or more, with the divisions narrow or acute; PINNAT'ISECT (_bot._), pinnately divided; PINN'IFORM, like a feather or fin: pinnate; PINN'IGRADE, moving by fins--also _n._; PINN'IPED, PINNAT'IPED, fin-footed, as a bird; PINN'[=U]LATE, -D.--_n._ PINN'[=U]LE, one of the branchlets of a pinnate leaf: one of the lateral divisions of the finger-like stalks of an encrinite--also PINN'[=U]LA.--PINNATE LEAF, a compound leaf wherein a single petiole has several leaflets attached to each side of it. [L. _pinna_, a feather, dim.


PINNACE, pin'[=a]s, _n._ a small vessel with oars and sails: a boat with eight oars: a man-of-war's boat. [Fr. _pinasse_--It. _pinassa_--L. _pinus_, a pine.]


PINNACLE, pin'a-kl, _n._ a slender turret: a high point like a spire: the highest point of a mountain, &c.--_v.t._ to build with pinnacles: to place on a pinnacle. [Fr. _pinacle_--Low L. _pinna-culum_, double dim. from L.

_pinna_, a feather.]

PINNER, pin'[.e]r. See PIN.

PINNET, pin'et, _n._ (_Scott_) a pinnacle.

PINNOCK, pin'ok, _n._ the hedge-sparrow.

PINNOED, pin'[=o]d, _adj._ (_Spens._) pinioned.

PINNY, PINNIE, pin'[=i], _n._ a pinafore. [_Pinafore._]

PINNYWINKLE, pin'i-wingk-l, _n._ an ancient form of torture for the fingers.--Also PINN'IEWINKLE, PIL'NIE-WINKS. [A corr. of _periwinkle_.]

PINT, p[=i]nt, _n._ a measure of capacity= quart or 4 gills: (_med._) 12 ounces.--_ns._ PINT'-POT, a pot for holding a pint, esp. a pewter pot for beer: a seller or drinker of beer; PINT'-STOUP, a vessel for holding a Scotch pint. [Fr. _pinte_--Sp. _pinta_, mark--L. _picta_, _ping[)e]re_, to paint.]

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