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PINTADO, pin-ta'do, _adj._ painted, spotted.--_n._ the guinea-fowl: chintz, applied to all printed goods.


PINTLE, pin'tl, _n._ a little pin: a long iron bolt: the bolt or pin on which the rudder of a ship turns. [Dim. of _pin_.]

PINXIT, pingk'sit, _v.i._ and _v.t._ he or she painted--used in noting the painter of a picture, as Rubens _pinxit_. [L., 3d sing. perf. indic. of _ping[)e]re_, to paint.]

PIONED, p[=i]'[=o]-ned, _adj._ (_Shak._) overgrown with marsh-marigolds, that flower being still called _peony_ around Stratford.

PIONEER, p[=i]-[=o]-n[=e]r', _n._ one of a party of soldiers who clear the road before an army, sink mines, &c.: one who goes before to prepare the way for others.--_v.t._ to act as pioneer to.--_ns._ P[=I]'ONER (_Shak._), a pioneer; P[=I]'ONING (_Spens._), the work of pioneers: military works.

[O. Fr. _peonier_ (Fr. _pionnier_)--pion, a foot-soldier--Low L. _pedo_, _pedonis_, a foot-soldier--L. _pes_, _pedis_, a foot.]

PIOUS, p[=i]'us, _adj._ showing love, affection, or respect towards parents: having reverence and love for the DEITY: proceeding from religious feeling.--_adv._ P[=I]'OUSLY, in a pious manner.--_adj._ P[=I]'OUS-MIND'ED, of a pious disposition. [Fr. _pieux_--L. _pius_.]

PIP, pip, _n._ a disease of fowls--also called _Roup_. [Low L. _pipita_--L.

_pipuita_, rheum.]

PIP, pip, _n._ the seed of fruit. [_Pippin_.]

PIP, pip, _n._ one of the spots on dice or playing-cards. [Corr. of prov.

_pick_--Fr. _pique_, a spade, at cards.]

PIP, pip, _v.t._ (_slang_) to blackball.

PIP, pip, _v.i._ to chirp, as a young bird.

PIPE, p[=i]p, _n._ a musical wind instrument consisting of a long tube: any long tube: a tube of clay, &c., with a bowl at one end for smoking tobacco: a pipeful: the note of a bird: a cask containing two hogsheads.--_v.i._ to play upon a pipe: to whistle, to chirp: to make a shrill noise.--_v.t._ to play on a pipe: to call with a pipe, as on board ships: to give forth shrill notes: to supply with pipes, to convey by pipes.--_ns._ PIP'AGE, conveyance or distribution by pipes; PIPE'-CASE, a box softly lined to protect a pipe; PIPE'CLAY, a fine white plastic clay, very like kaolin, but containing a larger percentage of silica, used for making tobacco-pipes and fine earthenware.--_v.t._ to whiten with pipeclay: (_slang_) to blot out, as accounts.--_adj._ PIPED (p[=i]pt), tubulous or fistulous.--_ns._ PIPE'-FISH, a genus of fishes in the same order as the seahorse, having a long thin body covered with partially ossified plates, the head long, and the jaws elongated so as to form a tubular snout, hence the name; PIPE'-LAY'ER; PIPE'-LAY'ING, the laying down of pipes for gas, water, &c.; PIPE'-OFF'ICE, formerly an office in the Court of Exchequer in which the clerk of the pipe made out crown-land leases; PIP'ER; PIPE'-ROLL, a pipe-like roll, the earliest among the records of the Exchequer; PIPE'-ST[=A]'PLE, the stalk of a tobacco-pipe: a stalk of grass; PIPE'-STICK, the wooden tube used as the stem of some tobacco-pipes; PIPE'-TONGS, an implement for holding or turning metal pipes or pipe-fittings; PIPE'-TREE, the lilac; PIPE'-WINE (_Shak._), wine drawn from the cask, as distinguished from bottled wine; PIPE'-WRENCH, a wrench with one movable jaw, both so shaped as to bite together when placed on a pipe and rotated round it.--PIPE DOWN, to dismiss from muster, as a ship's company; PIPE OFF, to watch a house or person for purposes of theft; PIPE ONE'S EYE, to weep.--DRUNK AS A PIPER, very drunk; PAY THE PIPER, to bear the expense. [A.S. _pipe_; Dut. _pijp_, Ger. _pfeife_.]

PIPERACEOUS, pip-e-r[=a]'shi-us, _adj._ pertaining to the PIPER[=A]'CEae, the pepper family.--_adj._ PIPER'IC, produced from such plants.--_n._ PIP'ERINE, an alkaloid found in pepper. [L. _piper_, pepper.]

PIPETTE, pi-pet', _n._ a small tube for removing small portions of a fluid from one vessel to another. [Fr.]

PIPI, p[=e]'p[=e], _n._ the astringent pods of _Caesalpinia pipai_, a Brazilian plant used in tanning.

PIPING, p[=i]'ping, _adj._ uttering a weak, shrill, piping sound, like the sick: sickly: feeble: boiling.--_n._ act of piping: sound of pipes: a system of pipes for any purpose: small cord used as trimming for dresses, &c.: a slip or cutting taken from a plant with a jointed stem.

PIPISTREL, PIPISTRELLE, pip-is-trel', _n._ a small reddish-brown bat. [Fr.]

PIPIT, pip'it, _n._ a genus of birds resembling larks in plumage and wagtails in habits, the most common British species being the titlark.

PIPKIN, pip'kin, _n._ a small earthen pot. [_Pipe_.]

PIPPIN, pip'in, _n._ a kind of apple. [O. Fr. _pepin_--L. _pepo_--Gr.

_pep[=o]n_, a melon.]

PIPUL, pip'ul, _n._ the sacred fig-tree.--Also PIP'AL, PIPP'UL-TREE, PEEP'UL-TREE. [Hind.]

PIPY, p[=i]'pi, _adj._ like a pipe: tubular.

PIQUANT, p[=e]'kant, _adj._ stimulating to the taste: of a lively spark.--_n._ PIQ'UANCY.--_adv._ PIQ'UANTLY. [Fr. _piquant_, pr.p. of _piquer_, to prick.]

PIQUE, p[=e]k, _n._ an offence taken: a feeling of anger or vexation caused by wounded pride: spite: nicety: punctilio.--_v.t._ to wound the pride of: to offend: to pride or value (one's self):--_pr.p._ piq'uing; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ piqued. [Fr. _pique_, a pike, pique; cf. _Pick_ and _Pike_.]

PIQUe, p[=e]-k[=a]', _n._ a heavy cotton fabric having a surface corded or with a raised lozenge pattern: a similar pattern produced by quilting with the needle.--_n._ PIQUe-WORK. [Fr.]


PIQUET, pi-ket', _n._ a game at cards.--_n._ PIQUE, in piquet, the scoring of 30 points in one hand before the other side scores at all. [_Picket_.]

PIRAGUA, pi-ra'gwa. Same as PERIAGUA.

PIRATE, p[=i]'r[=a]t, _n._ one who, without authority, attempts to capture ships at sea: a sea-robber: an armed vessel which, without legal right, plunders other vessels at sea: one who steals or infringes a copyright.--_v.t._ to rob at sea: to take without permission, as books or writings.--_n._ P[=I]'RACY, the crime of a pirate: robbery on the high seas: infringement of copyright.--_adjs._ PIRAT'IC, -AL, pertaining to a pirate: practising piracy.--_adv._ PIRAT'ICALLY. [Fr.,--L. _pirata_--Gr.

_peirat[=e]s_--_peiraein_, to attempt.]

PIRIFORM, pir'i-form, _adj._ pear-shaped.

PIRN, pirn, _n._ anything that revolves or twists: a reel, bobbin, &c.: the amount of thread wound on a shuttle or reel.

PIRNIE, pir'ni, _n._ (_Scot._) a striped woollen nightcap.

PIROGUE, pi-r[=o]g'. See PERIAGUA.

PIROUETTE, pir-[=oo]-et', _n._ a wheeling about, esp. in dancing: the whirling round of a horse on the same ground.--_v.i._ to execute a pirouette. [Fr.]

PISCES, pis'[=e]z, _n._ the Fishes, the twelfth sign of the zodiac.--_ns._ PIS'CARY, right of fishing in another man's waters; PISCATOL'OGY, the scientific study of fishes; PISC[=A]'TOR, an angler:--_fem._ PISC[=A]'TRIX.--_adj._ PISCAT[=O]'RIAL, relating to fishes or fishing: fond of fishing--also PIS'CATORY.--_n._ PIS'CICAPTURE, the taking of fish.--_adjs._ PISCIC'OLOUS, parasitic upon fishes; PISCICUL'TURAL, pertaining to pisciculture.--_ns._ PIS'CICULTURE, the rearing of fish by artificial methods; PIS'CICULTURIST, a fish-culturist.--_adjs._ PIS'CIFORM, in shape like a fish: having the form of a fish; PIS'CINE, pertaining to fishes; PISCIV'OROUS, feeding on fishes. [L. _piscis_, a fish.]


PISCINA, pis-[=i]'na, _n._ a basin or tank, esp. one for holding fishes or for growing water-plants: a fish-pond: (_archit._) a basin or sink on the south side of the altar in old churches, into which is emptied water used in washing any of the sacred vessels.--_adj._ PIS'CINAL, belonging to a fish-pond. [L., a fish-pond, a cistern--_piscis_, a fish.]

PISe, p[=e]-z[=a]', _n._ stiff earth or clay rammed down to form walls or floors. [Fr.]

PISH, pish, _interj._ expressing contempt. [Imit.]

PISIFORM, p[=i]'si-form, _adj_. pea-shaped. [L. _pisum_, pea, _forma_, shape.]

PISMIRE, pis'm[=i]r, _n._ an ant or emmet. [_Piss_, from the strong smell of the ant-hill, A.S. _mire_, ant.]

PISOLITE, p[=i]'s[=o]-l[=i]t, _n._ a coarse oolite or concretionary limestone in large globules.--_adj._ PISOLIT'IC. [Gr. _pisos_, pea, _lithos_, stone.]

PISS, pis, _v.i._ to discharge urine or make water.--_ns._ PISS'-A-BED (_prov._), the dandelion; PISS'ASPHALT, PIS'OPHALT, a variety of bitumen; PISS'-POT, a chamber-pot. [Fr. _pisser_; imit.]

PISTACHIO, pis-t[=a]'shi-[=o], _n._ the almond-flavoured pistachio-nut, the fruit of the PIST[=A]'CHIA, a small genus of trees of the cashew family, native to western Asia. [It.,--L. _pistacium_--Gr. _pistakion_--Pers.


PISTAREEN, pis-ta-r[=e]n', _n._ in West Indies, the peseta.

PISTIL, pis'til, _n._ (_bot._) the female organ in the centre of a flower, consisting of three parts--_ovary_, _style_, and _stigma_.--_adjs._ PISTILL[=A]'CEOUS, PIS'TILLARY, growing on a pistil: pertaining to, or having the nature of, a pistil; PIS'TILL[=A]TE, having a pistil: having a pistil only; PISTILLIF'EROUS, bearing a pistil without stamens. [Fr.,--L.

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