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PERGUNNAH, p[.e]r-gun'a, _n._ a sub-division of a zillah or district in India.--Also PARGAN'A. [Hind.]

PERHAPS, per-haps', _adv._ it may be: possibly.

PERI, p[=e]'ri, _n._ in Persian mythology, a female elf or fairy, represented as descended from the fallen angels. [Fr. _peri_--Pers.

_par[=i]_, a fairy.]

PERIAGUA, per-i-a'gwa, _n._ a canoe hollowed out of a single trunk, a dug-out: a vessel made by cutting a canoe in two lengthwise and inserting a large plank: a large keelless flat-bottomed boat for shoal-water navigation, decked at the ends only, propelled by rowing, or by sails on two masts capable of being struck.--Also PIROGUE'. [Sp. _piragua_.]

PERIAKTOS, per-i-ak'tos, _n._ in the ancient Greek theatre a tall prism-shaped frame or screen at the side entrances, each carrying three scenes changed by turning the frames. [Gr.]

PERIANTH, per'i-anth, _n._ the floral envelope where the calyx and corolla are not easily distinguished. [Gr. _peri_, around, _anthos_, a flower.]

PERIAPT, per'i-apt, _n._ (_Shak._) an amulet. [Gr. _periapton_, something hung round, _peri_, about, _aptos_--_aptein_, to fasten.]

PERIAXIAL, per-i-ak'si-al, _adj._ surrounding an axis.

PERIBLAST, per'i-blast, _n._ the protoplasm about the nucleus of a cell.--_adj._ PERIBLAST'IC. [Gr. _peri_, about, _blastos_, a germ.]

PERIBOLOS, pe-rib'o-los, _n._ a court enclosed by a wall, esp. one containing a temple or a church, the whole outer enclosure of sanctuary or refuge. [Gr. _peribolos_, encircling--_peri_, around, _ballein_, to throw.]

PERICARDIUM, per-i-kar'di-um, _n._ (_anat._) the bag or sac composed of two layers which surrounds the heart.--_adjs._ PERICAR'DIAC, PERICAR'DIAL, PERICAR'DIAN.--_n._ PERICARD[=I]'TIS, inflammation of the pericardium.

[Late L.,--Gr. _perikardion_--_peri_, around, _kardia_, heart.]

PERICARP, per'i-karp, _n._ (_bot._) the covering, shell, or rind of fruits: a seed-vessel.--_adj._ PERICARP'IAL. [Gr. _perikarpion_--_peri_, around, _karpos_, fruit.]

PERICENTRAL, per-i-sen'tral, _adj._ surrounding a central body.--_adj._ PERICEN'TRIC.

PERICHONDRIUM, per-i-kon'dri-um, _n._ the fibrous investment of cartilage.

[Gr. _peri_, about, _chondros_, cartilage.]

PERICLASE, per'i-kl[=a]z, _n._ a rare mineral consisting of magnesia with a little iron protoxide. [Gr. _peri_, about, _klasis_, fracture.]

PERICLEAN, per-i-kl[=e]'an, _adj._ of _Pericles_ (died 429 B.C.) or the golden age of art and letters at Athens.

PERICOPE, p[=e]-rik'[=o]-p[=e], _n._ an extract, esp. the selections from the epistles and gospels for the Sundays of the year. [Gr. _peri_, around, _koptein_, to cut.]

PERICRANIUM, per-i-kr[=a]'ni-um, _n._ (_anat._) the membrane that surrounds the cranium.--_adj._ PERICR[=A]'NIAL.--_n._ PER'ICR[=A]NY (_obs._), the skull. [Late L.,--Gr. _perikranion_--_peri_, around, _kranion_, the skull.]

PERICULUM, p[=e]-rik'[=u]-lum, _n._ (_Scots law_) a risk:--_pl._ PERIC'ULA.


PERICYSTITIS, per-i-sis-t[=i]'tis, _n._ inflammation around the bladder.

[Gr. _peri_, around, _kystis_, the bladder.]

PERIDENTAL, per-i-den'tal, _adj._ surrounding the teeth.

PERIDERM, per'i-derm, _n._ the hard integument of some tubularian hydromedusans: (_bot._) the outer bark.--_adj._ PER'IDERMAL. [Gr. _peri_, about, _derma_, skin.]

PERIDESMIUM, per-i-des'mi-um, _n._ (_anat._) the areolar tissue round a ligament. [Gr. _peri_, around, _desmos_, a band.]

PERIDIUM, p[=e]-rid'i-um, _n._ the outer coat of a sporophore in angiocarpous fungi.--_adj._ PERID'IAL.--_n._ PERID[=I]'OLUM (_bot._), an inner peridium inside of which the hymenium is formed. [Gr. _p[=e]ridion_, dim. of _p[=e]ra_, a wallet.]

PERIDOTITE, per'i-d[=o]-t[=i]t, _n._ rock mainly composed of olivine.--_n._ PER'IDOT, chrysolite.--_adj._ PERIDOT'IC.

PERIDROME, per'i-dr[=o]m, _n._ the space between the inner cell or chamber and the surrounding pillars in an ancient temple. [Gr. _peridromos_, running round--_peri_, around, _dromos_, a race.]

PERIEGESIS, per-i-[=e]-j[=e]'sis, _n._ a progress or journey through. [Gr.]

PERIENTERON, per-i-en'te-ron, _n._ the primitive perivisceral cavity.--_adj._ PERIENTER'IC. [Gr. _peri_, about, _enteron_, an intestine.]

PERIFIBRUM, per-i-f[=i]'brum, _n._ the membraneous covering of the spicules and fibre of sponges.

PERIGANGLIONIC, per-i-gang-gli-on'ik, _adj._ surrounding a ganglion.

PERIGASTRIC, per-i-gas'trik, _adj._ surrounding the alimentary canal.

PERIGEE, per'i-j[=e], _n._ (_astron._) the point of the moon's orbit at which it is nearest the earth--opp. to _Apogee_.--_adjs._ PERIG[=E]'AL, PERIG[=E]'AN. [Gr. _peri_, near, _g[=e]_, the earth.]

PERIGENESIS, per-i-jen'e-sis, _n._ wave-generation, the dynamic theory of reproduction by a kind of wave-motion of plastidules.

PERIGLOTTIS, per-i-glot'is, _n._ the epidermis of the tongue.--_adj._ PERIGLOTT'IC.

PERIGONE, per'i-g[=o]n, _n._ (_bot._) the same as PERIANTH--also PERIG[=O]'NIUM.--_adj._ PERIG[=O]'NIAL. [Gr. _peri_, about, _gon[=e]_, seed.]

PERIGRAPH, per'i-graf, _n._ an inaccurate delineation of anything.--_adj._ PERIGRAPH'IC.

PERIGYNOUS, per-ij'i-nus, _adj._ (_bot._) denoting flowers which have the petals and stamens growing on the calyx, or around the pistil.--_n._ PERIGYN'IUM. [Gr. _peri_, about, _gyn[=e]_, a female.]

PERIHELION, per-i-h[=e]'li-on, _n._ the point of the orbit of a planet or a comet at which it is nearest to the sun--opp. to _Aphelion_.--Also PERIH[=E]'LIUM. [Gr. _peri_, near, _h[=e]lios_, the sun.]

PERIHEPATIC, per-i-h[=e]-pat'ik, _adj._ surrounding the liver.

PERIL, per'il, _n._ danger: a source of danger: exposure to danger.--_v.t._ to expose to danger:--_pr.p._ per'illing; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ per'illed.--_adj._ PER'ILOUS, full of peril: dangerous.--_adv._ PER'ILOUSLY.--_n._ PER'ILOUSNESS. [Fr. _peril_--L. _periculum_.]

PERILYMPH, per'i-limf, _n._ the fluid which surrounds the membraneous labyrinth of the ear.

PERIMETER, p[=e]-rim'e-t[.e]r, _n._ (_geom._) the circuit or boundary of any plane figure, or the sum of all its sides: an instrument for measuring the area over which a person can see distinctly.--_adjs._ PERIMET'RIC, -AL, pertaining to the perimeter.--_n._ PERIM'ETRY, the act of making perimetrical measurements. [Gr. _perimetros_--_peri_, around, _metron_, measure.]

PERIMORPH, per'i-morf, _n._ a mineral enclosing another.--_adjs._ PERIMOR'PHIC, PERIMOR'PHOUS.

PERINEUM, PERINaeUM, per-i-n[=e]'um, _n._ the lower part of the body between the genital organs and the rectum.--_adj._ PERIN[=E]'AL. [L.,--Gr.]

PERIOD, p[=e]'ri-ud, _n._ the time in which anything is performed: (_astron._) the time occupied by one of the heavenly bodies in making its revolution: a stated interval of time, at the end of which certain events begin again to go through the same course as before: a series of events: a series of years: length of duration: the time at which anything ends: conclusion: (_gram._) a mark at the end of a sentence: (_rhet._) a complete sentence.--_v.t._ (_Shak._) to put an end to.--_adjs._ PERIOD'IC, -AL, pertaining to a period: happening by revolution: occurring at regular intervals: pertaining to periodicals.--_ns._ PERIOD'ICAL, a magazine or other publication which appears in parts at regular periods; PERIOD'ICALIST, one who writes in a periodical.--_adv._ PERIOD'ICALLY.--_n._ PERIODIC'ITY, state of being periodic: tendency to happen over again at regular intervals of time.--PERIODICAL LITERATURE, literature published in magazines, &c.; PERIODIC FUNCTION, one whose operation being iterated a certain number of times restores the variable: a function having a period; PERIODIC INEQUALITY, a disturbance in the motion of a planet due to its position in its orbit relatively to another planet; PERIODIC LAW (_chem._), a relation of elements according to their atomic weights. [Fr.,--L.,--Gr. _periodos_--_peri_, around, _hodos_, a way.]

PERIOPHTHALMUS, per-i-of-thal'mus, _n._ a genus of acanthopterous fishes, allied to gobies, with protruding mobile eyes, pectoral fins that can be used as legs.

PERIORBITAL, per-i-or'bi-tal, _adj._ pertaining to the orbit of the eye.

PERIOSTEUM, per-i-os't[=e]-um, _n._ a tough fibrous membrane which forms the outer coating of bones.--_adjs._ PERIOS'T[=E]AL, PERIOS'T[=E]OUS; PERIOSTIT'IC.--_n._ PERIOST[=I]'TIS, inflammation of the periosteum. [Gr.

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