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_periosteon_--_peri_, around, _osteon_, a bone.]

PERIOTIC, per-i-[=o]'tik, _adj._ surrounding the inner ear.--_n._ a periotic bone. [Gr. _peri_, about, _ous_, _[=o]tos_, the ear.]

PERIPATETIC, -AL, per-i-pa-tet'ik, -al, _adj._ walking about: of or pertaining to the philosophy of Aristotle, who taught while walking up and down in the Lyceum at Athens.--_n._ PERIPATET'IC, an adherent of the philosophy of Aristotle: one accustomed or obliged to walk: (_pl._) instruction by lectures.--_n._ PERIPATET'ICISM, the philosophy of Aristotle. [Gr. _peripat[=e]tikos_--_peri_, about, _patein_, to walk.]

PERIPATUS, pe-rip'[=a]-tus, _n._ a genus of myriapods.

PERIPETIA, per-i-pe-t[=i]'a, _n._ the denouement of a drama.

PERIPHERY, pe-rif'[.e]r-i, _n._ (_geom._) the circumference of a circle or of any closed figure: the outside of anything generally.--_adjs._ PERIPH'ERAL, PERIPHER'IC, -AL. [L.--Gr. _peri_, around, _pherein_, to carry.]

PERIPHRACTIC, per-i-frak'tik, _adj._ enclosed around. [Gr. _peri_, about, _phrassein_, to enclose.]

PERIPHRASE, per'i-fr[=a]z, _n._ a round-about way of speaking: the use of more words than are necessary to express an idea: (_rhet._) a figure employed to avoid a trite expression--also PERIPH'RASIS.--_v.t._ or _v.i._ to use circumlocution.--_adjs._ PERIPHRAS'TIC, -AL, containing or expressed by periphrasis or circumlocution.--_adv._ PERIPHRAS'TICALLY. [L.,--Gr.

_periphrasis_--_peri_, about, _phrasis_, a speaking.]

PERIPLAST, per'i-plast, _n._ the intercellular substance of an organ or tissue of the body.--_adj._ PERIPLAST'IC.

PERIPLUS, per'i-plus, _n._ a circumnavigation. [Gr. _peri_, around, _ploos_, _plous_, a voyage.]

PERIPTERY, pe-rip't[.e]r-i, _n._ (_archit._) a building surrounded by a wing or row of columns.--_adjs._ PERIP'TERAL, having a periptery or range of columns all round, said of a temple, &c.; PERIP'TEROUS, feathered on all sides: peripteral. [Gr. _peripteros_--_peri_, about, _pteron_, a wing.]

PERIRHINAL, per-i-r[=i]'nal, _adj._ surrounding the nose.

PERISCII, pe-rish'i-[=i], the people within the polar circle, because their shadows, on some days in summer, move round in a complete circle, owing to the fact that on those days the sun does not set.--_adj._ PERIS'CIAN. [Gr. _periskios_, throwing a shadow all round; _peri_, around, _skia_, a shadow.]

PERISCOPE, per'i-sk[=o]p, _n._ an instrument like the altiscope, used in directing submarine boats.--_adj._ PERISCOP'IC. [Gr. _peri_, about, _skopein_, to see.]

PERISH, per'ish, _v.i._ to pass away completely: to waste away: to decay: to lose life: to be destroyed: to be ruined or lost.--_ns._ PERISHABIL'ITY, PER'ISHABLENESS, the quality of being liable to speedy decay or destruction.--_adj._ PER'ISHABLE, that may perish: subject to speedy decay.--_adv._ PER'ISHABLY.--_v.i._ PER'ISHEN (_Spens._), to perish. [O.

Fr. _perir_, pr.p. _perissant_--L. _per[=i]re_, to perish--_per_, completely, _[=i]re_, to go.]

PERISPERM, per'i-sp[.e]rm, _n._ (_bot._) that which is round a seed, the albumen.--_adj._ PERISPER'MIC. [Gr. _peri_, around, _sperma_, seed.]

PERISPHERIC, -AL, per-i-sfer'ik, -al, _adj._ globular.

PERISPORE, per'i-sp[=o]r, _n._ the outer covering of a spore.

PERISSAD, pe-ris'ad, _n._ (_chem._) an atom whose valency is represented by an odd number--opp. to _Artiad_--also _adj._ [Gr. _perissos_, beyond the regular number.]

PERISSODACTYLA, pe-ris-[=o]-dak'ti-la, _n._ one of the two divisions of the great mammalian order Ungulata, including the horse, tapir, and rhinoceros, distinguished by the third digit of each limb being symmetrical in itself, by the presence of an odd number of digits on the hind-foot, &c.--opp. to _Artiodactyla_.--_adjs._ PERISSODAC'TYL, PERISSODAC'TYLATE, PERISSODACTYL'IC, PERISSODAC'TYLOUS. [Gr. _perissos_, beyond the regular number, _daktylos_, a finger.]

PERISSOLOGY, per-i-sol'[=o]-ji, _n._ verbiage.--_adj._ PERISSOLOG'ICAL, redundant in words.

PERISSOSYLLABIC, pe-ris-o-si-lab'ik, _adj._ having superfluous syllables.

PERISTALITH, pe-ris'ta-lith, _n._ a series of standing stones surrounding a barrow or burial-mound. [Gr. _peri_, around, _histanai_, to stand, _lithos_, a stone.]

PERISTALTIC, per-i-stalt'ik, _adj._ noting the involuntary muscular action of the alimentary canal, by which it forces its contents onwards.--_n._ PERISTAL'SIS. [Gr. _peristaltikos_--_peristellein_, to wrap round--_peri_, around, _stellein_, to place.]

PERISTEROPOD, p[=e]-ris'te-r[=o]-pod, _adj._ pigeon-toed--also _n._ [Gr.

_peristera_, a pigeon, _pous_, _podos_, a foot.]

PERISTOME, per'i-st[=o]m, _n._ the mouth-parts of echinoderms, &c.: the fringe of hair-like appendages round the rim of the capsule of a moss.

PERISTYLE, per'i-st[=i]l, _n._ a range of columns round a building or round a square: a court, square, &c., with columns all round.--_adj._ PERISTY'LAR. [L. _peristylium_--Gr. _peristylon_, with pillars round the wall--_peri_, around, _stylos_, a column.]

PERITHORACIC, per-i-th[=o]-ras'ik, _adj._ around the thorax.

PERITOMOUS, pe-rit'[=o]-mus, _adj._ (_min._) cleaving in more directions than one parallel to the axis, the faces being all similar. [Gr. _peri_, round, _temnein_, to cut.]

PERITONEUM, PERITONaeUM, per-i-t[=o]-n[=e]'um, _n._ a serous membrane which encloses all the viscera lying in the abdominal and pelvic cavities.--_adjs._ PERITON[=E]'AL; PERITONIT'IC.--_n._ PERITON[=I]'TIS, inflammation of the peritoneum. [Gr. _peritoneion_--_peri_, around, _teinein_, to stretch.]

PERITYPHLITIS, per-i-tif-l[=i]'tis, _n._ inflammation of the caecum, appendix, and connective tissue, or of the peritoneum covering caecum and appendix. [Gr. _peri_, round, _typhlos_, blind (the caecum being the 'blind gut').]

PERIVASCULAR, per-i-vas'k[=u]-lar, _adj._ surrounding a vascular structure.

PERIVISCERAL, per-i-vis'e-ral, _adj._ surrounding viscera.

PERIWIG, per'i-wig, _n._ a peruke or small wig, usually shortened to _Wig_: an artificial head of hair.--_v.t._ to dress with a periwig.--_adj._ PER'IWIG-P[=A]'TED, wearing a periwig. [Old Dut. _peruyk_--Fr. _perruque_.]

PERIWINKLE, per'i-wingk-l, _n._ a creeping evergreen plant, growing in woods. [M. E. _peruenke_, through A.S. _peruincae_, from L. _pervinca_, _vinc[=i]re_, to bind.]

PERIWINKLE, per'i-wingk-l, _n._ a small univalve mollusc: a small shellfish, abundant between tide-marks on the rocks, boiled and eaten as food. [Corrupted by confusion with preceding from A.S.

_pinewincla_--_wincle_, a whelk; prov. Eng. _pin-patch_.]

PERJURE, p[.e]r'j[=oo]r, _v.t._ to swear falsely (followed by a reciprocal pronoun): to cause to swear falsely.--_v.i._ to be false to one's oath.--_n._ (_Shak._) a perjured person.--_adj._ PER'JURED, having sworn falsely: being sworn falsely, as an oath.--_n._ PER'JURER.--_adjs._ PERJU'RIOUS, PER'JUROUS, guilty of perjury.--_n._ PER'JURY, false swearing: the breaking of an oath: (_law_) the crime committed by one who, when giving evidence on oath as a witness in a court of justice, gives evidence which he knows to be false. [Fr.,--L. _perjur[=a]re_--_per-_, _jur[=a]re_, to swear.]

PERK, p[.e]rk, _adj._ trim: spruce: jaunty: proud.--_v.t._ to make smart or trim.--_v.i._ to hold up the head with smartness: to toss or jerk the head.--_adj._ PERK'Y (_Tenn._), perk, trim. [W. _perc_, trim.]

PERK, p[.e]rk, _v.i._ (_prov._) to peer.--_adj._ PERK'ING, peering, inquisitive.

PERKIN, per'kin, _n._ weak perry.

PERLACEOUS=_Pearlaceous_. See PEARL.

PERLITE, p[.e]r'l[=i]t, _n._ the name given to some vitreous rocks, as obsidian, which seem as if made up of little pearly or enamel-like spheroids.--_adj._ PERLIT'IC.

PERLOUS, p[.e]rl'us, _adj._ (_Spens._). Same as PERILOUS.

PERLUSTRATE, per-lus'tr[=a]t, _v.t._ to survey carefully.--_n._ PERLUSTR[=A]'TION. [L. _perlustr[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_.]

PERMANENT, p[.e]r'ma-nent, _adj._ lasting: durable: not subject to change: not to be removed: (_zool._) always present.--_ns._ PER'MANENCE, PER'MANENCY, state or quality of being permanent: continuance in the same state, position, &c.: unlikelihood of change: duration.--_adv._ PER'MANENTLY.--PERMANENT WAY, the finished road of a railway. [Fr.,--L.

_perman[=e]re_--_per_, through, _man[=e]re_, to continue.]

PERMANGANATE, per-man'gan-[=a]t, _n._ a salt containing manganese.--_adj._ PERMANGAN'IC.

PERMEATE, p[.e]r'm[=e]-[=a]t, _v.t._ to pass through the pores of: to penetrate and fill the pores of.--_n._ PERM[=E]ABIL'ITY.--_adj._ PER'M[=E]ABLE, that may be permeated or passed through: allowing the passage of liquids.--_adv._ PER'M[=E]ABLY.--_n._ PERM[=E][=A]'TION, act of permeating, or state of being permeated.--_adj._ PERM[=E][=A]'TIVE. [L.

_permeatus_--_per_, through, _me[=a]re_, to pass.]

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