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PERCENTAGE, per-sen't[=a]j, _n._ rate per hundred: an allowance of so much for every hundred.--_adj._ PERCEN'TILE. [Cf. _Cent._]

PERCEPT, p[.e]r'sept, _n._ that which is perceived by means of the senses.--_n._ PERCEPTIBIL'ITY, quality of being perceptible.--_adj._ PERCEP'TIBLE, that can be perceived: that may be known by the senses: discernible.--_adv._ PERCEP'TIBLY.--_n._ PERCEP'TION, act of perceiving: discernment: (_phil._) the faculty of perceiving: the evidence of external objects by our senses.--_adjs._ PERCEP'TIONAL; PERCEP'TIVE, having the power of perceiving or discerning.--_ns._ PERCEP'TIVENESS, the faculty or power of perceiving: readiness to perceive; PERCEPTIV'ITY, character or quality of being perceptive: power of perceiving.--_adj._ PERCEP'T[=U]AL, of the nature of perception.

PERCH, p[.e]rch, _n._ a genus of fresh-water fishes.--_adjs._ PERCH'-BACKED, shaped like a perch's back; PER'CIFORM, percoid; PER'CINE, perciform; PER'COID, like the perch: pertaining to the perch family. [Fr.

_perche_--L. _perca_--Gr. _perk[=e]_, a perch, prob. conn. with _perknos_, spotted.]

PERCH, p[.e]rch, _n._ a rod on which birds roost: any high seat or position: a measure=5 yards: a square measure=30 square yards: a pole joining the fore and hind gear of a spring carriage: a frame on which cloth is examined for flaws.--_v.i._ to sit or roost on a perch: to settle.--_v.t._ to place, as on a perch.--_ns._ PERCH'ER, a bird that perches on trees; PERCH'ING, the examination of cloth stretched on a frame for burs, knots, or holes--also called _Burling_.--_adj._ insessorial.--_ns._ PERCH'-PLATE, a plate or block above or below a carriage-reach, at the king-bolt; PERCH'-POLE, an acrobat's climbing-pole; PERCH'-STAY, one of the side-rods bracing the perch to the hind-axle. [Fr.

_perche_--L. _pertica_, a rod.]

PERCHANCE, per-chans', _adv._ by chance: perhaps.

PERCHERON, per-she-rong', _n._ a horse of the Percheron breed, large strong draught-horses, usually dapple-gray--also _Norman_ and _Norman Percheron_.--_adj._ pertaining to the foregoing. [Fr.,--_Perche_, in southern Normandy.]

PERCHLORIC, per-kl[=o]'rik, _adj._ pertaining to an acid, a syrupy liquid obtained by decomposing potassium perchlorate by means of sulphuric acid.--_n._ PERCHL[=O]'RATE, a salt of perchloric acid.

PERCIPIENT, per-sip'i-ent, _adj._ perceiving: having the faculty of perception.--_n._ one who perceives or who has the power of perceiving.--_ns._ PERCIP'IENCE, PERCIP'IENCY.

PERCLOSE, per-kl[=o]z', _n._ an enclosed place: (_archit._) a railing separating a tomb or chapel from the rest of the church: (_her._) the lower half of a garter with the buckle.--Also PAR'ACLOSE, PARCLOSE'. [O. Fr.,--L.

_prae_, in front, _claud[)e]re_, _clausum_, to shut.]

PERCOCT, per-kokt', _adj._ well-cooked. [L. _percoctus_, _percoqu[)e]re_, to cook thoroughly.]

PERCOID, per'koid. See PERCH (1).

PERCOLATE, p[.e]r'k[=o]-l[=a]t, _v.t._ to strain through pores or small openings, as a liquid: to filter.--_v.i._ to pass or ooze through very small openings: to filter.--_n._ a filtered liquid.--_ns._ PERCOL[=A]'TION, act of filtering; PER'COLATOR, a filtering vessel. [L.

_percol[=a]re_,_-[=a]tum_--_per_, through, _col[=a]re_, to strain.]

PERCURRENT, per-kur'ent, _adj._ running through the whole length.--_adj._ PERCUR'SORY, running over slightly or in haste (same as _Cursory_). [L.

_percurrens_, pr.p. of _percurr[)e]re_, _percursum_, to run through.]

PERCUSS, per-kus', _v.t._ to strike so as to shake: to tap for purposes of diagnosis.--_adj._ PERCUS'SANT (_her._), bent round and striking the side, as a lion's tail--also PERCUSSED'.

PERCUSSION, per-kush'un, _n._ the forcible striking of one body against another: collision, or the shock produced by it: impression of sound on the ear: (_med._) the tapping upon the body to find the condition of an internal organ by the sounds: in the jargon of palmistry, the outer side of the hand.--_adjs._ PERCUSS'IONAL, PERCUSS'IVE.--_ns._ PERCUSS'ION-BULL'ET, a bullet so formed as to explode on striking something: an explosive bullet; PERCUS'SION-CAP, a cap of copper partly filled with a substance which explodes when struck, formerly used for firing rifles, &c.; PERCUS'SION-FUSE, a fuse in a projectile set in action by concussion when the projectile strikes the object; PERCUS'SION-HAMM'ER, a small hammer for percussion in diagnosis; PERCUS'SION-LOCK, a kind of lock for a gun in which a hammer strikes upon a percussion-cap on the nipple, igniting the charge; PERCUS'SION-POW'DER, powder which explodes on being struck, called also _fulminating powder_.--_adv._ PERCUSS'IVELY.--_ns._ PERCUSS'OR; PERCUTEUR', an instrument for light percussion in neuralgia, &c.--_adj._ PERC[=U]'TIENT, striking or having power to strike.--_n._ that which strikes or has power to strike. [L. _percussion-em_--_percut[)e]re_, _percussum_--_per_, thoroughly, _quat[)e]re_, to shake.]

PERCUTANEOUS, per-k[=u]-t[=a]'n[=e]-us, _adj._ done or applied through or by means of the skin.--_adv._ PERCUT[=A]'NEOUSLY. [L. _per_, through, _cutis_, the skin.]

PERDENDO, per-den'd[=o], _adj._ (_mus._) dying away.--Also PERDEN'DOSI.


PERDIE, PERDY, p[.e]r'di, _adv._=PARDIEU.

PERDITION, per-dish'un, _n._ utter loss or ruin: the utter loss of happiness in a future state.--_n._ PER'DITA, a lost woman.--_adj._ PERDI'TIONABLE. [Fr.,--L. _perditio_--_perd[)e]re_, _perditum_--_per_, entirely, _d[)a]re_, to put.]

PERDU, PERDUE, per-d[=u]', _adj._ lost to view: concealed: being on a forlorn hope or on a desperate enterprise: reckless.--_n._ (_Shak._) one lying in concealment or ambush: one on a forlorn hope. [Fr., pa.p. of _perdre_, to lose--L. _perd[)e]re_, to destroy.]

PERDUELLION, per-d[=u]-el'i-on, _n._ treason. [L.]

PERDURABLE, per'd[=u]-ra-bl, _adj._ (_Shak._) very durable, long continued.--_ns._ PERDURABIL'ITY, PERD[=U]'RANCE, PERDUR[=A]'TION.--_adv._ PERD[=U]'RABLY (_Shak._), very durably: everlastingly.--_v.i._ PERDURE', to last for a very long time. [L. _perdur[=a]re_--_per_, through, _dur[=a]re_, to last.]

PEREGAL, per'e-gal, _adj._ fully equal.--_n._ equal.

PEREGRINATE, per'[=e]-gri-n[=a]t, _v.i._ to travel through the country: to travel about from place to place: to live in a foreign country.--_adj._ foreign.--_ns._ PEREGRIN[=A]'TION, act of peregrinating or travelling about; PER'EGRIN[=A]TOR, one who travels about.--_adj._ PER'EGRINE, foreign, not native: migratory, as a bird.--_n._ a foreigner resident in any country: a kind of falcon.--_n._ PEREGRIN'ITY, foreignness. [L.

_peregrin[=a]ri_, _-[=a]tus_--_peregrinus_, foreign.]

PEREION, pe-r[=i]'on, _n._ the thorax in crustacea:--_pl._ PEREI'A.--_n._ PEREI'OPOD, one of the true thoracic limbs of a crustacean. [Gr.

_perii[=o]n_, pr.p. of _periienai_, to go about.]

PERELLE, pe-rel', _n._ Same as PARELLA.

PEREMPTORY, per'emp-t[=o]-ri, _adj._ preventing debate: authoritative: dogmatical: final, determinate: fully resolved or determined: that must be done.--_adv._ PER'EMPTORILY.--_n._ PER'EMPTORINESS. [Fr.,--L.

_peremptorius_--_perim[)e]re_, peremptum--_per_, entirely, _em[)e]re_, to take.]

PERENNIAL, pe-ren'i-al, _adj._ lasting through the year: perpetual: never failing: growing constantly: (_bot._) lasting more than two years: of insects, living more than one year.--_n._ a plant which lives more than two years.--_v.i._ PERENN'ATE, to live perennially.--_n._ PERENN[=A]'TION.--_adv._ PERENN'IALLY. [L. _perennis_--_per_, through, _annus_, a year.]

PERENNIBRANCHIATE, pe-ren-i-brang'ki-[=a]t, _adj._ having perennial branchiae or gills.--Also PERENN'IBRANCH.

PERFECT, p[.e]r'fekt, _adj._ done thoroughly or completely: completed: without blemish, fault, or error: having neither too much nor too little: entire, very great: in the highest degree: possessing every moral excellence: completely skilled or acquainted: (_gram._) expressing an act completed: (_bot._) having both stamens and pistils, hermaphrodite.--_v.t._ (or per-fekt') to make perfect: to finish: to teach fully, to make fully skilled in anything.--_ns._ PERFECT[=A]'TION (_rare_); PER'FECTER; PERFECT'I, a body of Catharists in the 12th and 13th centuries, of very strict lives; PERFECTIBIL'ITY, quality of being made perfect.--_adj._ PERFECT'IBLE, that may be made perfect.--_ns._ PERFEC'TION, state of being perfect: a perfect quality or acquirement: the highest state or degree; PERFEC'TIONISM (or PERFECTIBIL'ITY), the belief that man in a state of grace may attain to a relative perfection or a state of living without sin in this life; PERFEC'TIONIST, one who pretends to be perfect: one who thinks that moral perfection can be attained in this life: one of the Bible Communists or Free-lovers, a small American sect founded by J. H. Noyes (1811-86), which settled at Oneida in 1848, holding that the gospel if accepted secures freedom from sin.--_adj._ PERFECT'IVE, tending to make perfect.--_advs._ PERFECT'IVELY, PER'FECTLY, in a perfect manner: completely: exactly: without fault.--_n._ PER'FECTNESS, state or quality of being perfect: completeness: perfection: consummate excellence.--PERFECT INSECT, the imago or completely developed form of an insect; PERFECT METALS (see METAL); PERFECT NUMBER, a number equal to the sum of all its divisors, the number itself of course excepted, as 6 = 1 + 2 + 3, 28 = 1 + 2 + 4 + 7 + 14. [Fr.,--L. _perfectus_, pa.p. of _perfic[)e]re_--_per_, thoroughly, _fac[)e]re_, to do.]

PERFERVID, per-fer'vid, _adj._ very fervid: very hot or eager.--_n._ PERFER'VIDNESS.--PERFERVIDUM INGENIUM, a very ardent disposition. [L.

_perfervidus_, _praefervidus_--_prae_, before, _fervidus_, fervid.]

PERFICIENT, p[.e]r-fish'ent, _adj._ effectual.--_n._ one who does a lasting work, esp. who endows a charity.

PERFIDIOUS, per-fid'i-us, _adj._ faithless: unfaithful: basely violating trust: treacherous.--_adv._ PERFID'IOUSLY.--_ns._ PERFID'IOUSNESS, PER'FIDY, treachery. [L. _perfidiosus_--_perfidia_, faithlessness.]

PERFOLIATE, -D, per-f[=o]'li-[=a]t, -ed, _adj._ (_bot._) having the stem as it were passing through the blade--of a leaf: having the leaf round the stem at the base: (_zool._) surrounded by a circle of hairs, &c., taxicorn.

[L. _per_, through, _folium_, a leaf.]

PERFORATE, p[.e]r'f[=o]-r[=a]t, _v.t._ to bore through: to pierce: to make a hole through.--_adj._ PER'FORABLE, capable of being perforated.--_n._ PER'FORANS, the long flexor muscle of the toes, or the deep flexor muscle of the fingers.--_adjs._ PER'FORANT, perforating; PER'FORATE, -D (_bot._), pierced with holes: having transparent dots, as the leaves of certain flowers.--_n._ PERFOR[=A]'TION, act of boring through: a hole through or into anything.--_adj._ PER'FOR[=A]TIVE, having power to pierce.--_ns._ PER'FOR[=A]TOR, one who bores, or an instrument for boring; PER'FOR[=A]TUS, the short flexor of the toes, or the superficial flexor of the fingers. [L.

_perfor[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_per_, through, _for[=a]re_, to bore.]

PERFORCE, per-f[=o]rs', _adv._ by force: of necessity.

PERFORM, per-form', _v.t._ to do thoroughly: to carry out: to achieve: to act, as on the stage.--_v.i._ to do: to act a part: to play, as on a musical instrument.--_adj._ PERFOR'MABLE, capable of being performed: practicable.--_ns._ PERFOR'MANCE, act of performing: a carrying out of something: something done, esp. of a public character: a piece of work: an exhibition in a theatre or a place of amusement: an act or action; PERFOR'MER, one who performs, esp. one who makes a public exhibition of his skill: an actor, an actress, &c.--_adj._ PERFOR'MING, doing: trained to perform tricks. [O. Fr. _parfournir_, _par_--L. _per_, through, _fournir_, to furnish.]

PERFUME, p[.e]r'f[=u]m, or p[.e]r-f[=u]m', _n._ sweet-smelling smoke: sweet scent: anything which yields a sweet odour.--_v.t._ (p[.e]r-f[=u]m') to fill with a pleasant odour: to scent.--_adj._ PERF[=U]'MATORY, yielding perfume.--_ns._ PER'FUME-FOUN'TAIN, a small appliance for throwing a jet or spray of perfume; PERF[=U]'MER, one who or that which perfumes: one who makes or sells perfumes; PERF[=U]'MERY, perfumes in general: the art of preparing perfumes; PER'FUME-SET, a set of articles for the toilet-table.--_adj._ PER'F[=U]MY. [Fr. _parfum_--L. _per_, through, _fumus_, smoke.]

PERFUNCTORY, per-fungk't[=o]-ri, _adj._ done merely as a duty to be passed over: performed carelessly or without interest: negligent: slight.--_adv._ PERFUNC'TORILY, in a careless, half-hearted manner: without zeal or interest.--_n._ PERFUNC'TORINESS, careless performance: half-heartedness.

[L. _perfunctorius_--_perfunctus_, pa.p. of _perfungi_, to execute--_per_, thoroughly, _fungi_, to do.]

PERFUSE, per-f[=u]z', _v.t._ to pour through or over.--_n._ PERF[=U]'SION.--_adj._ PERF[=U]'SIVE, sprinkling, or tending to sprinkle.

[L. _perfusus_, poured over--_per_, through, _fund[)e]re_, to pour.]

PERGAMENEOUS, per-ga-m[=e]'n[=e]-us, _adj._ thin and parchment-like in texture.--_adj._ PERGAMENT[=A]'CEOUS, parchment-like. [L. _pergamena_, parchment.]

PERGOLA, per'g[=o]-la, _n._ an arbour, a balcony.--Also PER'GULA. [It.,--L.

_pergula_, a shed.]

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