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RATTEEN, rat-t[=e]n', _n._ a thick woollen stuff. [Fr.]

RATTEN, rat'n, _v.t._ to break or take away a workman's tools, &c., for disobeying the trades-union--the loss being ironically attributed to rats.

RATTINET, rat-ti-net', _n._ a thin variety of ratteen.


RATTLE, rat'l, _v.i._ to clatter: to move along rapidly, with a clattering noise: to speak eagerly and noisily.--_v.t._ to cause to make a clatter: to stun with noise: to speak rapidly: to scold loudly.--_n._ a sharp noise rapidly repeated, as the death-rattle: a clatter: loud empty talk: loud scolding: a toy or instrument for rattling: a brisk jabberer: an annual meadow herb: a lousewort.--_adjs._ RATT'LE-BRAINED, -HEAD'ED, -PAT'ED, noisy: giddy: unsteady.--_ns._ RATT'LE-MOUSE, a bat; RATT'LEPATE, a noisy chatterer; RATT'LER, a loud, inconsiderate talker: (_coll._) a stunning blow: (_coll._) an impudent lie; RATT'LESNAKE, a poisonous snake having a number of hard, bony rings loosely jointed at the end of the tail, which make a rattling noise; RATT'LESNAKE-GRASS, an American grass; RATT'LESNAKE-MAS'TER, -ROOT, an American plant reputed to cure the bite of a rattlesnake; RATT'LESNAKE-WEED, a hawk-weed of the United States; RATT'LE-TRAP, a rickety vehicle; RATT'LEWORT, a plant of genus _Crotalaria_; RATT'LING, a clattering: railing.--_adj._ making a rattle: smart, lively: (_coll._) strikingly great. [A.S. _hraetele_, _hratele_, a plant--from the rattling of the seeds in the capsules; Ger. _rasseln_, Dut.

_ratelen_, to rattle.]

RATTLING, rat'ling, _n._ Same as RATLINE.

RAUCITY, raws'i-ti, _n._ hoarseness: harshness of sound.--_adjs._ RAUC'ID, RAUCOUS (raw'kus), hoarse.--_adv._ RAUC'OUSLY. [L. _raucus_, hoarse.]

RAUCLE, rawk'l, _adj._ (_Scot._) rough: fearless.

RAUGHT, rawt (_Spens._)--(_obs._) _pa.t._ of _reach_.

RAVAGE, rav'[=a]j, _v.t._ to lay waste: to destroy: to pillage.--_n._ devastation: ruin.--_n._ RAV'AGER. [Fr.,--_ravir_, to carry off by force--L. _rap[)e]re_.]

RAVE, r[=a]v, _v.i._ to be mad: to be wild or raging, like a madman: to talk irrationally.--_v.t._ to utter wildly.--_ns._ R[=A]'VER, one who raves or is furious; R[=A]'VING, furious talk.--_adj._ delirious: distracted.--_adv._ R[=A]'VINGLY, in a raving manner: with frenzy: with distraction. [O. Fr. _raver_ (Fr. _rever_), to be delirious--L. _rabies_, madness.]

RAVE, r[=a]v, _n._ one of the side pieces of a wagon.

RAVE, r[=a]v, _old pa.t._ of _rive_.

RAVE-HOOK, r[=a]v'-hook, _n._ a ripping-iron.

RAVEL, rav'el, _v.t._ to confuse, entangle: to untwist or unweave: to unravel (in this sense usually with _out_).--_v.i._ to be untwisted or unwoven: to become entangled: to search (with _into_):--_pr.p._ rav'elling; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ rav'elled.--_n._ a ravelled thread.--_adj._ RAV'ELLED, denoting bread made from flour and bran.--_ns._ RAV'ELLING, a ravelled thread; RAV'ELLING-EN'GINE, a machine for tearing rags.--_adv._ RAV'ELLY.--_n._ RAV'ELMENT, discord. [Dut. _ravelen_.]

RAVELIN, rav'lin, _n._ a detached work with two embankments raised before the counterscarp. [Fr.,--It. _rivellino_.]

RAVEN, r[=a]'vn, _n._ a kind of crow, noted for its croak and glossy black plumage.--_adj._ black, like a raven.--_adj._ R[=A]'VEN-COL'OURED (_Shak._).--_ns._ R[=A]'VEN'S-DUCK, fine hempen sail-cloth; R[=A]'VENSTONE, a gallows. [A.S. _hraefn_; Ice. _hrafn_, Dut. _raaf_.]

RAVEN, RAVIN (_B._), rav'n, _v.t._ to obtain by violence: to devour with great eagerness or voracity.--_v.i._ to prey rapaciously.--_n._ prey: plunder.--_ns._ RAV'ENER, a plunderer; RAV'ENING (_B._), eagerness for plunder.--_adjs._ RAV'ENOUS, RAV'INED, voracious: devouring with rapacity: eager for prey or gratification.--_adv._ RAV'ENOUSLY.--_n._ RAV'ENOUSNESS.

[O. Fr. _ravine_, plunder--L. _rapina_, plunder.]

RAVINE, ra-v[=e]n', _n._ a long, deep hollow, worn away by a torrent: a deep, narrow mountain-pass. [Fr.,--L. _rapina_, rapine, violence.]

RAVISH, rav'ish, _v.t._ to seize or carry away by violence: to rob: to have sexual intercourse with by force: to fill with ecstasy.--_n._ RAV'ISHER.--_p.adj._ RAV'ISHING, delighting to rapture: transporting: ecstatic.--_adv._ RAV'ISHINGLY, in a ravishing manner: with rapture.--_n._ RAV'ISHMENT, act of ravishing: abduction: rape: ecstatic delight: rapture.

[Fr. _ravir_--L. _rap[)e]re_.]

RAW, raw, _adj._ not altered from its natural state: not cooked or dressed: unbaked: not prepared or manufactured: not mixed: having the skin abraded: sore, as from abrasion of the skin: unfinished: immature: inexperienced: chilly and damp.--_n._ a galled place: an inveterate sore: hence (_fig._) a point on which one is particularly sensitive.--_adjs._ RAW'BONE (_Spens._), RAW'BONED, with little flesh on the bones: gaunt; RAW'-COLD (_Shak._), damp and cold.--_ns._ RAW'HEAD, a spectre mentioned to frighten children; RAW'HIDE, an untanned skin: a whip made of twisted, untanned leather.--_adj._ RAW'ISH, rather raw.--_adv._ RAW'LY.--_ns._ RAW'NESS; RAW'-PORT, a porthole through which an oar can be worked in a small vessel.

[A.S. _hreaw_; Dut. _raauw_, Ice. _hrar_, Ger. _roh_.]

RAX, raks, _v.t._ (_Scot._) to reach out, hand. [_Rack._]

RAY, r[=a], _n._ array.--_v.t._ to array--hence, ironically, (_Shak._) to bedaub. [_Array._]

RAY, r[=a], _n._ a line of light or heat: a beam or gleam of intellectual light: a radiating part of any structure: (_bot._) the outer part of a flower-cluster.--_v.t._ to radiate: to furnish with rays.--_v.i._ to shine out.--_adjs._ RAYED, having rays; RAY'LESS, without rays: destitute of light. [Fr. _raie_--L. _radius_, a rod.]

RAY, r[=a], _n._ a popular name for such flat, cartilaginous fishes as the skate, thornback, and torpedo.--_n._ RAY'-OIL, oil prepared from the livers of ray-fish. [Fr. _raie_--L. _raia_.]

RAY, r[=a], _n._ the scab--a disease of sheep.

RAY, r[=a], _n._ (_mus._) the second note of the diatonic scale.

RAYAH, ra'ya, _n._ a non-Mohammedan subject of Turkey who pays the capitation tax. [Ar. _raiya_--_ra'a_, to pasture.]

RAYLE, r[=a]l, _v.i._ (_Spens._). Same as RAIL.

RAYNE, r[=a]n, _v.i._ and _n._ (_Spens._). Same as RAIN.

RAYON, r[=a]'on, _n._ (_Spens._) a ray. [Fr.]

RAYONNANT, r[=a]'o-nant, _adj._ (_her._) sending forth rays. [Fr., _pr.p._ of _rayonner_, to emit rays--_rayon_, a ray.]

RAZE, r[=a]z, _n._ (_Shak._). Same as RACE (3).

RAZE, r[=a]z, _v.t._ to lay level with the ground: to overthrow: to destroy. [_Rase._]

RAZE, r[=a]z, _n._ a swinging fence in a water-course to prevent the passage of cattle.

RAZEE, ra-z[=e]', _n._ a ship-of-war cut down by reducing the number of decks. [Fr. _rase_, cut down.]

RAZOR, r[=a]'zor, _n._ a keen-edged implement for shaving: a tusk, as the _razors_ of a boar.--_adj_ R[=A]'ZORABLE (_Shak._), fit to be shaved.--_ns._ R[=A]'ZOR-BACK, a kind of baleen whale, also called _Rorqual_, _Fin-back_, or _Finner_: a hog whose back has the form of a ridge; R[=A]'ZOR-BILL, a species of auk, common on the coasts of the northern Atlantic; R[=A]'ZOR-BLADE, -CLAM, -FISH, -SHELL, a bivalve mollusc with an elongated, narrow shell; R[=A]'ZOR-HONE, a hone for sharpening razors; R[=A]'ZOR-PASTE, a paste for spreading on a razor-strop; R[=A]'ZOR-STROP, a strop for razors. [Fr. _rasoir_--L. _rad[)e]re_, _rasum_, to scrape.]

RAZURE, r[=a]'zh[=oo]r, _n._ Same as ERASURE.

RAZZIA, rat'si-a, _n._ a pillaging incursion--Algerian.

RE, r[=a], _n._ (_mus._). Same as RAY.

RE, r[=e], _n._ a word used in the legal phrase IN RE, in the case (of).

[L., abl. of _res_, thing, case.]

REABSORB, r[=e]-ab-sorb', _v.t._ to absorb, suck in, or swallow up again.--_n._ REABSORP'TION.

REACCOMMODATE, r[=e]-a-kom'o-d[=a]t, _v.t._ to readjust.

REACCUSE, r[=e]-a-k[=u]z', _v.t._ to accuse again.

REACH, r[=e]ch, _v.t._ to stretch or extend: to attain or obtain by stretching out the hand: to hand over: to extend to: to arrive at: to get at: to gain.--_v.i._ to be extended: to mount up in quantity or number: to stretch out the hand: to try to obtain: to arrive.--_n._ act or power of reaching: extent of stretch: extent of force: penetration: artifice: contrivance: a straight portion of a stream between bends: (_naut._) the distance traversed between tacks.--_adj_ REACH'ABLE, within reach.--_ns._ REACH'ER, one who reaches; REACH'ING-POST, in rope-making, a post fixed at the lower end of a rope-walk.--_adjs_ REACH'LESS, unattainable; REACH'-ME-DOWN, ready-made.--HEAD REACH, the distance to windward traversed by a vessel while tacking. [A.S. _r['ae]can_; Ger. _reichen_, to reach.]

REACQUITE, r[=e]-a-kw[=i]t', _v.t._ to pay back: to requite.

REACT, r[=e]-akt', _v.t._ to act anew.--_v.i._ to return an impulse in the opposite direction: to act mutually on each other.--_n._ REAC'TION, action resisting other action: mutual action: backward tendency from revolution, reform, or progress.--_adj_ REAC'TIONARY, for or implying reaction.--_n._ one who attempts to reverse political action.--_n._ REAC'TIONIST.--_adj_ REAC'TIVE.--_adv._ REAC'TIVELY.--_ns._ REAC'TIVENESS, REACTIV'ITY.

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