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* Now _King's Bench_, &c.

QUEER, kw[=e]r, _adj._ odd, singular, quaint: open to suspicion, dubious: counterfeit: having a sensation of coming sickness.--_v.t._ (_slang_) to banter, ridicule.--_adj._ QUEER'ISH, somewhat singular.--_n._ QUEER'ITY (_rare_).--_adv._ QUEER'LY.--_n._ QUEER'NESS.--QUEER STREET, the imaginary residence of persons in financial and other difficulties.--A QUEER FISH (see FISH); SHOVE THE QUEER (_slang_), to pass bad money. [Low Ger.

_queer_, across, oblique (Ger. _quer_); cf. _Thwart_.]

QUEET, kw[=e]t, _n._ (_Scot._) an ankle. [_Coot_ (2).]

QUEEZ-MADAM, kw[=e]z'-mad'am, _n._ (_Scot._) the cuisse-madam, a French jargonelle pear.

QUEINT, kw[=a]nt, _adj._ (_Spens._). Same as QUAINT.

QUEINT, kwent (_Spens._), _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ of _quench_.

QUELCH, kwelch, _v.i._ (_prov._) to make a sucking sound like that of water in one's boots.

QUELEA, kw[=e]'le-a, _n._ the weaver-bird of Africa.

QUELL, kwel, _v.t._ to crush: subdue: to allay.--_v.i._ to die, perish, (_Shak._) abate.--_ns._ QUELL (_Shak._), murder: (_Keats_) power of quelling; QUELL'ER, one who quells or crushes: a slayer. [A.S. _cwellan_, to kill, causal of _cwelan_, to die. Cf. _Quail_ (v.).]

QUEME, kw[=e]m, _v.t._ (_Spens._) to please, suit, fit. [A.S. _cweman_; cf.

Ger. _bequem_, fit.]

QUENCH, kwensh, _v.t._ to put out: to destroy: to check: to allay: to place in water.--_v.i._ to lose zeal, grow cold.--_adj._ QUENCH'ABLE, that may be extinguished.--_ns._ QUENCH'ER, one who, or that which, quenches: a draught or drink; QUENCH'ING, act of extinguishing: the act of cooling the surface of molten metal and forming rosettes in the crust.--_adj._ QUENCH'LESS, that cannot be extinguished: irrepressible.--_adv._ QUENCH'LESSLY.--_n._ QUENCH'LESSNESS. [A.S. _cwencan_, to quench, causal of _cwincan_; cf. Old Fries. _kwinka_, to go out.]

QUENELLE, ke-nel', _n._ a forcemeat ball of chicken, veal, or the like.


QUENOUILLE-TRAINING, ke-n[=oo]'lye-tr[=a]'ning, _n._ the training of trees in a conical shape with the branches bent downwards. [Fr. _quenouille_, a distaff--Low L. _colucula_--L. _colus_, a distaff.]

QUERCETUM, kwer-s[=e]'tum, _n._ a collection of living oaks.

[L.,--_quercus_, an oak.]

QUERCITRON, kwer'si-tron, _n._ the name both of a dye-stuff and of the species of oak of which it is the bark--the _Quercus coccinea_ of North America, also called _Dyer's oak_ and _Yellow-barked oak_.--_ns._ QUER'CITE, a sweet crystalline compound found in acorns; QUER'CITIN, a yellow crystalline compound derived from quercitrin by the action of mineral acids; QUER'CITRIN, a glucoside, the colouring-matter of quercitron-bark. [L. _quercus_, oak, _citrus_, a tree of the lemon kind.]

QUERELA, kwe-r[=e]'la, _n._ a complaint preferred in a court.--_n._ QU[=E]'RENT, a plaintiff. [L.]

QUERIMONIOUS, kwer-i-m[=o]'ni-us, _adj._ complaining: discontented.--_adv._ QUERIM[=O]'NIOUSLY.--_n._ QUERIM[=O]'NIOUSNESS. [L. _querimonia_, a complaining--_queri_, to complain.]

QUERIST, kw[=e]'rist, _n._ one who inquires or asks questions. [_Query_.]

QUERK, kw[.e]rk, _v.t._ (_prov_.) to throttle.--_v.i._ to grunt.

QUERL, kw[.e]rl, _v.t._ (_U.S._) to twirl.--_n._ a coil.

QUERN, kw[.e]rn, _n._ a stone handmill for grinding grain. [A.S. _cwyrn_, _cweorn_; Ice. _kvern_, Goth, _kwairnus_.]

QUERQUEDULA, kwer-kwed'[=u]-la, _n._ the teal. [L.]

QUERULOUS, kwer'[=u]-lus, _adj._ complaining: discontented: quarrelsome.--_adv._ QUER'ULOUSLY.--_n._ QUER'ULOUSNESS. [L.,--_queri_, to complain.]

QUERY, kw[=e]'ri, _n._ an inquiry: the mark of interrogation.--_v.t._ to inquire into: to question: to doubt of: to mark with a query.--_v.i._ to question:--_pa.t._ and _pa.p._ qu[=e]'ried.--_adj._ QUES'ITIVE, interrogatory. [L. _quaere_, imper. of _quaer[)e]re_, _quaesitum_, to inquire.]

QUEST, kwest, _n._ the act of seeking: search: pursuit: a searching party: a jury of inquest: inquiry, investigation: request or desire.--_v.i._ to go in search of, to go begging: to give tongue, as a dog after game.--_ns._ QUEST'ANT, QUEST'ER (_Shak._), one who seeks after anything, a candidate.--_adj._ QUEST'FUL. [O. Fr. _queste_ (Fr. _quete_)--L. _quaesita_ (_res_), a thing sought--_quaer[)e]re_, _quaesitum_, to seek.]

QUESTION, kwest'yun, _n._ a seeking: an inquiry: an examination, esp. by torture: an investigation: dispute: doubt: a subject of discussion, esp.

the particular point actually before the house, the measure to be voted upon: (_Shak._) conversation.--_v.t._ to ask questions of: to examine by questions: to inquire of: to regard as doubtful: to challenge, take exception to: to have no confidence in.--_v.i._ to ask questions: to inquire: to debate, consider, to converse.--_adj._ QUEST'IONABLE, that may be questioned: doubtful: uncertain: suspicious.--_n._ QUEST'IONABLENESS.--_adv._ QUEST'IONABLY.--_adj._ QUEST'IONARY, asking questions.--_n._ one who hawks about for sale indulgences or relics.--_ns._ QUEST'IONER; QUEST'IONING, a query, doubt, suspicion.--_adv._ QUEST'IONINGLY.--_n._ QUEST'IONIST, a questioner, a doubter: at Cambridge, a student qualified to be a candidate for a degree.--_adj._ QUEST'IONLESS, unquestioning: beyond question or doubt: certainly.--_n._ QUEST'RIST (_Shak._), a seeker, a pursuer.--_adj._ QUEST'UARY (_obs._), greedy of gain, yielding gain.--QUESTION OF FACT, consideration as to the actual occurrence of an event.--BEG THE QUESTION (see BEG); CALL IN QUESTION, to challenge, to subject to judicial inquiry; IN QUESTION, under consideration, referring to a thing just mentioned; LEADING-QUESTION (see LEAD); OUT OF QUESTION, doubtless; OUT OF THE QUESTION, not to be thought of; POP THE QUESTION (see POP); PREVIOUS QUESTION (see PREVIOUS). [Fr.,--L.

_quaestion-em_--_quaer[)e]re_, _quaesitum_, to seek.]


QUETZAL, kwet'sal, _n._ the resplendent trogon, a native of Central America, the plumage of the male a magnificent golden green.--Also QUES'AL, QUIJ'AL.

QUEUE, k[=u], _n._ a pendent braid of hair at the back of the head, a pigtail: a file of persons waiting in the order of arrival: a tailpiece, as of a violin: (_her._) the tail of a beast.--_v.t._ to tie or fasten in a queue or pigtail. [Fr.,--L. _cauda_, a tail.]

QUEY, kw[=a], _n._ (_Scot._) a young cow or heifer, a cow that has not yet had a calf. [Ice. _kviga_; Dan. _kvie_.]

QUHILK, hwilk, _pron._ an obsolete Scotch form of which.

QUIB, kwib. Same as QUIP.

QUIBBLE, kwib'l, _n._ a turning away from the point in question into matters irrelevant or insignificant: an evasion, a pun: a petty conceit.--_v.i._ to evade a question by a play upon words: to cavil: to trifle in argument: to pun.--_n._ QUIBB'LER.--_adv._ QUIBB'LINGLY. [Freq.

of _quip_.]

QUICH, kwich, _v.i._ (_Spens._) to stir, to move.--Also QUINCH, QUITCH.

[A.S. _cweccan_, causal of _cwacian_, to quake.]

QUICK, kwik, _adj._ living: lively: speedy: nimble: ready: sensitive: hasty: pregnant: active, piercing.--_adv._ without delay: rapidly: soon.--_n._ a living animal or plant: the living: the living flesh: the sensitive parts: a hedge of some growing plant, quickset.--_adj._ QUICK'-AN'SWERED (_Shak._), quick at giving an answer.--_n._ QUICK'BEAM, the mountain-ash or rowan.--_adj._ QUICK'-CONCEIV'ING, quick at conceiving or understanding.--_v.t._ QUICK'EN, to make quick or alive: to revive: to reinvigorate: to cheer: to excite: to sharpen: to hasten.--_v.i._ to become alive: to move with activity.--_n._ the couch or quitch-grass.--_ns._ QUICK'ENER, one who, or that which, reinvigorates; QUICK'ENING, the period in pregnancy when the mother first becomes conscious of the movement of the child--from the sixteenth or seventeenth week onwards.--_adj._ QUICK'-EYED, having acute sight.--_ns._ QUICK'-GRASS=_Quitch-grass_; QUICK'-HEDGE, a hedge of living plants; QUICK'LIME, recently burnt lime, caustic and unslaked: carbonate of lime without its carbonic acid.--_adv._ QUICK'LY.--_ns._ QUICK'MARCH (same as QUICK'STEP); QUICK'MATCH (see MATCH); QUICK'NESS; QUICK'SAND, a movable sandbank in a sea, lake, &c., any large mass of sand saturated with water, often dangerous to travellers: anything treacherous.--_adj_. QUICK'-SCENT'ED, having a keen scent.--_n._ QUICK'SET, a living plant set to grow for a hedge, particularly the hawthorn.--_adj._ consisting of living plants.--_adj._ QUICK'-SIGHT'ED, having quick or sharp sight: quick in discernment.--_ns._ QUICK'-SIGHT'EDNESS, sharpness of sight or discernment; QUICK'SILVER, the common name for fluid mercury, so called from its great mobility and its silvery colour.--_v.t._ to overlay or to treat with quicksilver.--_adj._ QUICK'SILVERED.--_ns._ QUICK'SILVERING, the mercury on the back of a mirror; QUICK'STEP, a march in quick time: (_mus._) a march written in military quick time.--_adj._ QUICK'-TEM'PERED, irascible.--_n._ QUICK'-WA'TER, a solution of nitrates of mercury and of gold, for water-gilding.--_adj._ QUICK'-WIT'TED, having ready wit.--_ns._ QUICK'-WIT'TEDNESS; QUICK'-WORK, the part of a ship under water when laden: the part of the inner upper-works of a ship above the covering board: the short planks worked inside between the ports: spirketting.--SOME QUICK (_Spens._), something alive. [A.S. _cwic_; Ice. _kvikr_, Goth. _kwius_, living; allied to L. _vivus_.]

QUICUNQUE, kw[=i]-kung'kwe, _n._ the so-called Athanasian Creed, from its first words, _Quicunque vult_='whosoever will.'

QUID, kwid, _n._ what, substance: something.--TERTIUM QUID, something distinct from both mind and matter, itself immediately known, mediating between the mind and the reality. [L., what.]

QUID, kwid, _n._ something chewed or kept in the mouth, esp. a piece of tobacco. [A corr. of _cud_.]

QUID, kwid, _n._ (_slang_) a sovereign.

QUIDAM, kw[=i]'dam, _n._ somebody, one unknown. [L.]

QUIDDANY, kwid'a-ni, _n._ a confection of quince-juice and sugar. [L.

_cydonium_. Cf. _Quince_.]

QUIDDIT, kwid'it, _n._ an equivocation: a subtilty or quibble. [A contr. of _quiddity_.]

QUIDDITY, kwid'i-ti, _n._ the essence of anything: any trifling nicety: a cavil: a captious question.--_adjs._ QUIDD'ATIVE, QUIDD'IT[=A]TIVE. [Low L.

_quidditas_--L. _quid_, what.]

QUIDDLE, kwid'l, _v.i._ to spend time in trifling.--_n._ one who does so.--_n._ QUIDD'LER, a trifler.--_adj._ QUIDD'LING. [L. _quid_.]

QUIDNUNC, kwid'nungk, _n._ one always on the lookout for news: one who pretends to know all occurrences. [L., 'what now?']

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