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QUANTUM, kwon'tum, _n._ quantity: amount:--_pl._ QUAN'TA.--QUANTUM SUFFICIT--as much as is sufficient. [L. _quantum_, neut. of _quantus_, how great.]

QUAQUAVERSAL, kwa-kwa-ver'sal, _adj._ (_geol._) inclining outward in all directions from a centre: facing all ways.--_adv._ QUAQUAVER'SALLY. [L.

_quaqua_, wheresoever, _vert[)e]re_, _versum_, to turn.]

QUARANTINE, kwor'an-t[=e]n, _n._ a forced abstinence from communication with the shore which ships are compelled to undergo when they are last from some port where certain infectious diseases are raging--the time originally forty days: (_coll._) the isolation of a person, house, district, &c.

afflicted with or recovering from contagious disease.--_v.t._ to prohibit from intercourse from fear of infection.--_adj._ QUARANTIN'ABLE, admitting of, or controlled by, quarantine.--QUARANTINE FLAG, a yellow flag displayed by a ship to signify the presence on board of contagious disease. [Fr.

_quarantaine_--L. _quadraginta_, forty--_quatuor_, four.]

QUARL, kwarl, _n._ a segment of fireclay used in making covers for retorts, &c.

QUARL, kwarl, _n._ a medusa or jelly-fish.

QUARREL, kwor'el, _n._ a square of glass placed diagonally: a lozenge or diamond: a diamond pane of glass: a small square tile: a square-headed arrow for a cross-bow: a graver, glaziers' diamond, or other tool having a several-edged head or point.--_ns._ QUARR'ELET, a small lozenge; QUARR'EL-PANE. [O. Fr.,--Low L. _quadrellus_--L. _quadrus_, square--_quatuor_, four.]

QUARREL, kwor'el, _n._ an angry dispute: a breach of friendship: (_Shak._) a cause of complaint: a brawl: (_Shak._) a quarreller.--_v.i._ to cavil, find fault: to dispute violently: to fight: to disagree.--_v.t._ (_Scot._) to find fault with: to affect by quarrelling:--_pr.p._ quarr'elling; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ quarr'elled.--_ns._ QUARR'ELLER; QUARR'ELLING, strife: dissension: brawling.--_adjs._ QUARR'ELLOUS (_Shak._), quarrelsome; QUARR'ELSOME, disposed to quarrel: brawling: easily provoked.--_adv._ QUARR'ELSOMELY.--_n._ QUARR'ELSOMENESS.--QUARREL WITH ONE'S BREAD AND BUTTER, to act in a way prejudicial to one's means of subsistence.--PICK A QUARREL WITH, to try to get into a dispute with; TAKE UP A QUARREL (_Shak._), to settle a dispute. [O. Fr. _querele_--L. _querela_--_queri_, _questus_, to complain.]

QUARRENDER, kwor'en-d[.e]r, _n._ (_prov._) a kind of apple.

QUARRY, kwor'i, _n._ an excavation from which stone is taken for building, &c., by cutting, blasting, &c.--_v.t._ to dig from a quarry:--_pa.t._ and _pa.p._ quarr'ied.--_adj._ QUARR'IABLE, capable of being quarried.--_ns._ QUARR'IER, QUARR'Y-MAN, a man who works in a quarry.--_adj._ QUARR'Y-FACED, rough-faced.--_ns._ QUARR'YING-MACHINE', a rock-drill; QUARR'Y-WA'TER, the water contained in the pores of stone while unquarried, or newly quarried, before its evaporation. [O. Fr. _quarriere_ (Fr. _carriere_)--Low L.

_quadraria_--L. _quadratus_, square.]

QUARRY, kwor'i, _n._ the entrails of the game given to the dogs after the chase: the object of the chase: the game a hawk is pursuing or has killed: a heap of dead game. [O. Fr. _curee_, _cuiree_--_cuir_, the skin--L.

_corium_, hide.]

QUARRY, kwor'i, _n._ a small square tile.--_adj._ QUARR'IED, paved with such. [O. Fr. _quarre_--L. _quadratus_, square.]

QUART, QUARTE, kart, _n._ a sequence of four cards: one of the eight thrusts and parries in fencing.--QUART AND TIERCE, practice between fencers. [Fr. _quarte_.]

QUART, kwort, or kwawrt, _n._ the fourth part of a gallon, or two pints: a vessel containing two pints: (_Spens._) a quarter: the peck or quarter of a bushel: (_mus._) the interval of a fourth.--_n._ QUART[=A]'TION, the parting of gold and silver by means of nitric acid.--QUART D'eCU (_Shak._), a cardecu. [Fr. _quarte_--L. _quartus_, fourth--_quatuor_, four.]

QUARTAN, kwor'tan, _adj._ occurring every fourth day, as a fever or ague.--_n._ an ague of this character. [Fr. _quartaine_--L. _quartanus_, of the fourth.]

QUARTER, kwor't[.e]r, _n._ a fourth part: the fourth part of a cwt.=28 lb.

avoirdupois (abbrev. _qr._): 8 bushels, as a measure of capacity, for grain, &c.: the fourth part of an hour--of the year--of the moon's period--of a carcass (including a limb)--of the horizon, &c.: a cardinal point: (_her._) one of the four parts into which a shield is divided by quartering (_dexter chief_, _sinister chief_, _dexter base_, _sinister base_), an ordinary occupying one-fourth of the field: a region of a hemisphere: a division of a town, &c.: place of lodging, as for soldiers, esp. in _pl._: mercy granted to a disabled antagonist, prob. from the idea of the captor sending the prisoner to his quarters: (_Shak._) peace, concord: (_naut._) the part of a ship's side between the mainmast and the stern.--_v.t._ to divide into four equal parts: to divide into parts or compartments: to furnish with quarters: to lodge: to allot or share: to furnish with entertainment: (_her._) to bear as an appendage to the hereditary arms: to beat the ground for game.--_v.i._ to be stationed: to shift or change position: to range for game: to drive across a road from side to side.--_ns._ QUAR'TER[=A]GE, a quarterly payment: quarters, lodging: a name applied to a particular tax; QUAR'TER-BACK, a certain player or position in football (see BACK); QUAR'TER-BEND, a bend in a pipe or rod altering its direction 90; QUAR'TER-BILL, a list of the stations for men on board a man-of-war during action; QUAR'TER-BLANK'ET, a horse-blanket for the hind QUAR'TER-BLOCKS, blocks fitted under the quarters of a yard, on each side the slings, for the topsail-sheets, &c., to reeve through.--_ns._ QUAR'TER-BOARD, topgallant bulwarks; QUAR'TER-BOAT, any boat hung to davits over the ship's quarter; QUAR'TER-BOOT, a leather boot to protect an overreaching horse's fore feet from being struck by the hind feet.--_adj._ QUAR'TER-BOUND, having leather or cloth on the back QUAR'TER-BOYS, automata which strike the quarter-hours in certain belfries.--_adjs._ QUAR'TER-BRED, having only one-fourth pure blood, as horses, cattle, &c.; QUAR'TER-CAST, cut in the quarter of the hoof.--_ns._ QUAR'TER-DAY, the first or last day of a quarter, on which rent or interest is paid; QUAR'TER-DECK, the part of the deck of a ship abaft the mainmast; QUAR'TER-DECK'ER (_coll._), a stickler for small points of etiquette on board ship.--_adj._ QUAR'TERED, divided into four equal parts: lodged, stationed for lodging: having hind quarters of a particular kind, as a short-_quartered_ horse: sawed into quarters: (_her._) having a square piece cut out of the centre.--_ns._ QUAR'TER-[=E]'VIL, -ILL, symptomatic anthrax, an infectious and frequently fatal disease of cattle, marked by hemorrhage into the subcutaneous areolar tissue of the limbs--also _Black-leg_, _Quarter_, or _Spaul_, &c.; QUAR'TERFOIL (_archit._), an ornamental carving disposed in four segments of circles like an expanded flower; QUAR'TER-GALL'ERY, a projecting balcony on each of the quarters of a large ship: a small structure on a ship's quarters containing the water-closet and bath-tub; QUAR'TER-GUN'NER, a petty-officer in the United States navy, having care, under the gunner, of arms, ammunition, &c.--_adj._ QUAR'TERING, sailing nearly before the wind: striking on the quarter of a ship, as a wind.--_n._ assignment of quarters to soldiers: (_archit._) a series of small upright posts for forming partitions of rooms, lathed and plastered only, or boarded also: (_her._) the bearing of two or more coats-of-arms on a shield divided by horizontal and perpendicular lines, denoting the alliances of the family--also, one of the divisions thus formed.--_ns._ QUAR'TERING-BLOCK, a block on which the body of a person condemned to be quartered was cut in pieces; QUAR'TER-LINE, the position of ships of a column ranged in a line when one is four points forward or abaft another's beam.--_adj._ QUAR'TERLY, relating to a quarter: consisting of, or containing, a fourth part: once a quarter of a year.--_adv._ once a quarter: (_her._) arranged according to the four quarters of a shield.--_n._ a periodical published every quarter of a year.--_ns._ QUAR'TERMASTER, an officer who looks after the quarters of the soldiers, and attends to the supplies--he is assisted by a non-commissioned officer named QUAR'TERMASTER-SER'GEANT: (_naut._) a first-class petty officer who attends to the helm, signals, &c.; QUAR'TERMASTER-GEN'ERAL, in the British army, a staff-officer of high rank (major-general or colonel) who deals with all questions of transport, marches, quarters, fuel, clothing, &c.; QUAR'TERN, the fourth part of a peck, a stone, or a pint: the quarter of a pound; QUAR'TERN-LOAF, a loaf weighing, generally, four pounds; QUARTEROON' (see QUADROON); QUAR'TER-PLATE, in photography, a size of plate measuring 3 by 4 inches: a picture of this size; QUAR'TER-ROUND, a moulding having an outline approximating to a quadrant, an _ovolo_: any tool adapted for making such; QUAR'TER-SEAL, the seal kept by the director of the Chancery of Scotland--the _testimonial_ of the Great Seal; QUAR'TER-SES'SIONS, a criminal court held quarterly by Justices of the Peace, established in 1350-51, but having had most of its administrative powers transferred in 1888 to the County Councils: county or borough sessions held quarterly; QUAR'TER-STAFF, a long staff or weapon of defence, grasped at a quarter of its length from the end and at the middle; QUAR'TER-TONE (_mus._), an interval equivalent to one-half of a semitone; QUAR'TER-WATCH (_naut._), one-half of the watch on deck; QUARTETTE', QUARTET', anything in fours: a musical composition of four parts for voices or instruments: a stanza of four lines.--_adj._ QUAR'TIC (_math._), of the fourth degree or order.--_n._ an algebraic function of the fourth degree.--_n._ QUAR'TILE (_astrol._), an aspect of planets when their longitudes differ by 90.--_adj._ QUAR'TO, having the sheet folded into four leaves (abbrev.

4to).--_n._ a book of a quarto size:--_pl._ QUAR'TOS (demy quarto, 8 11 in.; medium quarto, 9 11 in.; royal quarto, 10 12 in.).--BEAT UP THE QUARTERS OF, to disturb: to visit unceremoniously; COME TO CLOSE QUARTERS, to get into a hand-to-hand struggle.--SMALL QUARTO, a square octavo: a book having eight leaves to a sheet but the shape of a quarto.--WINTER QUARTERS, the quarters or station of an army during the winter. [O. Fr.,--L.

_quartarius_--_quartus_, fourth.]

QUARTODECIMAN, kwor-t[=o]-des'i-man, _n._ one of those who celebrated the Paschal festival on the 14th day of Nisan without regard to the day of the week. The western churches kept it on the Sunday after the 14th day--the usage approved by the Council of Nice (325 A.D.). [L. _quartodecimus_, fourteenth, _quatuor_, four, _decem_, ten.]

QUARTZ, kworts, _n._ the common form of native silica, or the oxide of silicon, occurring both in crystals and massive, scratching glass easily, and becoming positively electrical by friction, colourless when pure--Rock-crystal, Common, and Compact Quartz.--_ns._ QUARTZ'-CRUSH'ER, -MILL, a machine, mill, where auriferous quartz is reduced to powder, and the gold separated by amalgamation.--_adj._ QUARTZIF'EROUS.--_ns._ QUARTZ'ITE, QUARTZ'-ROCK, a common rock, usually white, gray, or rusty in colour, and composed of an aggregate of quartz-grains welded together.--_adjs._ QUARTZIT'IC; QUARTZ'OSE, of or like quartz; QUARTZ'Y.

[Ger. _quarz_.]

QUASH, kwosh, _v.t._ to crush: to subdue or extinguish suddenly and completely: to annul. [O. Fr. _quasser_ (Fr. _casser_)--L. _quass[=a]re_, inten. of _quat[)e]re_, to shake.]

QUASHEE, kwosh'e, _n._ a negro, esp. in West Indies.

QUASHEY, kwosh'i, _n._ a pumpkin.

QUASI, kw[=a]'s[=i], _conj._ and _adv._ as if: in a certain manner, sense, or degree--in appearance only, as '_quasi_-historical,' &c. [L.]

QUASIMODO, kwas-i-m[=o]'do, _n._ the first Sunday after Easter, Low Sunday.

[From the first words of the introit for the day, 1 Peter, ii. 2; L. _Quasi modo geniti infantes_, as new-born babes, &c.]

QUASS, kwas, _n._ See KVASS.

QUASSATION, kwas-s[=a]'shun, _n._ the act of shaking: the state of being shaken: concussion.--_adj._ QUAS'SATIVE. [L. _quassatio_--_quass[=a]re_, to shake.]

QUASSIA, kwash'i-a, _n._ a South American tree, the bitter wood and bark of which are used as a tonic.--_ns._ QUASS'INE, QUASS'ITE, the bitter principle of quassia-wood, the Bitter-wood of the West Indies. [So called by Linnaeus from a negro named _Quassi_, who first discoverer its value against fever.]

QUAT, kwot, _n._ (_Shak._) a pimple: an insignificant person.

QUATCH, kwoch, _adj._ (_Shak._) squat, flat.

QUATERCENTENARY, qua-ter-sen'te-n[=a]-ri, _n._ a 400th anniversary.

QUATERFOIL, kat'[.e]r-foil, _n._ See QUARTERFOIL.

QUATERNARY, kwa-t[.e]r'nar-i, _adj._ consisting of four: by fours: pertaining to strata more recent than the Upper Tertiary: (_math._) containing four variables.--_n._ a group of four things.--_adjs._ QU[=A]T'ERN, QU[=A]TER'N[=A]TE, composed of, or arranged in, sets of four.--_n._ QU[=A]TER'NION, a set or group of four: a word of four syllables: (_pl._) in mathematics, a calculus of peculiar power and generality invented by Sir W. R. Hamilton of Dublin, as a geometry, primarily concerning itself with the operations by which one directed quantity or vector is changed into another.--_v.t._ to divide into quaternions: (_Milt._) to divide into companies.--_ns._ QU[=A]TER'NIONIST, a student of quaternions; QU[=A]TERN'ITY, the state of being four, a group of four.--QUATERNARY NUMBER, ten; so called by the Pythagoreans because equal to 1 + 2 + 3 + 4.

QUATORZE, ka-torz', _n._ the four aces, kings, queens, knaves, or tens in the game of piquet.--_n._ QUATOR'ZAIN, a stanza or poem of fourteen lines.


QUATRAIN, kwot'r[=a]n, _n._ a stanza of four lines rhyming alternately.



QUATTROCENTO, kwot-r[=o]-chen'to, _n._ in Italian, a term for the 15th century, its literature and art: the early Renaissance.--_n._ QUATTROCEN'TIST. Outstanding _quattrocentisti_ in art are Donatello, Masaccio, Lippo Lippi, and Mantegna. [It., 'four hundred,' contr. for 1400.]

QUAVER, kw[=a]'v[.e]r, _v.i._ to shake: to sing or play with tremulous modulations.--_n._ a trembling: a vibration of the voice: a note in music=half a crotchet or one-eighth of a semibreve.--_n._ QU[=A]'VERER.--_adv._ QU[=A]'VERINGLY. [Imit.; cf. _Quiver_, and Ger.


QUAY, k[=e], _n._ a landing-place: a wharf for the loading or unloading of vessels.--_n._ QUAY'AGE, payment for use of a quay. [O. Fr. _quay_--Celt., as in Bret. _kae_, and W. _cae_, an enclosure.]

QUAYD, kw[=a]d, _adj._ (_Spens._). Same as QUELLED.

QUEACHY, kw[=e]'chi, _adj._ shaking: unsteady. [From _queach_, a variant of _quitch_.]

QUEAN, kw[=e]n, _n._ a saucy girl or young woman: a woman of worthless character. [_Queen_.]

QUEASY, kw[=e]'zi, _adj._ sick, squeamish: inclined to vomit: causing nausea: fastidious: ticklish, nice.--_adv._ QUEA'SILY.--_n._ QUEA'SINESS.

[Scand.; Norw. _kveis_, sickness after a debauch, Ice. _-kveisa_, pains, as in _idhra-kveisa_, pains in the stomach.]

QUEBRACHO, ke-bra'ch[=o], _n._ the bark of several hard-wooded South American trees--good in fever. [Port.,--_quebrahacho_, axe-breaker--_quebrar_, to break, _hacha_, _facha_, axe.]

QUEBRADA, ke-bra'da, _n._ a ravine. [Sp. Amer.]

QUEEN, kw[=e]n, _n._ the wife of a king: a female sovereign: the best or chief of her kind: a queen-bee or queen-ant: of playing-cards, one with the queen painted on it: the piece in chess which is the most deadly in attack.--_v.i._ to play the queen.--_ns._ QUEEN'-APP'LE, QUEEN'ING, the name of several varieties of apple; QUEEN'-BEE, the sole female of a bee-hive, considerably larger than an ordinary bee; QUEEN'-CON'SORT, the wife of the reigning sovereign--opp. to QUEEN'-REG'NANT, holding the crown in her own right; QUEEN'CRAFT, craft or policy on the part of a queen; QUEEN'DOM, queenly rule or dignity: the realm of a queen; QUEEN'-DOW'AGER, the widow of a deceased king; QUEEN'HOOD, the state of being a queen; QUEEN'LET, a petty queen.--_adjs._ QUEEN'-LIKE, QUEEN'LY, like a queen: becoming or suitable to a queen.--_n._ QUEEN'LINESS.--_adv._ QUEEN'LY, like a queen.--_ns._ QUEEN'-MOTH'ER, a queen-dowager, the mother of the reigning king or queen; QUEEN'-OF-THE-MEAD'OWS, the meadow-sweet; QUEEN'-POST (_archit._), one of two upright posts in a trussed roof, resting upon the tie-beam, and supporting the principal rafters; QUEEN'-R[=E]'GENT, a queen who reigns as regent; QUEEN'S'-ARM, a musket; QUEEN'SHIP, the state, condition, or dignity of a queen; QUEEN'-STITCH, a square or chequer pattern in embroidery stitch.--QUEEN ANNE'S BOUNTY, a fund for augmenting the incomes of the poorer clergy of England, set aside in 1703; QUEEN ANNE STYLE (_archit._), the style popular in the early part of the 18th century, the buildings plain and simple, with classic cornices and details, and frequently with large windows divided by mullions; QUEEN OF HEAVEN, a title often given to the goddess Astarte or Ashtoreth: among Roman Catholics, a title for the Virgin Mary; QUEEN OF THE MAY=_May-queen_ (see MAY); * QUEEN'S BENCH (court of: see KING); * QUEEN'S COLOUR, one of the pair of colours belonging to each regiment in our army; * QUEEN'S COUNSEL (see COUNSEL); * QUEEN'S ENGLISH, correct use of the English language; * QUEEN'S EVIDENCE (see EVIDENT); * QUEEN'S MESSENGER (see MESSAGE); QUEEN'S METAL, an alloy consisting chiefly of tin; QUEEN'S TOBACCO PIPE, the facetious designation of a peculiarly shaped kiln which used to be situated at the corner of the tobacco warehouses belonging to the London Docks, and in which contraband goods were burned; QUEEN'S WARE, a variety of Wedgwood ware, otherwise known as _cream-coloured ware_; QUEEN'S YELLOW, the yellow subsulphate of mercury. [A.S. _cwen_; Goth. _kw[=e]ns_, Ice. _kvan_, _kvaen_.]

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