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_choreia_, a dancing.]

CHOREE, k[=o]'r[=e], _n._ a trochee.--Also CHOR[=E]'US. [L.,--Gr.]


CHOREPISCOPAL, k[=o]-re-pis'ko-pal, _adj._ pertaining to a local or suffragan bishop. [Gr. _ch[=o]ra_, place.]

CHORIAMB, k[=o]'ri-amb, _n._ a metrical foot of four syllables, the first and last long, the two others short.--_adj._ and _n._ CHORIAM'BIC. [Gr.

_choriambos_--_choreios_, a trochee, _iambos_, iambus.]

CHORION, k[=o]'ri-on, _n._ the outer foetal envelope: the external membrane of the seeds of plants:--_pl._ CH[=O]'RIA.--_adj._ CH[=O]'ROID. [Gr.]

CHOROGRAPHY, k[=o]-rog'ra-fi, _n._ the description of the geographical features of a particular region.--_adjs._ CHOROGRAPH'IC, -AL; CHOROLOG'ICAL.--_ns._ CHOROL'OGIST; CHOROL'OGY, the science of the geographical distribution of plants and animals.

CHORUS, k[=o]'rus, _n._ a band of singers and dancers, esp. in the Greek plays: a company of singers: that which is sung by a chorus: the combination of several voices in one simultaneous utterance: the part of a song in which the company join the singer.--_adj._ CHOREOGRAPH'IC.--_ns._ CHOREOG'RAPHY, CHOROG'RAPHY, the notation of dancing.--_adj._ CH[=O]'RIC.--_ns._ CH[=O]'RIST, CHOR'ISTER, a member of a choir. [L.,--Gr.

_choros_, dance.]


CHOUGH, chuf, _n._ a kind of jackdaw which frequents rocky places on the seacoast. [A.S. _ceo_; from the cry of the bird. See CAW.]


CHOUSE, chows, _n._ (_obs._) a cheat: one easily cheated: a trick.--_v.t._ to cheat, swindle. [Prob. from Turk. _chaush_, a messenger or envoy.]

CHOUT, chowt, _n._ one-fourth part of the revenue extorted by the Mahrattas as blackmail: blackmail, extortion. [Hind. _chauth_, the fourth part.]

CHOW-CHOW, chow'-chow, _n._ a mixture of food such as the Chinese use, e.g.

preserved pickles.--_adj._ miscellaneous, mixed. [Pigeon-English.]

CHOWDER, chow'd[.e]r, _n._ a dish made of a mixture of fish and biscuits.

[Fr. _chaudiere_, a pot.]

CHOWRY, chow'ri, _n._ an instrument used for driving away flies. [Hindi, _chaunri_.]

CHREMATISTIC, kr[=e]-ma-tis'tik, _adj._ pertaining to finance.--_n._ CHREMATIS'TICS, the science of wealth. [Gr.,--_chr[=e]ma_, a thing.]


CHRESTOMATHY, kres-tom'a-thi, _n._ a book of selections from foreign languages, usually for beginners.--_adjs._ CHRESTOMATH'IC, -AL. [Gr.

_chr[=e]stos_, useful, _mathein_, to know.]

CHRISM, krizm, _n._ consecrated or holy oil: unction: confirmation: chrisom. (q.v.).--_adj._ CHRIS'MAL, pertaining to chrism.--_n._ a case for containing chrism: a pyx: a veil used in christening.--_ns._ CHRIS'MATORY, a vessel for containing chrism; CHRIS'OM, a white cloth laid by the priest on a child newly anointed with chrism after its baptism: the child itself.--CHRISOM CHILD (_Shak._), a child still wearing the chrisom cloth: an innocent child. [O. Fr. _chresme_ (Fr. _chreme_)--Gr. _chrisma_, from _chriein_, _chrisein_, to anoint.]

CHRIST, kr[=i]st, _n._ the Anointed, the Messiah.--_ns._ CHRIST-CROSS-ROW (kris'-kros-r[=o]), the alphabet, from the use in horn-books of having a cross at the beginning; CHR[=I]ST'S-THORN, a kind of prickly shrub common in Palestine and south of Europe, so called because supposed to have been the plant from which the crown of thorns was made.--_v.t._ CHRISTEN (kris'n), to baptise in the name of Christ: to give a name to.--_ns._ CHRIS'TENDOM, that part of the world in which Christianity is the received religion: the whole body of Christians; CHRIS'TENING, the ceremony of baptism; CHR[=I]ST'HOOD, the condition of being the Christ or Messiah; CHRIST'IAN, a follower of Christ: (_coll._) a human being.--_adj._ relating to Christ or His religion: being in the spirit of Christ.--_v.t._ CHRIST'IANISE, to make Christian: to convert to Christianity.--_ns._ CHRIST'IANISM, CHRISTIAN'ITY, the religion of Christ: the spirit of this religion.--_adjs._ CHRIST'IAN-LIKE, CHRIST'IANLY.--_ns._ CHRIST'IANNESS, CHRIST'LINESS.--_adjs._ CHRIST'LESS, CHRIST'LY.--CHRISTIAN ERA, the era counted from the birth of Christ; CHRISTIAN NAME, the name given when christened, as distinguished from the surname. [A.S. _crist_--Gr.

_Christos_--and _chriein_, _chrisein_, to anoint.]

CHRISTADELPHIAN, kris-ta-del'fi-an, _n._ a member of a small religious body holding conditional immortality, denying a personal devil, &c.--sometimes called _Thomasites_ from Dr John _Thomas_ of Brooklyn (1805-71). [Lit.

'Brethren of Christ,' Gr. _Christos_, Christ, and _adelphos_, brother.]

CHRISTMAS, kris'mas, _n._ an annual festival, originally a mass, in memory of the birth of Christ, held on the 25th of December.--_ns._ CHRIST'MAS-BOX, a box containing Christmas presents: a Christmas gift; CHRIST'MAS-CARD, a card, more or less ornamented, sent from friend to friend at this season; CHRIST'MAS-EVE, the evening before Christmas; CHRIST'MAS-ROSE, or -FLOW'ER, the _Helleborus niger_, flowering in winter; CHRIST'MAS-TREE, a tree, usually fir, set up in a room, and loaded with Christmas presents. [CHRIST and MASS.]

CHRISTOLOGY, kris-tol'o-ji, _n._ that branch of theology which treats of the nature and person of Christ.--_adj._ CHRISTOLOG'ICAL.--_n._ CHRISTOL'OGIST. [Gr. _Christos_, and _logia_, a discourse.]

CHRISTOM, kris'um, _n._ (_Shak._). Same as CHRISOM, under CHRISM (q.v.).

CHRISTOPHANY, kris-tof'a-ni, _n._ an appearance of Christ to men. [Gr.

_Christos_, and _phainein_, to appear.]

CHROMATIC, kr[=o]-mat'ik, _adj._ relating to colours: coloured: (_mus._) relating to notes in a melodic progression, which are raised or lowered by accidentals, without changing the key of the passage, and also to chords in which such notes occur.--_ns._ CHR[=O]M'ATE, a salt of chromic acid; CHR[=O]MAT'ICS, the science of colours.--_v.t._ CHR[=O]'MATISE, to impregnate with a chromate.--_ns._ CHR[=O]MATOG'RAPHY, a treatise on colours; CHR[=O]MATOL'OGY, the science of colours, or a treatise thereon; CHR[=O]MAT'OPHORE, one of the pigment-cells in animals: one of the granules in protoplasm: one of the brightly coloured bead-like bodies in the oral disc of certain actinias, &c.; CHR[=O]MATOP'SIA, coloured vision; CHR[=O]'MATROPE, an arrangement in a magic-lantern by which effects like those of the kaleidoscope are produced; CHR[=O]'MATYPE, CHR[=O]'MOTYPE, a photographic process by which a coloured impression of a picture is obtained.--_adj._ relating to the chromatype.--_ns._ CHR[=O]ME, CHR[=O]'MIUM, a metal remarkable for the beautiful colours of its compounds.--_adj._ CHR[=O]M'IC.--_ns._ CHR[=O]'MITE, a mineral consisting of oxide of chromium and iron; CHR[=O]'MO-LITH'OGRAPH, or merely CHR[=O]'MO, a lithograph printed in colours; CHR[=O]'MOLITHOG'RAPHY; CHR[=O]'MOSPHERE, a layer of incandescent red gas surrounding the sun through which the light of the photosphere passes--also CHR[=O]MAT'OSPHERE; CHR[=O]'MO-TYPOG'RAPHY, typography in colours; CHR[=O]'MO-XY'LOGRAPH, a picture printed in colours from wooden blocks; CHR[=O]'MO-XYLOG'RAPHY.--CHROMATIC SCALE, a scale proceeding by semitones; CHROMIC ACID, an acid of chromium, of an orange-red colour, much used in dyeing and bleaching. [Gr. _chr[=o]matikos_--_chr[=o]ma_, colour.]

CHRONIC, -AL, kron'ik, -al, _adj._ lasting a long time: of a disease, deep seated or long continued, as opposed to _acute_.--_n._ CHRON'IC, chronic invalid. [Gr. _chronikos_--_chronos_, time.]

CHRONICLE, kron'i-kl, _n._ a bare record of events in order of time: a history: (_pl._) name of two of the Old Testament books: a story, account.--_v.t._ to record.--_n._ CHRON'ICLER, a historian. [O. Fr.

_chronique_--L.--Gr. _chronika_, annals--_chronos_, time.]

CHRONOGRAM, kron'o-gram, _n._ an inscription in which the time or date of an event is given by certain of the letters printed larger than the rest.

[Gr. _chronos_, time, _gramma_, a letter--_graphein_, to write.]

CHRONOGRAPH, kron'o-graf, _n._ a chronogram: an instrument for taking exact measurements of time, or for recording graphically the moment or duration of an event.--_ns._ CHRONOG'RAPHER, a chronicler; CHRONOG'RAPHY, chronology. [Gr. _chronos_, time, _graphein_, to write.]

CHRONOLOGY, kron-ol'o-ji, _n._ the science of time.--_ns._ CHRONOL'OGER, CHRONOL'OGIST.--_adjs._ CHRONOLOG'IC, -AL.--_adv._ CHRONOLOG'ICALLY. [Gr.

_chronos_, time, _logia_, a discourse.]

CHRONOMETER, kron-om'e-t[.e]r, _n._ an instrument for measuring time: a watch.--_adjs._ CHRONOMET'RIC, -AL.--_n._ CHRONOM'ETRY, the art of measuring time by means of instruments: measurement of time. [Gr.

_chronos_, and _metron_, a measure.]

CHRONOSCOPE, kron'[=o]-sk[=o]p, _n._ an instrument for measuring very short intervals of time, esp. with projectiles.

CHRYSALIS, kris'a-lis, CHRYSALID, kris'a-lid, _n._ a term originally applied to the golden-coloured resting stages in the life-history of many butterflies, but sometimes extended to all forms of pupae or nymphs: the shell whence the insect comes:--_pl._ CHRYSAL'IDES (i-d[=e]z).--_adjs._ CHRYS'ALID, CHRYS'ALINE, CHRYS'ALOID. [Gr. _chrysallis_--_chrysos_, gold.]

CHRYSANTHEMUM, kris-an'the-mum, _n._ a genus of composite plants to which belong the corn marigold and ox-eye daisy. [Gr. _chrysos_, gold, _anthemon_, flower.]

CHRYSELEPHANTINE, kris-el-e-fan'tin, _adj._ noting the art of making statues jointly of gold and ivory. [Gr. _chrysos_, gold, _elephantinos_, made of ivory--_elephas_, _-antos_, ivory.]

CHRYSOBERYL, kris'o-ber-il, _n._ a mineral of various shades of greenish-yellow or gold colour. [Gr. _chrysos_, gold, and BERYL.]

CHRYSOCOLLA, kris-[=o]-kol'a, _n._ a silicate of protoxide of copper, bluish-green. [Gr. _chrysos_, gold, _kolla_, glue.]

CHRYSOCRACY, kri-sok'ra-si, _n._ the rule of wealth. [Gr. _chrysos_, gold, _kratein_, to rule.]

CHRYSOLITE, kris'[=o]-l[=i]t, _n._ a yellow or green precious stone. [Gr.

_chrysos_, and _lithos_, a stone.]

CHRYSOPHAN, kris'[=o]-fan, _n._ an orange-coloured bitter substance found in rhubarb.--_adj._ CHRYSOPHAN'IC. [Gr. _chrysos_, gold, _phan[=e]s_, appearing.]

CHRYSOPHILITE, kri-sof'i-l[=i]t, _n._ a lover of gold.

CHRYSOPHYLL, kris'[=o]-fil, _n._ the yellow colouring matter in the green chlorophyl pigment of plants.--Also _Xanthophyl_. [Gr. _chrysos_, gold, _phyllon_, a leaf.]

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