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CHRYSOPRASE, kris'o-pr[=a]z, _n._ a variety of chalcedony: (_B._) a yellowish-green stone, nature unknown. [Gr. _chrysos_, and _prason_, a leek.]

CHRYSOTYPE, kris'o-t[=i]p, _n._ a process of taking pictures by photography, on paper impregnated with a neutral solution of chloride of gold. [Gr. _chrysos_, gold, _typos_, impression.]

CHTHONIAN, th[=o]'ni-an, _adj._ pertaining to the under world, subterranean.--Also CHTHON'IC. [Gr. _chth[=o]n_, the ground.]

CHUB, chub, _n._ a small fat river-fish.--_adjs._ CHUBBED, CHUB'BY, short and thick, plump; CHUB'-FACED, plump-faced.--_n._ CHUB'BINESS.

CHUBB, chub, _n._ a patent lock invented by _Chubb_, a locksmith in London--much used for safes, &c.--Also CHUBB'-LOCK.

CHUCK, chuk, _n._ the call of a hen: a chicken (dim. CHUCK'IE): a word of endearment.--_v.i._ to call, as a hen. [A variety of CLUCK.]

CHUCK, chuk, _n._ a gentle blow, as under the chin: (_coll._) a toss or throw; any game of pitch and toss.--_v.t._ to pat gently, as under the chin: to toss: to pitch.--_n._ CHUCK'-FAR'THING, a game in which a farthing is chucked into a hole. [Fr. _choquer_, to jolt; allied to SHOCK.]

CHUCK, chuk, _n._ a pebble or small stone: a game with such stones, often called CHUCK'IES: an instrument for holding an object so that it can be rotated, as upon the mandrel of a lathe. [Der. uncertain; cf. It. _cioco_, a block, stump.]

CHUCK-FULL. Same as CHOCK-FULL (q.v. under CHOCK).

CHUCKLE, chuk'l, _n._ a kind of laugh: the cry of a hen.--_v.t._ to call, as a hen does her chickens: to caress.--_v.i._ to laugh in a quiet, suppressed manner, indicating derision or enjoyment.--_n._ CHUCK'LING.

[Akin to CHUCK, to call.]

CHUCKLE, chuk'l, _adj._ clumsy.--_n._ CHUCK'LE-HEAD, a loutish fellow.

[Prob. CHOCK, a log.]

CHUFF, chuf, _n._ a clown: a surly fellow.--_n._ CHUF'FINESS, boorishness.--_adj._ CHUF'FY, coarse and surly. [M. E. _chuffe_, _choffe_, a boor (origin unknown), conn. with Scotch _coof_, akin to Ice. _kueif_.]

CHUM, chum, _n._ a chamber-fellow: friend or associate, chiefly among schoolboys and students.--_v.i._ and _v.t._ to occupy, or to put one into, the same room with another.--_n._ CHUM'MAGE, the quartering of two or more persons in one room: a fee demanded from a new chum.--_adj._ CHUM'MY, sociable.--_n._ a chimney-sweeper's boy: a chum. [Perh. a mutilation of CHAMBER-FELLOW.]

CHUMP, chump, an end lump of wood: a blockhead: the head.--OFF HIS CHUMP--out of his mind.

CHUNK, chungk, _n._ a thick piece of anything, as wood, bread, &c. [Perh.

related to CHUCK.]

CHURCH, church, _n._ a house set apart for Christian worship: the whole body of Christians: the clergy: any particular sect or denomination of Christians: any body professing a common creed, not necessarily Christian.--_v.t._ to perform with any one the giving of thanks in church, more esp. of a woman after childbirth, or of a newly-married couple on first appearing at church after marriage.--_ns._ CHURCH'-ALE, a strong ale brewed for a church festival: the festival at which the ale was drunk; CHURCH'-BENCH (_Shak._), a seat in the porch of a church; CHURCH'-COURT, a court for deciding ecclesiastical causes, a presbytery, synod, or general assembly; CHURCH'-G[=O]'ING, the act of going to church, esp. habitually; CHURCH'ING, the first appearance of a woman in church after childbirth; CHURCH'ISM, adherence to the forms or principles of some church.--_adj._ CHURCH'LESS, not belonging to a church: (_Tennyson_) without church approval.--_ns._ CHURCH'MAN, a clergyman or ecclesiastic: a member or upholder of the established church; CHURCH'-RATE, an assessment for the sustentation of the fabric, &c., of the parish church; CHURCH'-SERV'ICE, the form of religious service followed in a church, order of public worship, a book containing such; CHURCH'-TEXT, a thin and tall form of black-letter print; CHURCHWAR'DEN, an officer who represents the interests of a parish or church: a long clay-pipe; CHURCH'WAY, the public way or road that leads to the church; CHURCH'WOMAN, a female member of the Anglican Church.--_adj._ CHURCH'Y, obtrusively devoted to the church.--_n._ CHURCH'YARD, the burial-ground round a church.--CHURCH HISTORY, the description of the course of development through which the church as a whole, as well as its special departments and various institutions, has passed, from the time of its foundation down to our own day; CHURCH MILITANT, the church on earth in its struggle against evil; CHURCH TRIUMPHANT, the portion of the church which has overcome and left this world.--VISIBLE and INVISIBLE CHURCH (see VISIBLE). [A.S. _circe_ (Scot, _kirk_; Ger. _kirche_)--Gr. _kyriakon_, belonging to the Lord--_Kyrios_, the Lord.]

CHURL, churl, _n._ a rustic, labourer: an ill-bred, surly fellow.--_adj._ CHURL'ISH, rude: surly: ill-bred.--_adv._ CHURL'ISHLY.--_n._ CHURL'ISHNESS.

[A.S. _ceorl_, a countryman; Ice. _karl_, Ger. _kerl_, a man; Scot.


CHURN, churn, _n._ a machine used for the production of butter from cream or from whole milk.--_v.t._ to agitate cream so as to obtain butter.--_v.i._ to perform the act of churning.--_ns._ CHURN'-DRILL, a drill worked by hand, not struck with the hammer, a jumper; CHURN'ING, the act of making butter: the quantity of butter made at once; CHURN'-STAFF, the plunger used in an upright churn: the sun-spurge. [A.S. _cyrin_; Ice.

_kirna_, a churn; Dut. and Ger. _kernen_, to churn.]

CHURR, ch[.e]r, _n._ a low sound made by certain birds.--_v.i._ to make this sound. [Prob. imit.]

CHURRUS, chur'us, _n._ the resinous exudation of _Cannabis indica_, which, in its milder preparations, known as _bhang_, &c., is used as a narcotic and intoxicant. [Hind. _charas_.]

CHUSE, ch[=oo]z, _v.t._ a form of CHOOSE.

CHUT, chut, _interj._ an expression of impatience.

CHUTE, sh[=oo]t, _n._ a waterfall, rapid: a channel down which to pass water, logs, rubbish, &c. [Fr. _chute_, a fall.]

CHUTNEE, CHUTNY, chut'ne, _n._ an East Indian condiment, a compound of mangoes, chillies, or capsicum, and lime-juice, &c. [Hind. _chatni_.]

CHYLE, k[=i]l, _n._ a white fluid drawn from the food while in the intestines.--_adjs._ CHYL[=A]'CEOUS, CHYLIF'IC, CHYL'OUS; CHYLIFAC'TIVE, having the power to make chyle.--_n._ CHYLIFIC[=A]'TION.--_v.t._ and _v.i._ CHYL'IFY, to convert, or be converted, into chyle.--_n._ CHYL[=U]'RIA, a discharge of milky urine. [Fr.,--Gr. _chylos_, juice--_cheein_, to pour.]

CHYME, k[=i]m, _n._ the pulp to which the food is reduced in the stomach.--_n._ CHYMIFIC[=A]'TION, the act of being formed into chyme.--_v.t._ CHYM'IFY, to form into chyme.--_adj._ CHYM'OUS. [Gr.

_chymos_, from _cheein_.]


CHYND, ch[=i]nd, _p.adj._ (_Spens._) cut into chines.

CIBOL, sib'ol, _n._ a variety of onion. [Fr. _ciboule_ (Sp. _cebolla_)--Low L. _cepola_, dim. of L. _cepa_, an onion.]

CIBORIUM, si-b[=o]'ri-um, _n._ (_R.C. Church_) a vessel nearly resembling a chalice, with an arched cover, in which the Host is deposited: a canopy supported on four pillars over the high altar:--_pl._ CIB[=O]'RIA. [L., a drinking-cup--Gr. _kib[=o]rion_, the seed-vessel of the Egyptian bean.]

CICADA, si-k[=a]'da, CICALA, si-k[=a]'la, _n._ an insect remarkable for its chirping sound. [L. _cicada_.]

CICATRIX, sik-[=a]'triks, or sik'a-triks, _n._ the scar over a wound after it is healed--also CIC'ATRICE: scar in the bark of a tree: (_Shak._) mark, impression.--_ns._ CICATRIC'ULA, the germinating point in the yolk of an egg; CICATRIS[=A]'TION, the process of healing over.--_v.t._ CIC'ATRISE, to help the formation of a cicatrix on a wound or ulcer: to scar.--_v.i._ to heal. [Fr.,--L. _cicatrix_, a scar.]

CICELY, sis'e-li, _n._ a genus of umbelliferous plants nearly allied to chervil. [L. and Gr. _seseli_.]

CICERONE, chich-er-[=o]'ni, or sis-e-r[=o]'ne, _n._ one who shows strangers the curiosities of a place: a guide.--_v.i._ to act as cicerone.--_adjs._ CICER[=O]'NIAN, CICERON'IC.--_ns._ CICER[=O]'NIANISM, the character of Cicero's Latin style; CICERON'ISM, CICERON'AGE, CICERONE'SHIP, the function of a guide. [It.,--L. _Cicero_, the Roman orator.]

CICISBEO, ch[=e]-ch[=e]s-b[=a]'o, _n._ a married woman's gallant or _cavaliere servente_ in Italy:--_pl._ CICISBE'I.--_n._ CICISB[=E]'ISM.



CICUTA, si-k[=u]'ta, _n._ a genus of umbelliferous plants with poisonous roots--_water-hemlock_ or _cowbane_. [L., hemlock.]

CID, sid, _n._ a chief, captain, a hero, from the famous 11th-cent.

Castilian warrior against the Moors, styled _el Cid Campeador_, whose real name was Rodrigo, or Ruy, Diaz (i.e. 'son of Diego'). The name _Cid_ is the Ar. _seid_, _seiyid_, lord.

CIDER, s[=i]'d[.e]r, _n._ a drink made from apples.--_ns._ C[=I]'DER-AND, a mixture of cider and other spirits; C[=I]'DER-CUP, a drink of sweetened cider, with other ingredients; C[=I]'DERKIN, an inferior cider. [Fr.

_cidre_--L.,--Gr. _sikera_, strong drink--Heb. _shakar_, to be intoxicated.]

CI-DEVANT, s[=e]-de-vong', _adj._ former. [Fr.]



CIGAR, si-gar', _n._ a roll of tobacco-leaves for smoking.--_n._ CIGARETTE', a little cigar made of finely-cut tobacco rolled in thin paper.

[Sp. _cigarro_.]

CILIA, sil'i-a, hair-like lashes borne by cells.--_adjs._ CIL'IARY, CIL'I[=A]TE, CIL'I[=A]TED, CILIF'EROUS, having cilia; CIL'I[=I]FORM, very thin and slender like cilia. [L. _cilium_, pl. _cilia_, eyelids, eyelashes.]

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