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Chapter 263: 263

There was dead silence in the dilapidated bodhisattva temple .

With a vacant look, Nie Changqing and Mo Tianyu stared at the man who slowly came through the Wall of Air .

“Young Master!”

“Young Master Lu!”

Nie Changqing and Mo Tianyu shouted simultaneously . They were surprised that Lu Fan really came to the bodhisattva temple .

It was his real body rather than a duplicate!

Young Master…left Beiluo Lake Island and came here!

How rare it was!

Wearing white clothes, Lu Fan sat straight in the Thousand Blades Chair . He shot a glance at Nie Changqing and Mo Tianyu, nodded slightly, and remained expressionless .

Terrifying waves of energy were roaring and rolling outside of the temple .

Darkness reigned as if the entire sky was covered by the giant hand .

“You should either go back to our world or stay here quietly . Don’t go out of this bodhisattva temple,” Lu Fan said .

Nie Changqing nodded . He knew that they were not capable enough to get involved in the battle outside .

Lu Fan turned to Mo Tianyu and said, “Don’t tell the fortune that you’re not supposed to tell…”

Mo Tianyu squeezed an awkward smile in an instant .

Just as he expected, his attempt somehow was detected by the mysterious Young Master Lu .

Mo Tianyu didn’t dare to tell Lu Fan’s fortune . He still vividly remembered how he was planted in the ground like a blade of grass .

As for Ding Jiudeng who was also in the bodhisattva temple…

Lu Fan took a brief look at him and didn’t talk . He controlled the Thousand Blades Chair and left the bodhisattva temple .

The wind was whistling outside of the bodhisattva temple . The snowstorm wrapped the field in murky darkness .

Sitting in the wheelchair, Lu Fan’s figure gradually disappeared in the snow .

Outside of the bodhisattva temple .

The sky was torn apart with a massive slash .

The Empress was sucked into the gash, her red robes billowing in the wind .

After she was drawn into the sky…

Du Longyang, Master Yuanshang, Tianxu, and Juedao all felt their hair rise on end when they heard a shrill cry of the Empress coming from the slash .

They struck at the same time without any hesitation .

They planned to rush in through the opening and change their fate . They didn’t want to be anyone’s pawn anymore .

The Empress successfully went through the calamities and ascended to the Immortal Realm .

They wanted to use this opportunity to investigate the truth about the Immortal Realm!

Why did the Empress screech so stridently?

The gigantic hand dashed against the full-on attack from four master cultivators . The frightening shock waves spread around .

Even the clouds seemed to be blasted away .

Du Longyang bellowed in anger . The spear released a brilliant golden radiance like the scorching sun .

Lu Fan went out of the bodhisattva temple .

The gust blew against him and made his clothes cling to his body .

Lu Fan raised his head and watched the battle above .

The four master cultivators appeared to be hindered by this giant hand .

Lines bounced in Lu Fan’s eyes . He realized that the hand contained a scary amount of strength from the Origin .

Du Longyang and the other three couldn’t break the barrier no matter how hard they tried .

It was exceedingly difficult for them to ascend to the Immortal Realm .

It looked that the Immortal Realm was unquestionably a lie . However, it also raised the question—what kind of a place is the Immortal Realm?

Lu Fan was intrigued .

Therefore, Lu Fan raised his hand, put it on the arm of the Thousand Blades Chair, and gently plucked forward .

The Phoenix Feather Sword immediately darted across the void toward the sky .

With a resounding crow, the flaming phoenix spread its wings that looked like two sharp burning blades .

The phoenix cracked against the giant hand!

Du Longyang’s eyes brightened up the moment he heard the resonant crow of the phoenix .

“Thank you, Young Master Lu!” Du Longyang said with a smile .


Like a sharp sword, a piece of phoenix feather slashed the weakest point of the hand that was blotting out the sky . A deep gash appeared on the hand .

The four master cultivators were not ordinary nobodies . They seized the opportunity and fired on the hand together .


The energy coalesced at the center of the palm and then exploded . The opening on the sky widened .

Young Master Tianxu usually enjoyed bickering with people . However, he charged at the slash on the sky without hesitation the moment he saw Lu Fan .

Despite all of the arrogant speech, Young Master Tianxu was terrified of meeting Lu Fan .

Lu Fan was so powerful and frightening that he could possess Young Master Tianxu’s body without him knowing .

It meant that Lu Fan could kill Young Master Tianxu unnoticed .

This idea became a nightmare for Young Master Tianxu .

How could he not dread about being possessed for no reason at all?

He was only boasting and inciting arguments to build up his courage .

In fact, he would outrun anyone the moment he meets Lu Fan again for real .

The palm couldn’t continue to hold out against Du Longyang and the others after being slashed open .

Du Longyang and the others all went past the palm through the opening .

The palm kept falling down with its mighty force .

Even the snowflakes flying in the air were trembling .

The bodhisattva temple almost blew up into pieces under the pressure of the hand .

However, Lu Fan snapped his fingers and sent out a wave . Surprisingly, the ramshackled bodhisattva temple became as solid as a rock .


With a massive explosion…

The giant hand fell down and razed the site to the ground .

The high mountain that stretched for miles was flattened . The shabby bodhisattva temple was the only thing left standing in the middle of the level ground .

The Thousand Blades Chair carried Lu Fan’s body and floated up unhurriedly .

Du Longyang took the lead and arrived at the slit in the sky that was gradually healing . He held the spear in one hand and rushed through it with resolution and determination to change his fate .

Master Yuanshang and Juedao of the Supreme Knife School also followed him behind .

Young Master Tianxu, on the other hand, hesitated in front of the opening .

The wind blew the snow .

Sitting in the Thousand Blades Chair, Lu Fan glided toward Young Master Tianxu from behind .

Young Master Tianxu turned his head . His pale face became even ghastlier upon seeing Lu Fan . He scuttled through the slit without dawdling any longer .

Lu Fan didn’t know what to say .

Was he really so scary?

His real body should have the appearance of a charming and dapper young man .

He was supposed to be a cultured and refined gentleman .

What was there to be scared of?

Lu Fan started to assess the slit only just now .

Allegedly, the Immortal Realm was behind this opening . This was how people achieve Immortal Ascension .

“What a strong presence of the Origin…”

“Could this so-called Immortal Realm be the world of Origin?”

Lu Fan had a strange expression on his face .

Nevertheless, it was unlikely to be the world of Origin because Lu Fan had met Du Longyang and the others in the world of Origin before . Apparently, they knew how to enter the real world of Origin .

Lu Fan’s eyebrows knitted together . He pondered outside of the slit for a long time, yet still couldn’t make a decision .

Eventually, he controlled the Thousand Blades Chair and floated toward the slit .


All of a sudden…

The moment Lu Fan moved through the opening .

A wave of a powerful Spiritual Sense surged at him .

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“You are the Lord of the Plane of another world . Do you really want to intervene?”

Lu Fan could only see an endless expanse of whiteness .

A black shadow stood still in the whiteness and spoke in an ethereal voice .

“What happened to me today could happen to you some other time…” The black shadow continued to talk .

He seemed intent on stopping Lu Fan from going forward .

Lu Fan smiled and said, “No, we’re not the same . ”

The Spiritual Sense flickered, and everything in front of him disappeared as if the scene was torn apart .

Lu Fan sat in the Thousand Blades Chair and dashed through the slit .

Ding-dong .

It sounded like a pebble being tossed into the water .

Lu Fan could see clearly again .

Yet he realized that he was sitting in the wheelchair and floating on the mirror-like surface of a body of water .

Lu Fan lowered his head and could see his reflection on the surface of the lake .

“Is this the Immortal Realm?”

Lu Fan felt like his intelligence was insulted .

In the distance .

Du Longyang held the spear and stood still on the water . He looked around vacantly .

He felt a sense of loss .

Young Master Tianxu was the same .

Master Yuanshang and Ye Shoudao stood in silence as well . Their eyes were filled with disappointment .

Even though they had been shouting how badly they wanted to slay the Immortals, they were still looking forward to seeing the Immortal Realm . They felt like their hopes were shattered now that they actually stepped into the Immortal Realm .

All of a sudden .

Young Master Tianxu’s ashen face twitched as he asked, “Where is Ni Chunqiu, the Empress?”

Du Longyang and the other people became solemn . Indeed, they didn’t see any trace of the Empress in this world of lake .

The Empress ascended first yet vanished into thin air .

It unnerved Du Longyang and the others .

However, Lu Fan’s eyes sparkled as he stared at the lake .

“The water in the lake…doesn’t seem to be water!” Lu Fan said .

He raised his hand and made a pinching motion .

A drop of water immediately flew into Lu Fan’s palm and then quickly evaporated .

“Power of the Origin . ”

Lu Fan’s eyes glistened strangely .

The liquified Power of the Origin?

Lu Fan now understood what the so-called Power of the Origin was .

It was a power that came from the Origin of the world…

And a type of treasure generated by nature .

It could not only improve the person’s strength but also aid the cultivation process and help the cultivator understand the great Dao .

Right now, this entire lake was made of the Power of the Origin!

This was quite shocking .

How long would this take?

Was the Power of the Origin precious?

Of course . Lu Fan had a strong urge to move the whole Lake of Origin…

And to swap Beiluo Lake for this Lake of Origin .

All of a sudden .

They heard the sound of chains .

Everyone was startled .

They all raced at full speed to the depth of the lake that was enveloped in thick fog .

Walking on the lake was not a big deal for master cultivators in the Soul Transformation Realm .

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Lu Fan was ruminating about how to take the water in the Lake of Origin away with him .

This thing was useless here . Lu Fan might as well take it back to Wuhuang Continent and use it to train cultivators .

However, after thinking for quite some time, Lu Fan didn’t figure out a way . So instead, he decided not to think about it too much for now and rolled the wheelchair across the surface of the lake into the fog .

All of a sudden .

Lu Fan stopped for a moment .

He raised his head and looked into the distance . An antiquated black iron ship slowly sailed toward them from the depth of the Lake of Origin .

Du Longyang, Young Master Tianxu, and the others stared at the black iron ship vigilantly .

They realized that the black iron ship was also dragging something enormous behind .


Lu Fan focused his eyes and recognized that the thing the black iron ship was hauling was the Origin Lu Fan saw in the world of Origin in the past .

The massive Origin looked like a miniature star .

It floated on the lake and was dragged by the black iron ship .

They could see shadows of people on the black iron ship .

A touch of red flashed on the black iron ship . It was obvious that the Empress was on the black iron ship .

Du Longyang exchanged a look with the others .

They were all stunned . They initially thought that they would encounter the mythical “Immortals” once they charged into the Immortal Realm . They were even prepared to die in the battle . However…

The Immortals didn’t show up . All they saw was a series of peculiar phenomenons .

“Get on the ship! Ni Chunqiu is on the ship!” Du Longyang said .

He stepped on the lake and leaped onto the black iron ship . The surface of the lake blew up .

Master Yuanshang, Young Master Tianxu, and Ye Shoudao also jumped on the ship .

They became stiff as soon as they got on the ship .

There were several people sitting leg-crossed on the deck of the ship .

“This is…the ancestor of Dongyi from a thousand years ago . ”

“This is the first Martial Sovereign of Wudi City!”

“This is the Buddha from Kufo Temple!”

Du Longyang and the others were dumbstruck . All of these lifeless people sitting on the black iron ship were the legends who went through calamities and ascended to the Immortal Realm .

Yet now, these legends all became mummified, sitting on the black iron ship and floating in the boundless Lake of Origin .

Immortal Ascension?

Immortal Ascension was nothing but a cruel joke .

Eyes bloodshot, Du Longyang stared at the once-venerable Martial Sovereign of Wudi City .

He didn’t know what these people went through .

Lu Fan also stepped aboard at a leisurely pace . His eyebrows arched when he saw the people sitting on the deck .

Each one of these people was on a higher cultivation level than Du Longyang .

However, although their bodies were mummified, their souls and Spirit Qi had disappeared completely…

As if they were sucked dry .

Lu Fan looked at the huge Origin behind the black iron ship .

The star-like Origin seemed unusual to Lu Fan .

He remembered the giant eye in the Origin he encountered when he first went into the world of Origin .

These two must be connected somehow .

Du Longyang and the others got together and walked into the black iron ship .

They finally found the Empress in the back of the ship .

Nonetheless, everyone felt a chill down the spine the moment they saw the Empress .

Ascending to the Immortal Realm was such a lie .

The Empress was kneeling in the back of the ship with shackles restraining her body .

She was facing the giant Origin behind the ship .

Chains shot out of the star-like Origin and pierced through the Empress’s body . Blood was dripping from her wound onto the chains, which then vibrated and absorbed the blood .

Along with the cracking sound of the chains…

Ni Chunqiu, the Empress, moaned in agony .

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Above her head .

Numerous chains tied up her transformed Nascent Soul and were pulling the transformed nascent soul out of her body .

The Empress’s strength and Spirit Qi burst out along the chains .

“Immortal Ascension… Immortal Ascension…”

Her phoenix coronet fell on the ground and broke into pieces .

“I cultivated studiously to go through calamities and ascend to heaven, yet only became someone else’s meal…” The Empress’s lips were stained by the blood streaming out of her mouth .

She forced a bitter and dreadful smile .

She more or less believed the wonderful dream of Immortal Ascension when she was ascending to the sky . However, her hopes were crushed straight away .

Horrifying chains shot out of the Origin, penetrated her body, and drew the energy out of her body .

All the power and strength she cultivated in these years were taken away without mercy .

In the distance…

Du Longyang and the others were thunderstruck with terror .

None of them actually wanted to believe that the Immortal Ascension was only a lie . After all, Immortal Ascension was their shared dream .

Still and all, the dream was now shattered so cruelly .

Du Longyang grasped the spear in his hand and roared in fury .

He stepped forward and hurled the spear immediately .

It was aimed directly at the giant Origin .

However .

Chains flew out of the Origin .

The spear was bounced back .

Du Longyang stamped on the deck and wanted to dodge the oncoming chains .

Nonetheless, something shocking happened .

Master Yuanshang appeared behind Du Longyang and punched his shoulder ruthlessly .

Coughing blood, Du Longyang couldn’t run away and was pierced by the chains .

Du Longyang kneeled down on the ground in disbelief .

The Origin released a terrifying sucking power .

Not only Du Longyang…

But also Master Yuanshang charged at Young Master Tianxu and Ye Shoudao at the same time .

Astonished, they were also transfixed by the chains coming from the Origin .

The Origin drew up their power .

The change of events was beyond anyone’s imagination .

Du Longyang’s eyes were bloodshot . He stared at Yuanshang in disbelief .

He had his guard up around Tianxu and Ye Shoudao, yet the idea never occurred to him that…

The noble and esteemed Master Yuanshang was the mole for the Immortals .

In the distance .

The Empress laughed even harder .

They schemed against the Immortals .

They planned to slay the Immortals . But they were still only pawns on the Immortals’ chessboard .

Master Yuanshang was the person who initiated the Immortal Slaying Plan .

Yet he was an agent for the Immortals .

Du Longyang and the others still followed Master Yuanshang like a bunch of fools .

Bullsh*t Immortal Slaying Plan .

It crashed instantly .

Master Yuanshang put his palms together with a peaceful and compassionate smile on his face .

He slowly turned around…

And looked at the other side of the black iron ship .

There, Lu Fan in the Thousand Blades Chair was Master Yuanshang’s last target .

He used all possible means to get Lu Fan involved in the Immortal Slaying Plan .

Needless to say, he wouldn’t let Lu Fan go now .

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