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Chapter 262

Back on Beiluo Lake Island .

Lu Fan exited the Dao Impartment Platform . He leaned in the Thousand Blades Chair and gave a long stretch .

The balmy breeze blew the hair hanging in front of his forehead .

The little Responsive Dragon wearing the Spirit Ring lay on the Dragon Gate, snoring .

The Book House on the lake .

People came to visit in streams .

Lu Fan controlled the Thousand Blades Chair and went down the White Jade City Pavilion . He slowly moved along the lake .

Of course, Lu Fan knew that Du Longyang and the others had already started the Immortal Slaying Plan . Thus, it was almost time for him to set out .

Lu Fan was careful and diligent about this Immortal Slaying Plan…

Because Lu Fan guessed that the Immortals Du Longyang and the others planned to kill was very likely to be the mysterious “Lord of the Plane” of Tengen Continent .

Lu Fan had never met this mysterious Lord of the Plane yet .

It seemed like this person was detached from Tengen Continent .

He must be hiding some secrets .

Besides, Lu Fan also wanted to find something that could help the cultivators on Wuhuang Continent to become stronger .


Lu Fan suddenly frowned as he was strolling along the lake and enjoying the gentle breeze .

He put his hand on the wheelchair . His eyes twitched slightly .

The next moment, lines started to bounce in his eyes . His sight expanded to someplace far, far away .

He saw the bloody Monster Oasis in the middle of the boundless desert .

“What happened?”

Lu Fan was startled .

What on earth happened here? He established the Monster Oasis only recently . Why did it go through such a deadly battle already?

He took a closer look at the Monster Oasis . Lu Fan saw the Monkey Monster King crying his heart out while holding the dead bodies of his monkeys .


A thick, dark fog enshrouded the oasis .

The wailing Monkey Monster King jolted . He raised his head and looked at the dense fog .

He immediately prostrated himself on the ground and kept knocking the ground with his forehead in worship .

“The supreme Monster Lord!”

The Monkey Monster King knocked the ground with his head so hard that even the rocks broke apart .

However, no matter how much the Monkey Monster King wailed and wept and pleaded…

The Monster Lord still didn’t show .

The Monkey Monster King was desperate and powerless .

“Please, the supreme Monster Lord… Please save my monkeys…”

Tears streamed down the Monkey Monster King’s face .

He muttered and told the Monster Lord what happened with King Yali . He saved King Yali, yet King Yali bit the hand that fed him . Not only did he kill the monkeys but also he dug up and stole the Monster Crystals for cultivation .

After hearing the Monkey Monster King’s cries, Lu Fan was at a loss for words .

He created the Monster Clan to give humans more pressure and to diversify the species on Wuhuang Continent .


The simple and naive Monster Clan almost went extinct because of King Yali .

Nevertheless, what happened was not too far-fetched . These monkeys had been living a carefree life on the island . Their enemies were packs of wolves and fierce tigers, not humans .

Humans were much craftier .

On top of that, treasures for cultivation, like the tetrahedral crystals, brought about the greedy nature of humans .

King Yali was just defeated near Tianhan Gate by the cultivators of the Great Xuan . He was desperate for power and strength . How could he not be swayed when he met the Monster Clan, who had the tetrahedral crystals?

It was unfortunate for the monster monkeys .

Thankfully, the Monkey Monster King was strong enough to survive . Otherwise, it would be a total catastrophe that eradicated the entire Monster Clan .

Nevertheless, this experience would serve as a good lesson for the simple-minded Monster Clan .

The Monkey Monster King prostrated himself on the ground .

He heard the sound of a snort coming from the sky .

The Monkey Monster King trembled . Even though he had enough strength to move a mountain, he still shook like a leaf when he heard the snort .

Monster Lord!

The supreme Monster Lord was angry!

The Monster Lord was upset not only at the humans but also at the Monkey Monster King .

The Monkey Monster King knew that everything happened because of him . King Yali probably would have died of thirst in the desert if he didn’t save him .

The monkeys wouldn’t be massacred if that were the case .

The Monkey Monster King stopped crying .

The anger and disappointment of the Monster Lord reminded him that everything happened for a reason… This disaster was his fault .

He knocked his head on the ground solemnly .

Lu Fan didn’t respond and left .

The Monkey Monster King stood up; the long hair on his body was blowing in the wind .

He turned back and saw the surviving monkeys were all filled with rage and will to fight .

The Monkey Monster King swung through the dense forest at full speed . A thick haze of the Monstrous Qi hung around his body .

He leaped up and rushed to the highest point of the forest .

He stood at the top, raised his head, and screeched .

The Monster Clan in the entire Monster Oasis all shrieked in response to their king .

The Monkey Monster King asked the survivors to bury the dead monkeys .

He started to lead the monkeys to forge weapons . They chopped down big trees and sharpened the stones to build stone axes and spears .

They were preparing to attack King Yali’s domain .

The Monkey Monster King went to the stone pillar .

The stone pillar was riddled with cracks .

He saw the light inside of the stone pillar through the cracks . The Monkey Monster King was eager and excited .

Lu Fan’s consciousness returned .

He leaned in the wheelchair and let out a sigh .

The ugly and greedy human nature was beyond Lu Fan’s expectations .

King Yali never took the Monkey Monster King and his monkeys as his friends . The Monkey Monster King was nothing more than an ignorant beast in King Yali’s eyes .

Lu Fan’s fingers tapped on the Phoenix Feather Arm . His eyebrows knitted together .

He was hesitating whether he should intervene in the dispute .

However, Lu Fan eventually decided against it .

A species must undergo hardships and tribulations in order to grow and evolve .

Lu Fan preferred to leave this opportunity to the monster monkeys .

“That being said, I still need to punish King Yali even though I won’t kill him . ”

“He almost annihilated the Monster Clan I just created . ”

Lu Fan leaned in the wheelchair with a cold and stern look .

He believed King Yali deserved to be punished .

It would only be a punishment . After all, Lu Fan was not a petty person .

King Yali would already be dead if he were petty .

On the other side .

King Yali led the remnants of his routed army out of the Monster Oasis .

They ran into the boundless desert . However, he learned his lesson from last time and ordered a team to wait in the desert as reinforcement so he wouldn’t worry about resources .

King Yali slugged down some water . His eyes were filled with joy .

He took out thirty Monster Crystals from the bag he carried with him .

The Monster Crystals were wrapped in a thin layer of Monstrous Qi and looked like the most dazzling gemstones in his eyes .

An adjutant with a knife pinned on his belt approached King Yali .

“My King, what is this?” the adjutant asked in curiosity .

They still didn’t know what these things were despite fighting against the monster monkeys for a long time .

“I don’t know . But this is the treasure that will transform the army of our Madun Kingdom . ”

King Yali laughed .

He picked up a Monster Crystal and held it against the sun . The Monster Crystal gleamed brilliantly .

“Then let’s give it a name?” King Yali’s adjutant asked .

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King Yali glanced at the adjutant and then narrowed his eyes . The prickly stubble on his face twitched slightly .

“Good . ”

“This is the core of building the Divine Army of Madun Kingdom . It was bestowed on us by God . Let’s call it…’Sacred Crystal’!” King Yali said as he grasped the Monster Crystal .

It was bestowed by God?

The adjutant was speechless at King Yali’s thick skin .

Nevertheless, his skin wasn’t exactly thinner as he successfully climbed to the position of the adjutant .

“Good name! Build the Divine Army of Madun Kingdom with Sacred Crystals!” The adjutant replied enthusiastically .

King Yali shot a glance at the adjutant, took out a Monster Crystal, and gave it to him .

“Try to see if you can use the Sacred Crystal . ”

“Do your best to extract the power inside!” King Yali said .

The smile on the adjutant’s face disappeared . He turned a little pale .


The adjutant gulped . He couldn’t say no .

He knew King Yali’s temperament perfectly well . He was a tyrant .

King Yali would pull out the knife and cut off his head in an instant if he refused .

Therefore, the adjutant took the Monster Crystal and pressed it on his forehead . Nothing happened . He tried to bite the Monster Crystal, yet the crystal was extremely hard .

The ice-like Monster Crystal troubled the adjutant .

How could he extract the energy stored inside?

Lines bounced in Lu Fan’s eyes .

He saw the conversation between King Yali and his adjutant .

“Sacred Crystal?

“How interesting…”

Lu Fan’s face was somber .

He raised his hand and gently plucked in the void

The next moment…

The Monster Crystal in the adjutant’s hand suddenly stabbed in his chest . Fizz…

The adjutant freaked out . He realized that the Monster Crystal in his hand got out of his control and tore up his chest . Blood spurted out and covered the Monster Crystal .

The Monster Crystal slowly sunk into his chest, melted, and disappeared in the end .

“My King…”

The adjutant was filled with fear . He was terrified by the bizarre scene .

How did this d*mn thing go inside of him?

The excruciating pain spread in the adjutant’s body and made him feel like every muscle was ripped apart .

Blood came out of his mouth and nose . The adjutant kneeled down in pain, twisting and struggling…

King Yali was taken by surprise .

He threw all the Monster Crystals in his hands on the ground…

The adjutant’s contorted face scared King Yali .

He initially thought the Monster Crystals were precious treasures . Much to his surprise, it became a deadly poison .

In fact, it was Lu Fan’s punishment on them .

Didn’t they want to gain power and extract energy from the Monster Crystals?

They had to pay the price .

It was different from the normal cultivation process . They had to endure unbearable pain if they wanted to obtain power from the Monster Crystals .

The adjutant fell on the ground, twitching and convulsing . Blood and foam came out of his mouth .

King Yali was frightened .

However, Lu Fan’s finger plucked again from afar .

One of the Monster Crystals on the ground whooshed toward King Yali right away .

“No… I don’t want it…”

King Yali was repulsed by the Monster Crystal .

Nonetheless, he couldn’t dodge or stop the invisible force .


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The tetrahedral Monster Crystal hit King Yali’s head . They tore up his forehead and submerged .

King Yali held his head and fell to his knees . The spasms of pain contorted his face . He bellowed in agony…

Back on Beiluo Lake Island .

The lines bouncing in Lu Fan’s eyes disappeared .

He stopped watching King Yali .

Lu Fan didn’t know what happened to King Yali in the end . King Yali would survive if he could withstand the pain caused by the Sacred Crystal .

But if he succumbed to the pain…

Then…he would have to die .

If King Yali was integrated with the Monster Crystals successfully, he might become the first monster cultivator in the world .

Monster cultivators were different from the Monster Clan .

Only humans who cultivated using the Monster Clan’s cultivation method could be called monster cultivators .

Lu Fan narrowed his eyes . He sensed the energy near Wudi City was becoming intenser .

The Immortal Slaying Plan…had begun .

It was time for him to go .

The bodhisattva temple on the barren mountain outside of Wudi City .

The energy changed dramatically at the moment .

Ni Chunqiu, the Empress, was going through calamities . Like a knife of thunder, the terrifying Thunder Calamity almost cut the world in half .


A deafening sound .

The Empress was not afraid . Her red robe was billowing in the wind . She smacked a fist at the Thunder Calamity .

A massive amount of Spirit Qi dashed against the Thunder Calamity .

The thunder was banished .

The Empress landed in front of the bodhisattva temple . Snowflakes fell from the sky like grains of rice . A heavy mist had surrounded the formation .

The Empress gasped for air .

Nie Changqing and the others in the bodhisattva temple didn’t dare to breathe .

Mo Tianyu didn’t have time to feel sorry for the tortoiseshell . Thankfully the three copper coins were intact .

He could find another tortoiseshell when he got back .

“Slaying the Immortals? How do they plan on accomplishing that?” Mo Tianyu asked .

Nie Changqing concentrated and said, “This is only my speculation . Maybe they want to wait for the Empress to go through calamities and strike when she ascends to heaven . By that time, she will enter the Immortal Realm and give them a chance to burst into the Immortal Realm and kill the Immortals!”

“Burst into the Immortal Realm?” Mo Tianyu gasped in astonishment .

He finally saw what true masters were about .

Bang bang!

The Empress going through calamities was a grand scene .

After all, she was a master cultivator in the Soul Transformation Realm . The calamities she would face were much more terrifying than the Heavenly Lock Calamity .

Du Longyang squinted .

He slowly stood up and tightly gripped the spear in his hand…

On the other side, Master Yuanshang took out a Khakkhara with nine rings and thumped it on the ground .

Young Master Tianxu opened his hand . Several small swords lined neatly in his palm .

Ye Shoudao held the knife with his only arm and waited quietly .

They were all among the best cultivators in the world and didn’t want to be played by anyone .

Therefore, they were going to throw the chessboard and challenge the player directly!

Ascending to the Immortal Realm… It was nothing more than an elaborate lie .


Finally .

By the time when the last Thunder Calamity fell from the sky…

Du Longyang and the others heightened their vigilance .

With a high-pitched squeal, the Empress tossed out a red, long sword in her hand .

The gleam of the sword met head-on with the Thunder Calamity .

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It turned out that the Empress was also a top swordsman!

Her sword spirit stretched like autumn rain .

The force of the sword collided with the thunder and gradually dwindled the last Thunder Calamity .

“Get ready!” Du Longyang muttered to himself .

He was not the only one .

The rest of them got serious as well .


The color of the sky changed . A rainbow-colored glow appeared above the bodhisattva temple . The magnificent energy of the Origin was flowing around .

Nie Changqing and Mo Tianyu felt like they were enlightened at the moment as if some of the questions they had about cultivation were magically solved .

Nie Changqing and Mo Tianyu sat on the ground, legs crossed, to seize the rare opportunity .

The calamities had wounded the Empress, so she raised her head and stared at the sky .

A beam of light shone from above .

The light conveyed the energy from the Origin to the Empress and immediately healed the wounds on her body .

She was reinvigorated at once!

A strange and mysterious force shot down from above and pulled the Empress up to the sky .


The Empress’s body slowly floated up .

All of a sudden!

The sky was slashed open .

The Empress stared at the gash intently and could vaguely see an imposing Immortal Palace behind it!

A tremendous amount of Spirit Qi gushed out of the opening .

“Immortal Realm?!” The Empress muttered in bewilderment .

Was the Immortal Realm really a lie?

An enormous sucking power brought her to the Immortal Realm .

In the meantime .

The energy burst from all four directions of the barren mountain .

Du Longyang let out a deep roar!

His entire body released a golden radiance like the sun . The spear turned into a shaft of brilliant golden light and dashed to the sky .

“Amituofo . ”

Master Yuanshang put his palms together and leaped up . A statue of a golden Buddha manifested next to him .

Ye Shoudao shouted . The black shadow of his knife enlarged and brought him up .

Young Master Tianxu yelled angrily, “Du Longyang, Lu Fan still hasn’t come! He indeed played all of you, just as I expected!”

However, Young Master Tianxu didn’t slow down because of his rants .

He waved his hand .

The tiny swords flew upwind, bloomed into a giant sword that blotted out the sun, and drew him up to the sky .

Four master cultivators transformed into four beams of brilliant light and charged at the sky from the four directions of the mountain .

The Empress’s body was sucked into the Immortal Realm through the split .

Du Longyang and the others…

Wanted to get through the opening as well .


Behind the split .

A giant hand that obscured the entire sky suddenly emerged .

It smacked at Du Longyang and the other three .

Inside the bodhisattva temple .

Nie Changqing’s heart palpitated while he was cultivating .

He opened his eyes and looked at the Wall of Air .

He saw that…

The Wall of Air vibrated slightly .


He heard the sound of a wheelchair rolling on the ground .

A man wearing white clothes and sitting in a silver wheelchair slowly came into the shabby bodhisattva temple .

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