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Chapter 264: 264

Master Yuanshang wore a string of big, round Buddist beads around his neck . He put his palms together in front of the chest and looked affable .

Such a kind-looking person staged a deadly ambush that aimed to kill the top cultivators in Tengen Continent .

Du Longyang, the Empress, Young Master Tianxu, and Ye Shoudao all fell for his ruse .

Moreover, even Lu Fan was tricked by Master Yuanshang .

Besides Lu Fan, Du Longyang and the Empress were also dumbfounded .

The Empress’s phoenix coronet had already been broken into pieces . Her hair was messy and tangled, while her lips were stained with blood . It was an extremely dreadful look .

She laughed in desperation and anguish .

Du Longyang kneeled on the ground . A chain that was made of the Power of the Origin penetrated his shoulders . He stared at Master Yuanshang in a daze .

He suspected that Young Master Tianxu and Ye Shoudao of the Supreme Knife School might be moles for the Immortals .

However, he never thought that Master Yuanshang was the one who had been hiding all this time .

Why would Master Yuanshang become an agent for the Immortals? He had such a trustworthy and decent background .

Yuanshang seemed to be controlled by the Immortals’ mark!

Considering how many esteemed Buddhist Monks died while going through calamities to ascend to heaven, the Kufo Temple was supposed to be the main victim of the Immortals .

“Amituofo . ” Master Yuanshang chanted the Amitabha .

He didn’t explain anything to them .

Du Longyang squeezed a bitter smile while staring at Master Yuanshang .

A memory flashed through his mind .

Back then, it was exactly Master Yuanshang who came to Wudi City, covered in blood . He found Du Longyang, took out a Buddhist scripture, and speculated the shocking conspiracy of the “immortals . ”

Du Longyang didn’t believe him at first . But when he found the ancient book that was left by the first Martial Sovereign in the Scriptures Depository of Wudi City…

Du Longyang fell for it .

He found the Empress and Ye Shoudao . He even reached out to Young Master Tianxu, the person he despised the most .

He gathered all of the master cultivators in the world to find a solution to solve the problem . Otherwise, the next generation of every power group would suffer a great loss and fell into the Immortals’ trap by going through calamities to ascend to heaven .

Du Longyang and the others started to make the Immortal Slaying Plan to prevent that from happening .


In the end, the so-called Immortal Slaying Plan was only a ploy that the Immortals explicitly designed for them .

They wanted to avoid the fate of being played by the Immortals, yet didn’t realize that their efforts were already part of their destinies .

They were pawns in a chess game that they weren’t even aware of .

“What on earth does the Immortal want?!”

Du Longyang glared at Master Yuanshang .

“Why does he absorb our strength and consume our nascent souls? Does he want to become stronger? He is already the high and mighty Immortal . What does he need it for?”

Du Longyang stared at Master Yuanshang fixedly .

Nonetheless, Master Yuanshang only shook his head .

“I don’t know . ”

Yuanshang ignored Du Longyang and looked at Lu Fan .

“Master Lu, do you want to do this yourself or force me to attack you?” Master Yuanshang asked .

Lu Fan leaned on the back of the wheelchair, his white robe flapping and billowing . He looked at Master Yuanshang calmly as if Master Yuanshang’s betrayal was nothing beyond his expectation .

“Just as I thought, you can’t judge a book by its cover…”

Lu Fan smiled .

“Perhaps, the noble appearance was only to cover the sinister intentions . The ugly and boorish men might be frank and honest in reality . ”

Lu Fan quickly scanned Yuanshang and then took a brief look at the Young Master Tianxu in the distance .

Young Master Tianxu was pierced by the chains and was gasping in agony . He recoiled involuntarily upon meeting Lu Fan’s glance .

He was inexplicably afraid of Lu Fan .

“I have a question,” Lu Fan said .

“Please tell me,” Master Yuanshang said as he put his palms together .

Lu Fan raised his hand gently, and a drop of water that was made of the Power of the Origin hovered above his palm .

“The Power of the Origin in this Lake of Origin… Can I take some with me?” Lu Fan asked .

Master Yuanshang was surprised . He didn’t think Lu Fan would ask a question like this .

In the distance…

The strengths of Du Longyang, the Empress, and the others were being drawn out .

Their cultivation level was lowering .

The Empress was the first one who was downgraded . Her ashen face and blood-red lips seemed especially ghastly .

She dropped to the Nascent Soul Realm from the Soul Transformation Realm and was about to fell further down to the Golden Elixir Realm…

The giant Origin ball was like a bottomless abyss that was sucking their power .

The Empress was in despair .

They could only rest their hope on Lu Fan . However, could they turn the table with Lu Fan alone?

Lu Fan might not be able to win against Yuanshang . Even if he did, how could he overpower the Immortal?


Lu Fan and Du Longyang only had a business arrangement .

Would Lu Fan really put his life on the line and fight against the Immortal for a piece of a magic tool?

There was no way…

The Empress searched her heart and recognized that she wouldn’t risk her life for someone else if she were in Lu Fan’s shoes right now .

“Can I take it?” Lu Fan asked earnestly .

Master Yuanshang put his palms together and smiled . “Amituofo . ”

“Of course you can . Take however much you want . As long as the Immortal still exists, the lake can be tapped without limit . ”

Lu Fan raised his eyebrows and replied, “Oh, don’t forget what you just said . ”

He looked down again . The Lake of Origin was valuable for sure .

Lu Fan was getting stressed about finding new things to help him train the cultivators to move up to the Golden Elixir Realm and the Heavenly Lock Realm . Now he had found the treasure .

Initially, he only wanted to take a small amount . Who would have thought that Yuanshang was so generous?

He couldn’t waste Yuanshang’s kindness .

Lu Fan lifted his hand and flipped it over .

A three-legged cauldron emerged .

The All Method Furnace!

Lu Fan loosened his grip and dropped the All Method Furnace .

The All Method Furnace fell into the Lake of Origin with a thud and seemed to sink to the bottom .

With a gurgling sound…

And some bubbles appearing on the surface…

A giant whirlpool appeared where the All Method Furnace fell into the water .

The water in the Lake of Origin poured into the All Method Furnace .

With a large mass of water rapidly rotating above…

Master Yuanshang was stunned . His face changed .

The water level of the Lake of Origin started to drop .

How much of the water was being taken?!

Lu Fan leaned on the back of the wheelchair serenely .

How could he turn down Master Yuanshang’s generosity?

After the upgrade, the All Method Furnace became a Spirit Tool of Space that could contain objects .

It could take in plenty of things in addition to being used to calculate cultivation techniques .

Lu Fan stuffed tens of thousands of books into the All Method Furnace when he was in the Scriptures Depository .

Using the All Method Furnace to hold water was unworthy of its power for sure . But Lu Fan didn’t have other tools for now .

He hadn’t created anything specifically for expanding space . Thus, he had no other choice but to use the All Method Furnace .

Looking at the water level descending…

The genial smile on Master Yuanshang’s face gradually disappeared .

He suddenly wanted to smack himself .

Why didn’t he say Lu Fan could take however much he wanted?

“I think that is enough,” Master Yuanshang said .

“Not yet… It’s not filled yet,” Lu Fan said with a smile .

Yuanshang’s face turned somber . He clasped the Khakkhara in his hand .

“I will not ask you nicely the second time . ”



Yuanshang thumped the deck of the black iron ship with the Khakkhara .

An invisible wave spread out and rolled toward the All Method Furnace . He wanted to shatter the All Method Furnace .

Lu Fan smiled and said, “You’re a bald donkey who won’t honor your words…”

Lu Fan stretched his hand and scooped the All Method Furnace up . The water made with the Power of the Origin raised and flowed into the furnace .

The water level was still plunging .

On the black iron ship .

Young Master Tianxu, who was pierced by the chains, suddenly hooted with laughter .

“Good job! Teach this stinky bald donkey a lesson… He has been an eyesore to me for a long time!” Young Master Tianxu said as he guffawed .

Young Master Tianxu already dropped to the Golden Elixir Realm at the moment .

Nevertheless, he didn’t care and couldn’t stop laughing .

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Master Yuanshang’s attack didn’t work . Embarrassed and angry, he grabbed the Khakkhara and leaped forward .

He struck at Lu Fan with the khakkhara .


The All Method Furnace made a loud sound…

And shielded Lu Fan from Master Yuanshang’s attack .

It fell into the Lake of Origin at once .

Sitting in the wheelchair, the smile on Lu Fan’s face vanished . He looked cold and stern now .

“You knocked over my furnace,” Lu Fan said .

Master Yuanshang’s eyebrows knitted together . He lifted his arm, and a golden bowl took shape in his hand .

The golden bowl was less advanced than the Khakkhara .

Nevertheless, it still had impressive power .

The golden bowl released a terrifying amount of sucking power that aimed to draw Lu Fan in and seal him for good .

“Even though I have a mild temper, you knocked over my furnace…”

“You have to account for that . ”

Lu Fan pressed two fingers on the armrest of the wheelchair and gently plucked forward .

A beam of red light came into sight immediately .

It transformed into a flying fire phoenix . Flashes of silver light flared and piled up in the void and became a blooming lotus flower . It overpowered the golden bowl right away .

In the meantime, the All Method Furnace that fell in the lake was still absorbing the water in the Lake of Origin .

Master Yuanshang was infuriated . Lu Fan was still drawing the water in the lake!

Did he want to dry up the entire Lake of Origin?

A magic tool of Space!

Who would have thought that Lu Fan had a magic tool of Space!

This kind of magic tool was so precious that ordinary people never even heard of it, let alone saw it in person .

Master Yuanshang chanted the Amitabha .

Golden rays appeared behind his back .

A towering statue of the Buddha became visible behind him . He pushed forward and dashed against the silver lotus made of thousands of blades .

The two came into collision and caused a massive storm .

Master Yuanshang moved one step back with an exceptionally serious look .

Lu Fan, on the other hand, seemed quite relaxed .

He plucked his fingers rapidly and sent out two beams of red light . The other two Phoenix Feather Swords whizzed out .

They charged at Master Yuanshang .

Master Yuanshang’s eyes widened with fury . He clutched the Khakkhara with one hand .

“The Angry Finger of Buddha!” he bellowed .

The blinding golden light shone more brightly behind him . An angry face of the Buddha took shape .

A finger suddenly grew thicker and longer, pointing at Lu Fan .

The finger met head-on with the Phoenix Feather Swords .

With a clanking sound…

Master Yuanshang’s finger was chopped off!

“This is…immortal tool?!”

Master Yuanshang was petrified as his hand bled profusely .

He didn’t expect the Phoenix Feather Swords to be so powerful .

Even his ultimate stunt, the Angry Finger of Buddha, couldn’t get the upper hand over the two Phoenix Feather Swords .

“Immortal tool?”

Lu Fan paused for a second and shook his head . “Who dares to call himself an Immortal?”

“It was only a Spirit Tool in the Heaven Level,” Lu Fan said .

Right after that…

The silver rays shredded the golden bowl . The golden bowl exploded .

The silver blades flew down forcefully like a waterfall .

Master Yuanshang roared in anger .

Surrounded by the blades, he exerted the strength from the Soul Transformation Realm and struggled to break free .

Lu Fan’s expression was grim .

“You knocked over my furnace . I won’t let you off the hook easily,” Lu Fan said .

He raised his hand and made a grabbing motion in the void .


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Three Phoenix Feather Swords stacked in the void and transformed into a long sword .

It gleamed with blazing light .

Master Yuanshang’s Khakkhara was lifted under the control of Lu Fan’s hand .


The golden Khakkhara was broken in half .

Master Yuanshang coughed up blood and stumbled backward .

Three Phoenix Feather Swords merged together and were as potent as a Spirit Tool in the Heaven Level Premium Grade .

Although they were not in the Ground Level yet, it was much more advanced than Master Yuanshang’s Khakkhara .

Master Yuanshang couldn’t withstand the attack and kept moving back .

On the black iron ship .

Du Longyang coughed up blood and started to laugh heartily .

Watching Master Yuanshang being beaten by Lu Fan, he felt a sense of contentment . The despondency in his heart from being played by Yuanshang was alleviated .

Even the Empress who had abandoned herself to despair cheered up a little .

The Empress’s beautiful eyes sparkled and stared at Lu Fan .

Lu Fan made them understand what an unrivaled cultivator looked like .

Young Master Tianxu also laughed uncontrollably .

He was becoming weaker and weaker .

His face was as white as sheet, and his body was trembling .

But he was happy .

Lu Fan didn’t rush . He controlled the Phoenix Feather Swords and set upon Yuanshang one slash at a time .

Master Yuanshang was forced to draw back .

He almost backed to the edge of the black iron ship .

“Immortal! Save me!”

Master Yuanshang realized that he wasn’t a match for Lu Fan . He turned his head and shouted at the ball of the Origin .

Du Longyang and the others widened their eyes and gnashed their teeth .

“The Immortal is in it indeed!”

Lu Fan sat in the wheelchair with a faint smile .


“Not everyone can call himself the Immortal . ”


The ball of the Origin vibrated .


A chain shot out of it .

Containing terrifying energy, the chain darted across the sky and directed at Lu Fan .

Lu Fan sat straight in the Thousand Blades Chair, looking composed and unbothered .

His consciousness flickered .

Tens of thousands of silver blades returned and piled up in front of him .


Much to Lu Fan’s surprise .

The chain took a sharp turn and punctured Master Yuanshang’s chest .


The blood sprayed like a fountain . Master Yuanshang stared at his chest in disbelief .

He struggled to turn his head and looked at the ball of the Origin behind him .


“Why?!” Master Yuanshang asked .

Nevertheless, no one responded to him . The ball of the Origin was quiet as usual . The chain drilled through Yuanshang’s body and started to suck his strength .

Lu Fan sat in the Thousand Blades Chair and looked at the ball of the Origin .

He could vaguely see that a shadow of a person was pressing his eyes on the surface of the ball from inside and staring at Lu Fan and the outside world .

Lu Fan could even see the person cracking a smile .

Master Yuanshang was pathetic .

Maybe it was because he trusted the Immortal .

He didn’t resist much .

Therefore, the chain extracted his strength without any scruples .

His power surged into the ball of the Origin like a raging torrent .

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Master Yuanshang seemed like he was dried up . Face wizened, he was on the brink of death .

Young Master Tianxu laughed loudly .

“You deserve it!”

“Immortal… Bullsh*t Immortal!”

“We might as well call you a demon!”

Du Longyang also shook his head . Yuanshang sowed the seeds of his own ruin .

Although they didn’t know why Master Yuanshang defected, they were happy to see he ended up like this .

“Young Master Lu!”

All of a sudden…

The disheveled Empress spoke from afar .

Lu Fan looked at her with confusion .

The Empress’s bright eyes sparkled . She gazed at Lu Fan and said, “You need to break this ball of the Origin . The Immortal absorbed the power from generations of master cultivators who ascended to the Immortal Realm . He wants to transfigure…

“The process will stop if you can break the ball of the Origin! The Immortal’s plot will fail!” The Empress said .

Lu Fan sat in the wheelchair and glanced at the Empress . He shook his head and answered, “I can’t break it . He is hiding inside the Origin . The Origin of the world is the sturdiest thing . ”

“Unless I have a tool in the Sky Level, I can’t break it from the outside,” Lu Fan said .

He was telling the truth . As the Lord of the Plane, Lu Fan controlled the Plane’s Origin of the Wuhuang Continent . He understood how tough the Origin was .

“The so-called Immortal is in the ball of the Origin to avoid disruption . He knows what place is the safest . That’s why he is hiding inside of the ball of the Origin . It’s not easy to break it . ”

“It might not be accomplished even if the four of you worked together at your peak condition . ”

Du Longyang was dispirited . “Is there no other way?”

The one-armed Ye Shoudao of the Supreme Knife School also looked glum and doleful .

As powerful as they were, they never thought that they would die from being sucked dry .

“There might be a way,” Lu Fan said .

Lu Fan seemed to think of something while still sitting in the wheelchair .

The Empress’s somber eyes brightened up again .

“Young Master Lu…”

Du Longyang and Young Master Tianxu also looked at Lu Fan with expectant eyes .

The All Method Furnace was full now . The water from Lake of Origin started to overflow . Lu Fan was a little disappointed that he couldn’t move the entire lake .

Then, Lu Fan waved his hand and took back the All Method Furnace expressionlessly .

Master Yuanshang had already dried . He plummeted to the Golden Elixir Realm and was covered with wrinkles .

He couldn’t care less about how much water Lu Fan took .

“Please tell us, Young Master Lu! We are willing to pay whatever price you name!”

Du Longyang hurried to speak .

Lu Fan was their only hope .

Lu Fan waved his hand . “Lu Ping’an is not a greedy man…”

“My method would make Tengen Continent regress to thousands of years ago, even tens of thousands of years ago… Do you really want to try it?” Lu Fan asked .

Upon hearing his question…

Du Longyang and the others were stunned .

The Empress clenched her teeth and replied, “The Immortal is weakening the foundation of Tengen Continent…”

“A sharp sword is hanging above our heads as long as the Immortal is still alive . Tengen Continent will collapse sooner or later . ”

Du Longyang also gnashed his teeth .

“Young Master Lu…Do it!”

Young Master Tianxu and Ye Shoudao also agreed .

Lu Fan nodded slightly .

He looked at the gigantic ball of the Origin .

He almost saw that the eyes staring at him from inside the ball of the Origin just became more vicious .

Lu Fan smiled .

He didn’t know why the “Immortal” sucked the strength out of so many people .

Lu Fan didn’t care anyway .

His consciousness flickered .

Lu Fan raised his hand .

He combined the three entrances of the forbidden area and linked the Origin of the Wuhuang Continent with this giant ball of the Origin .

Lu Fan couldn’t break the Origin from outside .

Nevertheless…he could draw from the Origin!

Lu Fan planned to keep pulling the energy out of the ball of the Origin until the Immortal came out .

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