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Chapter 249: 249

In the sky above Wudi City .

The atmosphere was electric with impending danger . Every elder in the Nascent Soul Realm rose into the air and stared at the scarlet sword shooting across the sky .

Du Longyang and the ascetic monk also hastened toward the sword .

The tiny Lu Fan, made of the Spirit Fluid, sat on the Phoenix Feather Sword with his legs crossed . He looked like an immortal flying on a sword .

Du Longyang and the ascetic monk looked stern . Although neither of them had met or dealt with Lu Fan in person, they both knew Lu Fan must be extremely powerful .

“This is a supreme magic tool!” Du Longyang said as he stared at the Phoenix Feather Sword and then took in a deep breath .

Master Yuanshang, the ascetic monk, also nodded in agreement .

They were both top-level cultivators with discerning eyes . They saw Lu Fan using the Phoenix Feather Sword in the past . But that was not the real sword .

Now, the arrival of the real sword made them realize that Lu Fan might be even more formidable than they estimated .

White Jade City Pavilion, Beiluo Lake Island .

Lu Fan leaned in the Thousand Blades Chair and held the bronze wine cup in his hand . He spoke softly with a mirthless smile . “Did you abduct my disciple to threaten me?”

The tiny Lu Fan sitting on the Phoenix Feather Sword hovering in the sky above Wudi City spoke the same words at the same time .

“You took it the wrong way . I only invited this patron here to ask him how we can reach you . ”

Yuanshang hurried to speak, in case the misunderstanding escalated .

Du Longyang and Yuanshang had a favor to ask Lu Fan . They couldn’t risk mishandling their relationship with Lu Fan because of confusion .

That would go against their original intention .

The tiny Lu Fan on the Phoenix Feather Sword crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows .

“Oh? Contact me? What do you want?”

Lu Fan continued to ask .

Du Longyang waved his hand in a sweeping motion at the disciples of Wudi City who were waiting on the ground under them . He started to laugh .

“Let’s talk inside . ”

Hovering in the air, Du Longyang turned sideways and showed a path to the inner palace of Wudi City .

Yuanshang also held one hand up in front of his chest and turned to invite Lu Fan .

The disciples of Wudi City on the ground, as well as the elders in the Nascent Soul Realm, were baffled by the exchange .

They recognized this man . Wasn’t he the one who disrupted Du Longyang when he was trying to go through the Heavenly Calamity?

Why were they so friendly now?

How did he become an honorable guest of Wudi City?

Du Longyang didn’t explain . He didn’t need to explain anything to his disciples .

The tiny Lu Fan sat on the Phoenix Feather Sword and flew into the inner palace of Wudi City .

Nie Changqing had been waiting for them for quite some time . Although his expression was odd when he saw Lu Fan, he still bowed to him .

“Young Master . ”

Tiny Lu Fan sat upright on the Phoenix Feather Sword and nodded impassively .

“Pretty good . You surely have made some progress through fighting . ”

Nie Changqing’s face brightened up after hearing Lu Fan’s recognition .

“Thank you, Young Master . ”

Du Longyang and Master Yuanshang also flew into the inner palace . They waved their hands and shut the main hall with formations .

“I assume you come from the other side of the Void Gate . ”

“Can you please tell us your name?”

Du Longyang cupped one hand in the other before his chest to show respect . This was the first formal meeting they had with Lu Fan .

The grievances and grudges from the past didn’t count .

“My last name is Lu,” Lu Fan said .

He spoke no more .

“Young Master Lu…”

Du Longyang smiled and then said, “Using the Spirit Fluid to create your duplicate… Your ability to control the Spiritual Sense is not something ordinary cultivators could imagine . ”

Lu Fan looked at Du Longyang with a vague smile .

“I told you before I will wipe out all of the Nascent Soul cultivators in your Wudi City if they intervened… Do you remember?” Lu Fan asked .

Du Longyang’s expression turned somber at the mention of Lu Fan’s previous warning .

He was the City Master of Wudi City and the number one spear user in Tengen Continent . He didn’t appreciate being threatened .

However, there was nothing he could do .

The Nascent Soul cultivators were the cornerstone of any cultivation group . They were the main force to deter, fight, and build up the reputation .

Nevertheless, if they were targeted by a mysterious person in the Soul Transformation Realm…

Even Du Longyang couldn’t protect all of his Nascent Soul cultivators at all times .

Who could stop the person in the Soul Transformation Realm if he decided to execute them one by one?

No one could hold out against the attack .

Therefore, Du Longyang had no choice but to swallow the insult .

Master Yuanshang hurried to smooth things over and laughed . “Young Master Lu, that was all in the past . We couldn’t thank you enough for helping us expose the lackeys of the Immortals . ”

Lu Fan waved his hand . Everything was a coincidence .

After all, he didn’t mean to do it . Lu Fan wouldn’t be bothered if the blind old servant didn’t deliver himself to him .

“In fact, not only in Wudi City but also Kufo Temple had monks who went through calamities to ascend to heaven . However, they issued a warning to us at the last moment . We have been suspecting since then that if the Immortal Realm really exists and if going through calamities to ascend to heaven is only a big lie . ”

Master Yuanshang didn’t beat around the bush and spoke straightforwardly .

Du Longyang narrowed his eyes . “Young Master Lu, you went to the Scriptures Depository of Wudi City . I assume you have seen the Tengen . That is the warning left to the public by the first Martial Sovereign of Wudi City, the same as the monks in Kufo Temple . ”

“Not only in Wudi City and Kufo Temple, the first Empress of the Great Qian Matriarchal Empire, and the first head of the Supreme Knife School but also the ancestors of several ancient schools and sects all left scraps of warnings in some way or another . ”

“Going through calamities to ascend to heaven is an outright lie . ”

“Thus, we have been investigating in secret and discovered the agent of the Immortals . ”

“However, we don’t know how many of them are out there since the marks left by the Immortals are engraved deep in the soul,” Du Longyang said .

The tiny Lu Fan sitting on the Phoenix Feather Sword started to laugh .

“That’s why you ask me to help you to slay the Immortals?” Lu Fan said .

Du Longyang and Master Yuanshang exchanged a look and nodded .

“Why would you trust me, an outsider?”

Tiny Lu Fan continued to ask .

“Compared with the hidden agents of the Immortals, we feel more comfortable working with you . ”

Du Longyang answered in a resigned tone .

Nie Changqing remained silent on the side . It was not because he didn’t want to talk… Instead, he wasn’t qualified to cut in on a conversation at this level .

What were they talking about?

Slaying the Immortals?!

Killing the agents of the Immortals?!

Was that what the leaders were thinking about?

A strange silence ensued in the main hall .

Du Longyang and Master Yuanshang stared at tiny Lu Fan, who was sitting on the Phoenix Feather Sword . The three were locked in a standoff .


“Slaying the Immortals . Okay . ”

“I will agree to help you . Having said that… What’s in it for me?”

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Tiny Lu Fan gazed at Du Longyang and Master Yuanshang calmly .

Du Longyang and Yuanshang exchanged a look . They knew they finally came to the point now .

Apparently, Lu Fan wouldn’t agree to help them without asking anything in return .

Everything had a price . They wouldn’t trust Lu Fan’s collaboration if it were free of charge .

“We can announce to the world that we will no longer restrict the Void Gate so that your disciples could walk freely on Tengen Continent . ”

Du Longyang proposed a solution to test the waters .

Sitting on the Phoenix Feather Sword, Lu Fan glanced at Du Longyang as if he was an idiot .

“Do you consider me a fool?” Lu Fan asked rhetorically .

He sent Nie Changqing and others into the forbidden area to feel the pressure . Now…they wanted to remove the pressure . Then what was the point of his disciples coming here?

“Please be forthright if you have something in your mind,” Master Yuanshang said as he held one hand before his chest .

Back on Beiluo Lake Island .

Lu Fan laughed .

He took a sip of the green plum wine .

His hand tapped the Phoenix Feather Arm rhythmically .

“What should I ask them for?”

“They want to sly the Immortals… It would be an insult to the Immortals if my price is too low . ”

Lu Fan caressed his chin and pondered .

Tengen Continent was a mature Mid Level Martial World that had everything necessary . It was fully equipped with spirit tools, elixirs, and formations .

It was a well-developed place, compared to the Wuhuang Continent that became a Mid Level Martial World only recently .

There were many things Lu Fan could learn from them . And that was what he needed to do .

Studying was the quickest way for a person to advance .

It was the same for advancing a world .

Nevertheless, Lu Fan had second thoughts again . He already emptied the Scriptures Depository of Wudi City, and there wasn’t much he could study now .

Inside Wudi City .

Du Longyang stared at Lu Fan, who was tardy in response and thought he was using the silence to pressure them .

He breathed in and looked at Lu Fan and said, “If you’re willing to help…we will gift you a Premium Grade magic tool! How about that?!”

Tiny Lu Fan snapped out of his trance . “A Premium Grade magic tool?”

Du Longyang pointed at the Phoenix Feather Sword and said, “A top magic tool like your sword here . ”

Lu Fan frowned .

“Young Master Lu, Premium Grade magic tools are extremely rare . Magic tools are probably the most precious things in the world . A Premium Grade magic tool is enough to make cultivators fight at all costs,” Yuanshang said .

“I don’t care for magic tools . This sword is nothing more than a toy in my arsenal,” Lu Fan said .

Du Longyang and Master Yuanshang were tongue-tied .

Lu Fan thought for a while before letting out a sigh . He looked at Du Longyang and Yuanshang and said, “I won’t make things difficult for you . It’s rare for me to join the action…”

“I want two Premium Grade magic tools, two sets of elixir in the same grade… Additionally, I’d like you to offer some convenience to these youngsters . Don’t send people to kill them the moment they show up here…” Lu Fan said .

He didn’t ask for much . Three requests in total .

Du Longyang and Yuanshang exchanged a look and saw the reluctance in each other’s eyes .

“Young Master Lu… We can agree to the last two requests . But the first one… We can’t do it . ”

“Premium Grade magic tools are extremely rare . Even we couldn’t find a second one,” Du Longyang reasoned .

“We really can’t find it…” Master Yuanshang also said .

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“Premium Grade magic tools in the entire world can be counted on one hand . ”

Lu Fan sighed regrettably .

“All right . One is fine . ”

“Call me when you’re ready to slay the Immortals,” Lu Fan said .

He dropped the last word and didn’t stay to discuss more .

The Phoenix Feather Sword shot out again like a flash of fire . It dashed against the protective shield Du Longyang set up . The shield blew up right away, while the Phoenix Feather Sword carried tiny Lu Fan and disappeared in the sky .

He left cleanly and swiftly .

Nie Changqing was left behind .

Nie Changqing watched Lu Fan’s receding figure with his mouth open, just like when he was shut out of the Dragon Gate .

As if…he was abandoned again .

However, Nie Changqing was also stunned .

The cost of the Young Master’s help was so high!

On the other side, Yuanshang asked Du Longyang, “Can we…trust this person?”

“I don’t care how reliable he is . At the very least, he is more trustworthy than the hidden agents of the Immortals . ”

Du Longyang took in a deep breath . He raised his head and looked at the sky with a solemn face .

They made this decision with unparalleled resolution .

“City Master Du, do you want to inform the Empress, Tianxu, and Juedao [1]?” Master Yuanshang asked .

“I already sent people to notify the Empress . As for Juedao and Tianxu, we should keep them out of the loop for now as a preventive measure,” Du Longyang answered sternly .

Yuanshang’s face grew serious . Did Du Longyang suspect both Juedao and Tianxu?

At Buzhou Peak .

Zhu Long’s long eyelashes fluttered .

She vaguely sensed something . Li Sansi seemed to be on the brink of death .

Zhu Long was more mature now and could make her own decisions .

If Lu Fan was the person who created her, then Li Sansi was the one who taught her about the world .

That was why Zhu Long had complicated feelings about Li Sansi .

Other than Lu Fan, Li Sansi was the only person in Zhu Long’s life . She didn’t want Li Sansi to die like this .

Nonetheless, Zhu Long was certain that her father would be angry if she intervened .

Therefore, Zhu Long was in a dilemma . It would be a shame if Li Sansi died .

She looked at the Dragon Gate, eyelashes fluttering . Pursing her lips, she seemed to think of something .

She left the bluestone at Buzhou Peak…

And stepped into the Dragon Gate .

After quite some time…

She walked out of the Dragon Gate and appeared on Beiluo Lake .

Beiluo Lake was lively and bustling .

Cultivators rowed to the Book House on the lake . Young Master Lu only opened the Book House for a month . They wouldn’t dare to waste any time .

Zhu Long walked out of the Dragon Gate . She faced Beiluo Lake Island with her eyes closed .

She realized that Beiluo Lake Island was enveloped in a thick fog .

Zhu Long pursed her lips again and strode across the lake .

In the distance .

The little Responsive Dragon was playing in the loft of the Book House . He suddenly paused and turned around, as though he sensed something scary .

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He sped out of the loft rapidly and sprang upward, flapping his wings .

He flew to the young woman who was standing alone on the lake like she was lost .

With a flopping sound, he crashed into Zhu Long .

But Zhu Long soon picked the little Responsive Dragon up, grabbing the scruff of his neck .

The little Responsive Dragon pouted and was ready to spray water at Zhu Long .

However, Zhu Long pinched the little Responsive Dragon’s neck a bit harder . The little Responsive Dragon opened his mouth as if he was being tickled . The water in his mouth flowed out .

“Shh . ”

Zhu Long put a slender finger to her lips .

She pointed at Beiluo Lake Island and then at the Dragon Gate .

The little Responsive Dragon’s eyes brightened up at once .

He hurried to cover his mouth .

Did she want to take him out to play?

Zhu Long’s rosy lips curled up . She placed the little Responsive Dragon on her shoulder, tiptoed across the lake, and went through the Dragon Gate .

In the distance .

Lv Dongxuan was fishing on the lake . He raised his head .


“Where is the dragon? Why doesn’t the dragon mess around today?”

He thought for a while .

Lv Dongxuan cracked a smile, puckering up his wrinkled face .

“Good . No dragon is coming to steal my grilled fish this time . ”


Zhu Long took the little Responsive Dragon through the Dragon Gate and arrived at Buzhou Peak .

The little Responsive Dragon frolicked around . It was his first time away from the lake .

He was thrilled .

After a while, the little Responsive Dragon was picked up by Zhu Long again .

Zhu Long inhaled a deep breath .

She clipped the flute on her belt .

The little Responsive Dragon’s eyes brightened up . He grabbed the flute and fiddled with it for a while . He didn’t know how to play it, so he opened his mouth and was going to eat it .

However, Zhu Long turned her face toward him . The little Responsive Dragon stopped, let go of the flute, and grinned innocently .

Zhu Long finally made up her mind .

Carrying the little Responsive Dragon, she stepped forward .

She fell off Buzhou Peak at breakneck speed .

If her father punished her later for getting into trouble, maybe he would be more lenient if she brought the little Responsive Dragon along with her .

They fell from Buzhou Peak .

Below, snow was falling heavily .

Finally, Zhu Long and the little Responsive Dragon landed at the foot of the mountain .


A terrifying shock wave .

Zhu Long and the little Responsive Dragon transformed into a flash of light and bolted off into the distance .

[1] Juedao is the head of the Supreme Knife School . “Juedao” is the transliteration of the word “supreme knife . ”

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