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Chapter 250

The Phoenix Feather Sword flew across the sky and through two Dragon Gates before returning to Beiluo Lake Island .

The thick fog that had covered Beiluo Lake Island dissipated .

After the Phoenix Feather Sword returned to its place, the tiny Lu Fan also evaporated into a puff of Spirit Qi and disappeared .

“It’s a good thing this girl still knows I will be mad . Did she bring the little Responsive Dragon with her so that I will let them off lightly?”

Lu Fan shook his head in frustration .

What a childish behavior .

Lu Fan, of course, knew what Zhu Long did . Even though he concentrated most of his Spiritual Sense on negotiating with Du Longyang and Master Yuanshang in Wudi City, he could still sense Zhu Long’s movements .

“She is behaving more and more like a human now . That’s all right . ”

Lu Fan smiled .

He didn’t stop Zhu Long or bring the little Responsive Dragon back .

What happened to Li Sansi was beyond Lu Fan’s expectations .

After all, being possessed was not something that would happen to everyone .

Lu Fan wouldn’t intervene if the disciples of the Supreme Knife School killed Li Sansi since it was a consequence of Li Sansi’s own choice .


Li Sansi could die for being possessed .

Lu Fan couldn’t let that happen .

After all, Lu Fan trained Li Sansi to become an Internal Organs Realm cultivator . His disciple being possessed was like a smack on his face . How could Lu Fan tolerate such insult?

Besides, after Li Sansi’s possession, Lu Fan wouldn’t get a cut of the Spirit Qi obtained from Li Sansi’s cultivation and advancement . There was no way Lu Fan could put up with it .

While thinking about that, Lu Fan leaned on the back of the wheelchair again . He felt the breeze and picked up a Go piece…

And put it down gently .

Nie Changqing left Wudi City because he realized the disciples in Wudi City were still quite hostile to him .

Nie Changqing could see it clearly . He walked out of Wudi City, carrying the Dragon Slaying Knife .

It was normal for the disciples of Wudi City to be aggressive toward him since he killed many cultivators in the Golden Elixir Realm from Wudi City .

Even Du Longyang didn’t treat him with a friendly face . He probably would have killed Nie Changqing already if not for Lu Fan’s sake .

Mo Tianyu recognized Nie Changqing from the distance . His eyes lit up .

“Old Nie!”

Mo Tianyu ran through the crowd, holding a banner in his hand . Nie Changqing didn’t know the words written on the banner . It was probably the language used in this world .

“Old Mo? Why are you here?”

Nie Changqing was shocked .

Why was Mo Tianyu in Wudi City?

That was not the most important thing . The most important thing was… Why was Mo Tianyu not dead yet?!

Mo Tianyu cracked a smile . It was a wonderful feeling to run into an old friend in a foreign land .

Mo Tianyu was surprised too that Nie Changqing was still alive . He was abducted and brought to Wudi City, yet somehow he came out in one piece .

It looked like the Young Master Lu had great influence for sure .

Mo Tianyu suddenly felt intrigued . Would Lu Fan come to save him if he were in a perilous position?

Mo Tianyu was downhearted after careful thought . Chances were Lu Fan wouldn’t look after him .

Therefore, Mo Tianyu could only rely on…his trigrams .

“Let’s get out of the city first . ”

Nie Changqing pulled Mo Tianyu and walked outside of the city .

Mo Tianyu was dumbfounded .

He only noticed now the cold and angry faces around them .

Mo Tianyu’s mouth twitched…

“Did I come to you at a bad time?”

“Do you think it would work if I pretend I don’t know you now?”

Nie Changqing glanced at Mo Tianyu and smiled and said, “Take a guess . ”

“I’m going out of the city no matter what . You can stay here if you want . It’s just that we will never know when you would be pulled into an alley and beaten to death . ”

“After all, you’re only in the Qi Core Realm . The Golden Elixir cultivators don’t even need both hands to kill you,” Nie Changqing said .

Mo Tianyu rolled his eyes and hurried to pick up the banner and walked behind Nie Changqing .

At the city gate .

Nie Changqing saw a familiar face .

He was Ye Qianxun, the cultivator in the sixth level of the Golden Elixir Realm .

“The City Master ordered us not to kill you . What good luck you have…” Ye Qianxun said, leaning against the cold city wall .

“Even so, you killed so many disciples of our Wudi City . We wouldn’t let this go easily . ”

“And your knife…take good care of it . I will go to pick it up,” Ye Qianxun added .

Although the Pear Blossom in the Storm was formidable, Ye Qianxun believed that Nie Changqing probably only had only one magic tool at such level .

It was likely to be a fourth- or fifth-grade magic tool, which was still exceptionally valuable .

Ye Qianxun suffered a great deal for being off his guard . The wounds on his body made by the Pear Blossom in the Storm were still aching .

Nie Changqing took a brief look at Ye Qianxun .

This man was very strong . Nie Changqing moved up to the second level of the Heavenly Lock Realm because of Ye Qianxun . Although he was more powerful now, he still had a long way to go before he could defeat Ye Qianxun .

“This man is quite arrogant…”

Holding the banner, Mo Tianyu narrowed his eyes .

“It looks like…I need to tell his fortune . ”

He took a few steps forward…

And walked toward Ye Qianxun .

“Brother, do you want me to tell your fortune?”

Ye Qianxun darted a glance at Mo Tianyu, confused .

Nie Changqing was also at a loss for words .

Why did he want to waste time on fortune-telling? They should leave Wudi City as soon as possible .

All of a sudden .

Mo Tianyu sensed a menacing power that made his hair stand on end .

“Old Nie, let’s go, go quickly…”

Mo Tianyu dragged Nie Changqing and walked toward the outside of the city gates .

“Old Nie? Is your last name Nie?”

Ye Qianxun crossed his arms in front of his chest . He cracked a wicked smile and said, “The City Master told us that you could challenge the disciples of Wudi City when you have time… Don’t you want to achieve breakthrough during the fight? Come… If you have the balls . The inner-order disciples of Wudi City will take you on any time you want . ”

Nie Changqing turned back and gazed at Ye Qianxun intently .

He was dragged out of Wudi City by Mo Tianyu .

Despite that, Ye Qianxun still heard Nie Changqing’s response .

“You just wait and see . Sooner or later, I will bring everyone in Wudi City to your knees . ”

Nie Changqing’s reply caused an uproar among the disciples in Wudi City .

This man was so arrogant!

Just when Ye Qianxun was squinting, a bolt of formidable energy like the sun popped up at the end of the street .

“Fortune-teller! I’m going to take your d*mn life!”

Feng Yilou was incandescent .

He finally found him .

He found the d*mn fortune-teller .

It turned out this guy was also a stowaway who came through the Void Gate .

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The fortune-teller lied to him!

“Senior Brother Feng… Senior Brother Feng, calm down!”

Ye Qianxun sensed Feng Yilou’s urge to kill and hastened to stop him .

“City Master said that we would be kicked out of Wudi City if we killed them!”

Ye Qianxun hurried to say .

“I don’t care if I’m kicked out . I will kill that fortune-teller!”

Feng Yilou’s eyes were bloodshot .

He was not a cultured gentleman like Ximen Xianzhi . He focused on physical strength and would never hide his bad temper .

“Don’t! It’s not worth it to ruin your bright future for a despicable fortune-teller who is merely in the Qi Condensation Realm!”

Ye Qianxun didn’t know what to say . He kept holding Feng Yilou back .

Feng Yilou knew what Ye Qianxun said was reasonable .

Nevertheless, he was still furious .

Standing by Ye Qianxun, he roared with rage .

Mo Tianyu got out of Wudi City, cold sweat dripping down his forehead .

“I almost lost my life there!” Mo Tianyu exclaimed .

“The trigram is only a state of mind… This guy is so serious . Not fun at all,” Mo Tianyu said .

Carrying his knife, Nie Changqing slowly turned his head .

“Old Nie, what are you going to do next?”

“Are you going back?” Mo Tianyu asked .

“No,” Nie Changqing answered, taking long strides through the snow .

“I will rest, practice, and then go back to Wudi City to challenge them,” Nie Changqing added .

Mo Tianyu was surprised by Nie Changqing’s plan .

“Did Young Master Lu say anything to you before he left?” Mo Tianyu asked .

Nie Changqing didn’t know what to say . He was not happy to hear the question .

Lu Fan seemed to forget about him before he left .

However, Nie Changqing kept trudging through the snow and replied impassively, “Young Master praised me for advancing to the second level and asked me to keep it up . ”

“I need pressure and motivation… Fortunately, the disciples from Wudi City stopped chasing us because of the Young Master . I can use them to practice,” Nie Changqing said .

“Because of the Young Master?” Mo Tianyu was perplexed .

“I can’t say . I promised not to tell . ” Nie Changqing shook his head and didn’t answer Mo Tianyu .

Bewildered, Mo Tianyu didn’t keep asking . They walked into the snowcapped forest .

Suddenly, Mo Tianyu spoke again .

“Old Nie, let me know when you’re about to challenge the disciples of Wudi City . I will tell your fortune in advance . ”

“Good . ”

“You need to remember, my trigram…is super accurate . ”

Nie Changqing was speechless .

Carrying the little Responsive Dragon, Zhu Long dashed through the wall of air with great momentum .

The garrison in the Great Xuan didn’t have time to react . The energy of Zhu Long and the little Responsive Dragon unnerved the Xuanwu guard on duty and put them off their stroke .

Zhu Long didn’t pay attention to any of them .


The little Responsive Dragon opened his mouth wide . He was exhilarated as the cold wind blew into his mouth .

The two went through the wall of air .

They felt a strong vibration the minute they stepped into the forbidden area .

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“Someone is here again!”

“Let’s go… We can’t let them slip away this time!”

The destructive force of knives spread out around them .

The fighters from the Supreme Knife School all swung into action and charged at the little Responsive Dragon and Zhu Long, who just walked through the wall of air .

Zhu Long’s eyes were closed . She didn’t expect to come upon the enemies the moment she arrived here .

However, Zhu Long wasn’t afraid of them . These people were only in the Foundation Building Realm .

She raised her hand and then pressed it down gently .


The bodies of these Foundation Building cultivators blew up into a bloody mist…

Like it was a splendid fireworks show with flesh and blood .

The little Responsive Dragon stood on her shoulder and was stupefied .

Eyes sparkling with excitement, he jumped forward and was ready to fight .

However, Zhu Long grabbed the scruff of his neck and picked him back .

Zhu Long darted out of the bloody mist .

A cultivator in the Golden Elixir Realm waved his knife at her as soon as she was out .

“How dare you kill the disciples of the Supreme Knife School?!”

Zhu Long’s brows knitted tightly . She lifted her hand and made a gentle grabbing motion at the incoming knife .

The knife shattered .

The Golden Elixir cultivator’s body also exploded as Zhu Long pressed down her hand . The body of the cultivator burst apart into another cloud of bloody mist .

Zhu Long was emotionless . She didn’t open her eyes to look at the grisly scene .

She was used to the concept of death .

All of a sudden .

Zhu Long paused for a moment, her long lashes fluttering, as she sensed something familiar .

The little Responsive Dragon raised his head cheerfully as well .

A beam of light shone through the bloody mist and fell upon Zhu Long’s shoulder .


Zhu Long’s thin rosy lips were gently pressed together .

She was caught…

The little Responsive Dragon was overjoyed to see tiny Lu Fan . Flapping his wings, he opened his mouth and was about to spray water at Lu Fan .

Tiny Lu Fan took a quick look and pointed the finger at him .

The Spirit Qi turned into a chain and bound the little Responsive Dragon’s mouth .

The little Responsive Dragon struggled for a while and couldn’t break free . He gave up and lay on Zhu Long’s shoulder despondently .

“Go . ”

“It’s probably better for you to come out more and broaden your horizon . We will settle this later when we’re back,” Lu Fan said .

Of course, Lu Fan also wanted to see Zhu Long’s ability .

Zhu Long moved up to the Heavenly Lock Realm already . But Lu Fan couldn’t estimate her power accurately . Even so, as a heavenly dragon descendant, she had the ability to fight against people at higher levels . She should be able to defeat an ordinary Nascent Soul cultivator .

Zhu Long’s eyelashes fluttered .

She had an almost irresistible impulse to turn away and go home right now .


At the moment when the Golden Elixir disciple from the Supreme Knife School died…

A frightening force hurtled toward them from the direction of the Supreme Knife School . A Nascent Soul cultivator flew at them .

Nonetheless, the Nascent Soul cultivator immediately saw Zhu Long, eyes closed, and tiny Lu Fan, who was made of Spirit Fluid and sitting on Zhu Long’s shoulder .

Both of them were extremely powerful, at least in the Nascent Soul Realm .

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The Nascent Soul cultivator ran away at once . He still remembered tiny Lu Fan, the person who was made of Spirit Fluid and responsible for forcing the head of the school to forbid Nascent Soul cultivators from joining the fight .

Thus, he chose to take off rather than coming to grips with them .

Didn’t they make a pact that only the inexperienced youngsters would fight with each other?

Now they suddenly sent two Nascent Soul cultivators!

Where was the basic mutual trust?

Lu Fan didn’t care about the Nascent Soul cultivator who ran off . He pointed at the direction of the valley . The energy from Li Sansi’s soul was withering away .

The cave in the valley .

The thick, dead vines started to vibrate .

Inside the cave, Li Sansi suddenly opened his bloodshot eyes .

“Someone is here!”

“Golden Elixir Realm? No… The person has the energy of the Nascent Soul Realm even though he’s only in the Golden Elixir Realm!”

Li Sansi spoke in a charming, female voice .

“Is he coming to save you?” the female voice said .

Li Sansi felt dazed . He didn’t know what was happening, but…would someone come to save him?

“Perfect . We can kill them and use them as a fertilizer so you can break through the Golden Elixir Realm faster!”

The female voice let out an eerie laugh .

On the other side .

The Supreme Knife School .

The panic-stricken Nascent Soul cultivator returned .

Sitting on the cliff, Ye Shoudao, the head of the Supreme Knife School, opened his eyes .

“The person is in the Golden Elixir Realm yet emits the energy at the same level as the Nascent Soul Realm… Monster!”

The deep chasm between the Golden Elixir Realm and the Nascent Soul Realm was impassable .

Even the top three geniuses on the cultivator list couldn’t achieve that . Yet now, somehow, a random person walking through the Void Gate was able to do it!

Ye Shoudao stood up, his black robe billowing out around him . He held a knife with his only arm and flew toward the direction of the valley .

Zhu Long sensed the weirdness of the valley as soon as she walked in . The entire valley was cold and gloomy, without any signs of life .

All of a sudden .

Inside the dense forest in the valley .

She heard a rustling sound .

Dried vines slithered out of the forest like snakes wriggling on the ground .

The dried vines initially planned to sneak up to them .

However, they accelerated dramatically after being discovered by Zhu Long .

The tiny Lu Fan sitting on Zhu Long’s shoulder also raised his eyebrows .

“How dare they strike at us first?”

“Then, we will not show any mercy . ”

Tiny Lu Fan smiled .

He lifted his hand and waved .

The chain of Spirit Qi binding the little Responsive Dragon’s mouth shattered .

“Go ahead . ”

The little Responsive Dragon’s eyes lit up .

He opened his mouth and let out a deafening roar .

His body shot forward with tremendous momentum .

Then his small body grew rapidly during the course .

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