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Chapter 248

For the first time, Nie Changqing felt like he could almost fly . However, he didn’t have the ability to fly for now even though he was in the Heavenly Lock Realm .

At best, he might be able to leap and soar into the air, but it was not even close to real flying .

People in the Golden Elixir Realm could fly using some special methods, like mounting the sword in the air . Yet one had to be in the Nascent Soul Realm to ride the wind and fly in the sky for real .

When Nie Changqing’s sight finally cleared…

He realized that he was in Wudi City .

Nie Changqing’s heart sunk when he realized he was inside of Wudi City .

After all, the disciples of Wudi City had been chasing him for so long . It was evident that he would not have a happy ending now that he was right here in Wudi City .

“Amituofo . ”

“Don’t worry . I will certainly help you get out of here unscathed since I was the one who brought you in in the first place . I will smash the head of anyone in Wudi City who dares to stop you from leaving,” said the ascetic monk .

He held one hand in front of his chest and bowed .

Nie Changqing sized the ascetic monk up and down only just now . He saw that the monk was wearing a shabby Buddhist robe of which the sleeves were torn up and revealed his muscular arms . Each of the Buddhist beads around his neck was the size of a fist .

“Master Yuanshang, don’t scare this young man . ”

Suddenly, a person laughed loudly .

Nie Changqing’s Spiritual Sense detected an extremely terrifying force .

A man in a black robe came into his view the next moment . He carried a black spear, which also contained tremendous power .

Surprisingly, the spear was also a Spirit Tool, just like Nie Changqing’s Dragon Slaying Knife .

“I am the City Master of Wudi City, Du Longyang,” the man said as he looked at Nie Changqing .

City Master of Wudi City?

He was the big fish .

Nie Changqing inhaled a deep breath and put his hand on the Dragon Slaying Knife pinned on his belt .

“You don’t have to worry . I could have killed you a long time ago if that’s my intention . ”

“A mere Golden Elixir cultivator is nothing in my Wudi City,” Du Longyang said in a calm voice .

He spoke in an overbearing manner .

It reminded Nie Changqing of the Overlord .

“You wouldn’t dare… Because the Young Master already told you that he would wipe out all of the Nascent Soul cultivators in your Wudi City if the Nascent Soul cultivators harmed me…” Nie Changqing said as he looked at Du Longyang, one hand still holding the handle of the knife .

Du Longyang narrowed his eyes upon hearing Nie Changqing’s words . He released a frightening amount of energy in an instant as if a mountain just fell from the sky .

“City Master Du . ”

Nevertheless, just when Du Longyang was showing off his power…

Nie Changqing held his breath . The next moment, Master Yuanshang on the side stepped forward and shielded Nie Changqing from the pressure .

“I brought this man here . I couldn’t let him die in front of me,” Yuanshang said .

The energy around Du Longyang’s body evaporated . It felt like the dark clouds over the entire Wudi City dissipated .

Nie Changqing took in a deep breath . The ascetic monk and Du Longyang were both at the same level as the Young Master .

He never thought that there were so many legendary fighters existing in this nest of the Alien Evil Spirit .

No wonder the Young Master’s face became grim when he learned about the forbidden area .

Du Longyang looked at Nie Changqing and cracked a smile .

His eyes brimmed with appreciation .

“You have extraordinary talent . Despite your mediocre strength, you still survived so many inner-order disciples of Wudi City who chased after you . It was not easy to achieve . ”

“You don’t need to worry . I have given the order . No one from Wudi City will hunt you anymore,” Du Longyang said .

Nie Changqing narrowed his eyes . Still holding his knife, he didn’t feel relaxed .

Was this the carrot after the stick?

“Are you willing to join our Wudi City?” Du Longyang asked as he looked at Nie Changqing .

Master Yuanshang glanced at Du Longyang in surprise . He originally thought Du Longyang was holding grudges against Nie Changqing . It was an unexpected turn of events that Du Longyang wanted to accept Nie Changqing as his disciple .

Nevertheless, Nie Changqing had a great talent for sure . He didn’t pick a common path to the Golden Elixir Realm and had a pretty solid foundation . Chances were that he already comprehended the elements when he was in the Foundation Building Realm .

Such disciple would be a valuable asset to any school or sect .

Thus, Yuanshang also made his offer .

“I am willing to impart the Brahman Technique, the exclusive possession of the Kufo Temple, to you if you are willing to join the Kufo Temple . ”

Du Longyang darted an angry glance at Yuanshang and said, “Old monk, are you competing with my Wudi City over him?”

Master Yuanshang held one hand in front of his chest and replied in a casual tone, “City Master Du, we’re competing by virtue of our abilities . Do you want to fight against me? I’m happy to smash your head!”

As irritated as Du Longyang was, he knew Yuanshang’s temperament well and didn’t bother to argue with him .

Both of them focused on physical strength in terms of cultivation . The entire Wudi City might be torn down if they really started a fight .

“Let’s talk business . ”

Du Longyang was annoyed .

Nie Changqing held the knife in one hand and remained vigilant .

“Can you contact your master?” Yuanshang asked .

He described Lu Fan’s face and features .

Nie Changqing raised his eyebrows . It turned out that these two men wanted to communicate with the Young Master through him .

Why did they want to find the Young Master?

Did these powerful Alien Evil Spirits want to harm the Young Master?

Nie Changqing remembered what he saw in the Central Palace before . Several cultivators in the early ancient times died in battles against the Alien Evil Spirits, who looked not that much different from normal humans .

Du Longyang saw through Nie Changqing’s hesitation . He knew Nie Changqing must have a way to reach Lu Fan .

“You don’t need to worry . We only want to ask your Young Master a favor,” Du Longyang said .

“What favor?”

A look of concern furrowed Nie Changqing’s eyebrows .

He had no intention of dragging the Young Master into this dangerous land .

Yuanshang and Du Longyang exchanged a look . They were both reluctant to talk .

“I won’t contact my Young Master if you don’t tell me . ”

Nie Changqing was self-assured . What was there to be afraid of? He would just die in the worst-case scenario . Thinking that through made him feel more at ease now .

Anyway, there was no chance for him to escape in front of these two men .

Yuanshang let out a sigh . He looked at Nie Changqing with a somber expression .

“Your Young Master has mysterious and unfathomable power . He is the only one who can help us with this,” Yuanshang said .

Full of emotions, Du Longyang also raised his head and looked at the sky .

They never thought that they would ask someone else for help someday .

To be honest, they made a guess of Lu Fan’s background . More or less, he was from the world connected with them through the Void Gate .

“What is it?” Nie Changqing asked with an unwavering stare .

“Slaying the Immortals . ”

Du Longyang spoke .

Nie Changqing was stunned by his response .

What an explosive and astonishing answer!

Slaying the Immortals?!

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Was that something humans could do?

Did he really want to involve his Young Master in such dreadful business?

“Why would you think our Young Master would help Alien Evil Spirits like you?” Nie Changqing asked .

Alien Evil Spirit?

Du Longyang and Master Yuanshang were both dumbfounded to hear the term Nie Changqing used . They exchanged a look .

Yuanshang started to laugh .

“Did you adopt a hostile attitude toward us because of the rumor of Alien Evil Spirit?”

“Rest assured—and I swear on my Nascent Soul—that the cultivators from our Tengen Continent, both the orthodox and the unorthodox, had never invaded any other world . I’m not sure about the Monster Clan, but the Monster Clan has been sealed inside the Heavenly Monster Pagoda along with the Heavenly Monster . So it’s highly unlikely as well . ”

“According to the ancient records of Tengen Continent, we underwent invasion too . Fighters who were as terrifying and powerful as Immortals arrived and shattered our homeland… Many of our soldiers died . Rumor has it that it was the time when the Heavenly Monster emerged . Maybe the Alien Evil Spirit you mentioned was the Monster Clan . ”

“It was difficult enough for the cultivators in Tengen Continent to break through the void and achieve Immortal Ascension . How can we attack other worlds? If we have to say…you’re the real trespasser here . ”

Yuanshang smiled .

His words put Nie Changqing in rumination .

Beiluo Lake Island .

Lu Fan leaned in the Thousand Blades Chair and seemed to have guessed something .

He raised his hand and tapped the armrest of the wheelchair with his index finger . A wail of the phoenix broke the silence as he made a plucking motion .

In the next moment, the Phoenix Feather Sword transformed into a flame of fire .

Lu Fan lifted his hand, grabbed in the void, and produced a drop of Spirit Fluid . He applied his Spiritual Sense and transfigured the Spirit Fluid into the tiny Lu Fan . As the Phoenix Feather Sword shot forward, tiny Lu Fan sat on the sword and flew into the Dragon Gate .

The little Responsive Dragon lying on the Dragon Gate jolted in surprise .

South County .

The Phoenix Feather Sword flew out of the Dragon Gate and became a tongue of flame . Like a fire phoenix with its wings spread, it dashed toward the forbidden area .

Soon, it arrived in the forbidden area .

The Phoenix Feather Sword made many cultivators sitting in front of the forbidden area open their eyes .

Tang Yimo was the first one who sensed it . He looked at the Phoenix Feather Sword in astonishment .

The Phoenix Feather Sword became a flash of fire and shot across the sky and then disappeared in the forbidden area .

“This is…Young Master Lu’s sword!”

“It’s true . It’s indeed the Young Master’s sword… Is Young Master taking some action? Is it because Old Nie ran into danger in the forbidden area?”

“The forbidden area is a perilous place for real . I hope Changqing can return safely . ”

Several cultivators looked very solemn .

Xie Yunling, Hua Dongliu, and other cultivators of the older generation also exclaimed .

The Phoenix Feather Sword penetrated through the wall of air of the forbidden area .

The wall of air quieted down after a short vibration . The forbidden area was bereft of Spirit Qi again .


A red light was flashing in the bodhisattva temple in the snow .

Shortly after that, a red sword streaked out of the temple .

Even the snow flying in the air seemed to have melted .

Tiny Lu Fan sat on the Phoenix Feather Sword and flew across the sky .

He dashed into Wudi City .

The cultivators who just experienced a chaotic fight all raised their heads and looked at the sky .

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They saw a red sword .

Some Nascent Soul cultivators soared into the air and rode the wind .

They followed behind the Phoenix Feather Sword .

Inside Wudi City .

Feng Yilou woke up from the coma .

He was filled with indignation . He didn’t resent Lu Fan, who possessed his body before he lost consciousness .

All he could remember was the fortune-teller with a charming smile who pointed in the direction of Lu Fan and told him it would be a great blessing .

The d*mn fortune-teller better not ran into him again, ever .


He would certainly let the fortune-teller know what a great blessing it was!

All of a sudden .

Feng Yilou’s eyes widened .

He saw the Phoenix Feather Sword flew across above his head and the tiny person sitting on it .

“It’s him!”

Feng Yilou’s heart sunk .

The disciples of Wudi City surrounded Feng Yilou and were going to comfort him .

Yet they only saw their celebrated inner-order senior brother, who was supposed to have the potential to rank first on the top cultivator list, already beat a hasty retreat to the remote area of Wudi City .

The Phoenix Feather Sword kept following him . Feng Yilou yelped in fear while running .

The disciples of Wudi City were all puzzled .

Inside Wudi City .

Du Longyang and Yuanshang suddenly exchanged a look in the middle of their conversation with Nie Changqing . They both recognized the surprise in each other’s eyes .

Nie Changqing also sensed the familiar energy .

“The Young Master is here?!”

Nie Changqing inhaled a deep breath .

Du Longyang and Master Yuanshang already leaped into the air and sped out .

The Phoenix Feather Sword floated in the void, facing Du Longyang and Yuanshang at a distance .

In the gloomy valley .

Li Sansi sat on the ground like a dead tree . He could sense everything around him .

However, he realized that he couldn’t move . To be more accurate, he couldn’t control his own body .

“By the time the Vine Monster Seed spreads throughout your body, it will squash the Golden Elixir and create the Nascent Soul… Rest assured you will feel yourself gradually becoming stronger!”

The seductively charming voice lingered in Li Sansi’s ears .

It almost froze Li Sansi’s consciousness .

“What did you do to me?”

Li Sansi was panic-stricken .

“I didn’t do much . It was a simple Soul Merging Method . Don’t worry . I won’t wipe out your consciousness . I will let you see how your body breaks free from this d*mn seal and kill everyone in the Supreme Knife School and that hypocrite!”

The woman sounded maniacal .

Li Sansi, on the other hand, was out of his wits . He had no intention of ruling the world . All he wanted was to live .

“Your Golden Elixir has solidified… You truly have a strong foundation . The Golden Elixir is very stable . I didn’t pick the wrong person indeed . ”

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The woman quieted down .

Li Sansi was dismayed .

He didn’t die . But how was this different from being dead if he could only live this way?

“I know I shouldn’t spoil things with undue haste . But I can’t wait . I poured all of my energy into your body . We will come out of the retreat when you break the Golden Elixir and advance to the Nascent Soul Realm!”

“No… Get the f*ck out of my body!” Li Sansi bellowed .


Nevertheless, the woman’s voice soon fainted again .

Li Sansi was desperate and helpless .

He tried his best to control his body . However, he couldn’t move anything other than his eyeballs as if his soul was detached from his body .

He stared at everything in the cave .

Besides the corpses on the ground, there was another mummified dead body right in front of him, mouth wide open . The mummy’s legs were covered in vines . Yet even those vines were withered now .

Li Sansi understood that all of the energy had been directed into him .

And it was transforming his body .

Li Sansi could only move his eyeballs .

He surveyed everything in the cave . But the cave was dim and freezing cold . The icy water dripping down from the stalactites above his head was bone-chilling cold .

Li Sansi had lost all hope .

He didn’t think he would encounter such misfortune right after he entered the forbidden area .

He might be stronger now, yet his body didn’t belong to him anymore .

All of a sudden .

His eyes focused on one direction .

A flute was lying on the ground . Staring at the flute, Li Sansi had mixed feelings .

He remembered how he sat on the bluestone at Buzhou Peak and played the flute day and night . His spirit sunk even lower .

A person who was about to die might have hallucinations of people he cared for .

Li Sansi initially thought he might see Li Sansui, Xie Yunling, or other disciples of the Daoist Pavilion .

But in the end, he saw the endearing young woman who held her knees and watched sunrise alone on the mountain .

It made Li Sansi even more emotional .

He once pondered why he wanted to be stronger .

Why did he enter the forbidden area without saying goodbye to Li Sansui?


Li Sansi seemed to understand .

Just when Li Sansi was staring at the flute .

At Buzhou Peak .

The warm and blossoming Buzhou Peak .

The young woman who was sitting on the bluestone and playing the flute paused unexpectedly . She missed a note .

She stopped playing .

She turned her head, her long and curly eyelashes fluttering . Eyes closed shut, her face…

Turned to the direction of the forbidden area in the Great Xuan .

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