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Chapter 218
Chapter 218: The Depressed Little Responsive Dragon

Lu Fan had never expected the so-called Natural Law Thunder Calamity Experience Reward to turn out to be like this…

It made him possess a strong man living in a Mid Level Martial World and watch a performance of going through a calamity .

Lu Fan had thought this would be all because he had gained a lot and seen how the Origin or the Natural Law of this Mid Level Martial World worked .

If he went back to Wuhuang Continent, he would be able to deduce it in the Dao Impartment Platform based on his own experience and then apply it to the Origin of the plane .

However, this was not all about the reward .

And in the end…

The reward even stole the Thunder Calamity the man had been going through and made Lu Fan confront it .

About this…

Lu Fan was really speechless .

The only thing he could say was…

It was very exciting .

The Heavenly Calamity changed its course . It was really eye-opening because no one had ever seen this before .

A Heavenly Calamity was extremely strong and threatening .

It was totally the contrary of Young Master Tianxu’s style . They were completely incompatible . It was already surprising that Young Master Tianxu came to Wudi City in person to watch Du Longyang going through the calamity .

However, he even stole Du Longyang’s Heavenly Calamity?

Who could Du Longyang reason with?

And how could the people in this world not be shocked?!

“He is not Tianxu!”

Du Longyang was standing at the top of Wudi City . His eyes were as ablaze like two torches as if there were flashes of lightning in them .

He kept staring at Lu Fan, who was wearing black clothes and had stood up and demonified .

The Phoenix Feather Swords were like three flowers of flame in full bloom . Thousands of blades assembled around Lu Fan .

With Demonic Qi clinging around him, he looked like a black and silver lotus .

When the last bolt of lightning had collided with this black and silver lotus, countless thunder arcs broke out and shifted in the sky .

The hill, where Lu Fan was, had been flattened . The four white-clothed older women, coughing up blood, were sent flying again by the explosion . They even sacrificed their Golden Elixirs to resist the Thunder Calamity .

They were shocked .

How could Young Master Tianxu be so strong?

It turned out their Young Master had been holding back to such an extent . No wonder they felt like they got an electric shock every time they met Young Master’s eyes . So that was what dread felt like?


The Thunder Calamity was powerful . Lu Fan’s Spiritual Sense had created the Phoenix Feather Swords and silver blades, but they were not real after all . As a result, it was pretty difficult to use them to resist the Thunder Calamity .

However, Lu Fan’s face remained calm .

His black robe was fluttering . He closed his fist .

He shifted his consciousness .

And a drop of Magic Demon Blood emerged and floated on the palm of his hand .

Lu Fan’s hair was blowing . That Thunder Calamity turned into the dreadful will of the Natural Law as if it was going to devour Lu Fan .

“Well, I’ve been exposed . ”

Lu Fan smiled .

He looked much more serious .

The Origin or the Natural Law of a top-class Mid Level Martial World was not as weak compared to that of the Mid Level Martial World—where the Lord of the Plane who was always making orchid fingers came from and who he had met earlier .

In Lu Fan’s eyes, the Origin that he met earlier was just one of an elementary Mid Level Martial World .

He breathed out .

The Thunder Calamity of the Natural Law turned into the will of the Natural Law . It surprisingly transformed into a thunder dragon .

The thunder dragon growled and snarled .

An endless loud clap of thunder sounded, and countless flashes of lightning flashed . The city tower of Wudi City was attacked .

The strong people in Wudi City hurried to activate a formation to protect the city tower . The formation kept the city tower away from the remaining power of the thunders and flashes of lightning .

And Lu Fan finally broke that drop of Magic Demon Blood .

He had doubted the function of the Magic Demon Blood . Not until this moment did he realize what it could achieve…

One drop of the Magic Demon Blood could stimulate the Indestructible Demonic Body to exert more force .

Lu Fan felt his blood boiling in his body .

With his skin turning whiter, he looked like jade .

He closed his fist .

He threw a punch over at the thunder dragon .


The thunder dragon collapsed in an instant .

That dazzling light almost forced everyone to close their eyes .

Certainly, some people did not shut their eyes as well .

For example, Du Longyang at the top of Wudi City, the ascetic monk in the west, the graceful woman in the east, the knifeman in the north, and those top-class strong men hiding in the dark…

They saw something in the Thunder Calamity .

Young Master Tianxu lifted his hand as if he was grasping something .

The thunder dragon kept shrinking until it became a thunder snake . Then, covered by a powerful Spiritual Sense, it turned into a ball .

A mysterious smile tugged at the corners of Young Master Tianxu’s lips . He opened his mouth and threw the ball of thunder into it .

The many top-class cultivators there were all astonished .

The Heavenly Calamity was eaten?

The sky became clear again . The dark clouds were disappearing .

Young Master Tianxu showed a smile .

He took a step back .

Thousands of silver blades piled together and assembled into a silver wheelchair .

Young Master Tianxu took another step back and sat down in his chair . His black clothes became white again .

The world was left in silence .


An uproar broke out .

At the top of Wudi City, Du Longyang snarled in anger .

“Who the heck are you?!”


He had been beating Young Master Tianxu every day . He certainly knew the latter’s strength .

And he also knew Tianxu’s style .

Du Longyang’s spear had been ready . He was furious . Since his Heavenly Calamity had been stolen, he could not continue going through the Heavenly Calamity, and the chance of being immortal was naturally gone .

It was unacceptable for him .

Lu Fan was sitting in the Thousand Blades Chair .

He slowly showed a smile .

He pulled the armrest of the wheelchair lightly . Then three red lights flew out . The Phoenix Feather Swords were extremely hot .

A chessboard showed up before Lu Fan .

He raised his sleeve and took chess pieces unhurriedly . He placed the chess pieces on the chessboard—four black and four white .

Instantly, the Thousand Blades Chair glistened with silver blades .

It turned into eight silver lotus petals .

And strange trigrams emerged on each petal .

“Qian, Dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Gen, Kun…”

There were mysterious sounds like chanting of the Great Dao .

The three Phoenix Feather Swords, like the core of the lotus, were at the center of the eight-petalled lotus .


Du Longyang’s spear energy gushed out . He threw his spear over, and even the air seemed to be broken .

After this, a shocking spear attack had collided with the eight-petalled lotus .

In an instant…

Du Longyang’s body was pushed back by the eight-petalled lotus .

He was pushed back until Wudi City .

The explosion created a lotus-shaped crater on the ground .

In the air…

Thousands of silver blades vanished .

Young Master Tianxu’s smile was suddenly gone . All of a sudden, he turned pale again . It was that dreadful paleness his face usually had .

Panting heavily, Young Master Tianxu opened his eyes .

All of a sudden…

Strong energies gushed out .

The ascetic monk in the west, the one-armed knifeman in the north, the graceful woman in the east, and Du Longyang in front of Wudi City were totally annoyed and irritated .

Young Master Tianxu did not even dare move .

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Du Longyang jumped across the air .

He showed up before Young Master Tianxu .

His eyes were like a flame of fire .

“Give the Heavenly Calamity back to me! Give it back to me!”

Du Long reached out for Young Master Tianxu’s mouth . Exploding with anger, he stuck his fingers into the latter’s mouth madly .

Suppressed by so many strong people and with Du Longyang’s fingers in his mouth, Young Master Tianxu…

He was totally dumbstricken .

Lake Island, Beiluo .

On the second floor of White Jade City Pavilion .

Lu Fan opened his eyes slowly . He was covered with snow, which had piled up on his body .

As soon as Lu Fan slowly opened his eyes, the snow on his body all melted and vanished .


He breathed out . His breath smashed the air like a jumping thunder arc .

His white clothes were fluttering . Leaning on the back of the wheelchair, Lu Fan opened his mouth . He spat a thunder bead out .

Lu Fan was a little feeble after spitting out the thunder bead…

Not only because of the consumption of Spiritual Sense but also because of the fatigue that resulted from the confrontation of that drop of Magic Demon Blood against the Heavenly Calamity from a top-class Mid Level Martial World .

“But it’s all worth it . ”

Lu Fan smiled .

He held the thunder bead in hand .

In the bead, a little thunder dragon was giving off the Origin’s energy . The energy kept lashing against the interior of the bead .

“It’s worth it…”

Lu Fan’s eyes lit up brighter and brighter .

Compared to the top-class Mid Level Martial World Lu Fan had been to, Wuhuang Continent was really very weak .

They could not be compared at all .

It was mainly because of the gap in the Origin of the plane .

However, now, he had a way to narrow down this gap .

Certainly, he needed to take it slowly .

He raised his hand and waved .

Beiluo Lake split into two instantly .

The little Responsive Dragon, floating on Beiluo Lake on its back leisurely, was suddenly stunned . The water below its body was gone . It started to fall at high speed .

It was so freaked out that it hurried to close its wings .

It fell on the bottom of the lake like a ball, splashing mud around .

The little Responsive Dragon flopped around at the lake bottom, seemingly having a great time .

Lu Fan was kind of speechless watching this little thing .

However, with a flick of his finger, the thunder bead was sent to the lake’s bottom immediately .

Lu Fan closed his hand, and some mysterious trigrams showed up in the air, which suppressed the thunder bead—the same way the one wisp of Spiritual Sense of that Lord of the Plane had been suppressed .

The approaches to suppressing them were quite similar .

More than that…

Compared to the Spiritual Sense of that Lord of the Plane, this thunder dragon could communicate with the Origin of that top-class Mid Level Martial World more easily .

In this way, the Origin of Wuhuang Continent would be growing secretly .

However, Lu Fan had seen how powerful the Origin of that world was, so he had to keep a low profile this time .

Besides, the world he had been to was already disturbed .

It would not be very wise to do anything to the Origin of that world at this moment .

In the middle of playing with mud, the little Responsive Dragon saw the thunder bead suppressed by Lu Fan as well as the thunder dragon struggling in the thunder bead . It got serious immediately . It slightly opened its scales in the mud and showed a ferocious face .

Lu Fan waved his hand .

The water that had moved aside fell right away .

Washed by the water, the little Responsive Dragon was astonished .

It emerged from the water after a long time . Pouting, it sprayed an arrow of water toward where Lu Fan was .

Sitting in the wheelchair, Lu Fan smiled .

He lifted his hand to draw a circle .

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In the next second…

A water ring emerged before the little Responsive Dragon’s mouth, sealing it .

The little Responsive Dragon panicked . It kept struggling . However, even though it exerted great force, even though its body became giant, it still could not get rid of the ring…

On Lake Island .

Before the Master’s grave, Mo Tianyu, killing time by reading hexagrams, suddenly lifted his head . He looked toward the little Responsive Dragon struggling in Beiluo Lake and splashing water around, but he showed a blank facial expression .

Mo Tianyu had been used to the little Responsive Dragon’s tossing around these days .

At first, the little Responsive Dragon would try to play with him, spraying water at his face in all kinds of ways .

Once, the little dragon had sprayed water that almost pierced through Mo Tianyu’s fragile body . At that time, Mo Tianyu was almost killed by the pain .

If Lu Fan had not injected a wisp of Spirit Qi into his body to help him recover, he might have gone with the Master .

It was kind of sad . He, Mo Tianyu, was not even a match for a dragon .

However, it was actually not so embarrassing to lose to the little Responsive Dragon .

This was Lu Ping’an’s dragon, after all!

The little Responsive Dragon was despaired after struggling for a long time in Beiluo Lake .

It was snorting .

It finally gave up . Lying on its back on the lake’s surface, it was floating around with the tide like a buoy .

That look on its face…

It looked it was really depressed .

Leaning on the back of the wheelchair, Lu Fan smiled with satisfaction .

Naughty . Just try to be naughty again .

Lu Fan looked at the system page . His Spiritual Sense was fine . A small part of it was consumed, but it was restorable .

What could not be recovered was the Magic Demon Blood .

He could exchange his Physique Strength for five drops of Magic Demon Blood . One had been consumed, and he only had four left .

The exchanged points could not be recovered, and this meant his Magic Demon Blood would become less and less .

However, at least he learned what the Magic Demon Blood was used for this time .

It was not bad .

Looking at Beiluo Lake, where peace had been restored, Lu Fan poured some green plum wine . He started to set up compositions on the chessboard, from Mountain River Strategy to Mortal World Strategy .

The consumed Spiritual Sense was being recovered .

Outside of Beiluo City .

A coach, protected by ten-odd Xuanwu Guards, came slowly, leaving two deep tracks on the snow ground behind .

The curtain of the coach was lifted .

It was snowing heavily .

Mo Beike was sitting in the coach . With a thick cloak draped over his shoulders and a roll of bamboo slits in hand, he was looking at the magnificent and mysterious Beiluo City . He had some nostalgic feeling involuntarily .

“Lu Changkong…”

Tantai Xuan shook his head . If Lu Changkong had not married Lu Fan’s mother, he might have been Tantai Xuan’s brother-in-law .

What a pity…

“Go and inform Beiluo of my arrival . Don’t address me as the Lord of Beixuan . Just tell them Tantai Xuan from the aristocratic family of Tantai is here,” Tantai Xuan told a Xuanwu Guard on horseback .

The guard nodded and rode the horse forward faster .

On the city tower of Beiluo…

Looking at Tantai Xuan’s coach, Luo Cheng could not help but feel weird .

Was the Lord of Beixuan here to take Jiang Li back?

Jiang Li had just arrived in Beiluo, and then Tantai Xuan came…

No matter what, Luo Cheng still headed for Lu Manor quickly . He had better inform Lu Changkong of the arrival of the Lord of Beixuan .

He reached Lu Manor .

However, he felt the manor had a strong energy lingering in it .

Luo Cheng felt happy . Did the Lord just achieve a breakthrough?

The energy in Lu Manor was dispersing slowly .

With his hands behind his back, Lu Changkong walked out in luxurious clothes and a fur cloak . He had sensed Luo Cheng’s arrival . He smiled at the latter .

“Cheng, what’s up?” Lu Changkong asked .

“Lord, the Lord of Beixuan is before the city tower,” Luo Cheng said, cupping his hands .

“The Lord of Beixuan… Tantai Xuan?”

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Lu Changkong was surprised .

He nodded and then went toward the city tower .

Trotting, Luo Cheng followed Lu Changkong with his knife . He asked out of curiosity, “Lord, did you just achieve a breakthrough?”

Lu Changkong smiled and stroked his beard . The Spirit Fluid Lu Fan had given him was extremely pure . He used it to refine his internal organs and finish the refining of three internal organs at one go .

By now, he only needed to refine his heart to reach Complete Internal Organs . And that would qualify him for comprehending elemental Spirit Qi .

“Yeah, just a small one . I barely refined two internal organs,” Lu Changkong said with a smile .

Envy instantly showed on Luo Cheng’s face .

That was really fast!

The Lord was almost in Complete Internal Organs .

And he, Luo Cheng, was still in Peak Qi Core .

He really should cultivate harder!

At the thought of this, Luo Cheng was suddenly in a trance… He could not help but recall the Daoist nun he had been looking at from the city tower .

He wondered whether Miss Mo Chou had achieved Internal Organs .

Even if she had not, she should be close to it . Miss Mo Chou was so talented that it should be easy for her to break through to the Internal Organs Realm .

Then Luo Cheng felt even more nervous and eager .

Lu Changkong was walking very fast . It even looked as if he was dragging the snow .

Luo Cheng had to run to catch up with him .

Before the city tower…

The soldiers of the Dragon Blood Army all took half a step back to bow at Lu Changkong at the sight of him .

Lu Changkong nodded .

When the city gate had been opened…

The coach drove in slowly . With ten-odd Xuanwu Guards’ protection, the coach went into Beiluo City .

Lu Changkong snorted immediately .

“You came to Beiluo with so many guards . Are you afraid Beiluo will harm you? If Beiluo really had the intention to kill you, these guards would be far from enough,” Lu Changkong said .

He still bore a grudge against Tantai Xuan because the latter had attacked Beiluo .

Tantai Xuan lifted the curtain of the coach . He showed a bitter smile as soon as he saw Lu Changkong .

“I’m not worried about Beiluo . This is to protect me from Western Liang’s assassination…”

Tantai Xuan got off the coach . He came up to Lu Changkong after arranging his clothes .

He gazed at Lu Changkong for a long time .

Then Tantai Xuan took a step back and cupped his hands at Lu Changkong .

Lu Changkong understood this was supposed to be Tantai Xuan’s apology . After all, Tantai Xuan used to represent North County, and Lu Changkong used to represent the Great Zhou’s army . They had been in different camps .

Lu Changkong snorted . Tantai Xuan smiled . He dismissed the Xuanwu Guards behind him and then walked shoulder to shoulder with Lu Changkong .

The two walked into the city . Snowflakes were gently falling from the sky .

On Lake Island .

Lu Fan certainly sensed Tantai Xuan’s arrival .

He raised his eyebrow slightly .

He was not surprised that Tantai Xuan had come . After all, Tantai Xuan had just been robbed of the Golden Dragon Seal, which was supposed to be his immortal encounter, and he was feeling angry about that . As a countermeasure, he commanded to establish the Great Xuan Dynasty Academy .

Lu Fan supposed he had come to talk with him about how to run the Great Xuan Dynasty Academy .

However, seeing Lu Changkong catching up with Tantai Xuan, Lu Fan smiled .

He shifted his consciousness .

He entered the Dao Impartment Platform .

Prompts scrolled down before him as soon as he entered there .

[“Ding Jiudeng (Identity: Bald pawnshop clerk of Liangzhou City) has entered the Dao Impartment Platform . ”]

[“Liu Yuanhao (Identity: Young leader of Black Dragon Gang) has entered the Dao Impartment Platform . ”]

[“Ximen Xianzhi (Identity: Head of the Seven Heroes of Sword Sect) has entered the Dao Impartment Platform . ”]

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