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Chapter 217
Chapter 217: Why Did You Steal My Heavenly Calamity?!

Lu Fan fixed his eyes on the Dao Impartment Platform .

He seemed to be pondering .

After four experiences with the Dao Impartment Platform, he learned something about it . The recruiting function of Dao Impartment Platform would be activated every time he upgraded his Qi Refining Level .

However, he could always use Dao Impartment Platform’s formation to create Secret Realms and calculate things and methods . These functions did not have any restrictions .

Lu Fan was tapping his hands on the Phoenix Feather Arm .

He thought for a while and then smiled .

He did not use the Dao Impartment Platform’s recruiting function immediately .

Instead, he looked at a reward he had got earlier .

“One Natural Law Thunder Calamity Experience Reward…”

“Thunder Calamity could be a reward too . Interesting . ”

Lu Fan smiled .

He was very wary of Thunder Calamity . He had not felt safe to use it before he achieved Refined Qi Level 4, so he had never used it .

But now that he had achieved Refined Qi Level 4, it was time to see what Natural Law Thunder Calamity felt like .

Then he focused on the reward .

A system prompt popped up immediately .

[“There is a certain amount of risk involved in activating this reward . Are you sure to activate it?”‘

Lu Fan was stunned . The system prompt confirmed with him again and again so seriously, so this reward might really be hazardous .

However, since he had decided to experience it, he certainly would not flinch .

So he decided to continue .

Lu Fan was actually a little curious . Why would this Thunder Calamity be a reward? How different was it from the reward created by the Earth’s Origin that he had experienced earlier?

A prompt popped up before him .

[“Reward confirmed . Activating… Countdown to activation . Three . Two . One…”]

And the countdown popped up before him as well .

Finally, when the number one had been displayed…

Lu Fan blacked out as if a powerful swirl had drawn his consciousness away . He felt his Spiritual Sense had been pulled away by some powerful energy and fell into the boundless darkness .

In the darkness, a system prompt popped up .

[“This Natural Law Thunder Calamity Experience is what top-class masters in a Mid Level Martial World will experience when they go through a calamity . ”]

Then he felt the darkness before him was disappearing . When everything had been clear again, he found himself sitting on a bamboo sedan chair lifted by four older women . Everything he saw was moving backward at high speed, and he heard the sound of a gale whirring around .

Lu Fan raised his eyebrow .

He sized up the four older women and found all of them were in white . They looked extremely serious . Lifting the sedan chair, they kept jumping forward at high speed .

“Top-class Mid Level Martial World?” Lu Fan murmured .

All of the four older women lifting the sedan chair were in the Golden Elixir Realm . Exactly… Four cultivators in Golden Elixir Realm were lifting the sedan chair for him!

After a few jumps, they had been ten miles away . They were much faster than horses .

However, what astonished Lu Fan most was the dark clouds over his head .

He looked up . Gazing at the dark clouds that spread across the sky, he felt tremendous pressure, as if his heart was being grasped by a giant hand .

“The Earth’s Origin of this world… In other words, the Natural Law . ”

Lu Fan’s eyes narrowed .

He looked up at the sky . Lines were shifting up and down in his eyes . He felt as if he had looked through the thick clouds and seen the Earth’s Origin as large as a star and as bright as the sun behind the clouds .

If the Origin of the Mid Level Martial World—where that Golden Elixir freak whose hands were always in the shape of orchid fingers was from—could be compared to a firefly’s glow, then the Origin of this Mid Level Martial World could be compared to the bright moon .

There was a huge gap!

Was this the power of a top-class Mid Level Martial World?

A smile tugged at the corners of Lu Fan lips . He was intrigued .

How long would it take him to make Wuhuang Continent as strong as those Mid Level Martial Worlds?

No matter what, Lu Fan was really looking forward to it .

Suddenly, one of the older women lifting the sedan chair said to Lu Fan, “Young Master Tianxu, Du Longyang, the number one spear user in the world, will go through a Heavenly Calamity at the top of the city tower of Wudi City . Many strong people from all over the world have gathered there . If we linger here, I’m afraid we will miss this grand event . ”

Lu Fan came to himself . Leaning on the back of the chair, he coughed in a low voice .

He said flatly, “Are you urging me?”

Lu Fan glimpsed at the older woman who had spoken to him .

The older woman’s heart sank . She freaked out . “Young Master… It’s my bad! Please forgive me, Young Master!”

Lu Fan was stunned .

Well, so this Young Master Tianxu does not seem to be a nice guy . He must be a grumpy man .

“Go to Wudi City . Hurry up,” Lu Fan said .

“Yes . ”

The four older women in Golden Elixir Realm nodded with fear . Lifting the sedan chair and jumping forward, they disappeared quickly, as if some ghosts were lifting the sedan chair .

It was quite exciting to have cultivators in Golden Elixir Realm lifting the sedan chair for him .

Lu Fan smiled .

And they were moving very fast . One jump would take them ten miles away . It was like flying .

“This should be a real world…”

“That means I’ve possessed someone? Or just for now…” Lu Fan thought while sitting in the sedan chair .

He was also feeling the rich Spirit Qi in this world . He could not help but exclaim, because it was almost as rich as the Spirit Qi on Lake Island .

However, this was just an average place in this world .

So how dreadful would the grotto-heavens and blissful lands here be?

A top-class Mid Level Martial World?

Lu Fan seemed to be lost in his thoughts . This Natural Law Thunder Calamity Experience Reward was really something . It showed him what a top-class Mid Level Martial World was like .

If a top-class Mid Level Martial World was like this, what about a High Level Martial World?

Lu Fan took a deep breath .

He realized the task to make Wuhuang Continent upgrade to a High Level Martial World or even an Ultimate Fantasy World would not be easy .

When Lu Fan was lost in his own thoughts…

The four older women suddenly stopped .

Lu Fan came to himself . He looked around and found he was not in some city, but on a low hill .

“Young Master, since Du Longyang is going through the calamity, Wudi City is heavily guarded . We can’t get into the city . We can watch it from here,” said one of the older women .

Lu Fan raised his eyebrow . Nodding slightly, he said, “Okay . ”

Then the four older women put the sedan chair down .

They stood in a row behind Lu Fan . Two of them took out a suona simultaneously . One took out a pipa, and the fourth one took out a cloth bag…

The next second…

They started to blow the suonas and pluck the pipa .

The fourth older woman took out some unknown petals from the cloth bag and scattered them .

Lu Fan was speechless .

He really wanted to ask the system whether he could still switch to another character .

However, Lu Fan frowned .

He saw terrifying energy burst forth around him one after the other .

“Hahaha! I didn’t expect Young Master Tianxu to come to Wudi City . Aren’t you afraid Du Longyang will kill you with his spear?”

“Tianxu Palace is Wudi City’s nemesis . Now that Du Longyang is going through a calamity, Tianxu Palace is certainly feeling uneasy . Once Du Longyang succeeds, his spear will even be able to shatter the void . Tianxu Palace will be doomed by then . ”

“You sounded like Wudi City is on good terms with you Kufo Temple . ”

One by one, strong energy surged forth . Noises produced by the vibration of Spiritual Senses kept coming .

Sitting in the sedan chair, Lu Fan looked around .

In the west, there was a muscular ascetic monk naked from the waist up . He was wearing a string of Buddhist beads around his neck . Each bead was as big as a fist .

In the east, there was a graceful, charming woman .

In the north, there was a one-armed knifeman, who was laughing and holding a knife that was even taller than him…

Lu Fan was shocked . All of these people were strong . At least if he did not transform into a demon, he would not be a match for them .


Lu Fan squinted .

And there were more people . Many strong people were waiting outside the magnificent city that seemed to be built in clouds . Some of them concealed their energies, while others were eager to act .

At the top of the city tower…

A black-clothed man was standing there .

The black-clothed man was holding a black spear whose tip was pointed at the ground . He seemed to be accumulating strength .

Lu Fan squinted at the sight of this man .

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He felt he could vaguely see a small man sitting cross-legged with his palms facing the sky and eyes wide open in anger at the center of this man’s forehead .

This man was extremely strong!


In the sky…

Dark clouds were rolling and moving as if ink had been poured out .

Thunders were brewing as if the world was going to be destroyed .

This was the Thunder Calamity created by the Earth’s Origin, that is, the Natural Law . It was as blazing as the sun . It was much more powerful than the newly born Origin of Wuhuang Continent indeed .

Leaning on the back of the bamboo chair, he tapped the armrest habitually .

Behind him, the four older women were still blowing the suonas and plucking the pipa .

The petals in the fourth older woman’s cloth bag seemed to be endless . She was scattering them incessantly .

“Stop it,” Lu Fan said, as he glimpsed at the four older women .

“Someone is going through a calamity… Show some respect, please,” Lu Fan seriously added .

The four older women paused . The suonas and the pipa all quieted down .

However, the older woman who was scattering petals hesitated . She gave it a thought and decided to take out a handful of petals anyway .

The top-class powerful people around seemed to have heard Lu Fan’s serious voice as well .

The one-armed knifeman could not help but laugh .

“Young Master Tianxu is really here to mess around…”

“Are you going to make Du Longyang laugh while he is going through the calamity so that he will be struck to death by the Heavenly Calamity?”

“Young Master Tianxu is really evil . How cruel you are . ”

They all burst out laughing . Their laughs seemed to carry as far as Wudi City .

Lu Fan was speechless . These people were the cunning ones .

At the top of Wudi City…

Du Longyang was not affected .

All of a sudden…

He opened his eyes .

His hair was blowing wildly in the wind .

Outside of Wudi City, the laughs suddenly stopped . All of those strong people were seriously looking at the top of Wudi City .

Lu Fan figured a shocking battle would break out as soon as the Thunder Calamity was over .

However, it would have nothing to do with him .

“Young Master, your sword . ”

While Lu Fan was lost in his thoughts, a white-clothed older woman suddenly handed him a tiny sword that was only two and a half inches long .

Lu Fan took it emotionlessly . He glanced at it .

Then he looked at Wudi City again .


The Thunder Calamity in the sky looked more and more threatening .

Lu Fan’s eyes narrowed . “This is not a Thunder Calamity created by elemental powers . It even contains a few Powers of Rules…”

Lu Fan analyzed the constitution of the Thunder Calamity .

The four older women exchanged a look with one another in surprise when they had heard Young Master Tianxu murmuring to himself something obscure to them .

Young Master Tianxu seemed a little different this day .

He was tapping the armrest of the chair .

The energy in the world was more and more oppressive . There were even flashes of lightning in the air .

Hiss . Hiss…

A bolt of lightning even flashed across the sky right before Lu Fan, leaving a wisp of smoke behind .

The oppressive air forced everyone to shut up .

Lines were jumping in Lu Fan’s eyes . He was analyzing the constitution of the Thunder Calamity . This was a precious chance for him to learn .

What he needed to do was to analyze how the Origin, that is, the Natural Law, had created and activated this Thunder Calamity .

Lu Fan had thought this reward worthless, but by now, he suddenly found it was… If he could take good advantage of it, it might be even as great as a reward of thousands of Available Points .


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The black-clothed man at the top of Wudi City finally moved .

His black clothes were billowing in the wind . He lifted his spear slowly to point it at the thunder clouds in the sky .

He snarled in anger .

Spiritual Sense was injected into the snarl . The power of his voice was surprisingly as great as that of the Thunder Calamity .

The clouds were broken .

The sky was suddenly so bright that it looked like it was daytime…

As if behind the clouds, there was an endless sea of thunders .

The densely packed dark clouds seemed to be shaking .

In Wudi City, Du Longyang stomped on the top of the city tower . The spear spirit broke out . At this moment, he looked he could even shake the sky and pierce the spear through it .


The clouds were broken .

Under several people’s gaze, a bolt of lightning flashed vertically . It was so fast that the naked eye could barely catch sight of it . Even the air smelled like something was burned .

However, Du Longyang managed to resist it .

His Spirit Qi, like a wave, formed a swirl around him .

He thrust the spear against the bolt of lightning . He resisted this Thunder Calamity with his rich Spirit Qi and shapeless spear spirit .


A muffled sound came from between the bolt of lightning and Du Longyang .

Du Longyang stood still .

The illuminated sky dimmed down once again .

And the thunders and lightning brewing in the clouds broke out immediately .

The second calamity came .

Du Longyang’s clothes were fluttering . He thrust the spear at the sky hard . The shadows of the spear spread far and wide . In the end, they turned into a spear that collided with the flash of lightning .

It was extremely quiet .

People could hear nothing but the noises caused by Du Longyang while he was going through the calamity .

Lu Fan kept tapping the armrest of the chair . In Lu Fan’s eyes, lines continued jumping, and every thunder or lightning was disintegrated to the most primordial elements .

What was hiding behind that formation was actually different permutations and combinations .

All of a sudden…

The graceful woman in the east said, “It’s the last calamity!”

The last blow came from the thunder clouds .

Du Longyang’s black body trembled . Holding the spear, he narrowed his eyes . A small man vaguely emerged over his head .

Once he went through the last one of the Heavenly Calamity, he would be able to shatter the void and become immortal .

He would never fail again .

“Come on!”

A shrewd light flashed in Du Longyang’s eyes . Standing at the top of the city tower of Wudi City, he seemed to be confronting the heaven with his thin human body .

Lu Fan was very excited, as well .

Here it came…

The last calamity .

Lu Fan had counted . This Thunder Calamity was composed of three batches . The first batch was mediocre in terms of power . It included five calamities . The second batch, including three calamities, was a little bit more powerful… The third batch was the most powerful . Lu Fan assumed there was only one calamity .

This Thunder Calamity was commonly referred to as Triple Thunder Calamities . It had nine calamities in all .

In fact, according to Lu Fan’s observation, this was not the most powerful Thunder Calamity yet . With different permutations and combinations, it was even possible to realize Sextuple Thunder Calamities with eighteen calamities…

Or even Nonuple Thunder Calamities with eighty-one calamities .


Everyone was holding their breaths .

It was the last one .

Once Du Longyang went through this one successfully, he would be able to shatter the void and become immortal!


A blare .

The sky was illuminated!

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It was brilliant and eye-catching .

A bolt of lightning as big as a dragon flashed through the clouds vertically with energy strong enough to destroy a person in Golden Elixir Realm easily .

Du Longyang was holding the spear . The spear spirit burst forth .

“Come on!”

“I’ll conquer the Heavenly Calamity in Wudi City today . ”

“I want to be an immortal!”

All of a sudden…

Lu Fan, observing with interest, suddenly saw a system prompt pop up before his eyes .

[“Attention . Natural Law Thunder Calamity Experience has started…”]

Lu Fan was astounded .

In the distance…

Du Longyang held his breath all of a sudden .

The whole world went into an uproar at this moment .

That last Thunder Calamity…

It changed its course!

It did not go toward Du Longyang, who was at the top of Wudi City . Instead, it turned and went toward a hill in the south side of Wudi City .

The world was astonished .

The four older women behind Lu Fan were also astonished .

Without hesitation, they threw the suonas and the pipa away immediately and turned to flee .

The older woman holding the cloth bag even scattered a handful of petals before leaving . As the petals flew around…

The four older women vanished .

They jumped ten miles away .

However, the Thunder Calamity approached .

The four older women were injured . They coughed up blood . They were blown away while screaming .

The dreadful lightning was approaching Young Master Tianxu at the peak of the hill .

The world was shocked .

Young Master Tianxu, who had never been a match for Du Longyang, stole a Thunder Calamity from the latter when he had reached a critical point of going through a calamity?!

In the bamboo chair…

Lu Fan could not be too careful .

He pounded on the armrests of the bamboo chair, which broke it right away .

Lu Fan got to his feet slowly at the peak of the hill .

His white clothes gradually became black .

He gazed at the Thunder Calamity overhead with interest .

He spread his hands slowly .

Behind him…

Thousands of silver blades showed up . Loud and clear phoenix chimes echoed .

Three Phoenix Feather Swords with Demonic Qi intertwining with them showed up around Lu Fan . They flew toward the Thunder Calamity in the sky .

The whole world was shocked .

They were all startled to see Young Master Tianxu get to his feet as a demon .

Had this Young Master Tianxu been holding back?!

At the top of Wudi City…

Du Longyang’s eyes narrowed . He growled, “No!”

“You are not Tianxu! Who the heck are you?!”

“Why did you steal my Heavenly Calamity?!”

Lu Fan’s black hair was blowing . He did not respond to Du Longyang .

He kept staring at the Thunder Calamity . The three Phoenix Feather Swords collided with the Thunder Calamity .

A dreadful blaze…

The whole world was illuminated .

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