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Chapter 219
Chapter 219: Thirty-Six Immortal Beads of Dao Impartation

One after the other, a line of prompt scrolled down before Lu Fan’s eyes .

Lu Fan raised his eyebrow . As expected, more new men came .

And the candidates, this time, had fascinating identities .

Lu Fan shifted his consciousness . He focused on the Dao Impartment Platform .

Spirit Qi tumbled and transformed into hundreds of forms . Some of them looked like a giant dragon that was roaring, while others looked like a phoenix that was flying . They all had their own characteristics .

At the center of the Dao Imparttment Platform, three men emerged . It was too blurry to see their faces, but their postures could be clearly seen .

Ximen Xianzhi was carrying a sword case on his back . He only had two swords in the case . As the head of the heroes of the Sword Sect, his attainments could no longer be judged by the sword case standard of the Sword Sect . He was actually already a cultivator .

He looked around . Showing up in a strange place suddenly like this, he certainly felt surprised and curious .

He had been practicing his sword in the snow on the bluestone at the peak of Zhongnan Mountain . However, to his surprise, after one wave of his sword, he ended up here .

Something occurred to Ximen Xianzhi .

The current world had been greatly changed . Immortal encounters happened frequently . Cultivators were everywhere .

There was the immortal encounter on the Hidden Dragon Ridge at first and then the eight Dragon Gates . And later, Spirit Qi rejuvenated, and Spirit Qi tides were formed . Immortal encounters were no longer a secret .

Although all cultivators yearned to run into an immortal encounter, these immortal encounters could be sought in no way . An immortal encounter was more like a beautiful dream for them . They knew they still needed to cultivate hard despite everything .

Ximen Xianzhi looked around . “I’m afraid this is an Immortal Encounter Site . ”

It was spacious and boundless around him…

Like a starry night sky .

Spirit Qi was enshrouding and clinging around, transforming to different forms .

There was a giant platform in the distance, where trigrams were flowing .

Ximen Xianzhi looked back .

He found there were two shadows beside him . Judging from their outlines, one of them was bald .

The other one did not seem to have anything special, just a normal person .


As if the world shook…

Over that mysterious space, countless Spirit Qi was gathering and tumbling . A shadow emerged slowly in the Spirit Qi .

It was impossible to see the face .

However, this man was sitting at the center of the platform with Spirit Qi surrounding him . With his robe blowing in the Spirit Qi, he really looked like an immortal .

Ximen Xianzhi was shocked!


He was a little astonished . Was this shadow an immortal?

Or just a cultivator who pretended to be an immortal?!

Ximen Xianzhi tensed up . Spirit Qi was clinging onto two of his fingers, and the swords in his sword case were slightly vibrating .

He looked like he would launch an attack with his swords anytime once something did not feel right .

Sitting on the platform, Lu Fan glanced at the three shadows down there calmly .

He had experienced this several times, so he had been used to it .

When the Dao Impartment Platform was open for the first time, he was kind of excited . However, by now, he was totally calm and no more excited about this . Lu Fan had changed .

Of course, maybe it was also because he had been stronger .

Lu Fan had heard about Ximen Xianzhi .

He was the head of the Seven Heroes of Sword Sect of Zhongnan Mountain, namely, the current Sword Pavilion . He used to be as strong as Li Sansi .

However, when Li Sansi had broken through to the Internal Organs Realm, this man had been rather quiet .

To his surprise, Ximen Xianzhi entered the Dao Impartment Platform as well .

As to the other two, Lu Fan had no idea why they were here . One of them was a clerk working in a pawnshop, while the other sounded like the boss of a gang of criminals…

The Dao Impartment Platform had really lowered the bar for recruiting .

He seemed to sense Ximen Xianzhi’s movement .

Lu Fan shifted his eyes and lifted his hand lightly .

Ximen Xianzhi’s pupils shrank . He felt a giant pressure under which he even could not unsheathe his sword…

He was after all a cultivator in Peak Qi Core!

Was this man really an immortal?

“This is a Dao Impartation Secret Realm, an Immortal Ascension Site . All of you will get an immortal encounter . ”

“Please remember, don’t disclose your identities at the Immortal Ascension Site so that unnecessary troubles won’t be caused . Otherwise, you might be devoured by the Natural Law and fall into the Nine Obscurities Purgatory eternally,” Lu Fan said slowly .

It was the same preliminary remarks he was used to making .

When that had been said…

That gangster leader Liu Yuanhao trembled .

He looked liked he was terrified .

Ximen Xianzhi took a deep breath . Immortal Ascension Site?! Dao Impartation Secret Realm?

He seemed to be in some amazing place .

Facing the mysterious shadow sitting on the platform, Ximen Xianzhi felt pressured . He could not help but gasp .

The gangster leader Liu Yuanhao knelt down without hesitation .

He thought the mysterious man on the platform was exactly the legendary immortal .

Lu Fan lifted his hand lightly again .

Everything around changed . While Spirit Qi was tumbling, all kinds of buildings showed up, carved rails and waterside pavilion, overhanging eaves, and golden tiles . Shrouded in the foggy Spirit Qi, this place looked like the immortal’s grotto-heavens and blissful lands .

And Liu Yuanhao was even more sure that he had seen an immortal .

If this was not an immortal, what could he be?

Liu Yuanhao was the young leader of Black Dragon Gang, but… The current Black Dragon Gang only had Liu Yuanhao and a few of his minions…

To which powerful people would have made such big efforts to con them .

It was not necessary .

He did not deserve that .


He was sure this man must be an immortal .

The so-called Immortal Ascension Site was exactly his immortal encounter!

This era belonged to cultivators . Any mysterious thing could happen .

After Liu Yuanhao had knelt down…

Ximen Xianzhi knelt down as well . He gave up unsheathing his swords because he knew if the man on the platform wanted to kill him, he would not be able to defend himself .

The bald pawnshop clerk did not come to himself until he had been dumbstricken for some time . However, when he had finally come to himself, he could not feel the excitement Liu Yuanhao had felt when the latter had knelt down . So this bald clerk seemed very calm . He knelt down unhurriedly .

In the foggy Spirit Qi…

Lu Fan smiled .

These newbies really knew how to play the game .

“You are not the first ones to come to this Immortal Ascension Site, and you won’t be the last ones . This Immortal Ascension Site is guarded by me . I am in charge of imparting Dao to the world . Everyone who comes here will have the luck to have an encounter,” Lu Fan said flatly .

After that, he lifted his hand and grasped something in the air .

Some small beads instantly emerged before him .

There were golden ones, dark ones, and white ones…

Lu Fan loaded many things into the beads and displayed them in the form of beads . They would get what they got .

Some beads might only contain one wisp of Spirit Qi .

Others might be a Buddhist prayer bead .

Everything would depend on their luck .

“There are thirty-six Immortal Beads of Dao Impartation here . Each of them represents one kind of immortal encounter . You will get what you get,” Lu Fan said .

When that had been said…

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He did not wait for the three men’s reaction .

He just pushed the palm of his hand forward .

Boundless energy burst forth .

Thirty-six beads flew out like lights . They whizzed across the sky toward the three men with tails as colorful as a rainbow .

Ximen Xianzhi looked up all of a sudden .

Liu Yuanhao was extremely thrilled .

As to the pawnshop clerk Ding Jiudeng, he was just looking at the image dumbly .

One after the other, a bead flew around them .

Ximen Xianzhi kept rolling his eyes . Beads of sweat seeped out of his forehead . Each bead represented one kind of immortal encounter .

He could not guess what kind of immortal encounter he would get .

He preferred it to be related to swordsmanship .

He grew up with a sword as his company . He would like to have an immortal encounter with sword practicing .

All of a sudden…

Ximen Xianzhi reached out . He grasped a bead .


He felt he saw a sword of light .

The brilliant light sword struck from the sky, smashing the darkness before the dawn .

A golden-haired shadow seemed to be standing in the air sweeping the light sword, overwhelming and unparalleled .

Liu Yuanhao grasped a bead too . He looked as if he had grasped a treasure . He was being tortured by a cold and hot spooky feeling .

How could he feel cold and hot at the same time?

A dark flame seemed to be burning secretly .

As to the bald pawnshop clerk Ding Jiudeng…

He was just sitting there still . He had not moved even a little bit .

When Ximen Xianzhi and Liu Yuanhao had chosen their Immortal Beads of Dao Impartation, Ding Jiudeng was still sitting there unworriedly .

Ximen Xianzhi and Liu Yuanhao both looked at him .

This man seemed to be extraordinary .

He was completely undisturbed by Immortal Beads of Dao Impartation .

Even Ximen Xianzhi, in Peak Qi Core, could not stay calm before the Immortal Beads of Dao Impartation, but this bald man was treating them with such a calm demeanor .


Ding Jiudeng came to himself .

Immortal Beads of Dao Impartation?

What the heck?!

Immortal… Immortal encounter?

He was astonished, but he found himself reacting slowly again . The two men next to him had already chosen their Immortal Beads of Dao Impartation .

He suddenly felt a little dull .

So he just reached out casually for a bead .


Ding Jiudeng heard bells ringing in his ears . Countless invocations were echoing in Ding Jiudeng’s head .

At first, Ding Jiudeng had no idea what happened .

When he finally came to himself, the invocations were gone . Although he seemed to have got some amazing immortal encounter, he did not bother to feel excited .

Ximen Xianzhi looked at Ding Jiudeng… This man was really mentally strong .

He did not show any excitement even before an immortal encounter . Able to control his emotions to such an extent, he was neither pleased by external gains nor saddened by personal losses . This man was very steady .

All of the three had chosen their Immortal Beads of Dao Impartation .

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The remnant immortal beads flew back to Lu Fan, suspended in the air quietly before him .

Lu Fan shifted his consciousness . He was kind of speechless .

These three really had good luck .

They got the three wanderers’ inheritances .

But it was not a problem for Lu Fan .

An inheritance had to be passed on .

They would be useless if he kept all of them .

It was great . With these inheritances, cultivators’ contention of a hundred schools would be more interesting .

“Go ahead,” Lu Fan said slowly on the platform .

He lifted his hand and waved . Countless energy waves rose and tumbled .

Ximen Xianzhi opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something . However, he felt he was deprived of words .

The image before him vanished instantly, and he was sent away from the Dao Impartment Platform .

Liu Yuanhao kept kowtowing .

“Immortal, thank you for the immortal encounter!”

Looking at Liu Yuanhao, Lu Fan said nothing . Liu Yuanhao had got the inheritance of Dead Spirit Fire .

Lu Fan did not know whether Liu Yuanhao had chosen the Dead Spirit Fire or the Dead Spirit Fire had chosen him .

He did not take the Dead Spirit Fire back . He waved his hand, and Liu Yuanhao felt his body was about to be smashed by tremendous pressure . In this way, he disappeared from the Dao Impartment Platform .

Finally, Lu Fan fixed his eyes on the bald Ding Jiudeng .

This man…

He was really steady .

He was not excited to see an immortal .

And he was calm to get an immortal encounter .

Seeing Ximen Xianzhi and Liu Yuanhao smashed with a wave of his hand, this man still did not even bat an eye .

He was a steady man .

Ding Jiudeng was a little slow . He did not come to himself until Ximen Xianzhi and Liu Yuanhao had disappeared . He was so afraid at first .

However, the moment to show his fear was gone, so he suddenly felt very dull .

Looking up, he faced Lu Fan fully at ease .

Lu Fan smiled .

This man was very steady .

Then he threw his palm over .

A giant palm of his hand engulfed Ding Jiudeng and smacked him into pieces .

Seeing Ding Jiudeng disappear, Lu Fan felt much better .

Peace was restored in the Dao Impartment Platform .

Sitting on the platform, Lu Fan held a seal in hand . One after the other, a trigram instantly appeared .

The Dead Spirit Fire’s model floated before Lu Fan .

“Heavenly Fire of Heaven and Earth is a flame that has transcended the Origin . It can even burn the Origin . ”

Lu Fan was thinking .

He had studied the Dead Spirit Fire a lot . The Dead Spirit Fire was not too powerful . Among all Heavenly Fires of Heaven and Earth, it was relatively weak .

Lu Fan had deduced that a flame of a powerful Heavenly Fire of Heaven and Earth could even burn and destroy the Origin of a Mid Level Martial World .

Countless trigrams had clung to him .

Lu Fan’s fingers were moving swiftly .

He could not create a Heavenly Fire of Heaven and Earth, but he could analyze its constitution and create some fire manually .

Of course, this might take some time .

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Beiluo City .

Walking on the long street, Tantai Xuan was a little amazed .

He was surprised that Beiluo City, which used to be a ruin, had been so prosperous by now . After Lu Fan had eradicated the aristocratic families of Beiluo, the city had been developing much better .

Rich Spirit Qi was spreading in the air . Tantai Xuan’s attainments were not very high, but he still could see how extraordinary Beiluo was .

With his hands behind his back, Lu Changkong came up to Tantai Xuan .

Tantai Xuan sensed how strong Lu Changkong was . That was an oppressive feeling from senior cultivators .

“Exactly… Power is an important factor in keeping Beiluo safe and stable,” Tantai Xuan exclaimed .

“Without White Jade City or the Dragon Blood Army…”

“Beiluo City’s geographical location would have made it the center of the war against the Great Zhou . If that had really happened, the people here would have been plunged into an abyss of misery . ”

However, since Lu Ping’an, who had intimidated the whole world, was guarding Beiluo, neither Western Liang, the Great Xuan, nor the Great Zhou had the nerve to involve Beiluo City in the war…

Because they were afraid White Jade City would be pissed off .

It was the intimidation of power that made Beiluo City develop better and better, and the people here lived a peaceful life .

Tantai Xuan suddenly gained insight .

“In the era of cultivators, it’s extremely important to have a strong cultivator . The intimidation of a top-class cultivator can keep the evil away . Only in this way could people live a good life,” Tantai Xuan exclaimed .

In this sense, Western Liang was doing so much better than the Great Xuan .

But Tantai Xuan could not argue . Since he lagged behind, he deserved to be beaten .

Lu Changkong glimpsed at him .

Tantai Xuan, already a sovereign, would understand this sooner or later .

Gazing at the white jade pagoda soaring into the clouds in the distance, Tantai Xuan asked in surprise, “What pagoda is that?”

“It’s the Trial Pagoda . Fan’er built it . It’s for top-class cultivators to go beyond their limits . ”

“It’s difficult to cultivate in every realm . Achieving a breakthrough is always full of hardships . That’s why Fan’er built this pagoda . It’s for cultivators all over the world . You can go in as long as you are in the Ninth Stage Qi Core Realm,” Lu Changkong said .

He had not gone into the Trial Pagoda yet . He planned to go after refining the Spirit Fluid, but Tantai Xuan came .

“Do you want to go and have a look?” Lu Changkong asked .

Tantai Xuan waved his hand immediately . Only cultivators in the Ninth Stage Qi Core Realm could enter… He did not think he would have the chance to go in, in this life .

He looked at Beiluo Lake with expectancy and hope .

“I’ll go to see Ping’an . ”

“I’m going to establish Great Xuan Dynasty Academy to train cultivators . Ping’an is the leader of White Jade City . I wonder what he thinks,” Tantai Xuan said .

Lu Changkong was stunned . He wanted to establish Great Xuan Dynasty Academy to train cultivators?

Lu Changkong instantly detected Tantai Xuan’s unusual ambition .

All of a sudden…

A breeze blew over . The snow seemed to have be paused .

Tantai Xuan felt a powerful force had seized him .

The next second…

He felt dazzled, and everything was moving backward .

When he could see clearly again…

He found himself on an island shrouded in fog .

The clouds were dark, and rain threatened to fall heavily . Water rippled, from which a mist rose .

Chrysanthemums shook gently . Peach blossoms were delicate and charming . Black bamboo leaves were rustling .

It was like a painting .

And a pavilion stood there .

On the second floor of the pavilion, a white-clothed teenager sitting in a wheelchair was leaning against the rail and looking at him with a smile .

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