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Chapter 216: 216
Chapter 216: I Think It Is Urgent to Eliminate the Great Xuan

Xu Chu was riding the black horse in the snow .

It took him longer to go back to the capital city from Yuanchi City because of the snow .

A serious expression was etched on Xu Chu’s face . He got to know how dreadful Tantai Xuan was for the first time .

He was resilient and could stand what ordinary people could not . Why would Xu Chu not be afraid of such a person?

He was even cool with giving away the Immortal encounter he had got…

This was not something ordinary people would do . That was an Immortal encounter, an opportunity to reach higher achievements .

People would typically be on cloud nine if they could get an Immortal encounter . They would absolutely treat it like a treasure and try their best to keep it, maybe even at the cost of their lives . After all, numerous people either got injured or died just so they could get an Immortal encounter .

Therefore, Tantai Xuan’s generosity really shocked Xu Chu .

Gazing at the magnificent Zijin Palace on horseback, Xu Chu breathed out slowly .

He rode the horse into the capital city and entered the Imperial City from the main avenue .

Before Zijin Palace .

Sitting on the threshold in an imposing manner, the Overlord watched the snowflakes dancing in the distance . No one knew what he was thinking .

The Overlord had been staying in Zijin Palace since he had captured the Imperial City .

He did not go and see Luo Mingsang . He had been pretending he was busy to avoid her .

Luo Mingsang did not come to see him, either .

Shaking his head, the Overlord rubbed his temples .

Xu Chu was back .

He went into the Imperial City quickly and then came to Zijin Palace right away .

Xu Chu was surprised to see the Overlord sitting on the threshold . Didn’t the Overlord prepare any banquet?

He must have guessed Tantai Xuan would not come to Zijin Palace .

Looking at Xu Chu, the Overlord said with a smile, “You are back . ”

Xu Chu bowed slightly . He took out half of Tantai Xuan’s Golden Dragon Seal from his front pocket .

“Overlord, the Lord of Beixuan refused to come to the banquet . I mentioned to him that the Overlord liked the Golden Dragon Seal a lot, so the Lord of Beixuan let me bring the seal back for the Overlord to appreciate,” Xu Chu said .

The Overlord did not look like he was stunned .

Mo Beike was there, so Tantai Xuan certainly would not come to the banquet .

However, he was a little surprised that Xu Chu brought the Golden Dragon Seal back . He could hardly believe Tantai Xuan was so generous .

He took the seal Xu Chu had handed to him . It felt warm and smooth in his hand . A golden dragon was carved on it, but the dragon was not complete .

The Overlord took out his Golden Dragon Seal .

And then he placed them together .

The two seals made up one whole seal . Apparently, they used to be a whole, but someone cut the seal in half .

Dragon Qi surged out of the Overlord’s body and surrounded the complete Golden Dragon Seal .

The golden dragon on it seemed to be on the verge of coming to life .

However, it eventually quieted down .

“It doesn’t work?”

The Overlord split the seal again, frowning .

Was it because the other half of the seal did not belong to him?

The Overlord wondered .


Bowing next to him, Xu Chu looked like he was struggling . He had something to say, but he did not know whether it was appropriate to say it .

“The Lord of Beixuan is quite resilient . He is not simple . Lord, you must be wary of him,” Xu Chu said .

“I think we’d better eliminate the Great Xuan before it becomes stronger,” continued Xu Chu seriously .

He was really earnest and serious .

He was afraid of Tantai Xuan indeed .

Xu Chu would be happy to have a leader like Tantai Xuan, but since the latter was the enemy’s leader, it was really a nightmare for him . He just could not feel at ease .

Holding the Golden Dragon Seal in hand, the Overlord blinked . He seemed to have been persuaded by Xu Chu .

However, staring at the Golden Dragon Seal, he shook his head .

The appearance of the Golden Dragon Seal really seemed weird to him . He wondered whether there was someone in the dark .

If he really eliminated the Great Xuan’s army, would the person behind the Golden Dragon Seal intervene?

It seemed easy for the Overlord to kill Tantai Xuan or eliminate the Great Xuan .

But in fact, it was not so simple .


There was Tang Xiansheng .

Tang Xiansheng from South County was on the Great Xuan’s side . If South County fought with the Great Xuan together, the Overlord would really feel threatened .

Although South County did not declare independence to establish a country, it was literally not very different from an independent country .

And South County’s fighting power was actually not weak, because they had Tang Yimo .

The Overlord had expected those aristocratic families to pledge allegiance to him after he had occupied the capital city . However…

The aristocratic families and powerhouses from all counties were still observing the situation . They had not decided which one to side with between the Great Xuan and Western Liang .

Snow continued to fall on that day, as large snowflakes swirled in the air all over .

Holding the two Golden Dragon Seals, the Overlord looked up at the sky .

The Great Zhou had been eliminated, but this power struggle was becoming more and more intense .

South County learned the outcome of the war against the Great Zhou in the capital city very quickly .

Of course, besides this news…

The news of the Trial Pagoda of White Jade City also drew a lot of attention . A place that could help people go beyond their limits?

Many cultivators in the Jianghu were stunned .

They cared more about things related to cultivation than the ongoing power struggle .

White Jade City was obviously an authority . And the Trial Pagoda launched by White Jade City seemed to be unusual .

Tang Yimo was sitting in the hall .

Carrying the bookcase on his back, Sima Qingshan was followed by An Miaoyu, the female apprentice he had found by accident .

“Brother Qingshan, are you leaving?” Tang Yimo asked .

He got to his feet as soon as he saw Sima Qingshan carrying the bookcase . He was a little surprised .

Sima Qingshan smiled . “All feasts must come to an end . It’s time for me to go on traveling the world . As Young Master Lu from White Jade City had said, the Dao of painting lies in experiences . I need to visit more places to see and paint more things . ”

“Besides, I’m interested in the Trial Pagoda mentioned in White Jade City’s Tianji Order . I want to take my chances and try there . My cultivation has been stuck lately . Maybe I can realize a breakthrough there,” Sima Qingshan explained .

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Tang Yimo did not try to persuade him to stay .

Sima Qingshan’s cultivation was different from his indeed . What Sima Qingshan needed was to gain insights from life . He might have a moment of clarity from a single painting and then greatly improve .

Tang Yimo was interested in White Jade City’s Trial Pagoda as well .

It could help people go beyond their limits . Tang Yimo wondered whether the pagoda could help him go beyond his limits too .

“I’m leaving . ”

“Brother Tang, see you . ”

Sima Qingshan cupped his hands .

Behind him, An Miaoyu, with a red cloak draped over her shoulders, slightly bowed .

Then, the two left Tang Manor shoulder to shoulder, with An Miaoyu holding an umbrella since it was drizzling outside . Soon enough, the two disappeared in the rain .

Standing at the door with his hands behind his back, Tang Yimo was lost in his thoughts .

Sima Qingshan left Tang Manor with An Miaoyu . They kept going south after leaving Nanjiang City .

They arrived in Nanjin City .

Nanjin City was as beautiful as always . Everything looked a little blurry in the rain . Despite the many baptisms of fire it had gone through, Nanjin City had not changed even a little bit .

This was a city full of history and stories .

Holding the umbrella, An Miaoyu was looking at the ancient city, which stood there like a muscular man full of wounds .

“Master, is this your hometown?”

Pressing her lip into a thin line, An Miaoyu was curious and looked forward to visiting the city .

Sima Qingshan smiled . He led An Miaoyu into Nanjin City . The soldiers from South Manor Army who were guarding the gate smiled at the sight of Sima Qingshan . They certainly knew him .

After all, they had fought together .

Many people greeted Sima Qingshan after they had gone into the city . Nanjin City looked a little bit desolate when it was raining .

Rainwater had gathered into puddles on the flagstone-paved road .

Walking with An Miaoyu, Sima Qingshan ran into many old acquaintances on the way, and he greeted all of them .

However, some of his old acquaintances were still living here, while others had already passed away .

The city was still suffering from the aftermath of the cruel war .

Following Sima Qingshan, An Miaoyu walked unhurriedly .

Sima Qingshan visited every corner of Nanjin City, of which he kept many memories .

Then, he took An Miaoyu to a mountain behind Nanjin City, which was neither too high nor too low . He stood by the cliff, which overlooked the whole of Nanjin City .

He could even see the desolate battlefield beyond Nanjin City if he looked into the distance .

“Miaoyu, do you really not regret joining Hua Sect?” he asked in a low voice .

Sima Qingshan stood by the cliff . The azure robe he was wearing was blowing in the wind .

Behind him, holding the umbrella and with the red cloak draped over her shoulders, An Miaoyu felt the drizzle and the breeze .

An Miaoyu’s fair-skinned face seemed to be windburn .

“No, I don’t regret . ”

“Hua Sect is good . ”

Sima Qingshan smiled .

He took a scroll out of the bookcase and unfolded it . While the scroll floated in the air, he took a brush pen . An Miaoyu had prepared the ink for him .

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Sima Qingshan started to paint . The ink spread across the scroll like raindrops .

Sima Qingshan gazed at Nanjin City in the rain .

Then he picked up the brush pen to start painting .

However, he was not painting Nanjin City, but a plain house with banana trees before it standing quietly in the rain .

When the painting had been completed…

Sima Qingshan added something to the house .

It was a plaque .

Written on the plaque were the words “Ink House of Hua Sect . ”

An Miaoyu was instantly impressed . Sima Qingshan smiled .

With a shake of his hand…

And the scroll shook like a bolt of silk with a rustling sound .

Then An Miaoyu saw a black house sit on the mountain .

“From today onward, this is the main gate of Hua Sect . ”

Sima Qingshan looked at An Miaoyu .

“Hopefully you won’t dislike it because it doesn’t look fancy . After all, your master is poor…”

An Miaoyu smiled with her lips closed .

“This one is included in the painting scrolls . You are in charge of keeping them from now on,” Sima Qingshan added .

He waved his hand .

And the black house turned into a painting scroll again . He folded it and handed it to An Miaoyu .

An Miaoyu took it . She took out a cloth cover for scrolls and put the scroll inside it . Carrying it on her back, she smiled with her lips closed .

The two went down the mountain silently .

They walked onto the flagstone-paved main avenue, on which rain was pitter-pattering .

“Master, where are we going next?”

“Miaoyu, have you ever heard about the number one cultivator power in the world?”

“White Jade City?”

“Exactly . We are going to White Jade City next . We are going to that Trial Pagoda . ”

“All right . ”

Outside Beiluo City .

Two people trekked across the endless plain covered by snow .

Jiang Li’s bamboo hat kept the snow away from his face and shoulders . Gazing at Beiluo City that seemed to be shrouded in some immortal energy, he took a deep breath .

This was his first trip to Beiluo City .

But Beiluo was not strange to Chi Lian, who was next to him, because she had been here before .

The two left two long tracks behind them . Soon enough, they reached Beiluo City .

Luo Cheng, who was guarding the city gate, was astonished at the sight of Chi Lian and Jiang Li . He told his subordinates to open the city gate .

When Jiang Li stepped inside the city gates, for the first time, he saw the prosperous Beiluo City .

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Traffic was heavy in Beiluo City, with street vendors peddling and the aroma of delicious food wafting the air, and other noises and smells lingered in the city .

Jiang Li could not help but exclaim this was really a pure land guarded by White Jade City .

Gazing at the magnificent white jade pagoda that soared into the clouds, he felt so pressured that he seemed like he would go crazy .

He was a little frightened by the white jade tower .

Lu Fan sensed Jiang Li and Chi Lian’s arrival as soon as they went into the city .

Lu Fan did not tell Luo Cheng to take Jiang Li to Lake Island . Instead, he was just drinking by himself while setting up a strategy on the chessboard .

Jiang Li’s arrival did not draw any attention .

He was the influential Military God outside, but in Beiluo City, he was just an average person .

With one hand cupping his chin, Lu Fan was placing chess pieces on the chessboard with the other hand .

He had an influence .

That was the influence of chess .

Setting up the Mortal World Strategy was more complicated than the previous two strategies . It felt as if all aspects of the human world were included in the Mortal World Strategy .

When all of the chess pieces had been placed…

Lu Fan leaned on the back of the Thousand Blades Chair .

He was drinking from the bronze liquor cup .

In the Trial Pagoda, everyone was cultivating hard .

Kong Nanfei went into the Trial Pagoda as well after he finished writing the Song of Righteousness Qi . He still had the chance to challenge the fifth floor .

However, due to the peculiarity of Kong Nanfei’s cultivation method, he would probably give up producing elemental Spirit Qi . The Righteousness Qi was actually a type of element itself .

So he actually could skip the process to comprehend elemental Spirit Qi .

Therefore, Lu Fan was kind of looking forward to Kong Nanfei’s achievement . He wondered whether the latter could take advantage of this chance to achieve the breakthrough to Heavenly Lock Realm .

Who would become the first cultivator to achieve the Heavenly Lock Realm?

Lu Fan was really looking forward to it .

Leaning on the back of the wheelchair…

Gazing at the snowflakes dancing in the sky, Lu Fan squinted .

He shifted his consciousness .

The system page instantly popped up before him .

He shifted his eyes to the mysterious Natural Law Thunder Calamity Experience Reward .

Then, he looked up at the Dao Impartment Platform, which seemed to be covered in dust since he had not used it for a long time .

[Refined Qi Level 4 . ]

It was time to recruit more people to the Dao Impartment Platform .

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