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"Hehe, get ready to offer your blood."

Nicolas laughed cruelly as he dodged the sharp arrows, approaching to Alice step by step. Alice frowned slightly as she increased the speed of shooting arrows. Meanwhile, she was also trying to keep the distance from Nicolas. However, Nicolas was like a maggot attached to Alice's bones that she was unable to get rid of. The distance between them slowly became shorter and shorter.


Seeing this, Wang Xuanming bellowed and clenched his teeth as he tried to speed up attacking so that he could escape from Cromwell. But how could Cromwell let go of such a good opportunity to kill a key enemy? Even if he could get seriously injured, he would have to use all his strength to stop Wang Xuanming.

"Soul of War Immortal!"

Wang Xuanming shouted and his forehead shined, starting to emit a dazzling light. A little man who looked exactly like him walked out of his forehead, with boundless golden divine splendor flowing around his body. That little golden man quickly flew towards Nicolas. His speed was so fast that even time could not keep up. When Nicolas was managed to react, he had already been hit ruthlessly by the little man.


Nicolas screamed and was immediately sent flying hundreds metres away. There were not many wounds on his body, but he was hurt badly. He felt that his soul was hit directly and was about to shatter. He looked at the mysterious Oriental man in terror.

"What happened? What was that?" Cromwell instantly arrived beside Nicolas. He did not understand how that little golden man could beat Nicolas to such a state.

"It should be soul attack. My soul has been injured. Let's kill that man first!" Nicolas covered his forehead and roared. He and Cromwell then rushed towards Wang Xuanming.

"Humph! Dare to harm my woman. Get ready to die for your crimes!" Wang Xuanming wanted to kill the two Infantes as well. The aura around his body suddenly rose up, and he threw a punch towards Cromwell that was as fast as thunder. Cromwell also used his fists to block the attack, but the punch was so tyrannical that he was thrown more than 10 meters away, plowing a shallow ditch on the ground. Then Cromwell managed to stabilize his body.

But just as he stood firmly, Wang Xuanming rushed forward and swept his leg once again. Cromwell bent down to dodge the kick, and then threw the spear in his hand towards Wang Xuanming. Wang Xuanming turned his body around, then kicked out again. At the same time, Nicolas also rushed forward to attack Wang Xuanming, with his hand reaching towards Wang Xuanming's heart.


A silver arrow penetrated his palm, causing him to stop attacking. Wang Xuanming kicked Cromwell and then rushed towards Nicolas and punched him again. Nicolas used his other hand to fend off the attack but failed. Then he flew backwards with the force of the punch.

Wang Xuanming stamped his foot, broke the ground into cracks like a spider web. In the next moment, he was already in front of Nicolas, punching him continuously until Nicolas's bones made cracking sound. Cromwell wanted to help but he was stopped by the rain of arrows. Although the arrows would not cause much damage to him, he was unable to move - not a single inch! He called back his spear and threw it towards Wang Xuanming again. The spear flew out with a gale.


Wang Xuanming roared, and his entire body erupted out bright golden light. He kicked Nicolas away, turned around and punched the spear with one of his fists. Then he shouted loudly, "Break Heaven Fist!" A super powerful fist punched out, shattering the spear into pieces. Nicolas took the chance to fly far away. Both he and Cromwell were shocked. Who was a monster after all? Was this really just a human body?

Nicolas couldn't believe it. This man was so weird that his body was actually stronger than theirs. "Nicolas, we have to go all out. This guy is too weird, and you have to delay that woman!" Cromwell roared at him, then his body started to become huge.

His entire body was about 5 meters tall, and huge dark red muscles made him look like a terrifying beast. His eyes turned scarlet as he waved his giant hands and said, "Human, you deserve to die after seeing my real body. What is your last wishe?"

Wang Xuanming wasn't affected. He just stood there in a battle posture, pointed at Cromwell, and said calmly: "Remember me, Wang Xuanming from Yanhuang Kunlun, who will end your life today." After that, he immediately rushed forward, and waved his golden fist towards Cromwell's head, regardless of whether Cromwell understood his words or not.

"You're courting death!" Cromwell roared as he threw a punch forward. Two fists collided fiercely, causing rubbles around to fly in all directions. The ground beneath their feet began to crack inch by inch. Neither of them had advantages over the other in this attack, and both retreated a few steps.

On the other side, Alice was fighting and retreating, continuously releasing arrows to block Nicolas's approach. After a short moment of saving energy, she released one arrow, transforming it into hundreds of arrows that rained down on Nicolas. Nicolas spread his blood wings to block all the arrows, while sped up to rush over.

Alice jumped high into the sky and pulled the bow like a full moon. She gathered her strength for a couple of seconds and shot a gigantic light arrow straight at Nicolas. The latter formed a blood whip using his own blood, and lashed the light arrow with the whip. "Boom!" The whip broke the light arrow, and the light of explosion temporarily blocked Nicolas's sight.

Two more arrows broke through the air from the left and right. Nicolas immediately flew into the sky, only seeing three more arrows flying through the air. When the arrows were less than a meter away from him, he used blood magic to teleport himself to the ground not far away. But when he landed on the ground, he found that Alice, who was less than two meters away from him, was holding a fully-stretched bow aimed at his head, and then, an arrow was released explosively.


In the last one thousandth of a second, Nicolas covered his head with hands, but he was still hurt by the arrow. He was shot dozens of meters away, and both his hands were smashed into pieces.

"He's still alive. I would be able to kill him if I were a bit faster." Alice was a little disappointed. At this time, the battle between Wang Xuanming and Cromwell already intensified. Wang Xuanming threw out over hundred punches in five seconds. Cromwell's pace gradually fell behind.

Wang Xuanming took a chance and broke Cromwell's arm with a heavy punch in a sudden. Then he quickly jumped onto Cromwell's arm and hit his mouth with a flying knee, making Cromwell lose balance. In a flash, Wang Xuanming turned around and struck Cromwell from the back, throwing him far away. Cromwell forced himself to keep balance, stabilized his body in the air, turned his body and rushed back. Just as he took a step out, he saw Wang Xuanming's flying kick coming towards him.


This kick hit his head heavily, causing him to smash through several walls. Cromwell was completely berserk, and desperate to use Forbidden Arts. In a flash, his speed increased quite a bit, and in an instant, he reached Wang Xuanming and gave him a heavy punch. Wang Xuanming was hit far away.

Taking the opportunity, Cromwell jumped up and punched him again. Wang Xuanming flipped over and kicked Cromwell's head from above. However, Cromwellhe grabbed his leg and smashed him onto the ground. Wang Xuanming slowly stood up and shook his head. He felt dizzy, and vaguely saw a huge fist coming to him.

All he knew was that he had to block. He raised his hand subconsciously, but was hit to fly out. Fortunately, the golden light around his body protected him from serious injuries.

"Haha, go die!" Cromwell laughed loudly as he rushed over and threw another punch at Wang Xuanming's head. But just as the fist was about to hit Wang Xuanming, a black light suddenly appeared around his body, and Wang Xuanming disappeared immediately. He instantly appeared behind Cromwell a hundred meters away.

Wang Xuanming's veins popped out. He turned around and said to Cromwell: "It seems that I have to go all out. I'll send you to death!"

Cromwell immediately rushed over and threw a punch, but when the punch was not even half a meter away from Wang Xuanming, he once again disappeared like a ghost, this time, he re-appeared right beside Cromwell.

"Break Heaven Fist!"

His golden fists immediately struck out a Break Heaven Fist, breaking Cromwell's arm and ribs, sending him flying out. Then he followed and shouted, "Reduce 50% of Body Defense Mechanism! Eighth Heaven Strength! Meteorite Kick! "

Golden light surged around his body and his momentum suddenly grew several times stronger. Then he turned around in the air and gave a heavy side kick. The kick was so powerful that it made a huge hole in Cromwell's chest and smashed his heart.

"How, how is that possible?" He laid on the ground in confusion, looking at Wang Xuanming before exploding with a loud bang. Seeing this, Nicolas immediately retreated. He never thought that this human could kill Cromwell so easily. He stared at the man bathed in golden light, whose body was like a Golden God of War.

"Who the hell are you? How can a human have this kind of strength?"

"Yanhuang Kunlun, human, Wang Xuanming!"

Wang Xuanming answered firmly. He walked to Alice's side and prepared to fight with Nicolas again. Nicolas recalled his words and muttered to himself, "Yanhuang? Kunlun? Could he be a Chinese cultivator? No, that's not possible. Eeven if there are cultivators in China now, they shouldn't be that strong. The king said that on the current earth, no one is his match. There wouldn't be humans like First Van Helsing in this world hundreds of years ago. Even the First Van Helsing, who defeated the king, eventually became a werewolf. Could it be that this man has such potential?"

Alice looked at Wang Xuanming gently and asked him: "Are you alright? You used Forbidden Arts to increase your strength, and reduced 50% of Body Defense Mechanism. Are your legs alright?"

"No problem, I only used it a little. I can't use my right leg for now, just in a moment I'll be recovered." Wang Xuanming smiled as he comforted Alice. Alice smiled finally. In this bloody battlefield, she was so beautiful, like a yellow rose blooming in the wilderness. They looked at Nicolas, having no intention to attack him, and then they looked at the battlefield in the distance.

Bruno and the two Infantes were still fighting bitterly. The First Infante had advantages over the leader of the Blood Hunter Clan. And the Fourth Infante was leading the Counts in a fierce battle with Blood Hunters. Alice pulled her bow, preparing to support the hunters, while Wang Xuanming was quickly recovering his body. Looking at Wang Bugui and Chiou in the distance, he prepared to go over and meet them.

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