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On the Blood Hunter Clan's battlefield, what was most remarkable was not the fight between their leader and the First Infante, nor the two young geniuses Wang Buguiand Hanae Chiou, but a team of a couple.

The couple cooperated skillfully, as if they had only a single mind, so they knew each other's thoughts and fought together in harmony.

The two of them could confidently hand over their backs to each other, trusting each other as much as they trusted themselves. That man didn't have any weapon. He only used a pair of fists shining with golden light to rush ahead bravely. The woman held a silver Demon Hunting Bow behind him, coordinating with him nonstop. When any enemy approached her, the man would move to her side at an incredible speed, with his golden fists, smashing all those who tried to hurt her.

They were Wang Xuanmingand Alice, the two strongest warriors in the Blood Hunter Clan that Peru mentioned. Wang Xuanming was a handsome Oriental man, whose fists were wrapped with a mysterious golden light.

His black eyes glanced at every enemy. The strong and soul-shaking power from his body made him like an Eastern Ares befalling the world. That kind of aura was so strong that the enemies couldn't help but kneel down and worship him. There were countless corpses of vampires at his feet, and only vampires above Count could stand beside him without kneeling down.

Alice was an incomparably beautiful blonde lady. With the Silver Bow that had killed countless vampires, anyone who saw her would uncontrollably marvelled that she was a real fairy.

She did not have a quiver, because the bow she held in her hand was a bow without arrows, which was like the legendary elf's bow. Her lustrous smooth hands were slim and powerful, Every time she pulled the bowstring, the bow was like a full moon. As the bowstring was slowly pulled, countless of silver lights would gather in the air and form a silver arrow between her fingers.

Alice's jade-like eyes locked onto a direction and later she let go of her fingers and shot out an arrow. The arrow instantly penetrated more than ten bodies of vampires, and for the last target, it exploded and killed another group of Blood Slaves.

Following the arrow's explosion, Wang Xuanming started to move again. His speed was so fast that only afterimages were visible. And wherever he went, whether there were Blood Slaves or Barons, they would all fall down, like wheat being cut by a machine.

He was like a merciless killing machine, reaping countless vampires' lives. Only vampires above Viscount could barely survive a few strikes without dying. Behind him, Alice was also shooting silver arrows, killing even more vampires than Wang Xuanming.

Thousands of meters away, Wang Buguisensed his parents, and excitedly rushed towards them. Chiou followed behind him like a shadow and rushed forward together with him. Druid and Merutia were on another battlefield.

The two of them cooperated extremely well, pretty much like Alice and Wang Xuanming. Although this pair of combination was not very powerful, one day they would grow to the extent that they would shock the entire West.

"Kill that woman first, her bow is a big threat!"

Two Counts went around behind Alice and attacked her. One of them held a sharp sword while the other extended his claws out very quickly. In less than three seconds, they were already very close to Alice. Because an archer was usually not good at close combat, the two Counts thought that this strike would definitely kill Alice.

However, just as they laughed cruelly and thought that they would succeed, something unexpected happened. Alice managed to perfectly dodge the fatal attack with a backflip. At the same time, she pulled the bow at an extremely fast speed, releasing the full-moon-like silver bow and shooting an arrow against the faces of the two Counts.


The silver arrow directly pierced through the arms of the two Counts, and when it touched the ground, it caused a violent explosion. Alice jumped back to avoid the explosion with her spare power As soon as she reached the ground, she pulled the bowstring again to prevent the Count from counterattacking.

Just as expected, two Counts rushed out of the smoke and dust to kill her again. Alice had already prepared to shoot an arrow to block one of the Count's attack. She did not have time to pull the bow, as the claws of the other Count had already reached Alice's neck.

Suddenly, just as the Count was just a meter away from Alice's neck, Wang Xuanming rushed to his body. Wang Xuanming waved his fist and hit the world with a tyrannical punch that released a resplendent golden light.

"Puff! Puff! Puff!"

That terrifying fist collided with the sharp claw. It first shattered the Count's hand, then it advanced at high speed, shattering his entire arm, and finally it pierced straight through his body.

The Count stared at this man incredibly who looked like a Demon God. He did not understand why his fist was so powerful. He was a Count, only second to the Infante. How could he be so weak in front of the man?


Wang Xuanming said the two words mercilessly. After that, the fist that pierced through his opponent's body released a dazzling golden light that flooded into every part of the Count's body. A mysterious force that combined with Wang Xuanming's overbearing fist directly destroyed the Count's body. This Count stared fixedly at Wang Xuanming before he was exploded. He waspuzzled until his death.

When the other Count saw this scene, his soul almost left his body. And in a desperate hurry he urged his Blood Shield to escape far away. But Alice could not let him go. She pulled arrow again and locked him with her breath. Alice kept gathering silver lights to form a bright silver arrow, and later, she released her finger.


The dazzling silver arrow cut through the sky like a streamer, illuminating the entire dark world around it. The silver arrow caught up with the Count in less than two seconds, exploding him into pieces and ended his life like fireworks.

"I would never allow such a powerful S-level Blood Hunters to survive. Let me, Cromwell Infante, kill you!" From a distance, an Infante saw this scene and roared as he rushed to Wang Xuanming and Alice. He spread his blood wings and turned his hands into scarlet blood claws.

When Wang Xuanming saw him aggressively rushing to him, he immediately went to fight against him. However, Alice did not cooperate with him from the back. As She believed that there was no space in the battle between Wang Xuanming and the Infante; she also believed that her man could defeat the Infante. In her heart, this man was more powerful and reliable than anyone else in the world, and as long as he was at her side, there was nothing to fear.

Alice turned to another battlefield to support the human armies. Because the main forces of the Sanctuary's Knight Hall and the Black Tower hadn't arrived yet, only four Infantes were being entangled. While four other Infantes led vampires and blood slaves to massacre human soldiers.

If it were not for a group of level Blood Hunters entangled two Infantes at the risk of their lives, the situation on the battlefield would have been much more unadvantageous to the human race.

Alice's silver arrows continuously flew across the battlefield, and every arrow represented reaping lives of countless vampires and Blood Slaves. Her strength attracted the attention of all the vampires. The number of vampires rushing to her kept increasing, including Viscounts, Barons, and even Counts. But Alice, who attracted so many enemies, was not flustered at all. She shot arrows to vampires as she moved quickly, no vampires could catch her up.

Just then, an Infante who just arrived at the battlefield noticed her. He was Nicolas. "This woman's blood must be delicious, hahaha…" Seeing this woman's strength, he smiled lightly and rushed forward, preparing to kill her. In Nicolas's eyes, this kind of woman who had much strength was the best food for him.

"Mom, be careful!" Wang Buguiwho was trying his best to approach to hundreds meters away was staring at her anxiously. When he saw Nicolas rushing towards his mother, he immediately ran all blood vigour in his body and warned her. However, he could only remind his mom for both his and Chiou's bodies were already riddled with scars and wounds.

Not to mention the number of Viscounts and Barons on this battlefield, even the lowest level Blood Slaves were tens of thousands. The reason why Wang Buguiand Hanae Chiou were able to reach here was that the Blood Hunters helped them. They couldn't afford the loss of them.

Wang Xuanming also noticed that Alice's situation was not good, but he had no time to think about why Wang Buguiwould appear on the battlefield. He did not have time to care about the opponents in front of him, and immediately rushed away from Cromwell to support Alice.

"Hehe, it won't be that easy!" Cromwell laughed coldly, sped up and blocked Wang Xuanming again, not allowing him to go.

"You're courting death!"

Wang Xuanming frowned and shouted. His entire body erupted with infinite golden light, and his fighting force increased once again. He was standing in the divine golden light, as if he was a God befalling from the heaven to look down the mortal world. Wang Buguiwas completely shocked watching this from afar. Was this the true appearance of his father in battles?

Wang Buguiwas extremely shocked as he watched all of this from afar. In his memories, it seemed that his father never imparted him this mysterious power. Only some of his attacks were very similar to his. Wang Xuanming, who was in the distance, attacked again. His attacks were like a storm, hitting Cromwell down until he could no longer keep up.

Alice's situation became a little dangerous as there were so many vampires and an Infante chasing after her. Nicolas's arrival immediately reduced the pressure on the Blood Clan's side. All vampires frantically rushed to the front as a meat shield to block sharp arrows, so that Alice's attacks could hardly stop Nicholas's steps.

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