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Bruno, Mungo and Wyat were still fighting to the death. Both sides were injured, but Bruno was more seriously injured. It could be seen clearly that there were a few terri-fying claw scratches and sword wounds on his body. However, he still did not fear the two Infantes and became more valiant. He even gave up defense and only attacked.

The fighting on this main battlefield was even more intense than that on the Tower Bridge and London Bridge, with limbs and broken arms everywhere. Blood dyed the dark land scarlet. Broken weapons and armor could be seen everywhere. What people stepped on was not black soil, but meat made of flesh and blood. On the battlefield, all sorts of magic flew wildly in the air. These magics had great killing power that they could kill a large number of people, regardless of whether they were vampires or humans.

On this battlefield where flesh and blood flew everywhere, the Blood Hunter Clan was the most tragic. Males and females, elders and youths, all of the Blood Hunters went out, which showed their determination. Only Wang Bugui was left as the seed with the strongest potential. The doomed battle between Blood Hunters and vampires began once again. It continued the war between the First Van Helsing and Dracula hundreds of years ago. The feuds between them could only be resolved by fighting to death.

The battle between Blood Hunters and vampires was always cruel and bloody. Some-one holding a giant axe hacked a vampire in two halves, but when he killed the vam-pire, his back was penetrated by a bloody hand. He gripped that hand tightly, then roared and self-detonated, died with the vampire who attacked him sneakily.

As soon as a Count vampire killed a Blood Hunter, several other Blood Hunters came up to kill him, and his flesh and blood flew into the air. Those Blood Hunters were also surrounded by a tide of vampires from behind, and they all chose to self-detonate, taking the vampires to die with them.

This was a little girl, who was not much older than Wang Bu Gui. It was such a little girl who also came to this cruel battlefield. She killed a Viscount vampire with a few other youngsters together. However, before they could relax, her head was cut off by another Viscount. That girl's headless body was miserably lying beside her companion. Not far away, her head was filled with confusion.

"AHHH! I'll kill you all!" An old man's eyes were about to pop out of his head. He saw his sons, daughters, and grandchildren lying in blood one after another. He was so mad that he wanted to kill those vampires. However, before he rushed over, two Counts had already pierced his body together. He was worn out with age, his strength was no longer as good as before, and he ended up like this. In the end, he chose to self-detonate, and wanted to take the two Counts to die with him. In the last moment before his death, he remembered the bravery of his youth, and then he seemed to see his family waving hands to him, and he died with smile. But the reality was merciless. The two Counts were only severely injured, and the old man's last wish was dashed.

This was just a tip of the iceberg on the battlefield. This was a real battlefield. There was no sympathy, only bloody and merciless slaughter. If you didn't kill the enemy, you would be killed. If you weren't careful, you might have died here.

"Good! These are the true Blood Hunters of the Van Helsing Family. You have not forgotten the glory of being a Blood Hunter. Clan members, let's kill these damn vampires!" When a cadre of the Blood Hunter said this, all the Blood Hunters became even more berserk. Everyone's blood vigour surged out like a torrent.

Every time as a number of vampire were killed, some Blood Hunters would also dis-appear. Seeing this Wang Bu Gui's eyes turned widen. He looked up at the sky and roared, and an indescribably strong vigour surged outward.

"What? This is the Blood Igniting Forbidden Art! He has comprehended it so early! Wang Bu Gui, stop now!" When Blood Hunters saw this, they were shocked. This kind of forbidden art was so terrifying that it could kill the strongest enemies but with a huge price of his own strength.

"These damned bastards killed my brothers, sisters, Uncle William and Grandpa Lau-rent! I want revenge!" Wang Bugui didn't listen to advice at all, the veins on his head bulged, and his teeth were about to break. When he saw his brothers and sisters, who were not much older than him, dying in battle one by one, the anger in his heart over-passed all sense of reason.

Wang Bugui was controlled by his rage, his eyes turned completely red. The blood vigour that was initially like a small wave was activated by his anger and released out like a monstrous wave. He killed a Blood Slave with a single punch and then fought with a Baron. After a dozen moves, the Baron was torn apart.

"No, stop him!" The Blood Hunters exclaimed, but Hanae Chiou was faster than them. She went up and used chains to stop Wang Bu Gui.


A clear and crisp clapping sound came out. Hanae Chiou directly slapped Wang Bu Gui's face, pulling him back from the edge of losing control.

"Calm down! With me by your side, we could still kill them without using Forbidden Arts. Don't forget who we are." Hanae Chiou grabbed Wang Bu Gui's collar and scolded, and Wang Bugui gradually calmed down after seeing the domineering wom-an in front of him scolding him in such a manner.

In a moment, he thought about his first meet with Hanae Chiou and the agreement he had made with her. The berserk aura on his body slowly disappeared, and his expres-sion returned to normal.

"I'm sorry. I was being unreasonable. You're right. We can kill them because the Az-rael's Hand is not just me, it's a team! " Wang Bugui who calmed down and smiled to Chiou. Hanae Chiou nodded, and then the two of them rushed into the battle.

When they rushed to kill the enemies for a while, Wang Xuanming came over to meet them. A golden light cut through the sky and Wang Xuanming arrived in front of Wang Bu Gui. Seeing that God of War approaching, no vampires dared to stop him. They just ran as far as they could.

"Father, I'm sorry, I …" Wang Bugui didn't dare to be rash before his father, as he apologized in a stutter. Hanae Chiou, on the other hand, slightly nodded at Wang Xuanming.

"You still came. Come with me." Wang Xuanming did not blame him. It seemed like he also wanted to see more of Wang Bu Gui. Then, he smiled and nodded at Hanae Chiou, and brought them back to Alice.

"Mom!" Wang Bugui immediately threw himself into his mother's arms. Alice also collected the longbow and carried him. Her eyes were filled with love and concern for her son as a mother.

At this moment, she was not the strongest woman in Blood Hunter Clan, but only a gentle mother. The mother and son talked and laughed, while Wang Xuanming also smiled at the side. He really wanted to keep his family warm and harmonious, but the battle did not allow it.

"Be good, I still need to help our people. Let's go over first and talk later." Alice stroked Wang Bu Gui's head and was unwilling to leave. Once again she took out her Demon Hunting Bow to walk shoulder to shoulder with Wang Xuanming.

Wang Bugui was also clear with the current situation, and he consciously followed behind them with Hanae Chiou. The four rushed towards the battlefield where Peru and Field fought.

At the same time, a gigantic beam of blue light appeared. Clara tore open the barrier and led her mages to the battlefield too. She looked around and found that the little girl Merutia also came to the battlefield, and was killing the enemies together with the other mages.

"Merutia! Why didn't you listen to me?" Clara roared loudly. She was extremely angry when she saw Merutia.

"My... my tutor, I…" Merutia felt gooseflesh prickling her entire body when she heard the childlike voice. She knew that Clara was here, and immediately wanted to explain it to her. However, Clara waved hand, signaling her not to say anything.

"Come over here, or I'll turn you into a frog!" Clara shouted softly, her young voice was filled with threat. Merutia was scared and quickly ran over. In fact, Clara already knew the reason when she sensed Wang Bugui in the distance. No doubt that Druid also came along. Wherever Wang Bugui went, the four went together.

Merutia immediately hid behind Herty. She did not dare to face with Clara, worrying that she would turn her into a frog with some kind of spell.

Clara slowly loosened her frown and said: "Since you are here already, I don't have time to send you back right now. Stay close to me... Perhaps it is helpful to your growth letting you experience a baptism of battle."

"Then... You won't punish me?" Merutia popped out half of her head, and her big eyes peeked at Clara.

"Your big sister Camila has died in battle." Clara sighed. The words were like a thun-der to Merutia, she finally noticed that there were only two sisters who had been silent the whole time, and Camila was indeed not here.

"No… Impossible. Tutor, you're so strong. Why… Why could Sister Camila die?" No matter how talented Merutia was, she was only a little girl. She could not believe in Camila's death at all, because she knew that Clara was very strong. She always be-lieved that Clara would protect all of them.

"This is the real war between humans and demons. Even if I am strong, it is impossible for me to protect all of you. Ordinary human wars are so cruel, and wars with demons will be crueler. Perhaps one day I will die too, and then who will protect you? You only have yourself, so you have to become stronger. "

Clara told Merutia, it was really hard to tell the result of this battle. There was no doubt about the strength of the thirteen Infantes. The Infantes that humans could kill were just lower ranked vampires, and they were killed when their strength was only 70% of their full strength. Most importantly, she didn't know whether Dracula had broken the seal and came out. Her serious expression didn't change at all.

But she could not think too much under the current situation. She led all the mages to the Blood Hunter Clan battlefield. On the other side, Kelson took a look at the fire raging in the mage camp and he knew that Clara arrived.

Afterwards, Kelson led Druid and the rest of the Seraph Knights to the center of the battlefield. The Infantes that had come here from the very beginning, all gathered there. But the human forces only included the Blood Hunters and Dragon Slaughter Knights who were delaying all the Infantes.

The most powerful forces of the two sides joined together on the battlefield of Blood Hunters. The final duel between humans and vampires was coming.

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