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Palace of Westminster is located near the Thames River in London, England. It was the largest Gothic building in the world and also the Houses of Parliament in England. There were towers at the southwest and northeast corners of the Palace. The Victoria Tower at the southwest corner was 102 meters tall, 22.9 meters wide and 22.9 meters long. The square tower with a spire at the northeast corner was a 96-meter-tall bell tower with the world-famous Big Ben on its top. The hands of the clock now pointed to 1:20. On the walls beneath it and on the ground of nearby streets were stains of not-yet-dried blood.

Wang Buguiand the rest were not far from here. Kelson looked at the direction of the Big Ben, and said, "In front of us is the main battlefield full of humans and vampires. There are the rest of the Thirteen Infantes, as well as a lot of Counts and Viscounts. In fact, your opponents are Barons at least, so no one can protect you. You can only rely on your own strength to survive."

"We won't let you down." Wang Bu Gui's expression became serious, because he could feel the blood aura of his clansman from a short distance, and he was very worried.

They continued to move forward until they reached the bottom of the Big Ben. What they saw were some shocking battle marks and blood splattering everywhere.

"The blood hasn't dried yet. The battle just started. Everyone, clean up here and prepare to go to the main battlefield to help!" Kelson ordered all the surrounding Seraph Knights to take actions together. They used their power of faith to clean up the blood, and then used magic to repair and remove the traces of the battle.

After cleaning the traces, Kelson opened the barrier door, and once again entered the gray battlefield. Wang Buguiand the others were at the very front, and they could see from far away that there were thousands of people fighting and killing on the battlefield. A Paladin army, a small team of mages, and a group of people dressed in black hunter robes were currently fighting with the vampires. A total of eight Infantes led tens of thousands of Blood Clan to fight with the humans. Kelson immediately led the Seraph Knights to rush forward, and with a shout, Wang Buguirushed to the battlefield of Blood Hunter Clan.

There was a very brave and fierce Paladin on the battlefield. This was the leader of the Dragon Slaughter Knights, Bruno. He roared as fighting with two Infantes, "Damn devil, go to hell and repent for me! Dragon Slaughter Knights's Paladins, kill them all! "

Then, he picked up his long sword and slammed down the two Infantes, seemingly unafraid of fighting against two Infantes at the same time.

"Hehe, it seems like that I've been underestimated. I won't play with you anymore. Go die!" An Infante extended his blood claws and grabbed towards him. He was strong, with copper colored skin and golden hair, looking quite wild.

Bruno used his sword to block the sharp claws, and then kicked over. The Infante quickly used his hand to block and turned to wave with his claw. At the same time, another Infante came and cut down with a sword. Bruno turned around, dodged a claw and leaped into the air throwing a shield in front of him to block the sword. After that, he burst into a holy breath and cut down with both hands holding the sword.

One of the Infantes was chopped by the sword, and the other one went forward to protect him, allowing Bruno to take a step back. "Mungo, we have not fully recovered .Be careful." The Infante reminded Mungo, at the same time stared at Bruno to prevent him from suddenly attacking.

"Mm, even without full strength, we two can still kill him. Let's try our best. Wyat, I will hold him back. Once you get a chance, attack his weak point from behind." As soon as Mungo finished speaking, he immediately rushed forward and Bruno counterattacked with a berserk roar. Each attack of Mungo's claws were aimed straight at his heart, while Bruno used his sword to chop and the shield in his hand to smack. He only used attack as defense.

In a moment, the two of them had exchanged more than tens of blows. Wyat took the opportunity to suddenly go up and stab Bruno from behind.


Blood spurted out, and Wyat succeeded. But he was shocked to see the sword that was pierced through his body. He never expected Bruno to be so fierce that he intentionally leaked flaw to lure him in. At the same time as his sword stabbed Bruno, Bruno's sword also pierced his abdomen severely. Meanwhile, Bruno blocked Mungo's attack with the shield in his other hand.


Bruno roared. Powerful aura burst out from his body and forced the two Infantes to retreat. His momentum climbed up quickly. "Great Dragon Slayer Saint George, I am your loyal believer. Please grant me endless power to kill the demons in front of me!" He raised his sword and prayed. The battle uniform on his body and the Dragon Slaying Sword radiated holy lights. The resplendent white lights condensed into a tall knight behind him. The knight had resolute eyes, and the sword in his hand whined like a dragon.

In the next moment, the tall knight and Bruno became one, and Bruno's power instantly rose dramatically. He broke the ground with a step and raised his sword, pointing at the two Infantes as he roared furiously, "Die! Demons!"

After seeing this, Mungo also started to use his real power. His entire body turned blood-red, and he became even taller. Terrible muscles, about 3 meters in height, sharp blood claws made him look more horrible. Wyat's eyes were also completely filled with blood. His muscles bulged and broke his clothes; he spread his blood wings, ready to attack at any moment.

On the other side, on the Blood Hunter's battlefield, Blood Hunters were fighting with the main force of vampires to the death. There were no Blood Slaves amongst their enemies, the lowest-ranked vampires were Barons. The blood vigour the hunters gathered was incomparably berserk, rushed into the sky and scattered the clouds. The Blood Hunter Clan used blood vigour as a way of attack.

Not far from the Blood Hunter's battlefield, a man dressed in a crimson hunter coat held two hunting knives with runes engraved on them. He was battling with a powerful Infante. He is the current leader of the Blood Hunter Clan, Peru Charles, and his opponent was Field Christian, the first in the Thirteen Infantes.

Field was dressed in a silver knight uniform, with long silver hair, and was extremely handsome. His pitch black pupils would not turn red even if he was in fierce fight , which was totally different from the other Infantes.

He held a blood-red sword with a rose hilt, looking quite elegant. However, every move he made when fighting with Peru was extremely powerful. The places where they fought were all filled with shattered rocks, and countless sword marks and holes.

Peru waved his sharp hunting knives against Field. It had to be said that Field was worthy of being called the number one Infante, because his strength was terrifying.

Neither the blood vigour nor the hunting knives was able to truly injure Field. However, Field, who was fighting with Peru, had a calm expression without a single trace of emotion on his face.

Field had already attacked thirty times in three seconds. Peru protected his body with blood vigour, and fought against the Rose Blood Sword with his hunting knives. "Van Helsing's Blood Blade - Furious Blood Berserk Wolf!" With a loud roar, Peru's blood vigour erupted, and his two knives turned blood-red. The runes on the knives shined brightly, as if an indestructible spirit of battle was awakening.

The two knives became fierce, as if they were burning with anger. They slashed at Field furiously, and Field also chanted an incantation to brighten up the Rose Blood Sword, and then he slashed at the two knives.

The collision between the two knives and the sword erupted into an unparalleled explosion. The two red lights clashed, shaking everyone nearby to retreat a few steps. The lash that the two people in the center endured were even more powerful. The ground under their feet split up, and a huge pit formed with them as the center.

Before the dust dispersed, the two of them had collided again. Peru was extremely proficient in Blood Blade and he kept on smashing towards Field from different angles. But Field could accurately block every attact with his blood sword, then he suddenly took an opportunity and stabbed towards Peru's heart.

The moment Field thrust out his sword, Peru immediately moved sideways and used a knife to protect his heart. When the sword stabbed into the knife, an extremely berserk energy exploded out, directly sending Peru to fly out. When Peru was being flung into the air, he suddenly threw out another knife, and Field immediately blocked it with his hand.


Field did not expect the blade to be infused with such an ocean of blood vigour. In addition, the energy in the runes on the blade was burst out completely, and the blade actually pierced through his palm and continued to his head.

Field immediately accelerated his blood flow and used a forbidden art to dodge. His speed was so fast that no one could even see his figure. However, he was still unable to completely dodge the attack. The energy that leaked out from the blade grazed past his face, leaving a scar on his handsome face.

"Have I finally been injured again after so many years? You, can you fulfill my wish to die? " Field asked Peru as he touched his wound. It was as if he had seen a glimmer of hope that a human could kill him.

"I know you are very strong, and I might not be able to kill you, but the two strongest warriors in our clan will definitely be able to kill you." Peru answered with complete confidence. From the bottom of his heart, he felt proud of the strongest warriors he spoke of.

"Mm, as the Leader of the Blood Hunter Clan, aren't you the strongest? That's really disappointing. Who are the two strongest warriors?" Field's eyes suddenly lit up, as though he was looking forward to fighting with the two warriors.

"Alice, Wang Xuanming!" Peru straightened his back and firmly spoke out the two names. It was obvious that the strength of the two had made him feel proud.

"Then the people who will end my life will be them. You are unlucky to have to face me. Your wrong decision will make you pay with your life. If you can't kill me, then let me kill you." Field's cold tone sounded as if he was saying Peru's death sentence, and he raised his sword to walk forward.

At this moment, he was no longer hiding his strength, and completely erupted. His aura was so powerful that even the surrounding Blood Slaves instinctively knelt down. The Barons and the Viscounts felt their legs trembling more or less. This was the embodiment of the most powerful warrior. Just revealing their auras can make the weak submit to them from the depths of their souls. Field's Rose Blood Sword became even more enchanting, and the rose vine around the sword slowly wrapped around his hand, piercing through his skin and absorbing the strong blood.

"Sigh, Field..."

As the blood was absorbed, the pretty and coquettish rose vine actually let out a sigh. It was a woman's voice, sounded very beautiful, but within the beauty, there was endless desolation.

"What a powerful aura! Field, as the First Infante, you should be the only one who recovered 90% of your strength. Hehe, it looks like that the legend about you is true. But I will not retreat, as long as I can still unleash my power I will attack, because I am the Leader of the Blood Hunter Clan! I have my own honor and responsibilities!" Peru laughed bitterly that Field's power had surpassed his imagination, and only the strongest in his clan could fight with him.

He did not cower. Although his strength was not the strongest, as the leader of the Clan, he could not cower, nor could he allow himself to cower. As members of the Blood Hunter Clan, their mission was to fight the vampires to death until the last drop of blood ran out.

This was the Blood Hunter Clan's discipline. Everyone was instilled with this discipline from the moment he/she was born. All Blood Hunters used their entire lives to remember it and follow it. For the sake of humankind, to fight with the vampires to the end of life was the highest honor for the Blood Hunter Clan.

"Honor? Responsibilities? But what for? I used to own more than you did, but I was abandoned by everyone. I don't care. I only care about her. Where she lives is the paradise. I have gained eternal life, but she only likes me as a human being, so why am I living forever? Is this the punishment for me? I only wish that someone could kill me; if not, then I will grant you all death! "

With a wild howl of sadness, he cried unexpectely. This was completely different from his indifference in general. He rushed forward roaring in such a grief and indignation.

"Come on!"

Peru roard as the blood in his body started to burn. His entire body expanded to around three meters high and broke through his Hunter coat. His body was filled with berserk blood vigour, holding the two knives that had recovered fully with the runes, he charged toward Field directly.

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