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The battle between Field and the leader of the Blood Hunter Clan was coming to an end. Gray wolf hairs gradually appeared on Peru's body. In the past, when Van Helsing fought with Dracula, he finally turned into a werewolf so that he could defeat Dracula. After that, he left behind a method of blood evolution, which almost half of the Blood Hunters would choose to learn.

This method was much stronger than the Blood Igniting Forbidden Art. Moreover, it lasted even longer. Of course, the price was that one wouldn't have the strength to fight for dozens of days. If one turned into a werewolf completely, then he might never be able to transform back to human.


The gray fur had already fully covered Peru's body. He had completely lost all sense of reason as a human, and only wanted to tear apart the vampire in front of him. This was the blood feud between werewolves and vampires. Peru, who turned into a werewolf, became even stronger, and the two blades in his hands became bigger, continuously slashing at Field.

But now, Field also used all of his strength. Not like other Infantes, 90% of his peak strength was more terrifying. He unleashed Blood Wings and held a sword to fight against Peru who had transformed into a werewolf. The sword emitted more strange and gorgeous blood light. A faint shadow of a woman could be seen flashing across the sword. The woman looked so sad.


Finally, after more than hundreds of encounters between the two, Field cut Peru at the waist with a sword , and the gushing blood dyed his armor red. Immediately, he quickly slashed out a few more times, chopping apart Peru's sturdy wolf body. The outer shell of werewolf disappeared, and Peru became human again.

"Indeed, only humans can kill demons. Thank you for letting me die in a human way…" Peru's body slowly fell down, and in the end, he looked at Field with unfocused eyes. As soon as he said that, he died.

"The leader of the Blood Hunter Clan only has such strength. Abandoning your own body in order to kill me is already doomed to failure. Are you the strongest people in Blood Hunter Clan? Come and fight, kill me or be killed by me!" Field's sword pointed at Wang Xuanming in the distance, and the surrounding Blood Hunters were angered to the point that their eyes were bloodshot, and their knuckles were turning white.

Looking at the broken corpse of their leader falling down coldly, and the evil man walked over the dead body and strode toward them, all Blood Hunters got furious and wanted to kill that arrogant demon, but no one dared to move. They also knew that they were not his match. Just as Field said, only Wang Xuanming deserved to fight him.

"Although you are very strong, you are still not my match. Don't worry, if you want to die, I will fulfill your request. It is only a matter of time." Wang Xuanming was looking at Peru's body without a single glance at that man. It was as if he really never took Field as an opponent.

"You are my first and best friend abroad. Rest in peace. I will fulfill your long-cherished wish for you. From today on, no matter whether or not Blood Hunters can survive in this world, the honor of Blood Hunter Clan will not be sullied. "

Facing with Peru's corpse, Wang Xuanming promised, then he turned around, pointed at Field and said: "Remember me, Wang Xuanming. The person you will never be able to surpass in your entire life, and the person who will bring you back to hell.

"First Infante, Field Christian. I look forward to fighting with you. I hope that you can fulfill my wish." Field responded lightly. He could also feel an incomparably powerful energy from that Oriental man called Wang Xuanming, which made him feel a little pressured.

"Hehe, arrogant humans. If it weren't that we had only 70% of our full strength, we would have killed all of you."

"Humble race, how dare you disobey us!"

"Don't underestimate them. At least, the strongest among them are not easily killed, not to mention that we haven't completely recovered our strength."

After Field's battle ended, the Infantes stopped attacking for the time being. They slowly walked to behind Field, and all of them gathered to confront with Wang Xuanming.

"Just a group of monsters. You only have two choices. Submit or die!" In the distance, Clara led the mages and walked over slowly. She stood beside Alice with a status of Red Dragon Disciple, as strong as usual, not caring about the Infantes at all.

Clara indeed had the qualifications to take a strong position, because she was the strongest mage in this world - being a mage at the Wisdom level, she was also a disciple of Red Dragon's Contract. Even she looked just like a little girl, the Infantes did not say much, because they could feel that her small body was filled with an endless destructive power.

Especially her body full of profound and mysterious spells, her blazing eyes and her arms that half turned into dragon claws, made them feel a strong pressure sweeping over their bodies.

"Mighty God, forgive me for my sins. I will bathe in blood forever to rid of all the demons that have defiled the world for you. Please give me strength, and the Lord God will be with me. In the name of Seraph Michael to clean up all evils. You, get ready to die. "

On the other side, Kelson led the Seraph Knights and walked over slowly. His golden eyes filled with determination. The Angel's Six Wings and the blazing light behind him made him look just like a real Seraph, sacred and solemn.

Kelson slowly walked over to meet up with Wang Xuanming and Clara, and so far, all of the strongest forces on the human side stood together. The energy emitted by the three of them cracked ground around them. The clouds in the dark world were also shaken by the energy surging into the sky and then disapeared. The Infantes frowned.

Among them, the Infantes who had fought with the three of them before felt more astonished. Barnard and Annie looked at Kelson with dignity. The boundless power of faith and the pure holy power of the Seraph seemed to be suppressing the two of them. Even though they could only use 70% of their strength, but they two together couldn't stop Kelson, so they dared not ignore Kelson.

Nattiavella also frowned. She was beaten to run away by Clara who activated her entire strength. The countless blood demons that she summoned died, and even the demonic Cerberus was almost beaten to death. In Nattiavella 's eyes, Clara was the truly terrifying demon. Not only had she reached the level of Wisdom, she was also a disciple who had signed a contract with a Red Dragon. This was so unbelievable.

Nicolas was even worse. He had seen the devil-like man destroyed all Cromwell's tricks with his golden fists and finally kicked him to death.

He knew that he could survive because that man had never treated him as an opponent. As long as he hadn't provoked him, he would not die. If he fought with him, then he would be ended like Cromwell. "He is a king of devils." This was Nicolas's evaluation to him.

"Are there still eleven of thirteen Infantess left? Then it's your turn now. We'll send you to hell for a reunion." Clara's face was cold. She immediately activated her magic power and was about to attack.

"Hmph, I'll send you guys to hell first!"

"When the King comes, all of you will die."

The two Infantes said angrily. The expressions of the four strongest human warriors became serious. Dracula, the most terrifying enemy, hadn't appear, but the words of the Infantes sounded like that Dracula had already broken the seal.

"My Lord will guide me to get rid of all evils. Let's fight!" Kelson said firmly.

"Alice, be careful. After I finish my opponents, I will come back to help you."


Wang Xuanming gave his wife a simple instruction and then stepped forward to confront the Infantes. Alice was still convinced that his husband was stronger than all of the Infantes.

"The bastard called Field, come and die." Clara flew into the air and shouted at Field, which made Nattiavella grind her teeth in anger. Her beautiful eyes widened, and her jade feet stomped hard on the ground with anger.

"I'll kill you! Sigh…" Nattiavelle even forgot that she couldn't defeat Clara and wanted to rush up to fight with her. But just as she took a step forward, Field already pulled her back, then he rushed straight up into the sky.

"Whoever dares to come and die!" Wang Xuanming roared loudly, shaking all of the Infantes around him with blood tossing. He just stood there with one finger pointing at all of them.

"A despicable worm! You are courting death!"

"Kill him!"

The Third Infante Augustus and the Fourth Infante Lambert roared as they rushed towards Wang Xuanming, and then Alice went against the Sixth Infante Nicolas.

"Give me power, my Lord! I will punish you! Confession in hell!" Kelson also took out his sword and rushed forward; Nattiavella confronted with him. After that, Herty and Stephanie fought with Annie and Barnard who were heavily injured, and Bruno dragged his heavily injured body to fight with Mungo and Wyat.

Wang Bugui and the other human beings were at the back fighting together with the army of vampires. In front of them was the final duel between the strongest human warriors and the remaining Thirteen Infantes.

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