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The battle between the three strongest humans and the remaining Thirteen Infantes finally began. The strong force they released shook the clouds of the dark world. The clouds dispersed. That powerful pressure forced the surrounding humans and vampires to retreat. Because if they kept staying here, they would be torn apart by the terrifying killing auras.

No one of them was an ordinary one. They represented the superior force of both sides. Clara, Kelson, Wang Xuanming, and Alice were the strongest ones of the three great forces of human beings, and each of them was able to fight against the top six Infantes. What's more important, all of the Thirteen Infantes did not recovered their full strength yet. So they had to grab this opportunity.

Thanks to the fact that those Infantes were not in their full strength, the war between humans and vampires had the chance to continue. For a real expert, there was vast difference between complete strength and incomplete strength. Even if you had 90% of your strength, you were not qualified to compare to the one with 100% of his strength.

Clara was fighting against Field in the air. From the fighting, she could tell that Field was indeed powerful, and it wasn't unreasonable for him to be ranked the first among the Infantes. He had a mysterious ability that allowed him to recover around 90% of his strength. Now he was showing a terrifying aura.

People on the battlefield saw from afar that Field, who was holding a Rose Blood Sword, fiercely attacked Clara, who was full of strength. However, Field was not at a disadvantage. Clara's every move and every word were cast by magic. Her hands turned into dragon claws, and they were as tough as Field's Rose Blood Sword. The claws and the sword collided several dozen times and produced countless sparks.

Field tried to use his bloody sword aura to cut Clara's head, but it melted in the fire produced by Clara's dragon claws. The temperature was so scorching that even those hundreds of meters away could feel the burning. Some of them who were close to them felt their skins were burnt.

Clara did not like being passive. She took the initiative to attack. With the raise of her hands, dozens of dragon-shaped flames shot out. Seeing that, Field waved the sword more than ten times. Each time, the sword released a gigantic scarlet sword aura. He used the sword aura to cut all the dragon shaped flames in front of him. The rose vine on the demonic Blood Sword absorbed the blood from Field's arms and produced the sword aura.

At the next moment, Clara put her hands together. Three gigantic arrays appeared in front of her and overlapped one another as she quickly chanted the name of magic. Then, a huge fireball of thirty meters in diameter broke out. It flied to Field and ignited the air along its path.

Field casually raised his Blood Sword. In a flash, the blood in his arm came together and condensed to be a bloody giant sword that was over ten meters long. He used it to chop down with both of his hands.


The fireball was cut into halves. Field rushed through the gap and fought with Clara again. The fireball exploded in midair, and the flames landed on the ground on which Kelson and Nattiavelle were fighting.

Kelson held the Saint Cross Sword in his right hand and the Seraph Shield in his left hand. His two hands cooperated with each other and constantly attacked his opponent. The Seraph's Wings on his back emitted fiery light and the light condensed on the sword. Thus, every strike of the sword had a type of supreme divine power. Naturally, Natiaville would not stay close to him. She used the Black Magic to fight against him. They were in a seesaw battle.

"Holy Judgement!"

Kelson shouted as he jumped to cut Natiaville with the sword. Nattiavelle landed on the ground with one foot, and a Black Magic Array was formed on the ground. She turned into blood light and fled far away, making Kelson hit nothing but air. Then the magical array on the ground released a destructive force.


The place Kelson stayed exploded, and the aftermath engulfed the surroundings and forced others to retreat. But Nattiavelle did not relax. She knew that such attack could hardly hurt Kelson. As expected, Kelson took the advantage of the explosion blocking Nattiavelle's line of sight and secretly prepared to attack.

"Sin Exterminating Flame Punishment!"

This was the skill he used to defeat Barnard and Annie. The Seraph's Six Wings on his back released endless holy flames. The flames gathered together to attack Nattiavelle. Nattiavelle felt a sense of danger and immediately abandoned the Black Magic and used the Blood Magic to deal with him.

"Marquis's Funeral Bell!"

Nattiavelle's soft voice sounded and her voice had a charming magic. As the voice faded, a large, blood-red bell appeared. The bell began to make a soulless sound of mourning, causing the holy flames to slowly disappear. Only a few flames were able to get close to her, but they weren't able to injure her.

Immediately, Kelson rushed over again. His entire body was covered by Sacred Flames. He raised the shield and attacked Nattiavelle. Nattiavelle waved her hand, summoning a bloody array. Later, a ferocious blood beast rushed out from the array. It roared as it met Kelson's attack. The thorny cross on Kelson's holy shield released a red light that shot into the sky, condensing into a gigantic cross that suppressed everything in front of it. The blood beast could not withstand it, and was broken into pieces in seconds.

"Sword of Breaking Dawn!"

After that, Kelson's holy sword struck forward, and the power of faith on the sword illuminated this dark world, as if a ray of light pierced the eternal night, allowing the dawn to come. Upon seeing this, Nattiavelle immediately summoned a blood shield to block his attack. However, the attack was so fierce that cracks appeared on the blood shield. In just a few seconds, the shield was broken.


This strike made a huge gash dozen meters long in that area, but Nattiavelle had run out of the dangerous region. Kelson once again charged forward after the failed strike. Nattiavelle naturally would not make herself to be the passive position. She summoned the Cerberus. Although the Cerberus had been severely injured, the amount of blood it had absorbed on the battlefield was enough for it to recover and come out to fight again.


The Cerberus's three heads roared at the same time as it rushed forward. After that, Nattiavelle also began to chant a forbidden magic. There was a Black Magic Array on her left hand and a Blood Magic Array on her right hand. She spread her blood wings and flew into the air, quickly chanting, "Sleeping Killing Demon in the depths of purgatory, respond to my summon. Thousands of living creatures offer sacrifices for you, countless ghosts guide for you. Wake up. Open the door of the purgatory and tear apart all enemies, I am your owner! "

As Nattiavelle finished chanting, a bloody storm swept all over the battlefield, followed by a black tornado. Slowly, a huge door appeared. The door was made up of blood and bones, and carved with countless living creatures and bodies. It seemed extremely terrifying, and one could even smell the faint smell of blood coming from the door.


The giant bloody door slowly opened. With the door opening, more pungent smell of blood gushed out, making the air extremely bloody. A pair of scarlet hands stretched out from inside, and slowly opened the door. Then, a giant demon of 50 meters tall walked out. Its eyes were full of blood and there was a pair of giant bat wings on its back. Its entire body was scarlet.

Kelson slapped the Cerberu with the shield, sending it into the air. He stared at the bloody giant demon and stabbed his sword into the ground to pray. Then, a huge, dozen-meter-long angel's shadow appeared behind him. The shadow gradually becoming solid as he prayed.

His holy Six Wings covered his body and his flawless appearance. He was surrounded by flames. To some people, it was a man, but to others, it was a woman. Because angels are bisexual, and different people saw different genders. His left hand held a red cross sword, and his right hand held a golden spear. It was the strongest Seraph, Michael.


The bloody demon roared and pounced at Kelson. At the same time, Michael also took actions. He or she raised the sword without expressions to meet the demon. The fierce battle between the two shook the entire battlefield. No matter it was humans or vampires, a large number of creatures were instantly killed by mistake. Some were killed just because they were hit by the intense light of the battle.

The battlefield was completely destroyed where no one dared to stay. Only Kelson and Nattiavelle were still there and fighting intensely. On the other hand, the battle between Clara and Field reached to climax, as Clara's explosive strength slowly suppressed Field.

"You two, go to die!"

Following Wang Xuanming's loud shout, this man who looked like an oriental god and demon went up to fight against the two Infantes alone.

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