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87.) The Academy is in Nightmare (Part 5}

[Ooh!? It’s almost there, ready yourself pig bastard! The hole will fit you in no time!]

Finally, the time has come.
Morozov headmaster's dome-shaped barrier has finally reached its limit.
The hole in the barrier where the cyclops keep hitting become bigger by the minute.

[[Since a long time ago human and monsters alike can't help but kill each other……Even after my long slumber it still the same now, even though I can live peacefully together with Sherly. Those times are indeed the most peaceful times]]

[Hey you! Go right there! Go there pig!]

[BUHIIIIIII! It-it huuuuurt! Another part of my armor has melted again buhii! But somehow I get through the barrier buhi!]

By some chance, an orc has successfully got through the barrier.
Normal people could only see it as an orc which wore some tattered armor, but compared to other orcs around, he clearly much noisier than the other orcs.
As if it tries to fan some more fear to the people inside the cathedral, the orc stands in front of the cathedral's giant door shouting something.

[Who's the one responsible for making the water orc buhi!? He has such a good sense buhi! This great Buhita praise you Buhi! You show me some promising skill and I want to recruit you buhii—–]

But just when the orc wanted to smash down the giant door, it got smashed and sent flying instead.
It got sent back towards the hole it came in, unfortunately once again burns its armor when it touches the barrier.
Then before the orc, there stand Rokomoko Highland who jump in and kick the orc away.

[OOh! What a power! Really strong! But. your magic power almost empty now I'm sure! What are you going to do now!?]

[Kill you. That's all I wanna do.]

The time has come.
The barrier has reached its very limit, it will collapse at any moment.
This will be the last struggle for the human.

[[What a distasteful scene. As I thought, both human and monsters were born unable to understand each other. When the time comes it seems I need to find another way to solve this….]]


Before someone knows it one of the doors to the cathedral opened, from that gap everyone could clearly saw how hard a certain teacher fight against a monster.
Everyone can't help but see him fighting out there.
He fought this hard for our sake.

Rokomoko was fighting till his last bit of strength ran out.
The land was rising, many golems have just lost their life crushed by the real one.
Just outside there a countless number of the monster outside their imagination exist.
As if they just found their prey, those monsters were screaming while looking at people inside the cathedral.

[This is the end! Earth user!]

The cyclops stop its movement an then raise its right hand and directed it towards Rokomoko.

[—-Aaah~, guess this is the end]

But that right hand never come in contact with Rokomoko no matter how long he waits for it.
Because Rokomoko's figure was disappeared for a second at that moment.

[This is payback from before, buhii!]


With his robust body the orc tackle Rokomoko, that tackle was strong enough it sends Rokomoko to fly back towards the inside of the barrier and hit one of the cathedral’s doors that still closed.

[He is my prey you pig!!]

[Cyclops-sama, look at your right hand! And look there, there is a new prey!]

Somehow without anyone knowing about it, its right hand caught on fire.

[AAH!? What the heck is this!?]

[It was a combination of fire and wind magic!!]

Rokomoko who collapse right in front of the entrance of Cathedral can't believe what he saw.

[Someone aim at the cyclops from inside the barrier!? Who is it!?]

The barrier was once again got repaired.
The Cyclops and the orc knight were grinning in delight seeing a new prey come into the fray.
Who's there?
Rokomoko stumped when he saw someone was running towards outside of the barrier.

[There must be no casualty among us. If Slow-sama saw there is a casualty, he must be very sad]

It was a smile followed by a light tone of voice.
Someone was shouting from the inside f the cathedral.
It was some noble student with the same years as his.

[Sensei, just stay there for now, since there are tons of things you haven’t teach me yet…..Come forth, wind and fire spirit! Lend me your power once more! The blood of greytoad shall shout out towards the heaven with the whirl of hot wind!]

[AArgh! I can't move!]

In front of a student who tried to protect him, he can't move at all.
The wind was whirling around his body.
He makes shift the sword in his memory into a heat storm and clad it unto his body, Rokomoko then shouts toward this person who flew straight to the outside of the barrier.

[Ooo, violent wind! Clad with fire and protect everyone! Wind Burning (Tornado of wind and fire)!]

[Vision! Stooooooooooooooooooooooooooop]

The power he shows was so powerful you can't imagine it was a student's magic.

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