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Chapter 3

When Zhou YunSheng woke up he found he was a lying on a bed of gold. All the fur on his body was soft and fragrant. Clearly he had been washed before. He got up and went to the edge of the bed to look. For an animal that wasn't even half a chi long, the one meter bed was as frightening as a high cliff. Yu Li's body had been injured not long before and right now he was very weak. He thought for a while but finally did not dare to jump. He opened his mouth and cried "ao-wu-ao-wu".

"Awake? Why are you howling like a wolf?" Zhao Xuan was approving imperial reports in the adjoining room. When he heard the noise he immediately came in and picked him up. He also lovingly rubbed the fox's wet little nose.

Zhou YunSheng went along with it and sucked on his fingertip. Then he clutched his clothes and burrowed into them in a familiar manner. Zhao Xuan grinned then tucked him in tightly before walking out.

"When I washed you before I found out that you're far too weak. Underneath your fur you're pretty much just a skeleton. It looks like that woman OuYang MingYue hasn't treated you well." An angry aura emanated from his words. However he was scared of scaring the little creature so he immediately made himself gentle again.

"Just now when you were sleeping soundly, I had the Imperial Doctor come take a look at you. He said you have internal injuries and need to rest quietly. You need to listen obediently. In the future, other than my arms, you're not allowed to go anywhere. Even if you want to play, you can only play within my sight. Don't run around. Outside the world isn't that peaceful and your fur is also too valuable. If you leave me, I'm scared someone will sell you." He spoke carefully and sincerely. Even if he thought the little fox didn't understand he didn't care.

Zhou YunSheng's heart was touched. He replied "Wuwu."

"Be good." Zhao Xuan smiled. He lifted the little fox's soft paw and kissed it a few times. Then he added, "The Imperial Doctor has left a tonic however I'm scared you won't want to drink it so I changed it to a pill. In the future you can't be picky about your food. It's best if you can get a bit fatter."

Zhou YunSheng snuggled up and bit his lover's lip. His amber eyes sparkled. Zhao Xuan opened his mouth and licked his pink little tongue and carefully tasted its flavor. He then stared into the little fox's beautiful eyes and thought it was incredibly mesmerizing. It took quite some time before he was able to remember that he still had a stack of imperial reports on the table. Frowning he picked them up again to approve.

A group of attendants stood in the corner with their eyes downcast. However in their hearts they were exclaiming: How is this raising a pet ah, it's clearly raising a son. No no no, even raising a son you wouldn't put so much care. It's really spoiling him to the sky. It's almost like raising a little lover.

Zhou YunSheng was looked until he felt very satisfied. He thought, even if I change into a beast, Zhao Xuan would still love me to death. However just as he thought this, his body froze. He had suddenly remembered Zhao Xuan's identity.

Actually he should have long guessed that since the Regent's name was Zhao Xuan, then there was an 80-90% chance that he was his lover's host. However this body was not simple. Not only was it the real ruler of the Tian Yuan Empire, but he was also another one of OuYang MingYue's biggest golden fingers. During the Hundred Flower Festival, he originally should have fallen in love at first sight with OuYang MingYue and picked the only peony in the garden for her. This way everyone know that he was deeply in love with the first daughter of the OuYang family.

However OuYang MingYue didn't want to marry into the Regent's Manor to share one man with a bunch of concubines. Rather she preferred the more easily controllable Li WenHan. After she returned home she got engaged with Li WenHan and made the Lord Regent furious. He was extremely lofty and powerful and he had never been rejected by anyone before. However the more he cared about OuYang MingYue, the more ruthless he became in suppressing Li WenHan. In the end Li WenHan had no choice but to give up this messy engagement. After he broke his engagement with OuYang MingYue, the Regent's people came to the door to propose and forced her to agree.

OuYang MingYue was not the kind of person that would let other people have the upper hand. However she was also very good at enduring. So on the surface she pretended to submit however secretly she hated the Regent into her bones. She always tried to find a way to get revenge on him. Li WenHan also switched teams to be on the side of the Emperor Zhao ZongZheng, becoming his strategist to help him seize back his power from the Regent.

OuYang MingYue kept one foot in each boat and was as nimble as a fish in the water. After she formed a secret alliance with the Court Preceptor and also consumed Yu Li's demon core, her body became extremely seductive. She used her beauty to seduce many ministers and officials to the Emperor's side and gathered a great deal of people and resources for him. Thus when the time was right, the Regent was naturally toppled and defeated. Seeing as they were husband and wife for some time, OuYang MingYue took mercy on him and didn't kill him, but he was however sent to watch over the Imperial Tomb and could never come out again.

As they mutually supported each other, the young Emperor naturally also fell in love with OuYang MingYue. Overlooking the fact that she was once the Regent's wife, he insisted on making he this Empress and even shared her body with countless other men. This became a legend afterwards.

Zhou YunSheng stared at his lover's peerlessly handsome face. No matter what he couldn't equate him with that moronic Regent.

That's right, yesterday at the Hundred Flower Festival he had fallen asleep. He didn't know whether his lover had been affected by the protagonist's halo and given his flower to OuYang MingYue. He jumped up from his lovers chest and made a "yi-wu-yi-wu" noise and used his claw to scratch his hand that was holding the calligraphy brush.

Zhao Xuan didn't understand animal language so naturally he couldn't understand the little fox's concern. He just thought he was playing. He lovingly stroked him and also kissed his amber eyes. He said, "Be good, after I finish approving these I'll play with you." After he said this he was scared the little fox would get bored so he ordered Yu Bao to bring some toys over.

As soon as the Lord Regent had come home all he had done was ask for hot water to give the little creature a bath, used his inner energy to dry his fur, then held him on the bed and slept with him for a little while. When he got up he was scared of rousing him and didn't even dare to pull on the blanket. He actually slid out from the corner of the bed like a thief. It was clear from this how deep his love was for the little fox. Thus Yu Bao also naturally didn't dare delay. He hurried to go to find some interesting and new toys and brought it all in a bag back.

"Little master please choose what you like." He opened the bag and even knelt down and made a bow, as though he was serving not an animal but a high-born person of royal blood.

Zhao Xuan gave him a satisfied look. He was scared that the marble floor would make the the little fox's feet cold so he held him over. He said gently, "Anything you like just grab it with her mouth. I will put it on the table." He waved at Yu Bao. "The floor is cold. Go and ask someone to cover it with a rug. Otherwise it will make Yu Li's claws cold."

Yu Bao immediately obeyed. He waved his sleeves and two attendants immediately ran in the direction of the store house.

Zhou YunSheng was originally not interested in toys and intended to turn his head and make a "hmmphh" to express his distaste, however he had forgotten this body had not yet reached adulthood and also had strong animal instincts. It was precisely at the time when it most liked to play. When he saw the round and sparkling pearls and other such things, all he wanted to do was roll them and bounce them. There was a fabric toy tiger that immediately raised his gnawing instincts.

Zhao Xuan held him in his hands, making it impossible for him to move. He could only reach out his floor claws towards the items on the floor.

Zhao Xuan was tickled by his impatient behaviour. Very lightly he set him down and immediately saw him bite the toy tiger's neck and energetically swing it to and fro. From his throat he also made a fierce "wu-wu" noise. As though he was really showing off his prowess to a tiger.

"Little thing, how can you be so cute?" Zhao Xuan couldn't stop smiling. He waited until the little fox had bitten enough before embracing him back. He pointed towards the toy tiger, toy monkey and toy pig. He ordered, "Place them all on the table."

Two attendants hurried to comply. But when they got to the table they looked awkward. Because the table was already covered with imperial documents. They hesitated and heard the Lord Regent order, "Take the ones that I've already looked at away, lest they take up Li'Er's space." {T/N: Li'Er is a nickname for Yu Li.}

The two attendants complied, even more shocked about how spoiled and loved the little fox was.

Now that Zhou YunSheng had gotten his toys, he didn't trouble himself anymore about the flower. Judging by Zhao Xuan's behaviour towards him, it was definitely impossible for him to fall for OuYang MingYue.

He couldn't control himself as he chewed on the pink fabric tiger. After he got tired playing he rolled next to Zhao Xuan's hand and surreptitiously drank from his tea cup. He would also sometimes suddenly sneak up and suddenly lick his thin lips. After licking he would immediately run away, wagging his nose and laughing with a "heng-heng-ji-ji" sound.

"Naughty thing, once I finish approving the documents then you'll see how I punish you." Zhao Xuan pretended to scold him but actually his eyes were filled with heavy tenderness and sweetness.

Come ah! Come ah!

Zhao YunSheng felt like his brain had become just as small as Yu Li's. He big fluffy tail couldn't stop wagging and his playful attitude was very apparent. When he saw Zhao Xuan was pretending to ignore him, he crept up slowly and wanted to sneak attack him once again. But then he saw an imperial document that hadn't been approved yet. Once he read its contents his good mood immediately disappeared.

This was Li WenHan's appointment letter. His talent had already been recognized by Zhao Xuan and in a few days he would join the civil bureau and become a civil officer. From a fourth level outer minister he directly rose to become a third level inner officer. {T/N: Rough translation of position, he got a big promotion orz..}. He can be said to be sailing as smoothly as a cloud. However this person was one of Zhou YunSheng's revenge targets for his sister's death. How could he let him live well? However right now he didn't even have the ability to protect himself and he also could talk in human speech. He could only watch as his opponent got what he wanted. In his anger he furiously ripped apart the document with his teeth. From his mouth he howled, "ao-wu-ao-wu".

"Oh!" Yu Bao said in a panic.

This was an official imperial document, not a toy. How could he just rip it up like this? Even though the Lord Regent spoiled him, right now he would probably get angry right?

However the reality was the exact opposite. Zhao Xuan did not snatch back the document and allowed the little fox to do what he wanted. When he was done ripping it into shreds, he rubbed the spot between his eyes helplessly and said, "What's wrong? How come you suddenly got angry? Did I do something wrong?"

He could tell from the little fox's various movements and cries that that he was very angry.

Zhou YunSheng originally wanted to shake his head however he was scared that the attendants would discover his odd behaviour and alert the Court Preceptor. So he endured it and walked forward again to lick Zhao Xuan's wrist and made a spoiled, "heng-heng-ji-ji" noise.

Zhao Xuan picked him up and tenderly kissed his wet little nose. He said comfortingly, "Don't be scared. I'll protect you."

The emotions in his heart could hardly be suppressed. Zhou YunSheng's eyes went red and almost cried. His large and luminous amber eyes shone radiantly.

Zhao Xuan loved his eyes to death. Especially when he was staring at him unblinkingly. That feeling was as though he had obtained the most precious treasure in the entire world. He lowered his head and showered the little fox with kisses. Only after his emotions finally stabilized did he take out a new piece of paper and re-wrote Li WenHan's appointment letter. From his talents and skills as well as his achievements, it was clear that this person was something that the court should look on with importance.

Zhou YunSheng's just recovered feelings were immediately dashed again. He wished he could claw at Zhao Xuan's face. He leapt out of his arms and snatched the corner of the paper with his teeth. The ink that hadn't tried spilled everywhere and even went on Zhao Xuan's sleeve.

"What's wrong? Is it that you don't like paper today?" Zhao Xuan laughed helplessly. He waved at Yu Bao. "Grab some paper for Yu Li to play with." {T/N: The type of paper is something very precious used to write court documents and summons.}

Yu Bao's eyebrow leapt up. He felt that the Lord Regent's actions since meeting the little fox demon was really out of tune. However he didn't dare object and immediately grabbed a stack and placed it on the table.

Zhou YunSheng didn't look at them at all. After destroying the appointment letter he grabbed the embroidered pig and gnawed on it angrily. His little pink tongue rolled out. The appearance was both stupid and incredibly cute. Zhao Xuan couldn't get angry with him at all. He patted the fox's round little head and tried again to write the letter. However when he saw the fox once again reach over, claw extended, he suddenly thought of something. "You don't like Li WenHan?"

Zhou YunSheng didn't nod or shake his head. Instead he made a "zhi-zhi-zhi" noise to reply.

Zhao Xuan touched his forehead. "Look at me being stupid and asking you this. How could you understand words?" He wet his brush again and prepared to write, only to see the little fox swipe is claw around his face, as though trying to threaten him. His eyes quickly went dark.

"You really don't like Li WenHan?" He lifted up the little fox and pressed their noses together. He stared deeply into the glowing amber eyes, as though he wanted to see into the fox's soul.

Zhou YunSheng used his nose to push him, his claws to pat him and then even stuck out his tongue tip to lick his lips. He seemed to be indicating that he was pleased with what he was saying.

Zhao Xuan laughed lowly. Then he finally put the fox down and personally ripped apart the letter he had just written. He said slowly, "Since Li'Er hates Li WenHan this much, then I won't let him remain in the Capital to be an eyesore. Are you happy now?"

Happy! Very happy! Zhao Xuan you really understand me!

Zhao YunSheng pressed close and bit his lip a few times. He made a "wu-wu" sound to indicate his approval.

He never thought that even before he had managed to heal his demon core and change shape into a human, that he would already able to make Li WenHan suffer. Just as he thought, his lover was the best.

Zhao Xuan used the opportunity to suck the wet little tongue and then laughed happily to himself.

Yu Bao and the rest of the attendants have never seen such an irrational Lord Regent before. Their faces couldn't help reflecting their shock. There was a saying that a beauty could wreck a nation, but who would have thought in this day and age even a pet could do it! If Minister Li knew the truth he would probably cry until he had fainted in the Golden Palace.

Zhao Xuan's political acumen was so high that of course he wouldn't leave any traces. He immediately ordered people to investigate Li WenHan carefully. {T/N: As in he's looking for a reason to send him away, obviously not gonna say my fox told me to hahaha…}

Li WenHan originally was not any kind of chivalrous gentleman. Although his achievements were remarkable, however behind the scenes he had done a lot of dirty and underhanded things. Otherwise how could he climb up so quick?

Actually the entire court was probably like this. For someone to reach such a high station, who hadn't done some ruthless things? If they weren't investigated that's fine, however if they were then there was a 100% chance something would be discovered. Zhao Xuan received the evidence that he wanted that night and immediately arranged for some ministers to write reports accusing Li WenHan.

The next day he put on his imperial gold mangpao, tucked in the half asleep little fox, and went to court.

The Regent's demeanor had always been strict and cold. He had never ever been seen with his clothes untidy. But today he took a snowy white fox to the Golden Palace. This appearance was extremely surprising.

"Imperial uncle, how can you bring a fox to court? Isn't it better to have someone take care of him in the back." The young Emperor Zhao ZongZheng was sixteen years old this year. On his upper lip was the tiny trail of fluff, he looked very young and weak. However Zhao YunSheng this was person who liked to pretend to be a pig in order to eat the tiger {T/N: Act stupid to make people lower their guard}. He could kill people whilst smiling. He only used three years time to completely eliminate the Lord Regent's power, and snatch back the control of the Tian Yuan Empire. However this life things would be different. Now that his lover had become the Regent, no matter what the Emperor would not be able to turn his fate.

Zhao Xuan didn't even lift his eyes. Instead he only lightly stroked the little fox's head. He said vaguely, "Li'Er is timid. He can't leave my side for even a second, otherwise he will cry and not eat or drink. Previously he sustained a serious injury so I don't want to provoke him. I beg the Emperor for his understanding."

Zhao ZongZheng saw that he loved this little beast as though it was his own eyeball, and felt both anger and surprise. However he didn't show it on his face. He just waved his hand.

Since even the Emperor had no objection, the ministers obviously didn't dare object either. They all stood in their places and prepared to start the session.

According to the Regent's instructions, several ministers immediately made a passionate report about Li WenHan's crimes. They said that he was guilty of fraud, corruption, and persecution of others. Such a person was unworthy of being a court minister, they requested that the Emperor investigate thoroughly.

How could he investigate? Zhao ZongZheng couldn't even see any official reports, there wasn't any person by his side for his use. He only knew a little about the inner ministers, and completely didn't recognize any of the outer ministers {T/N: The ones that are stationed outside the capital}. He could only look to the Regent for help.

Zhao Xuan kneaded the little fox's fluffy ears. He said in a casual tone, "Search."

With these words, the Judicial Bureau immediately knew what to do. They quickly sent people over to the Zhen Guo manor to arrest the criminal minister Li WenHan to make his answer for his crimes.

When Li WenHan had heard from his teacher that he was to be assigned to the Civil Bureau he was overjoyed. Also he was to quickly marry the first daughter of the OuYang family. He was at this time busying himself with preparing for his bright future

His father Li GuoGong now looked highly upon this son. He had asked his wife to open up their stores and took out many precious things. He sent them to the OuYang family with great fanfare to be a bride price.

OuYang MingYue sat with the women in her family to chat, basking in their envious glances.

Li WenHan was only 23 this year and had already become a third rank high minister. In a few years he might even be given a Duke or Count title. Marrying him definitely meant in the future one could live in wealth and luxury, how could other people not be jealous? Also Li WenHan was unusually handsome and was the dream lover of many young ladies.

"Sister Yue is so lucky, after you marry Minister Li you won't need to worry about anything anymore."

"The Eldest Madame really knows how to bring up children. Look how pretty Yue'Er is. None of the other young ladies can compare to her!"

"Once you go to the Zhen Guo manor you need to treat your in-laws respectfully. Don't be stubborn."

Everyone chatted noisily. At this time a maidservant suddenly rushed inside and said in a panicked manor. "Come quick! Mistress' husband has been arrested by the people from the Judicial Bureau!"

"What did you say?" OuYang MingYue's calm mask cracked. She ran to front courtyard and on the way she glared furiously at her stepmother, assuming that it was her who had created the trouble.

However not long after she realized that this kind of huge commotion wasn't something that a woman like her stepmother could accomplish.

Who the hell had Li WenHan offended to receive this kind of punishment? OuYang MingYue knew that she had to save him.

If it was before then she could just simply let him be, however now that the bride price had already been sent to the OuYang family and because she had previously won the Flower Immortal title which made her every movement remarked upon, now practically everyone in the Capital knew that she was engaged to Li WenHan. The two of them were bound together.

Thus she had to do her best to save him otherwise she would gain the reputation of someone that was cruel and shallow who would give up her engagement as soon as there wasn't anything to be gained by it. OuYang MingYue's heart was high, how could she marry a criminal? Also how could she stand her stepmother and the others sitting on one side laughing at her. The thing she wanted most in life was to be above others.

However when she went to plead with Grandfather OuYang and her father, both of them refused to help her. Suddenly she didn't know what to do. Even if she had a high ability however she was still a girl and in the Capital where she had only been for half a year, she didn't have any power or networks. How could she stretch her hand into the Judicial Bureau? After she bitterly considered for a few days, a flash of light appeared in her mind. She immediately changed to a set of nice looking clothes and headed towards the Regent's Manor.

"Can you help me announce me. I'm Xiao Bai's previous owner. I miss Xiao Bai so I want to come see him. Can the Lord Regent let me come in for a few moments?" As soon as the door opened she stuck a few coins into the young doorman's hand. Her beautiful face looked very troubled and the appearance was quite pitiful.

The doorman was fooled by her beauty and after ascertaining that Xiao Bai was the Regent's precious jewel Yu Li, his attitude changed and he became more friendly. "The Lord Regent has taken the young master out shopping. Go to the flower and bird market or Jing Lane and walk around a few times, you might be able to run into them." If this girl was the little fox's old master then when he saw her he would be happy, and that would make the Lord happy too. Anyway she was a helpless and weak looking female, he didn't see any harm in telling her.

Little master? Wasn't it just a beastly animal? How was it living more comfortably than a human?

OuYang MingYue's heart was extremely disgusted but she pretended to put on a gentle appearance and left quickly.

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