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88.) The Wind Prodigy and The Imperial Princess (Part 9)

It was when I celebrate my 8th birthday, my father suddenly called me.

[Congratulation on your birthday, my beloved son. I know it's so sudden but I need to talk about something with you]

[talk about something?]

[Aaa. It seems that yesterday Lord Garbaut recommended me his prided son to be your personal attendant. And as expected of you Slow, it seems you already understand what it means. Isn't it the right time to stop playing around?]

I see.
If we were talking about my future, I think it would be right for people to think that I was only playing around since all I have here was an attendant with only a cute face with no other feature.
Thanks to those thoughts, I can't hear the rest of what my father told me after.

This will bring trouble to me.
If this continues, both of us will be separated.
If it really does happen, it will be extremely bad for us.
Charlotte didn't have any other ally besides me.
On top of that The Dostork Empire still looking for her right now.

Later that day after I get back to my own room, I called Charlotte over.
It has been two years since the first time Charlotte first come to this residence.
Since then, a line between the two of us has been drawn.
Well, it was obvious, isn't it? She was a servant, while I was her master.

[Slow-sama. Is there anything I can help you with?]

With some difficulty, Charlotte finally able to say those words.
Since Charlotte becomes my attendant, somehow she became a bit cooler than before.
Now that I think about it surprisingly Charlotte was able to finish all Denning household's education. It made me a bit lonely here.

[…..Charlotte. Let's sleep together tonight]

Maybe because it has been a while since the last time Charlotte sleep together with me, she looked really embarrassed. It really surprised me since she never shows this kind of emotion before.
Later that night, she sneaked into my room. We were talking all night, just the two of us.
Also, Charlotte didn't forget to bring her plushy with her.
It seems she can't sleep if she didn't hold her plushy. Her embarrassed face looks really cute though
As I thought, a cool persona is not suited for Charlotte.

[That doll, he become really pretty]

[I sew him myself till he becomes this pretty]

Both of us were sleeping on top of the big bed.
Well, guess after reaching a certain age, a girl needs to sleep on her own bed right?
The thing we both did now will still be allowed since we both still a child.

[Good night, Char—–]


[—–You already sleeping.]

What we did right now was only playing around.
Once we became an adult and our surrounding change, there will be no way I can keep Charlotte by my side.

Those with the blood of Denning in their vein will shine the most in the battlefield.
Those who can't use magic can only become the red flower, decorating the battlefield.
Charlotte will be alone if I didn't do something about it.

[….What should I do now?]


Even though she became a little bit cooler than before, she still sleeping while hugging that plushy, makes me remembered about the past.
She didn't show it much for a while, but this girl has a big secret, that was the reason she closed her heart to anyone.
And perhaps I was also included among those people.

[…..No….Please don't go….]

Charlotte's sleeping face changed suddenly.
It seems she saw some nightmare.
At this kind of time, I know what I need to do.
I use 'buhi' sound to sing in a small voice.
I know from experience, Charlotte will calm down in no time after I use this sound to sing.


As if she just got relieved of something, she continues her peaceful sleep.
I was relieved knowing she is able to get back to sleep peacefully.
Seeing her like this makes my heart warm.

[….I really like you, Charlotte. Buhi–]

I finally know the reason why I tried so hard to make Charlotte stay beside me.
I always, always watching her lonely faces up close.
And I also watch her trying to keep all of those things inside herself.
And then I realize, I'm in love.
And I'm really sure it was love at first sight.

[Let me become your favorite animal at the very least. …..I think I just thought a very good idea. Something that will bring a smile to your face.]


[Good night Charlotte…….Buhi]

Yeah, that's right.
I have nothing to be feared anymore.
And thus, from then on it was my first step into the world of the Black piggy duke.


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