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85.) The Academy in Nightmare {part 4}

The black dragon was stopping mid-air, it was as if he was watching all those below him.
It wasn’t long since he fired his first flame。
It becomes a slow countdown towards their end. The black dragon, like the incarnation of death itself, floating in mid-air. The monsters surrounding the cathedral are increasing more and more, even a mouse can't get out from there.
They can only wonder, whether their time will come or not.
They can't predict when will that cyclops crush the barrier and kill them.
Not yet?
Just come and end it right now.
Don't tell me, did that black dragon having fun thinking how to end us?—–
—–The people inside the cathedral has already reached their limit already.

[…..AAAH! I don't care anymore! This is the end!]

[Don't come! Don't come! Don't come! Everyone will die!]

At first, there is only a few of them start to scream, but not long after that, the madness began to spread.
Panic has been affecting these people numerous times since the monsters invasion.
Most of the people here are exhausted and curse the situation that made them like this.
But can we blame them having a weak heart after knowing what they will face?
Just outside this building, countless strong looking monsters were attacking while throwing words of threat in human language, while the destruction dragon just waiting for them

[This is…..the end-desuwane]

After its very first attack, the dragon becomes quite.
As if it tells everyone that he didn't need to attack them at all, its own existence itself was enough for these creatures.
Such a majestic show of power.
The barrier was destroyed with one attack with that flame.
Even when the barrier was once again reenacted, it can no longer dispel the death's shadow from everyone's heart.
But to their surprise the dragon just staying there, floating in the sky.
They don't know what was the black dragon thinking at the moment.
But when they think that the black dragon, who also called the sky lord, could attack them in any moment, it was enough to make their heart jump out from their chest.

[…That dragon is such a bully-desuwane. Just end us already, it would be better that way-desuwa]

Alicia keep hearing The cyclops spouting curses while it keeps attacking the barrier.

[Hey Piggy Slow. Please don't return now]

The cathedral has completely turned into a prison.
The barrier has become the prison bar, while the monsters outside become the spectators.

[….Just, Don't come back here…]

The monsters continue rocking this 'prison', those inside it can only think about when this prison will break.
Inside that same prison, a lot of people starting to hug each other, most of them also close their eyes don't want to see what will happen to them next.


Charlotte bites her lips.
She can't avert her eyes from the black dragon's red pupils in the sky that he sees through from the big window at the Cathedral.
Sometimes the black dragon let out a long breath.
Just by hearing it makes a lot of people shivered.
But Charlotte knows what was that long breath truly means.
It was the dragons talking to her.
It can't be anything else but that dragon's voice.

[[Come out, descendent of Hughjack, you who understand monster's thought I will annihilate all these creatures if you come with me]]

Sometime descendent of Hughjack empire awaken this ability that allows them to understand monsters thought.
Never in her wildest dream her ability to awaken at this kind of time.


The Black Dragon Sekhmet thinking about what he has done to a girl in the past.
Even if the current descendant of hughjack empire has no connection with the girl in the past, he still believes his current deed was something the girl in its dream truly wanted.

[[You don't need to be worried, there was once a person who also has the same power to understand monsters the same as you in the past. If it was me who already live a long time, I believe I can actually understand your thought. Now, let us show the world what we truly capable of]]

For the black dragon who has lived for such a long time, he has this simple thought.
If they don't believe it, then proof it yourself.

[[Let' us show to this cold world, a monster and a human can understand each other. Even if that means it will be just two of us]]


[This is really bad, old man. This has become worst and worst by the minute]

Rokomoko pours all of his attention towards the floating black dragon in the sky.
That was really outside the norm.
It's not an existence that we could say 'we could somehow deal with it'.
And whoever fight that monster, like the dostork empire in the north, was insane.
Well, seeing it this close I can understand now how Hugh Jack empire could be destroyed just like that.
I'm glad I was born in the calm and peaceful south.
Thanks to this heavy rain pouring towards him, his proud afro can no longer hold its magnificent form anymore.

[…..I don't know what the heck is that black dragon thinking, but it's not the only problem I need to face now. Right now that one-eyed giant, aka the Cyclops, are still pounding the barrier non-stop. Moreover, old man. I know we are in the middle of a fight now…..but the damn cyclops eat the damned dungeon core]

Rokomoko has tried his best to resist the cyclops advanced, but sadly he cannot stop it.
And on top of that, his magic power will run out at any moment.

[We can call the Cyclops there a walking dungeon now….. So what do you think Rokomoko? If we somehow defeat it, these monster will stop their advance]

Every time the barrier got hit by Cyclops hand, there will be a hole as large as the Cyclops hand there.
Even if everytime it will fix whenever a hole was made there, it also means a large magic power will lose fixing the barrier.
It's not Headmaster Morozov fault this is happening now, it's just simply strange enough for a dungeon boss standing in front of the cathedral just like this.

[Hyahahah! Come out you weakling, come at me!!!]

Rokomoko looking the Cyclop's right arms with annoyed.
Rokomoko is currently pondering about a high magic resistance its right hand possesses.

[I think I will have a chance to defeat it if I go one on one with that Cyclops, a small chance tho….but if the other monster disturbs our fight, I'm not sure anymore. You can see that monster beside that cyclops old man? That is not your usual orc, it is something that will become an orc king.]

Both of them watching the orc that was standing beside the cyclops from the cathedral's rooftop.

[BUHIIIII. I defeat all those water orc buhiii! What a good sense you have there buhiii!!!]

"What's wrong with this guy?"

Rokomoko and the headmaster laugh after they hear the pig’s voice.
When they hear that orc talking it remind them about a certain habit one of their students have when he was talking
They entrust him to go to Yolem alone to send a message there.
Even though both of them believe in him, but it seems he will not come in time.

[Aaaah. I think this will be the end for me–]

[….Forgive me, Rokomoko.]

[What are you talking about, I don't mind it at all. Isn't this also include on my job desk?….. Well, old man. I will rest now.]

Rokomoko sits there on the same spot.
He is trying to refine the few remaining magic power inside his body.
From then on he thinks back to everything he has done before while looking at the sky.

[Oh yeah….I think there is a guy who could use a sudden magic discharge in class…..but it was still only up to cute level though…..I still don't see him with my own eyes though….what a waste…]

Rokomoko closes his eyes, he prepared for what will happen next.
But sadly he still has one last regret in his heart.

[I really think you can do it…….to become the strongest Royal Knight ever exist]

"I still have some regret, but I guess that is a life. Wearing that snow white cape is really not my thing. That is why I try to bring him up to wear it. Well, life is not really all sweet and sunshine right, Silva. I was just like you said Silva, I was someone who forces what I wanted into someone else. Now then, Prepare yourselves you damned one-eyed monster.
I will use this life of mine to erase your annoying existence"

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