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81.) I promised I will return

After making sure that Aruru-sensei and the already captured Natalia and his co-worker already in the right place, Silva disappeared and took princess Karina into a safe place.

He also has confirmed what will Royal Knights do next.

He was as capable as I remember him.

[Why the heck we stop now! We need to get back to the academy as fast as possible!]

[It is my duty to protect the town you know!]

At the forest not so far from the highway entrance, I see a squabble right happening right in front of me.

It was at the place where I will meet Silva later.

By the way, if you are trying to cross the forest through the highway now it would be a suicidal act.

Monsters were crawling all over the highway inside the forest, even when you ride on a horse to cross it, once you stop even for a sec there, it will be the same as you are already dead. It was from me, someone who somehow able to cross the highway by myself, so the information was legit.

At least it needs someone with Royal knight’s level of power to do it though.


[You also got healed because of that magic before too huh, good then. But I haven’t recovered yet since I used that magic, quite a bad situation for me I would say]

In order to fully heal princess Karina, I need to use most of my power, it even causes this strange phenomenon to happen.

Somehow, one way or another, my water magic turned into snow.

If you asked me what happen here, please, I don’t even know what happened myself.

It was only a guess, but maybe my excess healing magic was assimilated with the rain and somehow turned the rain into snow.

It seems there was once a country that has the same phenomena as this a long long time ago.

With such a massive magic power packed inside healing magic, it could make the rain into a healing snow.

Let’s make a mental note for this phenomena.

And about those massive magic power source, it was thanks to the light spirits. When I asked for their help, the great light spirit itself give me its power.

As expected from the light spirits.

Even if the great light spirit was personally here by itself, we all know what this great spirit will do here. What a contrast with the great wind spirit Art Ange.

[Even so, the black dragon huh. Now that I think about it, there was something powerful flying in the sky when I cross the road before…. Don’t tell me, that perfume could even wake something that powerful from its long sleep? Please don’t joke with me now…..]

Even for me, when I hear the monster who was called the ruler of the sky was awaken, I still can’t believe it was real.

[Even the anime didn’t have such a scene where they fight a dragon, a monster that even causes fear to the demon king….. Guess I don’t have time to wait till my strength recover huh.]

But thankfully the Royal Knights could easily be convinced about the existence of such an absurd existence such as a dragon.

The only one capable of defeating the Royal knight should be at least has the power of the three musketeers.


Problems just come one after another.

Geez, how come it all become like this?

But number 1 problem for now is—-

[The heck, how come I become this thin? I just realize it after I use that super healing magic before, but my super size body suddenly got perfectly fit with Deppa’s uniform?…. Ah, now that I think about it wasn’t Rokomoko-sensei look at me weirdly?…… Don’t tell me, is this the reason?]

The highway was fully packed with the people from the town and Deppa’s parent also there, among those worried people. They were so worried about their son they even come here while hugging their son’s uniform, but when they saw me wearing an oversized uniform they gave me their son uniform to wear.

It was one of the uniforms for the commoner with a green line on its chest area.

The size was perfect for me.

But there is still one thing that makes me confused.

How come I can become this thin in such a short time?

I can even say It is such a revolutionary in the world of diet.

[No matter how much I think about it I won’t find my answer immediately….. Sorry but, I’ll go first Silva. I have no time to wait for those Royal Knights.]


Jusst when i try to hop on the White horse, I hear a soul shaking roar.


[Buhi!? What was that1?]

Those howling, it was as if it wanted to show me its strength.

All the monsters that try to get into this place from the forest are scrambling out of fear, despite that the soldiers and the town people’s fight on the highway were far from ending.

…..such an intimidating roar, it is a dragon without a doubt.

I have no time to idling here now.

Thank god the white horse didn’t even flinch after hearing the dragon’s roar.

Then I guess it’s good to—-

[——-Young master Slow! Please wait!]

When I turn my head behind, I can see Silva ride a horse toward my place.

[Silva! The Royal Knights are………As expected huh].

And there is no one behind Silva.

A sigh was out from my mouth.

Somehow I know it will end like this.

This was a choice that Cardinal Maldini choose himself.

He chooses to protect princess Karina with everything he had.

There is no proof about the dragon attacking the academy, and there is also no guarantee that the dragon won’t come back to attack Yolem after this. Cardinal Maldini was only thinking how to protect the Royalties life.

The Royal Knight won’t be dispatched.

That was the only truth here.

[Silva, I will go even if it means all by myself. Properly protect the princess kay, Buhii]

[young master, do you want to be dead?……. Wait a sec? What did you say at the end of your sentence just now?]

[Aah, this huh. This is the sacred orc language. Charlotte told me it was a habit I gain when I turned into the pig before]

[That, uuuh, how should I said it. It really ruins the moment now you know?]

What the-! It is The sacred language orc language you know!?


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