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80.) What Happen to Kurushu Magic Academy?

It was back at Yolem, in the high-class residential area used by the nobles.
Inside a room of an inn at the commercial area beside it.

[It was not a matter of whether it was the truth or not!]

These people thought were once again accelerated.
After delegating some people to watch over princess Karina that was currently sleeping peacefully then, Cardinal Maldini was trying to look over his personnel around him.
Besides himself, there are several veterans from the Royal Knights, a person from the Denning family, a person from the city supervision soldier, and finally the feudal lord himself and some influential nobles.
These powerful individual were together in a room.
After princess Karina was lively talking in her room, soon she fell into a peaceful sleep.

[The matter about Kurushu Magic Academy was being attacked was true…..Then-cardinal. How about we dispatch the royal knights?]

The feudal lord and some of the noble there were requesting a rescue squad towards the academy.
The person from the Denning household haven't spout any words since his arrival, it seems his thought still thinking about the most influential person that was still bedridden and haven't woken up till now in the next room.

[Yeah, about that….]

Cardinal Maldini was the only one who holds the authority to move the royal knights.
The royalty they were supposed to save was miraculously asleep right now, the only one who could command the royal knights was only the Cardinal himself.
But even if princess Karina was awake now, it was questionable whether she could make the right call or not.

[We can't determine whether the black dragon will return or not. That is why for now I can't grant each of your request to dispatch even a single royal knight personnel there]

The feudal lord and all nobles there are fueled with rage after hearing that.
Then what will happen to those people on the academy?
But the only thing cardinal Maldini did was to sooth these people with words.
In the first place, the royal knights only job was to protect Daris's royalties.

[it will take us too long if we are trying to send this town soldier there! The best thing we can do was select a few strong individuals and send them to cross the highway! And those people that could that was no other than the royal knights!]

But all cardinal Maldini did was to move his head vertically.
The fear from the black dragon was still etched deeply to his mind, especially the moment when Princess Karina disappear.
People keep saying it was the blessing from the great light spirits don't come in time she will be dead for sure.

[Then you will only watch them die there!?]

Cardinal Maldini groans hearing it.

[That is not what I said. Several people have been badly injured because since the black dragon's attack last time, I will send some people there once they have recovered]

Even when their injury was magically healed.
Their body is not yet fully recovered.

[Moreover, that person, Morozov, was there, inside the academy. That person was a magic user from the great magic country Minerva, he also one of the people who was granted the title of the great sorcerer. He has been protecting the academy just like an iron wall for a long time ago. There is no way just mere monsters could breach his barrier.]

[Well, now that you mention it….]

Cardinal Maldini didin't dare to even mention it.
He didn't mention about if a black dragon was included in those monsters.

Then there was a man that eavesdropping their conversation from the outside.
He was asked by a nearby soldier, and after telling him about a request from cardinal Maldini, that soldier just leaves without even leaving a sound.
He was the remaining candidate to be a Guardian, a commoner, and also the man who carried princess Karina into the town's number one hotel to rest.

[……This isn't looking good young master.]

As soon as he got outside the inn, Silva runs as fast as he could.
His goal was to reach the highway entrance connecting this city with the academy.
Slow, the wind prodigy was there, eagerly waiting for Silva's report.

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